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Palace 0-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers

206 – Shots Arsenal took from outside the penalty area in League play last season
220 – Shots Arsenal took from inside the penalty area in League play last season
7 – Goals Arsenal scored from outside the penalty area last season
65 – Goals Arsenal scored from inside the penalty area last season
3 – Percent of Arsenal’s distance shots they converted into goals last season
30 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots inside the penalty area that they converted into goals last season
38 – Shots Arsenal have taken from outside the box in season 2013-14
62 – Shots Arsenal have taken from inside the box in season 2013-14
1 – Goals Arsenal have scored from distance this season
19 – Goals Arsenal have scored from inside the box this season
2.6 – Percent of Arsenal’s distance shots they converted into goals this season
31 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots inside the penalty area that they converted into goals this season
10 – Shots Arsenal took against Palace
1 – Shots Arsenal took from outside the box against Palace
9 – Shots Arsenal took inside Crystal’s box (the Palace box was full of shots)
13 – Shots Palace took against Arsenal
9 – Shots Palace took from outside the box against Arsenal
4 – Shots Palace took inside Arsenal’s box
2 – Shots Palace took inside Arsenal’s box from open play (the other two were corners)

18 – Number of red cards Arsenal have been given since Ramsey’s leg was broken
6 – Wins Arsenal have managed in those 18 games
5 – Draws Arsenal have managed in those 18 games
7 – Losses Arsenal have managed in those 18 games
4 – Wins Arsenal have managed with a man down in the last 5 attempts (only loss: 1-3 Villa)
2 – Number of red cards Man U have been given in the last 2 seasons (plus the first 9 games of this season)
7 – Number of red cards Arsenal have been given in the same time
105 – Letters in the phrase “Arteta’s ‘foul’ can’t be a red card because there’s no such thing as an obvious goalscoring opportunity when Chamakh has the ball”

Super Subs

Ramsey’s stats were top drawer and will probably get a lot of the credit for the win — after all he set up the assist to put the game to bed, led the team in passes, led the team in passes completed, was second in attacking third passes (1 below Özil), created 2 chances (tied with Özil, Sagna, Bannan, and Jedinak), led the team in dribbles with 2 (tied with Özil, Cazorla, Monreal, and Wilshere), and was third in ball recoveries.

Sagna won man of the match from but I thought Gibbs had another solid game at fullback leading all players in tackles (8/9), leading Arsenal Arsenal with 3 interceptions, and falling second in ball recoveries with 9 (Özil topped that with 11). It was a defensive contest, especially after Arteta was sent off, and we needed our fullbacks defending, he did that.

But the three subs Wenger used played a huge role in the game and need to be counted even if their stats aren’t.


28/35 – Passes
13/19 – Attacking third passes
2/2 – Tackles
0 – Fouls conceded
1 – Chance created from open play
1 – Penalty created by being fouled in the Palace box
0 – Assists because being fouled is not an assist


19/19 – Passes
6 – Attacking third passes
2/3 – Dribbles
4 – Ball recoveries
0 – Fouls conceded


2/3 – Dribbles
1 – Shot created
1 – Shot taken
1/1 – Tackles
1/2 – Crosses
0 – Fouls conceded

Giroud and Ramsey

57 – Shots taken by Giroud and Ramsey combined
10 – Goals scored by Giroud and Ramsey combined
5.7 – Shots per goal by Giroud and Ramsey combined
28 – Key passes by Giroud and Ramsey combined
8 – Assists by Giroud and Ramsey combined (both individually lead the League with 4 assists)
3.5 – Key passes per assist by Giroud and Ramsey
7 – Key pass per assist by Mesut Özil


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1 – comment by Michael Owen on how the ref was right to show a red to Arteta.
0 – funnily enough, that’s both the number of interesting thoughts by Michael Owen and his IQ.


according to MO “sometimes you need your keeper”, ffs.

Szczezwozzler was excellent however


There’s only one MO. Mesut Ozil. Not fucking Michael Owen.

New guy

Hugo, you are correct. I love stats and by the numbers is one if my favourite post-match pieces on the entire internet. But today I’m wondering if stats do MO a disservice. People say he drifts out of matches but I’m not so sure. His use of space is absolutely unbelievable – when he is standing on the wing apparently doing nothing, he’s there for a reason. In a match where we played with 10 men for a long time, he led the team with 11 (!) ball recoveries. He is so calm with the ball but also strong and… Read more »


That interchange between Owen and Halsey was interesting. Halsey, as an ex-referee, was making the point that, because Chamakh was so far away, it was far from a clear-cut chance. Owen, who as a NON-referee but rather an ex-player who’s main asset was his speed during his day, was shrilly insistent that it was a red card because ‘he was the last man, regardless of how far he was from goal’. Personally, I can understand why the ref gave it, even if I think the rule is silly. The real problem I have with all this is why, when we… Read more »


Exactly simple defensive organisation I dont often like MOTD but they pointed that out today and i couldnt help agree.

They showed past examples of us doing it and then i think back to out game midweek we conceded to a counter attack.

I peronally believe Flamini is a miss in his leadership.


I think the key is Arteta didn’t really foul him – the decisions could have gone either way. Chamakh ran across him with his arm, and then tangled his legs with Arteta’s. The run across by MC was definitely intentional.

It was never a red, and the foul itself is questionable. Last man is of course another issue altogether – there is no such rule.


To be fair to Owen, if it was him back in his prime, that would have been a clear chance on goal with his pace and finishing and therefore a red card. Chamakh, never a clear chance on goal. 50% his would have scored as it’s sod’s law that an ex-player scores on their return, 50% chance he would have bottled it on seeing the eyes of the keeper. The only thing that would have persuaded the ref today, was that his supporting attacker had the run on our second to last man.


I’m just glad I live in Norway. Yesterday the guest in the studio was Tony Adams!


8- the size of my erection in inches when giroud wrapped up the points

Casual Gooner

This “8-” looks like an awfully small one mate.


We did well but we still wont win the title i dont think.

Without Flamini our defense is all over the place.

Far to many players far up the field leaving us vunuable on the counter attack.


fucking go be negative elsewhere mate….thanks

and it’s *vulnerable


Just being realistic i guess i have to just praise Arsenal on this site and not give any form of criticism in fear of being abused and sworn at.

Seriously needs to stop I believe all opinions and views should be accepted.


I accept you opinion…


*evil cackle*


its not just that youre bieng negative,you fail to recognise that palace only tested us when we had both holding midfielders out. We still kept a clean sheet with ten man. Every team concedes, but it seems like at arsenal every goal conceded or mistake is used as a stick to beat us with. We will concede many more goals this season,we will make many more mistakes too,but pointing it out every time isnt neccessary. Lighten up,we just played 40 minutes with 10 men in the EPL and ended up with a goal scored and none conceded.

A bittle spie

“Just being realistic” has to be the most overused bollox line out there. You ain’t being realistic, you have no special connection to the truth or accuracy. You are simply spouting your negative opinion. If you want to do that, go do that elsewhere. We are top and by fuck am I going to enjoy it for as long as possible!


Are you not simply spouting your positive opinion?
Is it the fucking positivity police in here?
The mob mentality and inability to deal with differing opinions on these forums gives away the average age, or maturity level.


Is that you alen hanson?


You, and other people that normally resort to that kind of claim, should remember that Flamini did not play with us last year and we still had a very good defence. What happens when Flamini plays and we lose? He is a very good addition this term but we should be careful not to underestimate the work Arteta and Ramsey did there last season.

neddy boo boo

I agree with you about arteta/ramsey… but i also saw a stat recently about the fact that when Flamini starts, we haven’t lost a game in X number of games… reference needed, someone ?


Wow. It seems I am the only person who thinks Gibbs had a very average day. Montreal looked interesting on the wings. He is the better option going forward but I think Gibbs is the better defensively. apart from the Dortmund game and to some extent of today’s. Will love it, if Wenger will experiment playing Monreal on the left wing.

Bould's Eyeliner

Actually I would say it’s the other way around…. partly why Wenger trusts Monreal to sure things up at the end, and pushes Gibbs forward…


@ghanagunner: I thinks gibbs is excellent going forward… But currently, his product in the attavking third seems a bit off because we are almost asking too much of him… With cazorla moving in, for all intents and purposes, gibbs is our left winger, and yet soon as we lose the ball, he has to immediately run back… So the whole jobs needs much better focus and energy. I personally think he is doing a lot better than anyone expectee of heim, but although, as you said, he can still be better going forwrd… So, give him time, and like his… Read more »


@harsh. I think you always get thumbs down for two reasons.

1: you come off a bit as a know it all; and more importantly’

2: that picture is hideous. It scares small children and the elderly. Think of changing it for the good of all of us.


That was…harsh.

but true, that picture is seriously freaky


Are Giroud and Rambo now joint top scorers and assisters in the league? Both were vital for us today, as has been the case this season so far.

Not a classic performance from us but if we can get some rotation for the Capital One game midweek hopefully we can come back refreshed and regrouped for Liverpool at the weekend.

Btw totally a game we might have thrown in years past…


Giroud and Ramsey are in joint 3rd place in number of goals scored with 5 goals each along with Remy. Sturridge leads with 8, Aguero and Suarez with 6. But yes Rambo and HFB lead the assists.


Assists because being fouled is not an assist?? You mean all those assists I got being fouled inside the box are for nothing? That was the only thing that kept me in the team. THEY SHOULD NEVER KNOW ABOUT THIS!

On a side-note, Cahill(playing for Bolton) was sent off for pulling back some Sp*rs player around the halfway line. His red card was rescinded afterwards, so maybe Arteta’s will be too..

Wenger Banger

1 – Giroud


The only difference is Cahill is English, thus Arteta will serve a ban.


Foy would never have given a red @ old trafford or to manu in that same situation.


Just like Michael Oliver would never give us a penalty if a Gibbs cross hit an opponents arm from five feet away

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