Friday, June 2, 2023

Hugh Wizzy – ArseBang: Arsenal 4-1 Norwich

A new addition to the site and more great video content for you, as the inimitable Hugh Wizzy brings you some post-Norwich ArseBang.

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Can't hold his ale

chief looks a bit like Fellaini

Dick Swiveller

Bizzarely, he reminded me of Keown.

Dunno, something about the stubble and the measured tone, I guess.

Good watch as well, it’s nice to see Arseblog bringing in more stuff that I (and others, I presume) haven’t found yet.


i thought that too, but then i think flamini looks like a fierce guinnie pig in the best possible way, so maybe im not such a good judge lol


Hansen likened ramsey to Zidane for a moment in MOTD.

i mean he’s good but he’s no Ramsey…


Felaini’s twin?
so good to see gunners this happy

Random comment

Is that the blind pig bar in New York that’s been mentioned in the blog before? Looks like a great place to catch an arsenal game


The on-street interviews are in London, though, or is it a mix of footage from NY and London?

I’m feeling slow on the uptake.


The on-street interviews are outside the pub in NYC. A lot of Brits flock there to watch the game I guess. The cars in the background are all driving on the right side of the road.


Whatever happened to “By the numbers?”


Blogs has the “By the numbers” been axed?


Oh dear . I sense sonething very special this year for our arsenal!




Welsh Messi? Wrong way round.

Messi’s the argentine Ramsey.


slow down there mate, Ramsey might be accused of having ‘a barca dna’ then.


Following this blog pretty much from the beginning and this is the first time I saw Arseblogger!
Such a beautiful radio-face 😉


I always had this image in my mind that Arseblogger looked a bit like Shane Long. Voice fits that look better, I think.

Ajoge A

Absolutly welsh Messi in Ramsey….. Fantastic Rambo


Wait a’re name’s really arseblog?’r parents must have been really pissed at you when you were a kid Blogs.. 😛


Just brilliant!

Loving the Flamini war cry photo.
Everso pleased he’s back.

Top Gunner

Another great addition to the blog.
Keep up the good work.


I loved that video. I might go back and watch the previous ones, but I’ll definitely watch the next ones.

It’s definitely a lot of work to put something like that together, so I’m making a point of sharing my love to send encouragement. Keep it up if you can. That is damn enjoyable. I LOVE the on-street interviews. Such a variety of people, including Americans!?

Clock End Mike

Brilliant video blog, thanks Wizzy, and thanks Blogs for hosting it. I’ve not caught them before and I shall be looking out.

Good to hear from some of our great US fans too. I look forward to more of the same…



Saw this guys first arsebang of the season vs Villa. You should watch it, he cries he’s so angry, how much the atmosphere around the club has changed since then


Love this addition. Keep them coming In my Opinion. That bar looks like a great place to catch a game.

Jim Duggen

Great addition to the blog! This guy is cool. And yes I to feel something in the air this year..


Love the video and the Deutschland shirt!


Are you the real Podolski?
Ps: Not the real Zelalem here 😛

Der Springer

Cool to see you here on Arseblog. First I heard of you was the emotional rant you made after we lost to Villa. I followed you on Twitter after that. It is crazy to compare that time to now. From painful disappointment to rapturous joy.


Ha ha. Who is he?

Just got that.


keep it up boys. love the video. make this a regular thing now =)


“I cannot remember watching arsenal and getting goosebumps”

He didn’t watch Arsenal against Napoli in CL so.

Edu's fake passport

a never knew Barry bricktop was an Arsenal fan!

Entre Dans La

I was thinking the same thing. He has the same raspy inhale while he talks


3:27, reaction to Ramsey’s goal was brilliant


ridiculous and embarassing

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