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Pires just pops in

Arsene Wenger says that Robert Pires can help Arsenal’s young players as he joins them for training from time to time.

The dreamy Frenchman was spotted at Arsenal’s preparation for the Napoli game today, with Wenger denying he was going to bring him back to the club.

“No Robert Pires will not join us, he was born in 1973!”, said the boss. “He is still very fit and a great player and we are always happy to have him in training but he just occasionally comes in to practice.”

Having compared young German Thomas Eisfeld to the former Villarreal and Marseille man, the manager suggested it’s a good chance for other young players to learn from him.

“It’s a great opportunity. He practices with the young players with the under-21 team, and I feel always there is no better education than playing players at that age with top-level players.”

Maybe it’s just us, but the idea of Bobby just turning up for training now and then is awesome. One minute your day is going grand, the next it’s the best day ever because Pires is in his underpants beside you.


We’ll be over here on the fainting couch if anyone needs us.

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There’s no way having someone like that train with the young guys can be a bad thing.

Arsene's Zip

11 young men running around with erections is probably not a good thing.


Pires needs protection. One would think there are enough security at the training ground to keep things in order.

Arsenal till i die

i dont like what your assuming there..


i love that sense of family at the club, i wonder does that happen much at other places-it makes so much sense


once a gunner, always a gunner !!!

Merlin's Panini

but not Na$ri, ‘Adtobuymore or Robin Van load of money.


Nor Ca$hley Cunt, the £5,000 man, nor Nicolas ‘one-year-career’ Anelka.

Higuain's Biological Father

no ice cream man Hleb too.




Pires at 40 couldn’t have been worse than that Marica guy we were so randomlessly linked to.


with the large winger injury list he might as well play a game or two..
Class is permanent…he might not have his old pace..but the vision, the crossing and the ability to pop in to the box at just the right moment won’t have left him…

one can dream


It is possible you are forgetting his spell at Villa a couple of years back… Not the player he once was certainly BUT I’m sure he has a lot of knowledge he can pass on to the players at the club, particularly the younger lads. Potential coaching role?


Not reading this blog anymore because arseblog is clearly a pufter




A little bit homophobic methinks.


Surprised you lasted this long without a sense of humour.

Not that there’s anything funny about Bobby.

Arsene's bottle of water

I think a bunch of people in here who think they have the shaperst sense of humour are missing the point that the guy probably said that as joke too.
I’ll be damned if we’re coming to an age where you have to explain jokes and everyone gets super extra hyper sensitive whenever someone mentions homossexuality.
That’s the world becoming too soft!

Arsene's Zip

Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, eh.


Jackoi go play with traffic

igor stepanovs

jakcoi, this is a great loss. i urge others to join me in mourning this painful development.

Sex Fabergé

I’m not reading Jakcoi’s posts any more as he clearly isn’t bi for Bobby.

Henry's Right Foot

Take note of your defenders Arseblog and company.

Henry's Right Foot

Almost forgot



Fucking square wheels those thumbs up. One thing for sure, fucking jakcoi’s got gut and not hiding in the closet.

the only sam is nelson

much like john terry, then, a cunt who is happy to wear his cuntishness on his sleeve?

Last of The COuntry Gentlemen

clearly the spelling is themost irksome..’oo’ not ‘u’. If you going to be hateful, do it correctly.

gooner odst

hahahhaa, In Russia…….they don’t laugh at this kind of thing.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

I hope you’re one of those annoying hipsters and this is a shite attempt at irony…

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

Don’t fight it, you know you’re just finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that, deep down … deep, DEEP down inside you, you can feel Pires. He’s stunning.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Mr Blog is not a pufter, he is a wanna be pufter. But in all honesty looking at Bobby can be tempting.

*puts lipstick in the hand bang takes the coat and walks out*


give him a coaching role


“He is still very fit.” – Arsene Wenger

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

damien joyce

I am very impressed with ur face emoticon or whatever they called even though one side of his face is huuuuge

David Caddell

What’s a pufter? Lmfao

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

A man that very strongly ONLY in love with our Bobby, just like Mr Blog. Many of us you can call cheats as we alost strongly love TT, DB, Adams, Paddy etc.

Jack's Right Foot

Pires and Giroud playing with each other. Phwoar.

Henry's Right Foot

My right foot is better.


Seeing as Liam Brady is leaving, maybe there is room for Pires in the coaching setup of the youngsters. Sure he will have a lot to pass on.


HE left already

Zorro in the box

Actually would love Bergkamp to drive over to North London.


I’d love to see us re-sign Henry in January. He won’t interfere with Giroud’s progress, if anything, he’ll help him grow into a top, top, top striker!

Plus, there’s no harm in having an Invincible (or two) in the side 😉


What a legend!

Tapscotts Testicles

Bergkamp and Henry got most of thd praise and rightly so in alot of cases but Bob Pires for me was THE player that kept us going in the early to mid 2000’s…a real legend.

Good Omens

I always thought Freddie Ljungberg was the engine of the team, the aforementioned three were world class, they were the ones people paid to see, but for lung busting box to box energy, for me it was Freddie.

Gooner til the end

Even at 40 I’m sure the great man could add some creativity to Utd’s final 3rd. His quality was that good.

Call me bias but he is most definitely the most stylish, effective and best left sided player the Premier League has seen. And I’m not excluding Giggs


ronaldo? though with him the ‘stylish’ part gets a bit weird.


Saw pictures of him giving mesut ozil some words of wisdom, having a player of pires’s calibre around the club can only inspire good things.


Jakcoi- the clue is in the name… Arseblog??


Utter legend, remember him scoring some absolute belters at Highbury. And if you wonder if he still has it, check out this goal whilst on holiday in Greece:

Sorry for the Daily Mail link…


Sorry Giroud, but Bobby Pires is at another level. Bloody hell, I never loved watching an Arsenal player as much as I loved Bobby.


i love him so much that even up till today, i occasionally grow a goatee like his.


Yes, a lot of my kind have crept up onto other human faces. Not that I have a problem though 😉


Just imagine yourself to be one of the young lads in our squad,

You look left and you see Özil doing some keepy uppies with 3 balls at the same time.

You look right and cazorla is drifting around players with the ball seemingly velcro-ed to his boots.

Just when you think you’re done for the day, in the distance you see ze robert pires taking part in a on-going 5 aside match.

Tell you what, i think our young players should be signing 5 year extensions JUST TO LEARN from our numerous vestibules of knowledge!

jäck jäck jäck

Sign him up! Sign him up!

Mesut lover

Bobby is a true legend. A fan as well as a player. Even if his coaching sessions with the kids are only occasional, they can help develop the next generation of Invincibles

Arsene is such a safe geezer. Like when he kept bringing on Keown in his last season, with minutes left, so he’d get a Premier League medal. Well safe. Other managers trash talk, like Mourinho about Ronaldo, etc. but Wenger never EVER EEVVVER bad mouths former players, even if they say disgusting shit like Van Cunthead, Abebuymore, Nasri, etc. etc. Never retire Arsene. Let’s make him into a robot.


That goal against Villa, incredible, and his celebration, “Yeh I know I’m good”. He was such an important player, I’m gonna watch some YouTube compilations now!


That goal against Villa, incredible, and his celebration, “Yeh I know I’m good”. He was such an important player, I’m gonna watch some YouTube compilations now!


Double, sorry!


Would be great for him to take a more active role with the Academy.

A truly intelligent and creative player.

Jack Scurvy

Legend of a player, of course… but I don’t get all this man crush stuff. When I look at him, I see a slightly better looking version of Cosmo Kramer.


No, you don’t understand. Watch this:

Just the first minute even, with the running around and glancing and smiling. But watch the whole thing.


Oh my, the first chip at 1:30 from outside the box… To have the balls!! (And the right foot)

Eric Irish gunner

Arsenal legend loved watching him and Henry destroy teams when I was a highbury clock end regular


Must be so nice to be a former professional. Don’t need to pay for any monthly gym membership, just pop up at the ol’ training ground to keep kit whenever you’re in the mood.




and not to mention a few bottles of gatorade.. thats what the former professionals cant afford.. 🙂


I thought Pires has two apartments at the Highbury development? He just kind of popped up at his back garden for a bit of exercise! No surprise really!


As everyone has said already, it can only be a good thing to have such a champion around the place.

Far out, we had Alex Brosque (he’s a Socceroo for those of you playing at home) come along to our training one night because our goalkeeper is mates with him and everyone went up a level just trying to impress him. AND HE’S NOBODY.

Can only imagine the effect Bobby would have on our youngsters hahaha


It is a great thing for bobby to drop in.. But it would be worthwhile to remember that David beckham’s training stint at arsenal din’t make walcott better at crossing the ball.. rather he helped wilshere get a few more tattoos..

I think David Seaman is the most wanted ex-player at arsenal training ground…to help chesney find his brain…

The fool of a Took

Ahh, SeaMAN!

Hope you guys read the extract from Gods biography. In training whenever he tried to lob the Tail of all Pony´s and scored, Seaman would applaud him and say “well done”. When he missed Seaman would kick the ball a distance beyond measurement and force Bergkamp to go and get it.

I f****ng love that mentality!

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