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Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham: by the numbers



One (or more!) Great Stat for Every Arsenal Player

5 – Giroud shots, 2 on target, 1 goal¹
4 – Giroud shots per goal in Premier League play so far this season
23 – Percent of all shots Giroud is converting in the Premier League this season
9.7 – Giroud shots per goal in Premier League play last season
10 – Percent of all shots Giroud converted in Premier League play last season (11/107)
1 – Theo Walcott assissssts¹
47 – Mesut Ozil assists in league play for Ream Ladrid in the last three seasons
23 – Cazorla passes in the Tottenham final third¹ (completed 20¹, created 3¹ shots for others)
3 – Dribbles by Cazorla²
9 – Cazorla ball recoveries (ball recovery is when the player wins the ball back for his team)
9 – Gibbs ball recoveries
10 – Aaron Ramsey ball recoveries¹
8 – Gibbs tackles (successful, 6)
11 – Aaron Ramsey tackles¹ (successful, 7¹)
3 – Flamini tackles (of three attempted)
3 – Tackles by Chavli, Capoue, and Paulinho combined
34 – Millions of Pounds Sterling Tottenham paid for those three
0 – Pounds Arsenal paid for Flamini
2 – Flamini misplaced passes
2 – Clearances by Flamini
1 – Block by Flamini
1 – Interception by Flamini
1 – Ball recovery by Flamini
100 – Percent confidence I felt seeing Flamini sit back in front of the back four for most of the match
4 – Gibbs interceptions²
2 – Szczesny saves that were absolute blinders
1 – Szczesny save that was out of this world
4 – Mertesacker headed clearances
0 – Fouls committed by Jenkinson while Chavli tried, like, umpteen dribbles near him
1 – Wilshere block (Arsenal only had four blocks!)
4 – Perfect tackles by Rosicky, 1 of which was marked off as a foul erroneously
1 – Crucial foul earned by Monreal
2 – Sagna clearances
0 – Any other stats by Sagna
6 – Arsenal players in the back line at the end of the game and I f*cking loved it

Koscielny’s near perfect game

7/7 – Clearances
3/3 – Headed clearances
3/3 – Tackles
20/21 – Passes
1/2 – Aerial duels
4 – Interceptions²
2 – Ball recoveries
2 – Fouls committed
4 – Total number of things that Koscielny did “wrong” over 95 minutes of football in the North London Derby

Final five minutes stats:


12 – Arsenal clearances
3 – Arsenal tackles
4 – Arsenal passes, successful (of 11)
1 – Arsenal interception
1 – Arsenal foul
19 – Tottenham passes, successful (of 28)
2 – Tottenham ball recoveries
1 – Tottenham failed dribble
1 – Tottenham aerial duel won (of 2)
1 – Tottenham foul
1 – Tottenham shot, off target
1 – Chicken on a basketball that was plucked by Arsenal


¹Led all players
²Led just Arsenal, who won the game, so it’s kind of like leading all players, really

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Mert was calm as fuck.


and koscielny stuck like glue to their record transfer strikers

kos and mert make a fantastic central pair


$107.5 mil- amount of money spuds spent, just to reduce the score from 5-2 to 1-0.

Deadline day goose bumps



107,000,000 reasons why Sp*rs are still shit. And cunts.


1 – surprises we’re all waiting for


Although 3 surprises would be better


That is why I visit this site regurlarly! Lol

5-2 or 0-1 thecolourisstillred

“Ream Ladrid”? – i suppose i’m missing something?


Silly bastard, I hate you, but I miss you, then I discover I can’t do without you.. for you know how to make my day, you take my breath away and when I think all hope is gone, you give me a reason to believe. Crouching to a pillow, seating on the edge of my seat, biting off my nails, jumping around and quirking like a 5 years old girl. And even when hysteria gets the better of me, and gives me reason to aim vitriol at you, you stay true to our values, then on mornings like this, I… Read more »

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

He didn’t cost a quid
He stuck it to the banned but commonly used word begining with Y ending in ids
FLAMINI wooaah FLAMINI wooahh.

So happy he’s home.

Arty's Art

As a Jewish Arsenal fan i’d like to tell you (and them that use that word) politely to stop… in so many words.


As gooners have named him aptly as……Freemini……


0 – Shots on target for Soldoodoo

Dave Gooner

A diving cunt. Fucking little wonder all they can manage is penalties if all he can do is fall over.



Carrying on from where the chimp left off


100-Times Monday morning feels better than usual Monday mornings after an arsenal victory over spurs

Rad Carrot

£100,000,000 – The amount still available to us to strengthen this already quality team

16 – Hours till the window closes

I actually love this day. Whatever happens, COYG!

Oz Gooner

Let’s not get carried away guys, it is only the spuds after all….see how we fair against quality opposition 😉
Btw, thoughts on Ozil? Brilliant player and all, but I can’t help shale the feeling that di Maria is more of what we need right now.
Plus his eyes scare me

Sebastian A.C.

I’ve been watching Di Maria for a long, long time (southamerican gunner here) and I can tell you that, as much as he has improved, there’s two reasons why I think Özil should be the one for us: 1. Di Maria’s temper. Awful. Just awful. 2. He’s not a match winner. He’s a great player, but he’s not a different one, as in he’s not capable of that magic moment that can win a match. Özil, however, is that different kind of player. Of course, if we bring Di Maria and he proves me wrong, I’ll be more than happy… Read more »

Oz Gooner

Fair enough, just felt that he was too similar to cazorla, but I guess the long term goal is to play vazorla on the left, one conventional winger (Walcott ) and one tricksy Passy player (cazorla etc.)
But with him in the team, i worry for our most handsome team trophy

Titanium Bales

47 – Mesut Ozil assists in league play for Ream Ladrid in the last three seasons

Wait a min….what does Ozil have to do with Arsenal matters…..? Its not as if he’s coming to Arsenal right?



I tried to explain this concept to my spuds mate but he wouldn’t have it! They are a fifth place team with Bale, but a tenth place team without him! So in effect, they’ve spent over £100m to become a fifth place team!


Did anyone else look at their starting line-up and think damn,100 mil spent for that? We always had the better team from the start, price tags have a way of scaring people into thinking spurs are better than they are. F*ck any excuses of clicking, a partnership between two players clicks,it takes years for a team to have cohesion like ours,thats why all our transfers have never gone above 5 in a single window,and also why not every signing goes straight to the first eleven for us. What AVB did was ameteurish at best if he thought that team would… Read more »


1 – pair of Depends Jack Wilshere forgot to bring with him to the Emirates

Double Canister

He should have not eaten the lasagna!

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

It was funny watching him zip off to have a shit on the 43rd minute. Poor lad couldn’t even wait ’til half time.


was strangely confident we wouldn’t concede as everyone defending was robotic in their work today. Per’s tackle and pass to get the move for the goal going, Santi’s pass between the lines to Aaron, Aaron’s spin and pass to find Tomas, Theo and Olivier telepathic. Memorable stuff!

Your keeper kept you in it Spurs but North London is still Red.

omosh wenger

i love you all guys who were at the emirates yesterday,great suport from you people


1 Super special perfect defending by BFG – second only to the historic tackle done by Gibbs two seasons ago


Obviously you never watched Tony Adams

What a waste of money

The spurds cunts were outclassed by our broken lads..yes we need a surprise, give us randy orton and daniel bryan, the cup will be homè..YES!YES!

Sebastian A.C.

And Rollins. Don’t forget Seth Rollins.

Die Hard Gunner

5pur2 will forever remain in our shadows. I just hope this TDL will surprise we gunners for good…I had a dream where I saw Ozil, Di Maria & Benzema being unveiled and Wenger smiling away at the back of them 3. Am I just day dreaming or deluded???




giroud’s movement for the goal was reminiscent of the chemistry theo struck up with a certain dutch skunk in the 2011/2012 season. excited to see our HFB explode this year! COYG


2 – that’s the 2nd outstanding ‘Second Debut’ by a returning Frenchman (TH14’s being the template)

Paul Hayward wrote in the Independent about Flamini’s second debut,

“Out from the mist of Arsenal’s illustrious past stepped a man once called the “little corporal”… after replacing Jack Wilshere in the 43rd minute, Flamini behaved as if he had never left at all, but had merely popped out to find a cashpoint.”

Double Canister

Cesc will be back next year with his old pals, can’t you just feel it?

I’m so happy today even if Wenger’s signed Barton and shawcross I’d still be smiling.
( they are cunts, forever).
Ozil is a but weird in terms of an aquisition, he is top top quality but do we need another attacking mid?
Maybe Wenger is planning to push up jack and the Ox as false 9’s?


if you have a chance to sign a player like ozil then you have to do it, we can fit him in somewhere!


I had the strangest dream last night after hearing this about Ozil.

Wenger walks out alone this afternoon to give a press conference, which is expected to introduce Ozil, Sits down and does the good news; bad news intro.

The bad news being that Ozil decided to stay with Real. The good news…..He points to the side of the stage and Fabregas walks out, thanks Per for taking Diaby’s old squad number (the 2 shirt), and turns around to show he’s wearing his old number 4.


i was very satisfied with the the manner of our win – a pragmatic defensive performance, prepared to just sit and defend solidly and take our chances with counter attacks

i’m starting to feel optimistic again, that we have evolved tactically and are able to look at the bigger picture – less tippy-tappy, more winny-winny


After that, I think the only mistake in the Flamini signing was he was not signed in time for the Villa game. Could have done with his quality that game. Played like he had never left.


Arsene please buy some new shorts for Kossa. His pockets are completely full with overpriced strikers….


Hahahahahaha! Made my day man!


Arsene Knows


8 – the size of my erection in inches when giroud scored

If Fabregas came home we’d win the league.

I know he won’t though. PISSED!

Anyways, fingers crossed for some big-name signings today. SURPRISES.


Fabregas won’t come because we are not that sort of side anymore. We’re a counter attacking side now rather than possession based. His slow deliberate build up is peach to watch, but not what we need. Ozil however would fit the mold perfectly.

Counter attacking football is the most entertaining style of play imo, so no complaints from me. Still need a bit more practice but if we become as good as Bergkamp, Henry and co were at it, the future looks bright.

Dave Gooner

1: number of empty tyres hanging from the ceiling in the away dressing room.

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