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Özil: Wenger faith in me crucial

New boy Mesut Özil says that long telephone conversations with Arsene Wenger convinced him that Arsenal was the club he should join when it became clear he was surplus to requirements at Real Madrid.

Speaking to the German press, the gifted midfielder spoke of his excitement about the move, saying, “I’m really looking forward to it because I have the complete faith of the manager. I talked to him at length over the phone and he told me his ideas and he trusts me – and I need that as a player.

“I’m also looking forward to meeting my team mates like Podolski or Mertesacker. I’m excited for the new task ahead. I already heard how great the fans are, the city is great and the team is super class.”

The former Werder Bremen man highlighted again how it was important for him to feel the trust of his coach, something he didn’t get from Carlo Ancelotti.

“I realised I would not get the full trust of the manager [at Madrid]. I am a player who needs to feel that – and I felt that with Arsenal and that’s the reason why I’m signing for them.

“Arsène Wenger gives me the chance to develop and be fully fit for the World Cup. I know my abilities and potential and I would have made it in every club at the world – because I’m convinced of my abilities. But if I don’t feel that trust, then I have to leave the club.

“I will continue to grown under the new manager and I’m also looking forward to the Premier League.”

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Aaaah I’m so excited now!!! Wenger really has pulled it out the bag, him and Santi in midfield, that is going to be brilliant!


I have mixed feelings. It is like you are very happy but somewhat sad & worried at the same time. This is considering that we haven’t made any signings in the striker department. The thought of Bendtner to play as a lone striker, makes my stomach feel really sick.

It is quite enigmatic, like- you’re about to to orgasm, when inside your girl, but subconsciously you want to pee.


do u not think that podolski will be back up striker?? he is a lethal finisher and his job will be made easier with Ozil threading balss through and splitting defences.. and theo will be striker number 3 if needed.. bentdner is only for coca cola cup or whatever its called.. was a great window,, ozil,, italys no 2 keeper and yes defensive midfielder flamini, flamini as good as most df midfielders with the added bonus that he wont need time to settle and as seen against the spuds, he can talk and organise the younger players.. my hat off… Read more »


False nein.

The Thumbs Down Police

Why so many thumbs down?


maybe becaus false nein is falso no no false 9


maybe because false nein is false no, not false 9

typo, sorry guys

Dave Gooner

This is a Tier One signing, no question, and a total game changer for Arsenal.

Tier One striker signing will undoubtedly follow in Mesut’s footsteps. They will want to come.

This is the real deal Gooners!!


Exactly, I’m thinking Suarez, when he’s had his pre-season at Liverpool and want’s some European football.


Everyone says we desperately need a ‘world-class striker’, but Bayern Munich only have Mario Mandzukic and Claudio Pizzaro, neither of them is close to world class. We’re one forward and maybe one defender away from the most complete squad we’ve had since the Invincibles. We could make those signings in January.

Paul Atreides

Mandzukic no world class?

Euro2012 top scorer along with Balotelli, Torres, Ronaldo and Gomez.


I assume it will be Santi on the left, sorry Rosicky, time to make way. Although, on current form I’d play Rosicky ahead of Jack.


Can’t help it… what is the best midfield-attack?

Ramsey – Rosicky
Walcott – Cazorla


Arteta – Ramsey
Walcott – Cazorla


Arteta – Jack
Walcott – Cazorla

It is a shame that two of Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, and Rosicky are not likely to play.

On the other hand, not many options in the front three.

I think there will be more movement in January


@Neutral – nonsense about lack of options. Signing Ozil GIVES us options. It’s not a shame about the midfield – They need the competition between eachother. Injuries and suspensions and 4 competitions mean everyone will have plenty of game time. It also means upfront we now have DEPTH. Sorry but CF spot is now Giroud V Podolski and that’s a great thing, with Sanogo as 3rd option. The combinations he brings us now along with versatility is frightening when you add other players like the Ox and Falmini into the mix. Our midfield just went from being bare to now… Read more »


I don’t know if Wenger considers Podolski as a CF. and you forgot about Walcott. I’m very, very, happy about Ozil, but I don’t see how added one player makes us go from “bare” to “stacked”. Nevermind Poldi is out for 2-3 months and did not seem fit to play a full game all last season.

I get it that your all high on the Ozil signing, but no need to go through these maniac swings of optimism and pessimism (not a comment for the poster but these forums in general).


Delighted & excited in general… GK: Enough numbers, key is whether Szczesny continues good form. FB: As many as a squad should have with 2 for each position & Flamini as back up. CB: With Sagna the main 4 are good. arteta – Ramsey – wilshere – flamini (2 places available) Walcott – Rosicky – Ozil – Cazorla – Ox – Podolski (3 places available) [Walcott] – Giroud – [Podolski] – [Bendtner] (1 place available) Of course injuries are not predictable & sometimes there’s little you can legislate for (e.g. when all 4 FB get injured). With a bit of… Read more »


Well done Walcott for signing da ting back in January. Seven months on you have been rewarded with i) the chance to play ii) with world class players. Real fans like Jenkinson, too, he’s probably put so many Özil posters in his bedroom with the popped eyeballs staring down right now that his wall looks like the fucking illuminati. Whereas Van Persie… now he plays with 40 year old Giggs and 35 year old Ferdinand, Nemanja noknees Vidic, two bitches (Evra & Rooney), all of them carrying a bunch of kids who don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same… Read more »


Excellent comment Bonjour. Could not agree more.


Anyone ever thought about 3-5-2?, more defensive cover, more attacking threat and more compact?

Sanga Mertesaker Koscielny

Wilshere Ramsey Cazorla
Oxlade-Chamberlain Gibbs
Walcott/ Giroud


I think we’ll still use Rosicky a lot. He has the trust of the club and the fans, he’s a team player who can deliver from the bench and the season is long.


we will obviously use rosicky, the best thing about him is his positive forward grab the team by its balls and drag them into attack play

DL Gooner

A super class player for a super class club!


Spot on George:

That’s 1 of the numerous advantages of having a manger like Arsene.
We might take him for granted but the football world respects and admires him.

This signing made me realise why my girlfriend loves shopping.
Spending money makes you happy 🙂


Super qualitieeee!




I have had an erection for the past 12 hours ..

A special thank you does to Daniel Levy .. you MUG ! Wahaay !

The fool of a Took

It´s quite amazing when you think about what a complete fuck up the Spuds are. They have been shite for a looong time, then they happen to stumble upon one of the greatest players in the world (yes, he is) and that brings them to the top four and CL for one year. They have their moment and get to play at San Siro and Bernabeu and all that yadayadaydada.. Then they must sell the player because he knows that Spuds are shite and they only manages to buy half decent players as replacements and by selling him they´re helping… Read more »


and only half of the störy…





joe starkey







Where are the wenger out gays now??
We’d never have him with a manager like Moyes!!

with the left and the right

its important to note that nowhere has he mentioned that he wanted to play for Arsenal Football Club, but rather Arsene Wenger! Oliver Bierhoff remarked on how playing under Wenger would be an important step in his development as a footballer. Its seems like the only people that don’t seem to understand Wenger’s value are Arsenal fans who seem to think that before 1996 Arsenal were just a big a club as the Real Madrid’s and Milan’s of the world. That is quite clearly false. Blackburn rovers in the mid 90s were a better club than Arsenal. Leeds were perennially… Read more »


^^ What he said


Indeed. True and on point. Nothing to add.

Except: show this to all those WO and SPEND!SPEND!SPEND! wankers of 48h ago. Rub their noses in it!
It’s a shame the morons will never realize how dumb and easy to manipulate they really are.
Rant over.




Are you NUTS? Leeds bigger than The Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers? Pah!
Under Herbert Chapman The Arsenal became one of the biggest most innovative and classiest clubs in the world.
They may have been in some doldrums from time to time but they have a long history and tradition, class and success.
By your measure, Huddersfield and Nottingham Forest are much bigger than Leeds United.
Up The Arsenal!

Double Canister



Tickets to his own show .. and I love it.

Big Dave



So looking forward to CÖZILLA.

Here’s another article telling us shit we already know, but I read it anyway

And you already know, Wenger is the type of manager that knows how to use a good player….this will be one long interlull

Petit's Handbag

I’m loving reading the articles on it this morning, really am. We’re so used to reading such negative material about our Arsenal, but this morning it’s all just so positive. My worries about defence and up front are not to be seen. We’ve signed Mesut fucking Ozil.
Replace United with Arsenal, we’ve read it a million times.
But today is our day



That is quite marvellous.


look at it as 2 weeks for arteta podolski and verm to spend healing

Joey Sixpack

Our coach must have a way with words to pry perhaps the world’s best #10 from Real Madrid 😀 However, I would like to think it’s Wenger’s pedigree and our club’s tradition that attracted him. This is the start of an exciting new era fellow gooners. Mark my words 😉


For a new era we need a special atmosphere at Emirates. Let’s create that in the next games.


Today I feel like a guy who had sex with a super model last night. I keep checking my phone and looking at pics. Feel so blessed. Mad love for picking us now lets all get behind the team we all love, fuck spurs, fuck united, fuck the chavs, fucky shitty and fuck the hasbeen muggsmashers. CLASS-enal all day bitches!!!


When it comes to trust and faith form Wenger, fear not my boy! Ask Diaby! Now go forth and express yourself! Lord have mercy on our enemies!


TTQS (Top Top Quality Signing)


Still oing mental.. 13 hours after.


You just got the best set of fans in the world;


He’s certainly saying all the right things. Ramsay and Jack with Santi ozil and theo behind olivier. Great options with ox rosivky flamini and arteta

Toby C

Can’t wait to see him play. Will be crossing fingers, touching wood and praying to every God that he comes back from international duty without injury!


Pure class, I delighted for every Arsenal fan. We’re the best club in the world and well deserve it!

Dan Gunn





Always handing speaking 3 languages fluently (English, French, German) and can even manage a bit of Japanese… Ozil is one of my favourite players in world football, who’ll fit our play perfectly. He’ll be excellent on the counter-attack with Walcott as well as breaking down defences). This signing feels like a game changer. Not just because of what it lets us do this season (it will be a tough battle and I honestly feel anywhere from 1st – 6th is possible) but because of what it lets us do in January and the summer. Any goal-hungry striker would want to… Read more »


And so the downward spiral. The ‘Demoyes’ if you will begins. Where’s your ambition now Van Payslip.


A bit early I think, but I also get the sense United’s reign is coming to a halt. Moyes seems out of place there.

That being said, and as much as I loathe vengeance, rvp getting stuck there should it transpire will make my day.

Nelson Vivas

What striker would not want to have Carzola, Wilshere and Ozil behind them? Onwards and upwards!! #COYG


Sorry, but Wilshere?

In his two seasons where he played (a lot) in the first team 2010-11 and 2012-13 he had 3 assists in each season. Rosicky played most in 2011-2012 and had 6 assists, even better numbers at Dortmund.

with the left and the right

wilshere isn’t your archetypal playmaking midfielder. His strengths lie in a very unique mixture of technique and power, he creates opportunities by driving forward from deep, drawing defenders with him and releasing the ball. he might not get the assist but the pass before the assist is just as important. think about that play he had against Fulham where he tackled in midfield and eventually released walcott in behind. Walcott would have gotten the assist if that led to a goal but undoubtedly that play was made by Wilshere. Here’s the link: i’m getting really frustrated now with people… Read more »


and he will only get better training and playing with Ozil alongside him.


Wilshere led the Premier League last year in pre-assists – the pass before the final pass – and he only started about 20 games.


apparently the little boy inside van pussy would rather play with cleverly.


Özil, Cazorla, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosisky, Flamini.
It would be hard to find a better midfield squad anywhere in the world.


don’t forget the Ox!

New guy

and Diaby! …. oh.


Technically, Diaby too 😉


It’s strange to think that at the time this summer was one of the worst in recent memory. But now all it’ll be remembered for is the signing of probably the best no 10 in Europe- for his best years. We’re building at team to fear, one or two more and Arsenal is genuinely approaching Bayern levels.


For the first time in years, we have a signing that truly excites the fans.

It would be interesting to see how much of a spike in global shirt sales there will be now. I am sure the club and potential sponsors will be looking out for that too.

I can’t wait for Stoke at home! (never thought I’d write that!)


Can’t wait for Flamini to take Shawcross out. And the other good stuff too of course!


I’m going to be in Germany whilst the Stoke game’s on and won’t be able to watch it – oh the irony!



Mehn Suit our zeal…


Yeah, Giroud only scored one goal away form the Emirites, let’s hope he improves on that.

Dave Gooner

Give the man credit – he’s playing really well this season. And his attitude is great.

Correct Gunner

Dont you feel sorry for Spurs? I mean changing stuffs too rapidly. Last season with QPR is a big pointer. QPR’s squad was better than its final position but you dont change stuff like that. Waiting to have a laugh at that bunch down the road next may. Mid-Table !!!

Dave Gooner

Spurs, a Tier 2 team at best. Not a coincidence that their best season ever, and one of our worst in recent years still saw us qualify and them not. They just haven’t got the quality. And what’s more, the quality isn’t interested in going there.

So they signed a load of blokes of no interest up this way.

But the real deal, players of Ozil’s quality, would never even consider playing at Spurs. Their only quality player left for Madrid. These players only want to play in CL level teams. Not hit and hope merchants, like Spurs.

Very optimistic Gooner

I can’t even describe how happy I am this morning, it makes it even better that both of my brothers are sp*rs and the will be getting even more shit then I normally give them!

Arsene's Nose

Hope the guys in the chants department are working on a chant befitting of such class.. Welcome Ozil.


O-zil at the Arsenal .. O-zil at the Arsenal .. (to the tune of 1-nill to the arsenal) .. No ?


1-0, then we bought Özil (repeat)

Adam, Watford

There is surely no other chant, except to change the preposition !

Change to, for ‘ at ‘ or ‘ for ‘, but I am really only nit-picking !



Gollum is a Gooner… Gollum is a Gooner… Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na!

poliver girolski

Totally made up with this signing, It is amazing how one signing can some how change the whole dynamic of the team. and for those saying we are short on numbers, we are only like 2 players out from the 25 limit and alot of the players below can play in multiple positions Strikers – Poldi – Giroud- Walcott – TGSTL – Sanogo Midfield – OX- Rosicky – Wilshere – Arteta – Ramsey – Flamini – Ozil Defenders – Nacho – Jenks – Sagna – Per – Kos – TV5 – Gibbs Goalies – Szcz – Fab- Viviano Suddenly the… Read more »


minor changes

Strikers – INJURY – Giroud- Walcott – TGSTL?? – Sanogo?
Midfield – INJURY- Rosicky – Wilshere – Arteta – Ramsey – Flamini – Ozil -CAZORLA
Defenders – Nacho – Jenks – Sagna – Per – Kos – TV5 – Gibbs
Goalies – Szcz – Fab- Viviano


The best so far about this signing is the mad rush by that rabble from Shite Hart Lane to Google to find stats that they hope will prove what a big mistake the signing was. One signing trumps their 7 in my opinion

Dave Gooner

The only player Spurs had of comparable quality departed for Real Madriid yesterday, after weeks of the most embarrassing showboating by Levy I think the EPL has ever seen. Real small time stuff. They are just so WRONG in top class company, the Spurs. They just don’t know how to act with any class or decorum. Shouting and objecting at every turn like the little second class club they are. Real Madrid didn’t know what to make of them, and their out-of-their-depth antics. They really are just an embarrassment to themselves. No wonder the real quality wants nothing to do… Read more »

Alex X

What’s a Wenger out “gay”? Fucking monkey is right twat. Anyway…Ozil will free up Theo and Santi as scorers any runs they make he’ll get them the ball. Finally a big-timer in not out.


OG just became the seasons highest goal scorer, mark my word. The fluency of our midfield is mouth watering. There some much option in midfield now that TW14 and LP9 might just get there chance upfront. Massive grin on my face, I’m afraid my face might stuck like that.


I owe AW and the board an apology. Some faith, not all, restored.

jack jack jack

Well done for coming out and apologising and all that, but why is your faith only partially restored? Do you only have faith in a manager and board when they actually win trophies? What does that say about you?

Sagna's Braids

I know that every Arsenal fan would hate to admit it, but we might actually have to get behind TGSTEL once Giroud needs a breather or *touchwood* gets injured. He IS afterall the next fit striker in line, until Poldi and The Ox (freeing Walcott to go upfront) get fit that is…


This is the ‘Bergkamp’ signing that we were all hoping for. Still very light up front, but awesome in midfield. I fully expect more quality signings to follow in Jan.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I recall Fergie making a snide remark about Wenger speaking several languages, when he came to us in ’96.

I bet any manager would have loved to speak German yesterday. Well done, Wenger, well done.


The red nose can’t speak even English properly!

Dan Gunn

glass houses ;0)


A false 9 anyone?


So stoked to have signed this player. Shows that Wenger still has passion for the club. The fact that Kroenke also got involved is a bold statement from the club’s board as well. Great stuff all round. Welcome to The Arsenal Mesut!


that french bloke!

the fact we got ozil from our own hard earned money is ever more satisfying.


Die Arschblog

Arsene's stylist



I think “Blog” might be a masculine noun auf Deutsch, so “der.”


Ozil will be a magnet for others. Amazing signing.

I’m also not against using Bendtner. i still think back to his academy days… there is a very good player in there.

Not one of our players have tweeted welcoming the new keeper. Poor fella.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Shame he has such a poor first touch. That ball from Per that HFG brought under control on the run at Fulham? Bendtner would have lashed that into the stands.

Double Canister

Yeah, but he would have buried a 2m shot into the back of the net at Bradford.


Really provides us with a much needed boost and increases our squad depth. Now we can manage to rotate and rest our key players instead of letting them burn out. And it won’t be the same eleven always so the likes of Rosicky and Arteta can still expect game time. Their experience will prove vital to us. And on current form Tomas gets the nod over Jack.


Still smiling over yesterdays coup.

Fucking yeah!


Wenger has truly outdone himself on the last day.. there is no stench of panic in this deal. That was a master class. Özil will be astounding for us especially. There are only two clubs that can bring the best out of him in the BPL and that’s us and *cough*Chelsea*cough*. And if we continue the way we are currently, we’ll definitely be at least top 2. Flamini was a sneaky but brilliant deal too. He’s combativeness and leadership shone through in his first game back, hopefully the youngsters can learn from him. Here’s to a new era. The Arsenal… Read more »


Welcome to Arsenal, Mesut Özil!!

Good response from Le Prof to spuds spending’s.
They paid £107m to improve to 1:0 but we will restore the 5:2 result

New guy

As fun as 5:2 is I think 5:0 would be even better.


Come on, Spuds are useful for mocking only when they have hope…dont kill that hope…


I can’t wait to see the reception Ozil gets on his debut.

All in all a very good window, getting rid of 13 players who were surplus to requirements (around £700k off the wage bill) and bringing in a world class player and three good squad players…..well done Arsene!


Injury free season! Trophy full season! Let’s rally round the club.


Ever read something and for some reason you can’t stop smiling?

oh the things Ozil does to me!


We definitely have to push for a trophy.. Özil is just one player but the boost he gives to this squad can be astronomical. I feel the likes of Rosicky (the most underrated and passionate player), Arteta (who has been a superb professional playing out of position), and Bacary Sagna (Best full back the league during his time at Arsenal) deserve some silverware before they end their respective Arsenal careers. Rosicky and Sagna have certainly been loyal to the cause, no matter what reason they have for doing so, and they reserve the right to usher in the new generation… Read more »




…”I know my
abilities and potential and I would have made it
in every club at the world – because I’m
convinced of my abilities.” The difference between Ozil and Bendtner happen to be that he actually reproduces that on the pitch.


…”I know my
abilities and potential and I would have made it
in every club at the world – because I’m
convinced of my abilities.” Sounds like Bendtner but we all know the gaping difference.


What a love struck bunch, you guys are and that at first glance. I fully share this love and looking forward to a very prosperous marriage. Go Arsenal.

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