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Sunderland 1-3 Arsenal: By the Numbers

First half

9 – Shots by Arsenal
4 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
– Shots by Sunderland
– Shots on goal by Sunderland
3 – Key passes by Ozil (key passes are passes which lead to a shot)¹
3 – Key passes by Ozil which resulted in a shot on goal¹
2 – Shots by Ozil¹
1 – Shot on goal by Ozil¹
4 – Shots on goal by Arsenal which were created or taken by Ozil
14 – Touches by Ozil
11 – Passes by Ozil
1 – Block by Ozil¹
1 – Cross by Ozil (from a corner)
1 – Assist for Ozil¹
10 – Minutes it took Ozil to “adapt to English football” and get his first assist
4 – Goals by Olivier Giroud in Premier League play
4 – Games Giroud has played
4 – Goals off his first shot
1 – Premier League goals Giroud has scored outside of London in his Arsenal career
53 – Passes by Ozil¹
52 – Passes by Flamini
49 – Passes completed by Ozil¹
24 – Passes by Ozil in the Sunderland final third¹
4 – Dribbles by Ozil¹ (3 successful¹)
4 – Ball recoveries by Ozil² (tied with Gibbs, Giroud)
6 – Tackles by Ramsey¹ (6 successful)

Full time

14 – Shots by Arsenal
6 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
18 – Shots by Sunderland
3 – Shots on goal by Sunderland
1 – Shots on goal gifted by Martin Atkinson
6 – Shots by Craig Gardner¹
2 – Shots on goal by Aaron Ramsey¹ (tied with Walcott)
2 – Goals by Aaron Ramsey¹
229 – Passes by Aaron Ramsey¹, Ozil, and Wilshere combined (Ramshözil)
273 – Passes attempted by Sunderland
199 – Passes completed by Ramshözil
204 – Passes completed by Sunderland
108 – Passes attempted by Ramshözil in the Sunderland final third
100 – Passes attempted by Sunderland in the Arsenal final third
93 – Passes completed by Ramshözil in the Sunderland final third
50 – Passes completed by Sunderland in the Arsenal final third
– Chances created by Ramshözil from open play
11 – Chances created by Sunderland from open play
– Successful dribbles by Ramshözil
– Successful dribbled by Sunderland
3 – Shots on goal by Ramshözil

Ozil’s Debut

97 – Touches
79 – Passes out
79 – Passes in
79 – Short passes
38 – Passes in the final third
29 – Passes forward
26 – Backward
24 – Square
5 – Ball recoveries
4 – Crosses attempted (1 successful)
– Corners taken (2 successful¹)
– Chances created¹
1 – Block
– Assists¹

Odds and ends

20 – Tackles that Aaron Ramsey has attempted this season in League play
19 – Tackles that Aaron Ramsey has successfully won this season in League play (leads the League)
270 – Successful passes by Aaron Ramsey this season in League play (second in the League)
24.5 – Shots per goal by Aaron Ramsey for Arsenal last season
2.6 – Shots per goal by Aaron Ramsey for Arsenal so far this season (5/13)
8.1 – Shots per goal by Olivier Giroud for Arsenal last season (18/147)
4.8 – Shots per goal by Olivier Giroud for Arsenal so far this season (5/24)
4 – Number of Premier League football clubs who have scored more League goals than Olivier Giroud (Arsenal, Man City, Man U, Villa)
4 – Number of Premier League football clubs who have scored as many League goals as Olivier Giroud (Chelsea, Cardiff, Palace, Scum)
12 – Number of Premier League football clubs who have scored fewer League goals than Giroud
1.4 – Goals per game between Sunderland and Arsenal in League play over the last five seasons (9 for Arsenal, 5 for Sunderland)
4 –  Goals today by Arsenal and Sunderland
12 – Number of times Wilshere has been fouled in Premier League play this season (second in the League – that’s the number that have been called, he was only 2/7 dribbling today because he was serially fouled and Atkinson didn’t do anything about it.)
1063 – League goals scored last season
295 – League goals scored last season from corners, free kicks, throw-ins, and penalties
27.7  – Percent of all League goals that occur after a referee’s decision


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14 – Touches by Ozil
53 – Passes by Ozil¹

Wow, he really can do the impossible!

online user

Is this the first time Arsenal have led Chelsea in the EPL since Mourinho’s arrival ? Surely not.

I remember that they always got off to a quick start and Arsenal just couldn’t catch up. Can someone confirm please.


Ramshözil is not a thing.


It took me so long to work out where the “sh” was coming from, I feel stupid now.

Parisian Weetabix

I do feel that Wilshere deserves to be represented by more than just a ‘h’. Without the h it would just be Ramsey and Oezil. I vote for Wimsil.

wobbly ankles


Bould's Eyeliner

That sounds like a hobbit went down the wrong hole.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

If dutch skunk were still around we could call it ‘Vagazil’


Ö – Chance Sunderland had of winning today.

∞ – Number of Özil puns we’ll never get get bored of.


Fuck Jack o’ lanterns, THIS Halloween we have…

Jack Ö Ramsey!



Who here wants Wilshere to release the ball abit quicker?


Not necessarily quicker, but he needs to improve his decisionmaking. Holding onto the ball and bursting through the players gives you good advantage if it’s successful, but he has to assess the situation and not go with his head through the wall.


Bang on. Usually on the end of unnecessarry knocks that could have been avoided. When he holds onto the ball and it works out. GREAT! (joy to watch) but when it doesn’t it leaves us very vulnerable and a goal looks imminent.

Still believe in sheer will power though! coyg!


Needs to learn under Rosicky for a bit. And by under, I mean, Rosicky should be chosen over Wilshere because he’s a much better player right now and much better for the team with his experience and decision making..I hope Wenger doesnt chose Wilshere blindly because he is England’s child

Rosicky's injured though


Wilshere passes at the last second to draw the man and open up space, thus making the pass more effective – a genuine skill, not some middle-of-nowhere step-over. When he gets knocked over doing this, the rest of our lads need to get in the face of the referee and the guy who knocked him over. All the best, – Messi, Ronaldo – do this – usually they roll over some six times on the grass though when knocked down (Ronaldo. Messi I’ve honestly not noticed enough). Wilshere’s problem is not that he’s good enough to release the pass at… Read more »


I don’t want to sound negative…but if we had just signed another striker. Ooooops…nope…that sounds negative.


@_OlivierGiroud_ 4m

My knee is ok don’t worry! Thanks for your support!


Oh, good news, where have you been?


But more importantly has his beautiful face suffered any damage..? it is imperious we have his face at it’s sparkling best….


Imperious it is then! Sorry ‘Imperative’ but you are no longer needed in the English dictionary….


*[swype + autocorrect]


Not sure what were you trying to portray with that “referee’s decision” stat

Ian Wright

No Umlaut for Özil ?


1 – position Arsenal are and will be end of season..

Yaya Sanogo

Özilshey works too


I got a feeling bendtner could do a job if giroud is out for a while….not sure sonogo or the young lad today arw ready….bendtner has scored on prem before….stopgap before xmas spending


The Daily Mirror claims he is currently in Denmark working on losing weight before he comes back to train with us…


Well if the Daily Mirror says he is…


Cant wait for Cazilsey..




1 – Wordless argument between Mesut and Theo over who should have taken a corner on the right. Theo, he’s a lefty and he just gave you three assists man, give over! Hope they’ll sort that out as Mesut integrates. Not great team play from Theo though.

Tim, you’re a savant with your analysis, looking forward to your own match report.


Yup, love Tim’s articles. Even in the interlull.


I feel that this song nicely summarises the new season:


I notice that the Ozil song was sorted out today too, basically “We love you Ozil”, to the tune of “We love you Arsenal”. It’ll do! Not as inspired as Giroud’s song mind.


Should really be to the tune of “One nil to the arsenal”

Özil to the Arsenal
Özil to the Arsenal

Aussie Gooner

Oo Oo Ah Ah Ozil eyes,
You’re gonna take me to paradise!


the tricky song should be sang for rosicksy


@7AM that was dreadful!

Fancy this?

“Chim chimeree, chim chim cheroo,
Real bought a chimp and we got Oziiiiiil!”



Not dreadful at all….

Bould's Eyeliner

Sadly we need a song we can still sing when we’re plastered over an assist hat trick by Ozil. Cheers though to your lyrical talents!

Also I don’t know why people are so desperate to get Mary Poppins into an Arsenal song. first Giroud and now Ozil…


American here – first time I’ve really watched Sunderland’s Borini play. He seems terrible at football, but I think he’d do ok at American football. I’ve never really seen someone hit it so far over the crossbar so well and so frequently.

Good showing by the Gunners though, Ozil was exciting. Could have had three assists with some decent finishing from Walcott


Walcott with a hattrick of misses. Thierry Henry (the real owner of the shirt) would have had killed off the game by half time. wally wanted to increase his tally for this season and so far he has a whooping 0 goals!.

He better improve his finishing, still an asset to the team.

N/B Jack wilshere flawless on LW, versatility at it’s best. coyg

Harish P

79 – Passes out
79 – Passes in

Would someone mind explaining the out and in passes?


Is there any reason to split Passes into two items? The In and Out figures are always going to be the same unless the player keeps the ball for the rest of the entire game.


Oh never mind I forgot tackles, running out of play, etc. Too happy after the game to think straight.


Hey Blogs…I’m pretty sure Giroud scored away at West Ham last season, didn’t he?


I’m from NZ and even im pretty sure, last time I checked West Ham are a London club.
This was Girouds first EPL goal outside of the city


got it, OUTSIDE LONDON!!!!


Özil was born to play for Arsenal. Didn’t look like he was out of place or it was his very first game for us, and to top it all off he was a bit “under the weather.” Imagine what he’ll be like when he is fully fit! Could have had 3 assists on his debut! Still in disbelief that he actually is an Arsenal player!

And Ramsey slowly but surely becoming my favourite Arsenal player

Sir Ali

Tackles and interceptions by flamini please?

Cyril Washbrook

Two tackles and one interception.

Jack's Right Foot

Aarsanjamez Ramcazerezil, come on guys.

…think about it.


2….the number of red card in 2 match for fail transfer Luis Gustavo already. Karma sucker

Clock End Mike

Not sure if anyone else has noticed or commented on this, but (if Liverpool don’t lose on Monday, which of course they may, in which case we’d remain at the top of the table)…

Our league positions over the 4 games so far this season will constitute an exact geometric progression: 16th after 1 week, 8th after 2 weeks, 4th after 3 weeks, and 2nd after 4 weeks. It’s too tempting…


Nice stat CEM, and an encouraging progression, but there is a case to be made that you should get out more!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Not sure which comment made my knackered brain more dizzy… the one about “Aarsanjamez Ramcazerezil” or the reference to “geometric progression”.


Well we are now second so according to Geometric law we’ll be first after game 5. Then we stay there rest of the season.



I was stunned. Ozil is totally worth it! C7 must be squirming now that his supply of assist is now a Gooner. Ozil is MEANT for Arsenal. 10 mins and a world class assist. His touches and ball control was mesmerizing. But the best and super best part is Ramsey bossing it super world class. Strong, energetic, purposeful, motivated….all those are Ramsey. And ohhh Giroud our very own HFB, pleeaaaasee be careful with those legs….we have 55 games this season and all you need to do is score one each :p….super world class striker he is in the making no… Read more »


Where did you get that photo of Ozil?

Gareth Murray

To sum it all up we’re `a touch of class´.


If Ramsey keeps this up he’ll be on track for a PFA player of the year award!


No, it will only go to a United Chelsea or Spurs player because it is rigged


riiiiiight… forgetting that it went to a certain dutch skunk while he was here season before last?

Neil #2

Out of curiosity, anyone hear anything about Diaby? (Dare I ask?)

I hope that we can take control early enough on Wed, that Özil can be subbed a bit early (and rested)


@neil #2 I heard something about DIABY yes!

The Arsenal physio was going on about needing a new supply od bandages….

I assumed it’s linked…


i’m on top of the world looking down on creation,
and the only reason i can find,
is the happiness i’ve found ever since he’s been around,
Özil’s put me on top of the world

i know its the carpenters but i think its fairly ok.

alternatively if we are top of the league we could.

we’re on top of the league looking down on the division
and the only reason i can find
is the goals that we’ve scored
ever since he came on board
Özil’s put us top of the league


is ramsey becoming the new bale?
no he’s not changing into a monkey
but he could become player of the year at this rate

Funky Gooner

11- mins it took Ozil to create a goal in open play

298 – mins it took Sp*rs to create a goal in open play


Millions – Number of butthurt Real Madrid’s fans


^^^ What he said….
you son of a gun!


has anyone noticed how on that first goal it was a combination of just lefties?
Gibbs (lefty) long ball to Ozil which controls it with his left foot, squares it for Giroud with that same foot and Giroud (lefty) hits it home.

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