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Disappointed duo eye quick response

Thomas Vermaelen says it’s important that Arsenal bounce back quickly from last night’s defeat against Chelsea after admitting the Gunners didn’t create enough chances to really threaten Jose Mourinho’s side.

Looking ahead to the visit of second-placed Liverpool on Saturday evening, the club captain welcomed the chance to put things right soon.

“It’s really important [to beat Liverpool],” he told Arsenal Player. “It’s for the League and we need to respond quickly, it’s good that the game is on Saturday so we can respond to this result.”

Reflecting on a below-par performance which was punished by goals in each half by Cesar Azpilicueta and Juan Mata, the centre-back lamented a lack of creativity in the final third despite long periods of possession.

“I didn’t think they had many chances to be honest. Especially in the second half we dominated the game but we couldn’t create enough chances ourselves. At the end it’s a disappointing result.

“The first goal is always important, you always want to take the lead in such a big game. It’s disappointing they got the one-nil lead but it’s a goal we could have avoided. I think both goals [could have been avoided]. We couldn’t create enough chances to make it dangerous for them.

“We started well in the second half pushing high up and had most of the possession, the second goal killed it though. They scored more goals obviously but we did not create many open chances.”

To say Arsenal looked disjointed up front would be something of an understatement. While the midfield unit was very strong on paper they couldn’t strike up much of a relationship with Nicklas Bendtner or Ryo Miyaichi whose lack of game time was brutally exposed by an experienced Chelsea defence.

Analysing his own performance after the game, Ryo admitted to Arsenal Player that he wasn’t pleased with his showing.

“I’d say it wasn’t good enough, I’m not satisfied by my individual performance. We have a lot of games ahead, so I want to prepare for those. We have to [now] focus on Liverpool on Saturday.”

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Thank you Ryo for admitting how shit u were


I think Ryo and Jenks need to go on loan to a championship or newly promoted team and play at least 50-100 full games over the next 2 years before they can be ready for first team action. It sounds like a lot, but when you consider how many games it has taken for Ramsey and Walcott to be deemed ready it is not an unreasonable amount. I know we like developing our players but it shouldn’t come at the expense of them making their mistakes in important matches, when they should be developing and playing constantly. The same goes… Read more »


I know it’s of the topic but did anyone see that smug Cunt Wilkins on Sky last night.I wish O’Leary had snapped his neck and raped his corpse.Sorry for the harsh words but he really is a wank stain.


I think what you mean is that he is not very impartial, his views did seem very biased, but at the same time, he wasnt wrong either, but there is a middle ground where pundits like Gary Neville would point out problems without seeming to prefer one or another.


The cunts exact words were Chelsea wiped the floor with Arsenal,with a big grin on his boat race.I wouldn’t have said that now.


I don’t understand his allegiance, he got sacked by Chelsea in what I thought was acrimonious circumstances.


their mistakes in important matches,

well the cc games are not that important plus these games are used by wenger the last 15 years or so for youngsters for that same reason…to learn from mistakes….


Don’t be too harsh on Ryo. He did the defensive work and had two decent runs, don’t forget he’s coming back from a year-long injury.

He’ll give us more when fully fit.

Theo De Janeiro

Can you explain why you think Vermaelen and B52 arent good enough?
I would say both are lacking playing time rather than anything else, just my opinion though.

Theo De Janeiro

Can you explain why you think Vermaelen and B52 arent good enough?
I would say both are lacking playing time rather than anything else, just my opinion though.


It’s a stupid opinion. Vermaelen has been dreadful for years now. Wenger’s ruined him and if he had a brain he’d leave and go play for a coach that understands defensive tactics. Bendtner is a joke, to think this lazy, full-of-himself dummy has been paid a kings ransom by Wenger for almost a DECADE. I don’t know which of the two is more incompetent.


Fatgooner II here.


Honest Ryo. I like him. That match showed that Vermaelen, B52, and Jenks are not good enough for top level matches. As if that’s surprising.


Actually Vermaelen played quite well. Jenks, Ryo and B52 were the only ones I’d say I was disappointed with.

Con Fucius

Neither has played regularly and unfortunately with the league cup over for us they’ll have limited opportunity to get into form unless we get struck with injury or we do particularly well in the upcoming matches and they can be subbed in at half time with a comfortable lead already secured.


Who is this ‘B52’ of whom you speak of?



Dr Baptiste

Surely it’s B23 now

Bould's Eyeliner

But then we can’t make samurai betdner kamikaze B52 bomber jokes.

har ha*cough*hack*dying*


I am surprised they still give out 23 after the roaring success that AA23 was.


What did Vermaelen do wrong, exactly?


It was a meh cup anyway! though still turns my stomach we lost to those dirty chav cunts….

I guess we’ll have to settle for the treble. could be worse……


This doesn’t sound right coming from anyone who isn’t Djourou.

Bould's Eyeliner

Miyaichi, Djourou of the Rising Sun


I am more frustrated rather than disappointed.

We have a team of quality players…just that we really really lack in depth.

For the umpteenth time it boils down to squad depth again. For comparisons, Chelsea’s 2nd string team had Mata and Eto’o. SMH


in other words, you’d prefer the abramovich factor.

well, i wouldn’t.


Anyone else see the video of the chav bastards singing ” you’re just a shit Juan mata” to santi last night? The fucking cunts make my blood boil. I hope santi scores three against them in the league and mata gets plonked on his arse by flamini. Dirty money whoring oil mafia thundercunts.

Parisian Weetabix

I don’t have a problem with Mata. I just don’t get why you’d sing hate songs about Santi Cazorla, who honestly seems like one of the nicest most genuine footballers on the planet.


Jenkinson is fucking shit amd we shud release him asap

Dan Gunn

I understand people critising Jenkinson because he did not play well. His heading is worrying and he could be more decisive in the final third but to write him off entirely is rather reactionary and shows a total lack of support. It must be hard being Sagna’s understudy and then being thrown in against Chelsea with Myiachi in front of you. My recommendation: More pateince needed.


like last season ramsey ,back under your rock sir


AHA! Two months into the season we’ve finally found the new deadwood who we’re going to pick on and boo the whole season. Last season it was Ramsey, Sagna and Vermaelen, the season before that Mertesacker, Arshavin etc. Well done on finding your targets for this season- Jenkinson, Ryo and Bendtner. It’s an absolute NECESSITY that we find players to label the new “deadwood”, even if we win the treble, so that the atmosphere at the Emirates can be as amazing, loud and supportive as it is now. Good on you sir!

he is Spartacus

Yes, it performs a useful function. Isolating scapegoats saves the psychologically weak from having to face disappointments as men.

umar maska

Jerkinson exploits miyaichi weakness he has to defend. For jerkinson and attack also jerkison is always backing he’s just shit yesterday

Parisian Weetabix

it’s not about the cup, it’s about losing the jose mourinho in emirates where the damn fans could sing jose chants loud as fk. b-but but, that’s in emirates?? YES!


*losing to


Jenkinsons shite, ryo needs time, we need a striker, centre back, right back and a defensive mid in january. Bentdner and jenks can go


I think its Jenkinson that needs the time, he has shown a lot of promise in the past. It seems to me that he needs a run of games to get his confidence up, when or where he gets that is the question. Ryo, in my opinion hasn’t shown any promise at all, he’s not that young now, hasn’t really stepped up, not sure why he was kept and Joel Campbell was let go on loan. Chelsea have a colossal squad, Arsenal don’t. It was obvious from last night that Arsene didn’t care to much for the CC, he didn’t… Read more »


A shit Juan Mata? Really? They didn’t see him leaving mata on the floor yesterday? For me B52 couldn’t get into the game, had shit service to be fair to him, but was pretty poor overall anyway. The guy who let me down the most was Jenks. He’s been defensively poor the past 2 games he’s played. Gave away the first goal, poor crosses upfront and gave too much space to their wingers. He was looking so good the back end of last season.. Don’t know what’s happened. Ryo just looked weak, easily pushed off the ball, or his… Read more »


it was pretty disappointing in every way, but lets see if we can get back on track and play the way we did against napoli.
it would be nice to win, but perhaps its more important that we dont lose a single one of the next 3 games in particular, we just need to be super solid and take the chance if it comes.
we need to steady the ship here and not lose to our direct rivals


This Jenks bashing is getting a bit tedious. I seem to remember Rambo having a reasonably strong start to his Arsenal career before his injury, then, when he came back having a some shoddy performances and all the mouth-frothing knee-jerkers going into overdrive and he seems to be doing ok now. Get a grip on yourselves ffs.


He played shit so people said so, what do you want them to do, lie? We’re not all in the club’s pocket like Arseblog is.


Calm down, dear… He’s had better games, of course… but there are posts above mine demanding he be sold on the basis of a couple of dodgy performances. After Ramsey’s ‘rebirth’ from SHITTEST PLAYA EVA!!! to DA NEXT MESSI!!! all I’m saying is perhaps the bile and vitriol be tempered a bit… He is, after all, one of ours… He’ll come good again…


“He’ll come good again…”

What do you mean “again”?

Bould's Eyeliner

I remember people were saying let Sagna go, we’ve got Jenko, just about this time last year…


I thought Ryo showed some glimpses of quality. He definitely has something about him – Hopefully he can stay fit and improve throughout the season – Wenger clearly rates him by not sending him out on loan! He’s no Gnabry though.

Vermaelen always makes me nervous… I want him to be a boss like Koscielny but he just seems too rash in his decision making!


That GIF of Santi and Mata is awesome.

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

@ Swiftarf. Well said sir. One or two mistakes and your ‘not good enough for Arsenal’. The same people were saying the same thing about Ramsey last year. One minute its ‘Jenkinson is the future, ‘ then one mistake later its ‘off with his head, send him to League One ‘


Ah, the slow decline of Arsenal. Not like any other season hey?


Top of the league, so no.


Wilshere can’t boss a game. Hope he is dropped for Liverpool. He’s just not delivering the goods. Giving the ball away far too often.


Was at the game and my section gave it all, if you were at the game and your section didn’t then feel free to say. The Chavs had the lower and the upper tier; I have never seen such big away support. It’s a pity that they used their support to sing about Jimmy Saville and Madeline Maccann, yes you read it right, Chelsea have sunk to new lows, there is a place football should not go and they went there. Ryo is a good player but maybe too light weight for the prem, knocked of the ball far to… Read more »


Maybe Jack was mouthing off at him (wouldn’t be a shock) and Essien was getting him back after the goals… fair play


The reason there were 9,000 Chav cunts at Emirates is that the away ticket allocation is different for Cup matches than it is for league matches – it’s almost double, in fact. Nothing we can do about it. For a Cup match, we’re required to make something like 15% of the tickets available to away supporters. I remember going to Old Trafford for an FA Cup quarterfinal (not easy when you live in Canada) a couple years ago, and there were over 10,000 Gooners there who put the Manc crowd to shame.

Dr Baptiste

Off topic but Henry has still got it. He looks so sad during his celebration though. I think it’s time he came home…


Oh yes he does! What a beautiful man.


To be fair he did let it bounce… just sayin’


To be honest, I don’t lthink Vermaelen should be 1st captain anymore, not since he went public he could actually leave Arsenal in the winter transfer, unless he’d get more playtime. Hand captaincy to either Arteta or Mertesecker, and make Wilshire 3rd. We need real leaders with loyalty, not fake ones.

Arsene Hole

Ray Wilkins is a complete cunt, one which i hope crashes his car and is found hanging out the front windscreen. Bias prick


Arsenal needs to fire the medical team or change the way we train or whatever. Every season for the last 5-6 years its been the same issue-injuries. Not yet in december and we have ox, poldi, Theo, flamini out. Why are our players so injury prone?? Cesc ever since he moved to barca doesn’t get injured as much as he did with us. Its so fustrating to have to sing about this every season. And our squad is too small..good first team, average bench. Like someone said earlier chelsea has a second team that consists of mata, eto, mikel…that says… Read more »

He's got not hair but we don't care...

While it’s understood there’s no need to overreact about a defeat like this, the same cannot be said about our need for another striker.

I only hope we don’t wait for the summer to make that happen as the ugly ponytailed spectre is hanging over us a little too closely.


Jenks is understudy to one of the best defenders in the world in sagna. He will be ok. Ryo I’m not sure if he will ever be string enough Bentner has had his time and blown it time and again with arsenal. We can’t compete with the money Chelsea have and frankly few of us would want to do business that way. All this hysteria after two loses is madness. One against one of the best teams in Europe im Dortmund. And the other we put out a weekend team in a cup few of us care about it. It’s… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Well said. Far too soon to write us off (or any other side, come to that).

About Ryo, though — he’s young, and what you look for at that age is promise and willingness to learn. I think he has both, many were saying the same about Walcott at that age. He will learn a lot under Wenger. And I think he’s really quite stringy — I like him.


In agreement with blogs that we should not have over prioritised the League cup. Personally would have preferred us fielding younger players and reserves. Granted the young hopefuls were themselves hit by injury, thought we over exposed a number of players (Jack, Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud unecessarily). Maybe Ramsey in the starting 11 but my line up : …………………Bendtner…………………. Santi…………………………………Bellerin ………..Rosicky………..Ramsey…………. Nacho…………..Hayden…………….jenks ………….TV……………Koscielny……….. ………………….Fabs……………………… Santi bc he needs a bit more time to get back into things. I can sort of see Wenger’s possible logic in fielding our weakest CB pairing out of 3 possible from Per, Koscielny and TV. I… Read more »


Perhaps a bit off topic, but does anyone know if Walcott and Zelalem are back in full training yet? I’ve heard rumours but nothing firm. Sure would be nice to have Walcott available on Saturday.


I just glanced at PL table and suddenly my life seems so much better


It seems lately that the arsenal of old(last few years) back especially when flamini does not play, easily pushed off the ball. making mistakes, loosing their heads during the games, nobody in this team seems to be the leader who shouts on everyone to always be aware and alert.we need 2 flaminis now

Humble Gooner

To be fair, Arteta was out as well and the stability either one of them gives doesn’t exist from anyone else. That’s where I thought we lost it, not just the lack of creativity.


To much negativity still about this coc game. Take the positives from the game and learn from our mistakes. This game revealed we have santi, nacho and vermaelen in good form and with no injuries set for Liverpool. Also the less games we play the better we tried to go for all 4 competitions before and it back fired miserable the less games the better.


I don’t get why there are gooners ragging on Jenkinson. He is so young and he bound to make mistakes. I’ve seen more of him doing well then making howlers. Give the kid a break.

Glenn Helder

I’d like to see Ryo play more with us. You only have to read about his stint at Feyenoord to realise that he has serious talent and he became a fan favourite. He has work to do, for sure, but I’m not sure if loaning him out is going to help as he’s been out on loan before. I’d like him to stay and build confidence with a run of games and I think we’ll then see the best of him. For an idea of what he can do, look on Youtube for him playing the high school football championships… Read more »

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