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Wenger expected Ramsey development

Arsene Wenger says that Aaron Ramsey’s great form is not a surprise to him and that he expected the midfielder to make progress.

The Welshman is in the best form of his career to date, having scored five goals already this season, but the Arsenal manager feels this is just part of his natural progression.

“I must say it is expected,” he told Arsenal Player. “Why? Because he is a young player and it is normal that he goes [up] and not the other way.

“Secondly, he has a huge desire to improve and I think that when you have this kind of attitude you shouldn’t expect any limitations. You should expect to always become stronger.

“Technically he has improved a lot and when you look before – when I watched a lot of the tapes – I always thought he’s in the right position in the box, just he was always a fraction short or too early or too late.

“But he was always in the right position, so you knew that at some stage the goals would come.”

Ramsey had become something of a whipping boy when he struggled to make an impact following his return from being Shawcrossed, but his perseverance is now paying dividends.

And Stoke come to visit on Sunday. A quick nutmeg of the lumbering Lenny lummox, and a cool finish into the bottom corner.

It’s made for it.


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Ramsey our best player.


A fantastic player and on current form the best on the team however Santi is just magical and takes my gong for best on team. Ozil may take that mantle eventually however.


In my mind we have a team of best players. I love ’em so much.

But a special shout out to Aaron who must be one of the most mentally strong 22 year olds out here.


One Aaron Ramsey!!

Rad Carrot

And then hopefully a Flamini special on the cunt.

Keep it up Rambo, player of the season so far!


I’m hoping the contract he recently signed, was a long one.

Shay- TX Gooner

5 more years I believe. I think that is what all of them signed (Ramsey, Jack, Gibbs, OX, and Jenks).

Nicky B

Of course he did. That’s why he played him – and that’s why he is so good today!

New Haven Gooner

Our group used to have some people that would come in and yell “Fuck you, Ramsey!” the last two seasons whenever he did anything remotely poor. Often unfairly. A good core group of us always believed in him and knew he’d come good eventually. So now whenever he does something brilliant or has a great match, we cheer “Fuck you, Ramsey!” as an ironic chant.


Rubbish comment theres many hypocrits on here. It is fair to say i was the only one defending Ramsey, whys that? Cause i would spending a good chuck of time reading throgh every comment i honestly would struggle to find one comment defending him. I defended him because im from Wales at the time thats why i stuck with him. So none of you really defended him if you believed in him you all kept your mouth shut about it. Some of the abuse was disgusting and i challenge you to go to old articles on this site and prove… Read more »

Edu's fake passport

Yeah absolutely every arsenal fan hated Aaron Ramsey!!

You fucking moron.


‘I defended him because im from Wales at the time thats why i stuck with him’ Meaning if he was English you’d be lathering profanities on the internet towards him? I accepted he was playing poorly and felt he was often rightly criticized when done constructively. I was angry at Wenger for playing him on the right, but his age and drive were on his side so I believed he could come good, as his early promise displayed. He just didn’t have the quality to start for us at that time. And this was a common enough view in level… Read more »


Also, what do you mean you were from Wales”at that time”. Are you not from Wales now? Looks like a bad bet to me, now that Ramsey is fucking excellent.


ahaha look at these replys look at the dislikes. you know what they say Gooners? the truth hurts. I have no issue with people who come out and aplogise for disliking him i have respect for people who admit they were wrong but far to many people on this site clawling out of the wood work like rats pretending they were with him all the way really annoys me. I always believed in him not just because im welsh but because i found he played very well for Wales and not for Arsenal and he came out and said there… Read more »


Feel much better now i got that off my chest really annoyed me for ages when everyone criticised Rambo on this site i felt like the only one who was willing to give the guy some slack. It really did frustate me for ages aha.

Merlin's Panini

Oh for thou art fucking holy. I dare you to find a single comment where I slagged him off. There were plenty of us who didn’t. Unfortunately there were also plenty who did, but now they’re eating their words. I would admit to feeling frustrated that he was struggling, but that was because I knew, like a lot of others, he was a better player than that. He never could be accused of not trying. He just needed time and there were a lot of people who understood this. NOT JUST YOU. The reason for the dislikes is because of… Read more »


Well that’s why AW is the Boss!

jäck jäck jäck

I actually remember the boss saying this last season (or the season before…can’t remember). He said Ramsey was always in the right position in the box and so would really start to bang them in once he found his feet. Well what a fucking surprise. Arsene is right again. I love him.


And right now thats the situation of Theo….and the fucking morons are now on his case….

Santi Claws

Arsene Knows

Rays Parlour

Arsene Knows VHS


and the award for the PFA footballer of the year goes to…
none other than…


New Haven Gooner

Best Welsh footballer in decades.

jäck jäck jäck

And that includes Welsh man-monkey hybrids.


i have no special love for bale, or real madrid, for that matter, ramsey was and has always been my favourite player. But looking at it objectively, bale, if cetrainly not woth 86 million pounds, is still arguably among the top players in the world, and if he had not played for that lot in town, we would have had the same respect we have for players like xavi, iniesta, rooney among many others, so my point is, considering all this is that kind of insulting now really unnecessary ??



New Haven Gooner


rj gooner

Rambo has taken a little bit of the focus off of Ozil and i think that can only be a good thing. Ot will allow him time to get used to his new team mates and take a little bit of the pressure from him.

not that that seemed to stop him on Saturday!

keep up the good work our very own little welsh wizard.


Wenger has really earnt his wages here….


What’s exciting to me about Ramsey is how much of an all-rounder he is. Tackling, passing, finishing – he is showing real virtuosity across the board. I hope the form continues, and I hope we can fit him into what’s an increasingly talented midfield without upsetting offensive/defensive balance.

bendtners travel case

Ya have to admire his mental strength, not many can come back from a leg break and improve but given you have Sagna in the squad doing the same, I guess this batch of Gooners are a class above


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. There’s still 93% of the season to go. I sure do hope we get all the top awards too.

Steve McQueen

89.5%, Cheer Up.


Just took a look at the table and boy, oh boy, wild love it very much if the season will end like that. Arsenal on top, Tottenham, Liverpool then man city


I’d rather see the spuds at the bottom!


I loved the table before the season started, arsenal on top, spuds in relegation zone….


I apologise for calling you a cunt Aaron.

Gooner of Navarone

I say unleash the Flamini on Stoke!


Delighted for Ramsey. His perseverance and hard work is beginning to pay off. The midfield is looking extremely strong and in time will become even better. If awards were handed out this early he would comfortably win player of the season. Seems like a really ground fella too. The future is bright, the future is red and white!!

onwuachumba Anthony

Ramzey another bomb that smash the opponent


how does wenger do it?
how is he able to see a player has the potential to be world class years before others
amazing when you think about it

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Because AW is the closer to supernatural than he is to world class. Us, on the other hand…


Ok, I’m as happy about Ramsey’s perfomances as anyone, but let’s not go over the top. Not everything has to be black and wite. Arsene also believed in Denilson and TGSTEL. Among others.


This is what AW meant when said he doesn’t want to ‘kill a potential’ when passing on other experienced players (as well saving ££).
So waiting for other youngsters like Ox, Wilshere even Szczesny, etc step it up.
Hopefully we are able to hold the British, German, er French & Polish group together to make us favorites for the title for many years to come.


Eat that Piers Morgan you twat!


Being played in the correct position now helps too

Mate Kiddleton

Actually I’d say being played in a number of different positions allowed him to develop different facets to his game, and also find his best role in the side. He can pretty much do everything at the moment – tackle, pass, thread a through ball, score goals.


Great that Wenger has stuck by him and that he expected his development.I tell you who didn’t expect his development, write a few clowns in this comments section in the past. Thanks

the only sam is nelson

when we signed Rambo it was because AW put in the time to talk to him one to one – something that Demento, presumably too busy eyeing up a bottle of cheap blended scotch, didn’t bother with, even though the Glazerhawks put in the same bid. Same goes for Ozil and many others. As and when AW decides to go upstairs, I hope that he’s still involved with identifying and recruiting talent, and I hope we replace him with a manager strong enough to appreciate the reservoir of experience he can use whilst being able to make his own decisions.… Read more »


What an unbelievable turn around Rambo has had! Absolute joy to watch him.


He was captain for his country at such a tender age, says so much about his professionalism. I like that he has not let the criticism affect him so much and has instead kept calm and returned to fullfilng the potential we deep down knew he had.

Those who are slowly turning on jack wilshere surely must have learnt a lesson from ramseys case. you will Eat your own words sooner or later. it’s much easier to support. #aha!


I am such a wanker.


Ow fucking rights you are, your a shit footballer with only one intention on the pitch and that is to harm.

If you did the same to a player at Manchestor United you would be banned from playing football.

I will always hate your fucking guts.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Mark my words. This weekend, from a wicked Jenkinson cross, Aaron Ramsey will release a venemous volley that crushes BOTH of Ryan Shawcross’s gonads (one, followed by the other) on it’s way to beating Begovic into the Stoke goal to make it 2-0.


No spelling mistakes? No awful grammar? and an online post?

You are NOT the real Shawcross.


To think the poor guy even gets booed on FIFA when playing away to stoke. For what? For doing fuck all wrong. Hope we crush those pricks


i dont want to defend stoke fans but i’m pretty sure they boo him because he refused to accept lenny’s apology. Actually thats not defending them thats just a more accurate reason they are cunts. I actually knew a girl from stoke back in the day and she was a slut although she did have massive boobs. thick as two short planks but at least had the sense to get the fuck out of stoke. unless she moved back later, i dont know as i only knew her for a year or two. so in conclusion stoke are cunts for… Read more »


Are you RambligPete In disguise?

Thanks for the massive boobs mental image. Brings me back to Saturday night 😀


I have to admit that with all the huffing and puffing about finally have summer funds and all that and only bringing in Sanogo had me very concerned that arsene had lost his mind. But he has made a fool of me; if he’s been watching ramsey play like this since the summer, it’s no wonder he wasn’t in as much of a rush for players as everyone else. and we eventually got a truly great one, who is far more worth the money than Suarez at least. I’d hate to have to cheer for that guy to score. But… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

I never want this ‘negative spiral’ to end!


The best part about Ramsey seems to be that he is very down to earth in nature, what a role model for youngsters…hardworking, down to earth.


countless humble pie for me


you let us sign mesut so its ok.


Come Sunday the Stoke cavemen roam our field, I’d want to see Flamini “reverse shawcross” em a bit….no need for broken bones…we’re too classy for that….but a bit of bruises here and there should keep the primitives from taking a bite on Rambo, Ozzy & Wilshere

Ya. I am nuts.


Said it before but dang… humble pie never tasted so good.

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