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Wenger: Players always want to return to Arsenal

Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal’s football philosophy and the way the club treats players are key factors behind so many former squad members wanting to return to North London.

Accepting that Champions League qualification remains the chief draw for most top players, the boss still teased that he has players, both old and new, eager to play for the Gunners.

“The Champions League is, of course, the needed requirement for the top players,” he told press ahead of the match with Fulham.

“The players say, ‘OK, we want to join Arsenal. We want to play the kind of football you play. But as well, we want to play in the Champions League.’ It’s unfortunately like that.

“Look, many players want to join us, because they know. And even more so, all the players who have been here want to come back here.

“It’s not because they like my face! It’s for the way we treat people and for the football we play – or try to play, because unfortunately we’ve not always managed to do it.

“But they find something here they want to know again when they go somewhere else and many, many, many players, believe me, ask me to come back.”

Talking with one eye on a possible deal for ex-Gunner Mathieu Flamini, currently training at London Colney having turned down a new deal at AC Milan, the boss continued:

“They all want to come back. I don’t know if it is Arsenal or England, but there is something about it, certainly both,” said Wenger.

“Does he (Flamini) regret leaving? You should ask him this question, it would be better. I didn’t ask him that. Would he be ready to come back here? Certainly, yes.

“He works very hard, he has always been a very dedicated player. He has the required (fitness) level. He doesn’t come from a small club. He has played here, and in Milan, and in Marseille.”

Of course, as the Luis Suarez saga has underlined, even when a player expresses an interest in moving to a club it doesn’t necessarily ensure smooth passage of a deal.

Quizzed on why he’s no longer trying to sign the Uruguayan striker, Wenger (not for the first time) spoke of the need for an agreement not just with a player but also his club.

“That’s part of the fact you need three agreements for anybody. It’s true that it is sometimes connected with other clubs. But we have to accept that.

“I don’t want to speak in detail about that. It’s not the moment. One day, why not? I’ve just said it’s over. We have to get on with our lives.”

With Real Madrid apparently sniffing around the player, the boss drew a line under the matter by highlighting that failed transfers are part and parcel of the game.

“You seem to know as much as I know about the situation so I don’t think we need for me to clarify that.

“You’ve certainly tried to go out with a girl and find she has chosen someone else. You don’t commit suicide.”

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A win at Fulham is essential for us to win the EPL. After that please sign Sergio Ramos, Pogba, Cesc Fabregas and Lois Suarez.

Bould's Eyeliner

Lois Suarez, the unassuming wife of Luis Suarez, would be a fine addition.


Lois marry Suarez…Superman Angry…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…he said, in his Tarzan voice.


tired of this.


U don’t commit suicide.. Damn right


That was a sly comment from Arsene about the fan’s current reactions i think. He needs to keep his gob shut right now and his wallet open.

jack jack jack

I’m enjoying this trend of descriptive usernames. ‘Insane Wanker’ seems to have really started something.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not JustAnotherMong. Never JustAnotherMong.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

The boss… Witty as usual!!

“It’s not because they like my face!” was my favourite!!!


I’m sure winning trophies (somewhere else) doesn’t play any part in this discussion, it’s all about Arsène’s face…. 😉

Andy Mack

So that’s the reason that they want to come back then……..


i always found frankie vaughan and alcohol a good way of dealing with rejection myself. can we have cesc back please?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Matt Monro was better. Being chubby and less pretty, he made me feel better about myself than that skinny git Frankie Vaughan. Plus, if you want to hear Matt Monro you can do it by watching From Russia With Love, which is pretty good for cheering you up.


But Suarez is like a hot girl who’s also a bit fucking insane. The sex might be great but then she’ll boil your rabbit and sling a bucket of piss over you while you’re asleep.

Flamini: you haven’t had a shag in a while so you call up that ex you had a good time with a while back. Not exactly what you want, but it’ll fill a gap.

This could go on and on…


Seriously, what’s not to love?

Crazy beautiful girls are the best.


Having sex with Suarez isn’t how I intended to think out my Saturday.


Does that make Van Persie the bitch that ran away at the altar ?


It would have been nice if the better ones didn’t have the option of returning, due to not leaving in the first place.


I’m with you there. The reason they want to come back is because it has been made easy for them to leave

Toby C

The reason they want to come back is that their heads have been turned and they think they’re moving somewhere better (on more money or longer contract). But they soon find that they’re not treated as well, played as often or appreciated as much as they were at Arsenal.


Right said fred…er toby c!

nihon gooner

Arsenal is like a charity. Why wouldn’t they want to come back?


i am so curious which targets wenger has on his mind

we know he made official bids for saurez and cabaye

Andy Mack

We all are, but we’ll only find out if he writes a book when he eventually retires.

Although I doubt such a book would be reviewed in any newspapers as it’ll show how useless their own hacks are!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not to mention that he wouldn’t need a fucking reporter to ghost write it for him.


I still find it quite incredible that a week on from the nightmare opening day, we are still yet to see a signing.

Even signing flamini would have given the whole club a bit of a boost.

Oh well. COYG! 3 points a must, then the next week after tonight will shape our entire season.

Mr Sitter

……continuing on from Ben’s post.

Cesc is that stunner you went out with, slightly out of your league who dumped you for someone else; but you’d take him back tomorrow.

Silvestre was that ten Pinter – come on you know you can do better than that.

Higuain, Gustavo are those stunners you see in a club, but don’t have the balls to chat up.

Andy Mack

Squillaci was the one that looked excellent, was real ‘down to earth’ but didn’t ‘put out’!!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Cesc is that stunner you went out with, slightly out of your league who dumped you for a childhood sweetheart; you’d take him (?) back tomorrow but you know he’s (?) besotted.

Hey, all this thinking of football players as old girlfriends is a bit strange and creepy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Higuain, Gustavo are those stunners you see in a club, but don’t have the balls to chat up. If you do get them back to your room you find they’ve got something taped back into their butt crack.

terry's balls on my booth

No wonder bendtner is hanging, they all love to play, isnt it blog?


Then get a girl who is even ‘hotter’ and fucking flaunt her lol..bring them back..s we can have the old quaity back in the team…for free too


Players want to return when they are like 35+ eh??
Ask RVP if he wants to be back, ask Fabregas.
It has to be accepted that Gustavo, Higuain rejected Arsenal, in our Face. Forget trophies, let’s us first go through September and see if we have a chance to keep 4th place. Liverpool, Spurs have strengthened and so have the teams we snatch points away from. Its 2013 Mr. Wenger.

BUt never dies the Gooner Spirit, Love what we CAN do. hate what we are doing.

Andy Mack

Higuain was bought by Spanish Benny because he paid stupid money for him. Higuain didn’t need to make any decision about us as RM didn’t accept an offer from us. Although all his family members said he really wanted to come here! Gustavo needs playing time (to get in the national team for their home world cup) and he didn’t think he was good enough to be first choice in the team so he went to a team with other Brazilians where he knew he would be first choice. Most other players/managers think we have a very strong squad (small… Read more »


fabreagas was like a girl who love us for a few years and had their ex flirting and boom first love


They all want to come back because they know Arsene is a sucker for nastalga.


Nastalga. Plays for Grampus 8 doesn’t he?


Treating players too well is not something to be proud of Arsene

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally



Apparently HYL believes that all the research into motivation and human psychology to increase efficiency at the workplace is a big waste of time.


A holding midfielder should be Arsenal first priority. Since Flamini left Arsenal the club has never found a replacement. There are a couple of players out there like Kondogbia fro Sevilla or Fellaini from Everton who should be signed. Just splash the cash.


Bender is better than both…if only…


The last sentence. 😐
Wenger is some weird combo of a philosopher and a football manager.


arsenal is a good club to play for. ask van persie

Glen Helders soul-glo

Yep, pay him 60-70,000 per week to sit on a treatment table than when he actually starts becoming useful fucks off to the most successful club in the PL.

Andy Mack

Glen, your comment is correct but the last 6 word have now confirmed you’re a troll.
A Gooner wouldn’t have used those words as they’re unnecessary.


you’ve tried to ask too many girls out too late this summer, gaffer ! All of them have chosen others…go figure !


Still no new players…. I hate Arsenal for ruining my sleep. Still almost 3 hours left before the 7:45am kickoff here on the East Coast. It must really suck for Tim at 7amkickoff, it kicks off at 4:45am for them on the West side. Come on Arsenal, let’s win this game and sign some players so millions of Gooners worldwide can be happy.


Complete nonsense spin Milan wanted to give Flamini new contract. They couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Arsenal fc forever going backwards.


What you’ve tried Arsenal, you always go back! Oh, wait…

le potato

we’ve all tried to ask girls out arsene, but not moments before our wedding whose date was fixed 3 months ago..!!


What=once, thank you autocorrect for ruining a joke that was not that funny to begin with

we are gone for good

when they seek ambition for trophies they leave and when they run out of steam they think of old darling arsenal

Gunner Believe

Well if all these player want to play for us the do something about it please!! And I don’t mean sign garbage like the last few rush buys!!!

Andy Mack

I think the last buy (as sonogo was free) would be Monreal….
If you think he’s garbage then you should stop watching fooball and take up golf.

Andy Mack


we are gone for good

they leave when arsenal need them the most and come back when they need a soft landing. it’s a sign of a club heading the wrong direction not the players fault. you dismantle a winning team because you don’t want to give more than a year contract to a player that’s 30 years yet you take them back on free transfer and expect them to deliver the same value a paid player would. because arsene is your name doesn’t mean you own arsenal

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Because your name is we are gone for good doesn’t mean you will though, does it?

Andy Mack

We can only hope he doesn’t come back!

joey sixpack

It doesn’t matter if spurs buy the entire Bayern Munich team, they will still play feminine football and finish 10 points behind us!

Rad Carrot

Quick Arsene! Give more interviews where you blame the fans for your idiocy! That will get us all back supporting you!

Andy Mack

No he shouldn’t do that (even though it the truth!).


Players always want to return to Arsenal – got something to do with the fact that there is no pressure at all to do well or achieve anything plus they pay well to do nothing – just ask Jack Wilshere who has done fuck all since he broke into the first team….


Wenger won’t need to commit suicide – I think the lynch mob will do that for him…


“It’s for the way we treat people”
hmmmm, you mean paying them loads of money on cushy contracts when they’ve done very little to earn it?

i’m proud to be a gooner and of how our club is as moral as it can be in these shark infested waters, and it does seem to try to treat its employees well …. but … it would be nice to be having a bit more focus on WINNING GAMES AT ALL COSTS rather than being polite and ‘fair’

onwuachumba Anthony

Arsen says most players want to rtn or play for arsenal while is still difficult to believe that many have been approached to join arsenal which they gave flocking bush*******t


I thought the suicide line was actually really funny. Some hack was trying to put the squeeze on wenger and he just made a joke of it. Classic arsene.


What ya’ll ranting about wenger for? Is the board in a comma?


Maybe he thinks the squad is full … ‘stop’.


I’ll get you coat.


“Why does Wenger always do a comedy speech” mark down all the haters.


I m not sure whether I should be excited seeing as the transfer window is about to close and Wenger has promised signings. Or whether I should be apprehensive about signing no one and Wenger’s word being just that.Words only.


Yes Diaby does not want to leave, 60k a week for five years lying in the top quality steam room. Arshavin and Squilacci enjoyed their all expenses paid holidays at the top top quality Chateaux Colney. Chamak admitted he hung about as long as he could for the top quality shisha sold in London. Park loves the top quality Korean soup in London and Santos loved the all night DJ clubs. Djourou, Girvinho, Denilson loved the high life as well and the fact they only had to text Arsene once a week to report that they were somewhere in Europe.


Diaby is injured. An injury sustained serving the club he has never disrespected. What do you want an injured player to do? Give up rehabilitation and walk away from the club?

Enough with the criticism of the others too. Some have left permanently and some are on loan, rebuilding their careers. Only they and the club know what the problems were so speculation and snide comments does no good to anyone.

Diabys leg doctor

My patient does his best but his leg is knackered. Thank you for saying it is not his fault and an even bigger thank you for Monsuir Wenger for continuing to give my patient an enormous salary and a never ending contract.


Who would buy him?


Easy to say sell but who would buy a crocked player?

Andy Mack

Do you remember when many were shouting that Chocolate legs should be sold cheap as he was always injured. Then it turns out that when he doesn’t get injured he’s one of the best in the PL. Then he leaves and the same people are crying that he left and blaming everyone else (and the skunk himself).

If Diaby can sort out his injury problems and get a run of games he will be one of the best in the PL. I hope he does that with us rather than against us.

Rectum Spectrum

Tim Stillman links to a great article about transfers in his ‘Home and Away’ post yesterday. I suggest those seeking a perspective other than the extreme have a read.

Andy Mack


[…] 来源:[arseblognews] […]

fooled you all

“The Champions League is, of course, the needed requirement for the top players”

The only player I can think of who joined us because of Champions league football in the last few years is Arteta as he actually took a pay cut. None of the others were being chased by any big club and probably came because they got a pay rise. And the only top top player among the lot was Carzola. But no need to stop bullshitting us Arsene because there are still plenty of deluded followers who believe every lie you spout.

Andy Mack

If you really rate the squad so poorly then you’re either a troll or know little about football.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Getting sick of all these unhappy people who post on here giving fake names. Should be honest and state their real name like I do.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Ok Gutbucket


Liverpool can’t sign any top players these days bc they are out of CL. They can barely hold on to their players at the moment.

Spurs will have a hard time including Di Maria in their deal for Bale bc the player wants to be in the CL.

CL football (particularly in a world cup year is a big thing. Big players want a big stage)

If We went out of CL to Fernebache, we would not attract any top players.

Good win that.;)

Gunsen Gunner

There’s been a guy on twitter for the past month or so claiming we’ve signed cesc but are waiting for champions league confirmation before we register him.Now i know these “itk”s are full of shit but he’s been taking abuse and replying nearly every waking hour since then adamant he’s definitely coming back.I don’t know if its an hyperactive twitter troll but it does make one wonder. Can it be logical after these comments? Dare to dream?


Flamini if he returns will likely be in a utility role.

Considering Ramsey is taking up Arteta’s role for the most part at the moment, we could do with a back up. Flamini can also cover RB which is useful.

But we will likely still benefit from a tall and physical DM type.Missed the boat on Capoue and Gustavo. Kongdogbia is possible, talented but slightly young. Fellaini is left on the shelf may also come down in price. Pogba is a long shot and unlikely.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He thought about leaving us originally because we used him in a utility role for a season. He became a regular partner to Fabregas in the next season, but then moved to Italy, where he had a real urge to play. I can believe that he feels great attachment for the Club, but I wonder if he’s still dubious about being a utility player. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.


yeah world class facilities are shit. world class training camps? a manager who protects us? fuck him, whats up with that? yeah why would i want to play for a club that garuntees playing time and champions league football. Tours of the far east? phhhhh fuuuck that.

yeah why would anyone want to come back to us, after all, picking up a winners medal for playing literaly minutes on the run up to a champions leauge final that i didnt even feature in is that playing footballs all about init?

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