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Rosicky to miss Swansea, has a chance for Napoli

Tomas Rosicky will miss the weekend trip to Swansea, but is in contention for next week’s Champions League tie against Napoli.

The Czech has missed Arsenal’s last four games having picked up a strain while on international duty and there were hopes he could make the game at the Liberty Stadium, but Arsene Wenger says it’s too soon.

“Rosicky should be back in the training squad on Monday so he has a chance to be available for the squad on Tuesday. Saturday is too short for him.

“But we all love Rosicky so it’s good to have him back.”

The boss also has to assess the senior players who played 120 minutes in midweek against West Brom including Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta who was forced off with cramp in injury time.

There are no concerns over the players who played against Stoke last weekend and who were rested for the Capital One Cup game.

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Lady Eowyn

I would like us to beat Swansea


That would be swell, wouldn’t it.

Lady Eowyn

It would be neat, yes


i don’t necessarily give a rats bottom, but gee sem,per fi funky football sho nuff turns me on and i can wear my baseball cap back to front (for some reason only known to our septic brothers)


@ deejay, what ?!


@Deejay we don’t speak “deejay” this sides. sorry.

another yank

I would enjoy that very much as well.


It’s good he is back. Would like to see him play with Mesut.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie



“But we all love Rosicky so it’s good to
have him back.”

… You said it Mr. Wenger, you wily old fox, you!


He’s right isn’t he…we just LOVE Rozy!!!


Arsene knows, the wily old fox knows!


Mozart + Mesut = Operatic Masterpiece. Dim the lights. Sing an ode. Swansea’s swansong.


Couldn’t have said it better Rozza is a little maestro, in terms of commitment and fighting spirit he is right up there with Rambo and Wilshere. The desire to win and the quality to back it up is something we have sorely missed in past years.

COYG…show them swans some real possession football!!

Jakob A

When will Podolski return?
Btw. love Rosicky

Oor Wullie

Podolski will be back in 4 or 5 weeks.


“2 to 3 weeks”

mnky man!

Off topic, but ramsey has really has’nt he?

Currently in the Premier League, Ramsey has
scored three goals (one behind the leaders),
made the most tackles (22), completed the
second most passes (376), completed the fifth
most forward passes (behind three defenders
and Michael Carrick) and completed the most
through balls (six).

mnky man!

Arrived*, really ARRIVED*…sorry

Teddy Bwana

I lv diz


1 55 509 (if Z was supposed to be X, as they are next to each other on the keyboard).


I think we will have everyone back by the end of interlull, considering no one else gets injured.


I think we will have everyone back by the end of interlull, considering no one else gets injured.

Oor Wullie

I think we will have everyone back by the end of interlull, considering no one else gets injured.


Can’t wait!


I think we will have everyone back by the end of interlull, considering no one else gets injured.

Paul S

I think we will shave everyone’s back by the end of interlull, considering no one else gets injured.

renaissance rosicky



great to have you back tommy!

that’s an good option for next week but regarding our mf-lineup come saturday my best bet would be:


obviously it’s five cental players but if they can open space for our full backs to move forward on the flanks it might work. I really can’t see gnabry starting three games within six days and ryo isn’t an real option for me at this point.

what do you guys think?

Jakob A

Don’t you dare move Ramsey away from the number 8 !


Ramsey, Flamini
Akpom, Özil, Wilshere,

Arteta is nowhere near full fitness, and Akpom is perhaps more suited to Theo’s role than Gnabry is, though I do hope Serge gets another chance soon – he has all the attributes to be an excellent player, just needs some tuition/experience.


I agree that Gnabry and Ryo must both be unlikely to start, considering they both played 120 minutes last night.


But I’d rather not see Rambo on the wing, as it would deprive us of the PL’s best midfielder in his best position. Perhaps the boss will give Ryo and Gnabry a half each.


I wish we could take all of Rosicky’s experiences and abilities and copy paste them into Eisfeld.

That would be awesome.


I’m looking forward to the Interlull. Simply because we’ll have more players back from injury.

Red Cannon

@ Ola, I guess I’d have to agree with you just because we don’t have any other good options. The only other possibility I see is playing a 4-4-2 with Giroud & TGSTEL up front together. That doesn’t seem sensible/likely though because 1) the Great Dane just played 120 minutes & he’s not in the greatest condition, 2) they have similar target man playing styles so it would hurt the balance of the team, & 3) it would hurt our defensive solidity a lot. …I hope Arteta & Per are up for it!

Uzo_9ja Gooner

Good news I say, only a little while before we have the best attacking mf trio of Carzorla,Rosicky n Özil playing together(trigether) *rubs hands together* *Sly grin* 😀


We all love Tomas Rosicky indeed!


red cannon: good point. not an ideal situation by any means and there’s hard to see any great solutions.

seven players out (?), five of them (tommy, ox, santi, poldi, theo) are well capable of filling that empty spot on the flank.

testing times for the squad, let’s hope they rise to the challenge!


@red cannon. NB is capable of playing wide of Girroud. He has pace and played that role most of his career with us. I think he is reasonable cover for Theo and will surprise a few doubters. Glad to see return of Super Nick at a time we need cover.


If this has already been posted then ignore this, but it made me grin.

(To the tune of The Flinstones)

Ozil, Mesut Ozil,
He’s our superstar from Germany
Madrid, sold him to us
And replaced him with a chimpanzee



Finsbury Park Gooner

Really brilliant!

Uzo_9ja Gooner


Clock End Mike

Slightly off topic, but isn’t that Kris Olsson wearing the 23 shirt in the photo above with Tomas? Did he wear number 23 on the pre-season tour? ‘Cos that’s NB52’s new number this season, (Kris is number 53) and I’m confused…


You should be, it’s a very delicate subject.


Clock end Mike I think your onto something there. Fucking 23 conspiracy just knew it.

the only sam is nelson

Rosicky is covering up the name on the back of the 23 shirt in the photo above.

makes you think, doesn’t it?


it would be sick wouldn’t it? mesicky almost.


‘But we all love Rosicky so it’s good to have him back’ – Love that! And believe we good gooners are all in agreement there.


Can’t wait to see Rosicky back again. One player we can all see who has carried the Arsenal spirit in his heart from day one! He loves this club and I hope he plays the rest of his club career with us!


Line up against Swans :



Gnabry should recover quick on account of his age. Also for raw pace and power he has plenty to offer our side without Walcott in the lineup. Ryo tends to be a bit too predictable.

Probably Monreal on later in second half and Ozil shifted to middle with jack rested. Possibly Arteta on too for Gnabry with Ramsey shifted right.

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