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Report: Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Monreal, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Rosicky, Gnabry, Bendtner

Arsenal survived Mikel Arteta’s second half sending off to beat Crystal Palace 2-0 in a tense encounter at Selhurst Park. The Spanish midfielder had given the Gunners the lead from the spot a minute after the break after a foul on Serge Gnabry but then received his marching orders from referee Chris Foy for a foul on Marouane Chamakh just after the hour mark. Wojciech Szczesny then produced two match-winning saves as Palace pressed for an equaliser before Aaron Ramsey set up Olivier Giroud for a sucker punch second.

To all intents and purposes the game began like a training exercise, Arsenal content to play keep ball against a Palace side set-up by caretaker manager Keith Millen to defend with all 11 men behind the ball. For all our neat interplay we created little in the way of clear cut chances although Giroud did head over from a decent Sagna cross.

The biggest headache for Arsene Wenger was another injury sustained by Mathieu Flamini. The French holding midfielder, returning after the concussion sustained last weekend, lasted only seven minutes before limping off with a groin injury. He was replaced by Serge Gnabry with Ramsey dropping back next to Arteta.

Having had almost all the possession, Arsenal began retreating into their own half allowing Palace, who’d spent much of the early proceedings aimlessly lumping the ball at Marouane Chamakh, to push forward. It’s a tactic which has worked well in recent weeks, allowing us more space to hit sides on the break, although on this occasion it just seemed to inject the home side with confidence. A ten minute spell saw several long range efforts by the home side although none seriously challenged Wojciech Szczesny.

Cazorla went close just after the half hour mark with a low drilled effort across goal, Ramsey nearly beat Speroni at the near post with a viciously struck shot after terrific play by Ozil before Gnabry was hauled down right on the edge of the box after a darting run. It should have been a penalty. Alas, just as we looked like we might break the deadlock Chamakh wasted a glorious chance to put Palace ahead jumping too early and completely missing a dangerous cross inside the six-yard box.

Giroud had a half chance just before the break, chesting the ball down before miskicking a bouncing effort goalwards, but too often we floundered in and around the box our one-two football of the Norwich victory a distant memory.

Inside a minute of the second half Gnabry won the penalty he should have been awarded in the first. Getting behind the Palace defence he sold Adlène Guedioura a dummy, spun on a sixpence instead of crossing and had his legs taken out. Mikel Arteta stepped up and smacked the ball home high into the top left. (1-0)

The lively Gnabry nearly doubled the lead moments later when the ball bounced off him in the box after another determined run, only for spin on the ball to take the accidental effort wide of the post. Giroud squandered another effort shouldering the ball when he should have netted with his head from four yards out.

Just after the hour mark Arteta was handed his marching orders for a challenge on Chamakh 35 yards from goal in the left hand channel. The Spaniard was the last man but the decision looked ridiculously harsh given the distance from goal. Wilshere came on for Gnabry and Monreal replaced Cazorla as Wenger looked to sure up a midfield already missing Flamini.

The changes invited the home side to push forward with more gusto and they twice nearly scored from long range efforts. Only heroic saves from Szczesny, first from Delaney’s drive and then from Jedinek’s swerving volley, maintained the lead. It was top class keeping.

The last fifteen minutes were unbearably tense with Palace camped in our half lofting balls into the box. Monreal nearly eased the pressure after a great run but couldn’t find a finish while Mertesacker and Sagna were forced into last ditch challenges at the other end. Ozil should have killed off Palace once and for all but miscued a volley before we finally sealed the points.

Aaron Ramsey broke through the Palace defence, held up play, spotted Giroud racing into the box and picked out the Frenchman with a delicious lofted ball. The Frenchman galloping like a glorious thoroughbred leaped high to head home and make it 2-0. It was a fine goal greeted with smiles and fist pumps aplenty on the bench.

The win extends Arsenal’s lead at the top to five points ahead of the 3pm kick-offs and keeps the pressure on our rivals as we ready ourselves for a tough November.

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Another sexy victory.


Nail-Biting last 20 mins or so, but 2-3 seasons ago, we’d have conceded 2 and lost.

When United did something like that (not anymore; 1-0 down to Stoke as I write), it was the mark of title contenders….

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

I think we should stop comparing ourselves with anybody, least of all Manchester United.


Could’ve been sexier, but I’ll take it.


Spoken like someone unfamiliar with the concept…

good assassin

Heh! I was gonna mention that the banner pic is pornographic.


Thank fuck for that.

Scrappy, bitey, bitty performance, but 3pts are 3pts.

And at least @sirchrishoy is safe tonight – we’re slightly more intelligent than those fuckin Spud mongs down the road.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

10 men, 11 men. Whatever, doesn’t matter forward we go. Szczesny MoM for me, deserved goal for HFB. Would also love to see Gnabry play more.

aussie gooner

sorry to be negative, I enjoyed the win enormously, but i was furious with the fact that at 1-0 up, we had 7/8 players up for a corner and allowed them to counter us like that. especially a few days after Wenger talked about us being too naive. he’s gotta know better and he’s gotta tell the players to be less naive.

having said that. can’t complain too much. top of the league . come on you gunners

sagnas hair

yeah that was really annoying. A team that is up by 1-0 and better than their opponents on every position should not end up in a 1 against 2 after a corner. Arteta did the right thing to stop it but he shouldn’t have to be in that situation. Will his suspension be against Chelsea or next week against Liverpool?

aussie gooner

all domestic competitions so Chelsea game will count. but isn’t it a 3 match suspension for a straight red ? or is that only if violent conduct?


Only violent conduct and the like is automatic 3 match, and considering the foul and where it happened I’d bet we’d try to appeal it.

A N Other

its a ‘professional foul’ and it should be only 1 match ban… however, it looked like chamakh fouling arteta not other way around and even if it is, a guy who couldn’t score from 6 yards couldn’t really score from 35 yards… absolutely stupid decision from ref.. he couldn’t have seen the foul so he must be guessing it.


I’ll be unpopular then — I felt it was justified. Arteta was clearly determined not to let the player forward, came against him quite hard, and the ensuing entanglement was a foul. If there hadn’t been a collision, it’d have been 2 v the keeper, as our cover (Koscielny I think) was beaten. 2 v the keeper is always a goalscoring opportunity, no matter how far out. Hence the red card.

End of the day though, I agree it was a situation we shouldn’t have let happen.


Actually, just saw this from a new angle and rescind my opinion. Not a foul, or if it is, its a Chamakh foul.


Exactly. We watched that show enough times last year — our corner, their goal. Got to be smarter tactically. Overall, poor performance, great result.

with the left and the right

i dont mind us going forward for set pieces now that we have a player who can deliver pretty accurately which makes the chances of scoring much higher. what pisses me off the most about the sending off was the fact that it was Arteta who stayed back and not one of our fullbacks who are generally the fastest men on the pitch. I can MAYBE understand Sagna going into the box given that he’s scored once already but Gibbs, with his pace, should be the last man back. If he’s back then he catches up to Chamakh and dispossesses… Read more »


Special mention to Szczesny. came under huge pressure and delivered, that’s the mark of greatness.


every time i suggest playing gnabry when we have no walcott fit over ramsey or wilshere on the wings i hasten to add i get down voted :/


Winning… Now this I like.

gooner odst

Winning ugly…fuck yeah! Cigars out lads.


Wilshere’s way ahead o’ya…


At last, a clean sheet
Up The Arsenal!


Someone on Liveblog said that Arteta should not have been sent off.
Chamakh through on goal is not a “goalscoring opportunity”

Arsene nose

I remember a situation like this against fulham years bacK we lost 2-1.. This game shows how far we’ve come from then.. Really proud of the team…Against all odds..COYG!


I remember a situation like this against Villa 2 months ago we lost 3-1! Today was a good example of the words of that Moh guy interviewed on ArsenalfanTV- “If you have enough quality it doesn’t matter what the ref does”. We’ve put together a good winning/undefeated streak in the league despite some of the most blatant refereeing biases displayed consistently over many games! On the negative side, I would definitely like to see some more squad rotation. Our players are noticeably tired going into the tough run of games against Liverpool Dortmund Chelsea and Southampton, with Manure being the… Read more »


Is it just me or does Wenger try to avoid any drastic change in squad composition ? He alters 1 or 2 players max between matches this season .

I’m not questioning his decision here , just curious if he values squad stability over rotation .

The liverpool game looks a bit scary considering arteta is suspended , flamini injured , ozil recovering from virus and cazorla not at full fitness . Hope someone steps up to the plate .
gernabry to the rescue 😉


Arteta is not suspended against Liverpool, he will serve his ban against Chelsea.


Thanks for the clarification. It looks like we won’t be playing exactly the first team against Chelsea so a runout for Hayden or someone would do no harm.

Mourinho can go fuck himself in any case, he is a successful manager largely because everyone of the teams he’s managed have cost hundreds of millions, and he leaves before there can be any sustained long-term assessment of him…


Considering how he likes to add to the squad, I’d say yes, plus our style of play relies a lot on stability.

On the rest; keep the faith: Arteta will serve the suspension VS Chelsea, wait and see on the Flamster, Özil will have a week off anyway, along with Ramsey.

Adam, Watford

@Arsene’s Nose . . . I think you may sailing close to the wind with that Phil Collins reference at the end there !

To get away with something like that you need more of a way of handling things without them being seen to have been handled . . . if you get what I am trying to say . . . vis a vis, ‘ have a butchers at what I have done, here, maintainent or jetzt ‘ , as Le Boss might say . . .



Top of the league!!

clueless rooster

sagna was amazing …surely motm …ozil amazing ..


“ozil amazing ..”



Na, na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, Giroud!


And how shocking is BT Sport? Fuck me.

Makes ITV look professional. And Michael Owen has all the charisma of a fuckin broken flip flop.

jack jack jack

Michael Owen has to be the single most annoying disembodied voice on the fucking planet. Someone make him stop.


Was he really arguing with a former premier league referee over a decision even with video replays.

Lukas' Winning Smile

At one point Owen said ‘Mesut Ozil can go missing from games.’ MICHAEL OWEN uses that as a criticism of another player, ludicrous.


Owen’s just feeling a bit stupid after his ‘Arsenal aren’t top four quality’ article. There’s several omelettes worth of egg on his face at the moment.


Owen has the personality of an unbranded wheat-cereal biscuit and a voice like a goose farting.

Wengers spare change

I think its possible if we get enough people to sign a petition,we can get Michael owen put down.He is a donkey who could not get one over the Arsenal when he was playing against us ,he is now trying it now as a pundit.That little,little man,when will he ever learn there is no beating us.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Michael Owen is one of those rare players whose shirt number equalled the number of his IQ.


Michael Owen is as sharp as a billiard ball and as bright as a burnt-out light bulb. His insights into football would fit in a matchbox with room left for the matches, his IQ is the same as Holly from Red Dwarf, and his voice sounds like a toilet unclogging itself. His personality is his primary method of contraception.


very annoying. he needs to bite his own tongue accidently while chewing his meals quickly so he can have long term injury to his gob or someone needs to break his jaw. either way


How much do I love Sagna?


This article is dated as an hour ago… Bloody hell Blogs, I knew you were fast, but predicting the future is another thing!


Last season ( or previous seasons for that matter), we’d have lost or at least drawn this sorta game. But not this season. NOT.THIS.SEASON. Signs of things to come..COYG

Der Springer

This pattern of winning this kind of game began in the latter stages of last season and has thankfully continued.


Top of the League!!!!!

Wengers spare change



Can’t always be pretty goals. Good effort to grab the points.

Gnabry was very good. Look forward to seeing more from him.

Big performances from many, including Sagna, Giroud, WS, and the away fans (as always)

We love you Arsenal, we do!

jack jack jack

Brilliant, brilliant win. So impressed that we managed to get the win. Szcz and Sagna were excellent, as were Wenger’s substitutions. I’m so used to seeing us lose games like this over the past few years – special stuff from the team.

Wengers spare change

Does anybody know anything about the Sagna contract situation,What club would we be looked upon if we let him go for nothing…Ambition.Get him signed up Wenger.


How many points are we off the leader?
Ahh we will never do those calculations this season. Lets keep this run going.


Three big points there. Well done. Grinding it out is sometimes more rewarding than the pretty shit.


Great result. Only negative is that our performances seem to have gotten more and more tired in recent weeks. Could do with some people returning from injury asap. Podolski and Walcott would be a huge boost to help tiring legs up top. Great to see us winning these games though. Even under pressure we looked good defensively, bloody fantastic!

jack jack jack

Poor old Giroud looks absolutely knackered. Still putting himself about and a well-deserved goal. What a soldier. Glad he’ll get a rest with the COC coming up.


Podolski – not til December. Walcott — still a few weeks.


Over the years, I have heard statements like “the difference between a title winning team and others is the ability to squeez out results even when the team plays poorly.” Thus this performance give us “Dreaming rights?”

MOTM: Szczesny.


There was ray wilkins then owen came along…..

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

The sending off wasn’t even a booking for me. They came together shoulder to shoulder, Arteta was barged to the ground and Chamakh fell over his trailing leg. Really harsh.

A spirited display by Palace but the gulf in class told in the end.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

In fact,looking at it again on 101 Great Goals, he wasn’t barged to the ground, he was pushed. It should have been a free kick to Arsenal.


For me, this is the best I have seen Oezil play. He gave absolutely everything for the team. Giroud was a little bit frustrated because of little service. Ramsey, well he played like Ramsey.

jack jack jack

Not sure it was Özil’s best performance, but he did put in a serious fucking shift. Again put a fair few very dangerous balls into the box that deserved runners in the right place.

I’m still struggling to figure out his presence on the football as well. It’s kind of floaty and angelic but menacing at the same time. He floats and spins around the ball, seemingly with all the time in the world, then he kills you. And the guy’s balance is unbelievable.


Did you just have surgery that gave you the use of your eyes for the first time?

Or is this literally the first match you’ve ever seen?


i keep hearing that premier league is the best league in the world but i cannot name a single referee in this league who is good enough for top level football game.

Naija Gunner

Good job getting all the three points, still on top of all the fools trailing us.

And I think we appeal against that red card!



probably won’t bother appealing it, because it will be served by the chelsea game on tuesday. defo appeal if it was a 3 match ban


ramsey’s pass was amazing.

we’ve certainly played better, but we’ll take the three points.


this time last year we would have lost this game, for sure. good to see the boys come through!

Big Chief from Antarctica

10 men without holding midfielders, shite ref, two goals, clean sheet. This season could be special if we keep it up. COYG!

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

A well earned, hard fought victory. On to the next one 🙂

Mr T

Proud of those nuts today, stood up and held on – top work Gunners! Owen – shocking pundit – fuck off back to the races

The Universal

As Cesc said, Ramsey is now a beast of a midfielder. Does everything well- two assists and just the player needed when down to ten men.


How did he assist the first goal? It was a pen, won by Gnabry, taken by Arteta.


The Red card was Insane !

There is no rule like last man , etc. Sending off is when a action which would be punished with a free kick or penalty kick is used to block an “OBVIOUS” goalscoring oppurtunity . (according to FA website)

Chris Foy – F&*K YOU , YOU F&*KING BASTARD !

The Gonners still won though , COYG .


I didn’t see the match but looks like we played against 12 men today, not that Palace were any good but the Ref so poor!


I actually wonder is the ref is ‘rich’ . He seemed to be doing his job well , just not as a ref .
So many fouls not given for us and then a straight red , wtf ?

I guess our players have to get tougher and not get into situations like that . After the stinker of the first mattch , we had a few matches with decent(relatively) refs . Now I guess Riley is back from his vacation .


Good, hard, ugly win. Top of the league. Now let’s knock Chelsea out of the cup.


While beating chelsea in the cup would be cool , I’d rather we rested our first team players and give the second-string and subs a chance to earn their places .

The milk cup(or whatever it is called this year) is not what I’d consider a trophy . Leaving it would actually enable us to concentrate on league , FA cup and Champions League.
It would be demoralising but League >>>>>>> milk cup


Woah.. This was posted 54 mins ago and only 16 comments?? (well +1 if you add mine). Where’s the joy, fellow gunners and gunnerette’s?

FUCK ESPN asia. Showing Laliga highlights instead of live Crystal Palace vs Arsenal.

And I noticed no goal highlights on the match report either? What gives?

And I know I’m asking too many questions but are we there yet??


I noticed too… It’s a glitch, the match only ended 20 minutes ago


Kicking both your balls next carragher and neville, maybe you will start to take this team serious then…Top of the league alone

Toruc Macto

Am fucking proud to be a gunner!!!! This team is inches away from perfection!


that tense moment you realize we are nine men in the field and Koscielny is one of them

Giroud's flicks

If you mean Koscielny equals Palace’s two best players and he’s about to get his heading boots (?) on, I will heartily agree with you.

If you are referring to Koscielny’s early season habit of giving away penalties then let’s not talk about it eh?

Eric Irish gunner

Thank fuck that’s over me chest pains are gone, well fought 3 points especially when down to 10 men, well done szczesny great saves, fans brilliant again, bring on the scousers for another 3 points


Arsene please give Sagna a new contract

Naija Gunner

We will, he deserves it.

Naija Gunner

Would like to know the nature of Flamini’s injury though, we can’t afford to lose two defensive midfielders.

Yankee Gooner

I love Welsh Jesus.

sagnas hair

great win!! Best players: The head and body that I’m attached to and Szczesny! What as save! As important as a goal. Özil had his first so-so game for us, good to get that out of his system before the big games. Ramseys running was unbelievable to watch. He was everywhere.

oh, and also: TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!


Awesome goalkeeping by szczesny

Negative point was failure of Ramsey to put that small flag back on the corner pole


A solid, unspectacular, ugly win – I’ll take that any day. For the second time in a week we didn’t do enough going forward in the first half, giving the opposition hope and confidence. The penalty was a gift, gratefully taken by Arteta. The sending off was a joke (shut the fuck up Owen, you’re not a referee; Mark Halsey was.). Those two great saves by Chez were probably the turning point. Giroud proved once again that he’s not a world-class striker by missing a sitter early in the second half, but even he couldn’t miss the one he put… Read more »


The penalty was a gift? It was an obvious foul in the box.


If you are a tiny tott . then yes ; that was an obvious gift .


Please do not feed the fats. Don’t you see how fat he becomes when we feed him on his bollocks.

Let him have his say and fuck off.

Another Yank

That’s as good as it gets from you I guess

Ivan Drago

Anyone got clips of Szczesny’s saves?


I get really nervous without Flamini. I can’t wait to hear about his injury. I hope it’s only minor coz we really need that soldier!!!


:,-)……..Oh u should have seen the faces on my mums and brothers faces when Arteta got that red card(mums’ a manure fan, brothers r chelski. and poop fans)

Oh u should have seen their faces fall off when Ramsey put that ball through

Oh 2 be top of the league

Oh 2 be a Gooner

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

You got a strange football-supporting family, but you’re the best of them all.


How long is Arteta suspended for, is it 1 game or 3? I can never remember the suspension rules for different offences…


Straight Red – 3 matches
2 yellows – 1 match

Arteta will miss three matches .

Arsenal will appeal but I don’t think anything will happen . Wenger does not have a red nose or Russian backing.


I found this on another site – can anyone confirm? This would mean Arteta would only miss the Chelsea match…

2 yellow cards – 1 match
Denying obvious goal scoring opportunity – 1 match
Offensive/insulting/abusive language or gestures – 2 matches
Serious foul play/violent conduct/spitting at an opponent or any other person – 3 matches


That is correct.

Clock End Mike

I believe @goonads has it right.


I can’t find this rule on the FA website . Can anyone confirm .

Mr. Blogs ?


Correct: 1 game ban


Mert was only banned for one game after he got sent off against WBA last season (straight red), so that can’t be as simple as it is. This game reminds me of that one last year: after about 85 mins, Giroud had a good chance to make the game safe. Last season he couldn’t, this season he did. Shows how he’s improved!


STOKE Scored !!!! Can’t believe that would have me celebrating , but whatever .
Mid-table morons !

A N Other

I dreamed about Giroud scoring and fans singing his long last night.. It was quite literally dream come true.. However, he was wasteful for most of the game, maybe he is getting bit tired.. rest on tuesday should do him good.



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