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Vermaelen reveals Wenger talks over lack of action


Thomas Vermaelen says he’s spoken to Arsene Wenger about the fact he hasn’t played much this season, but says he’s not panicking even though there’s a World Cup on the horizon.

The Belgian has made only two appearances and started just once, in the Capital One Cup against West Brom. He was dropped at the end of last season and the successful partnership between Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny has precluded his return to the side.

Like any player he’s frustrated, but knows that things can change very quickly. Asked about his situation, he said, “I’ll have to think about that when it’s necessary. January is still a few months ahead. Of course, never playing will not be the ideal situation for me to go to the World Cup, that’s for sure.

“People ask me if I panic because I’m not playing a lot but I’m not. I have spoken to the manager but it will remain private between us. Things can happen in a split second and change my situation. That can happen tomorrow or next weekend.

“In that case, we will speak differently in January. I have to be ready for that.”

Regardless of what happens between now and then, there’s little chance of a January move just to salvage his World Cup hopes.

It’s forgotten that last season Koscielny was the one who found himself benched but came back into the side to finish strongly. All it takes is one injury or suspension and the captain is back in the team, especially when we have only three established centre-halves at the club.

Let’s hope he takes his chance when it comes. And it will come.

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Unfortunately for the club captain he’s the 3rd (arguably 4th- Sagna) best centre back at the moment and will have to wait while those in front continue to perform so consistently.

Bould's Eyeliner

with Kosc possibly injured it seems absurd to give up Sagna as a fullback when Vermaelen is getting match fitness and getting ready to go. He spent half a year out, and has put in a standard shift. He’s even playing internationally because the Dutch coach knows he needs playtime. Against a side like Norwich I think it’s a reasonable risk and one that is good overall. The coach needs to see if Vermaelen can perform too, to know that he’s a suitable backup, if not starter.

Parisian Weetabix

Belgian, surely?

Bould's Eyeliner

yes, my bad haha. slip of the ..fingers?


Well I don’t agree he is necessarily 2nd or 3rd or 4th choice. He was performing below par last season and was rightly replaced. This season he hasn’t played much to be judged. But that’s how it is. We do not know he is ready or not.

We shipped a ton of goals with this man in the team, for some time; I like him, but he’s fallen quite far. Whether this was down to him, the team or tactics sans Mouldy Bouldy, I have no fucking idea. This is football. It’s good — for us as supporters — (and true test of his character and even ability) that he has to work his bollocks off to get back into the team. Good situation; over to you Verminator.

Don’t like your name. At all.
And netiher does Tony Adams.


Verminator be patient your time will come. And when it does play your heart our and be sure to cut out the very costly errors that made you be dropped. But till tgen.train hard and remember you still the captain.


I don’t understand how he’s still club captain when he’s our 4th best CB. Stop bitching and work hard, Thomas. You’re lucky to be at Arsenal, let alone club captain.


This is exactly the kind of response from fans, which negates all talk of expected loyalty from players.
Vermaelen has been a loyal servant of our club, and deserved captain. Always spoken highly of our club, even during the worst of time. His stars have fallen somewhat, not least because the BFG and Kosc have been brilliant. A bit of rotation, though, will be good for everyone.
Of course, I will trust Arsene to get this right.


Seems to be a lot of sour responses on here about TV5 he wasn’t made club captain through being rubbish. At the time he earned the right through solid performances. Yes he has had a dip in form but lets get behind him and we might see some of that class come to the top. And he is not 4th choice.

Supa Dupa

I just hope, if he does leave in January, its a loan deal so he can get more first team minutes.


I don’t know if I want it to come. Mertscielny has been awesome. But credit to verm. Real class is shown when you have reason to be a cunt. And as captain, he has a few reasons to be pissed


Keep calm and stay a gooner Tom, your chance will come.


I hope he doesn’t get impatient.
Two Center backs can’t play 50+ games.
He has to be patient and be on top form, when his time comes.
I can easily see him play 20+ games this season.


*60+… Because we’re going to win the Quadruple.


Im not fussed at all by this. To have a player like vermaelen on the bench, it means we finally have depth in the squad. Previous seasons we had people like Sendoros, Sylvestre & Squillaci as back up. To have the ex-captain of Belgium and our club captain on the bench, it speaks wonders about the pairing that are ahead of him at the moment. Our league position speaks volumes about that too. Its a long journey, Vermaelen will play a key role in the season no question about it.

Parisian Weetabix

He still is captain of Belgium. He shook hands with Rambo last night anyway.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I’d say with the fixtures heaping up, it doesn’t matter how good the partnership Mertescielny is. We’ve got unpredictable games like Norwich this Saturday which we ought to win yet can’t take for granted. Much like WBA last time. Besides that, league cup isn’t mickey mouse no more, so also got Chelsea, ManU, Liverpool and a double header Borussia Dortmund. Vermeaelen needs to show his worth by upping his game. At times like these, you need depth. Off-topic, Blogs thanks for writing the daily stuff. The last few weeks (before Interlull) I haven’t had much time thus chance to comment.… Read more »

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

Yeah, and I can finally read Arseblog News on my iPad again (it works on IO7).
Which means I have read each of the last three entries (and the comments) four times each.


I don’t feel bad for him. It’s not unfair that he’s out of the team – Koscielny and Mertesacker are ahead of him on merit. It shows that every player has to fight for their place, and that is a big improvement upon recent years where we have had clear “bench” players that were happy with their fixed place in the squad. This is what any ambitious player wants to be a part of.


“I will stay at Arsenal forever. There will be no transfer for me.

“I love London. I’ve got a house there, I’m happy there and I don’t see any reason to ever leave the club.”

30 May 2012


Who said that? Vermaelen??




What a fantastic situation WE find ourselves in. Competition for places among quality options.

Adam Richards

I’m not sure how we can be sure he’s our 3rd of 4th best CB. Sadly he was not in form some 6 months ago and therefore he has been dropped, until we need to change things around again for whatever footballing reason, that is where he will need to stay. I still have faith that he could form a partnership with either starting CB right now. But when he does and that partnership is performing well, would he want to be dropped for no reason other than for the sake of change; no. It’s part of playing for a… Read more »


He’ll be back!


He’s not our 4th choice cb Sagna because that means playing Jens there which means we’re losing out in another position. He’s been out and needs a chance sooner or later to prove what he has in his locker. Form is temporary look at what happened with Ramsey and he’s turned it around. There’s nothing to say TV5 can’t do the same.


Lads he had a stretch of poor form for 6 or 7 games… Before this he was an animal in one on ones and a catalyst for launching attacks.. His poor form coincided with a series of niggling injurys and a new defensive system and defensive coach in steve bould. He can arguably be the best cb in the club (yes even better than the right back)… Why must we (arsenal fans) piss on our players until they leave the club.. Vermaelan is not cygan, stepanovs, senderos, squillaci but he might well end up that way if we don’t get… Read more »

Zorro in the box

Time was Vermaelen was a talismanic figure. So was Djourou (and boy do I wish he was still around!). With Flamini ahead and a defensive minded midfield and team in general, his bombing runs may actually be useful and less risky. And Flamini’s a shouter. Thomas doesn’t need to be.


Don’t think anyones “pissing” on TV5. We are all here to talk Arsenal and debate various issues. This is one of them.


There are those who hoped he’d leave in the summer.. or that blamed a lack of collective defensive cohesion on him. So i think there are those who piss on any of our players who arent pulling up trees.. the bottom line is that Vermaelan was not so long ago a leader, a talisman and defensive lynchpin as well as a barnstormer and catalyst into attack. “how” he plays is up to arsene’s system (which used to be attack at 1-0 up an 2 minutes to play) and coaching but can he do a job???… absolutely He’d walk into nearly… Read more »


100% agree with double98


I agree with Double98 as a matter of principle. I don’t even have to read his posts anymore 🙂


Im gonna go ahead and think your great!!

North Bank Gooner

Will be good to see him back to full fitness, and top form. I think its a bit harsh to call him 4th choice, I love his positivity, and his threat at set pieces. As we have such a good midfield shield now he can make the forward runs with some cover when he gets out of position.

Blogs, class bit of troll smiting there 😉


I feel really bad for him, still remember his initial season with us, he was electric, driven and it looked like we had finally found what we had been lacking all those years of putting up Gallas, Sylvestre, Squilachi, Senderos and co. How fast things can change in football, but what I like about the interview is the fact that he seems to understand how fast things can change in football and still believes he will get his opportunity. Some players would have been throwing toys out of the pram, screaming and crying like some teenage girls at a concert… Read more »

Andy Peltham

I can smell a lion from his claws. Yes I can, ramblingpete 🙂

Black Hei

You have a back to the future problem as far as “all those years” with the Squid is concerned.

Class of 71

If tv has to play his way back, then surely same for theo if gnabry keeps scoring???

the only sam is nelson

footballer wants to play football? amazing! again one is reminded of idiot fans who demanded that financial guru Johann Djourou be moved on as “dead wood” – a decent man and capable footballer who was able to comprehend the squad system and his place within it whilst still wanting to try for the club – and a “world class” defender be brought in to sit on the bench and await injury to a fellow defender. it’s a great problem to have – a class player demanding playing time – and once our midfield is fully fit it’ll only be a… Read more »

Andy Peltham

Next captain: Yu-Young Park!

Andy Peltham

That wasn’t meant to be a reply. Apologies.


Arsene always knows. But rotating the three CBs will probably bring out the best in everybody. While Kos is a super-good defender, there are some erratic stuffs he has got to correct in his game. A week on the bench may help condition his game too.

the only sam is nelson

speaking of dreams. Diaby, fit, and rampaging:


Yes, it shows what that cunt Smith robbed us of!


He has great attitude, just needs to improve his organisational skills. Defence lacked structure with him there. If he does play, it needs to be with Mert. Kos and Tommy V are too similar and don’t compliment each other.


Hmmh and here i was thinking Vermaelens “lack of action” is his missus’ fault?


Between the summers we lost Clichy, Cesc, Nasri, RVP, Song and of course Eboue didn’t he sign a new contract quietly with no fuss or drama. He could easily have looked at the situation at the time (while his stock was considerably higher) and declined to sign anything. But he didn’t and I’ll always remember how much I appreciated that. When he came in against Norwich towards the end of last season + the minutes he has played so far this season I think he has done well. We will need him soon enough and he will show his class!


THIS. Its equally about remembering how some of our key players approached and treated us as a club when all the chips were down versus when they are out of form and the club is flying high. If he repays the faith the fans have showed him the same way he repaid the clubs faith in him by signing a new contract amidst that chaos, then we’ll see him tear it up and win things with us in the coming years. Two way street, simple as. Lucky for us we’ve got a class manager that doesn’t seem to overlook things… Read more »


As I recall this was after a 12-18 month injury spell, but credit to him repaying the club. More than RVP did.


Koscielny and Mertesacker should fuse together to become one player during matchdays to let Vermaelen have a spot.

Black Hei

That name and that thought…..disgustingly disturbing.


i believe it is to tommys credit that he was playing so well that his dip in form shocked us, his injuries after that are unfortunate(is it possible that his confidence disappearing has an effect on his physical?) of course. But i was watching Belgium pay Croatia the other day, Vertonghen was captain… they have almost swapped places, a bit like many people thought Spurs and Arsenal would do, now it is up to him to prove himself not only the better player but as (like Arsenal) to remain one of the Best.

Glasgow's Gunner

It’s only a matter of time before Kos gets a suspension. His all action style demands it. Although the thought of Kos watching from the sidelines in the run up to January is very worrying indeed.


I support our Captain for two reasons. a.) He is quality player, which he proved. b.) He showed loyalty when everyone wanted to leave during 2010/11 season. He was widely considered as one of best CB in Europe after his debut Arsenal season. He could have easily left but he didn’t. he hasn’t talked shit about club/manager/teammates. So credit to him.
Plus I don’t think he will leave until end of season, As not many clubs better than AFC would want him now and don’t see him join a small club in Jan.


“In that case, we will speak differently in January. I have to be ready for that.”

That quote right there seems to me that he has said he will look elsewhere if the situation doesnt change.

Why I never know he wasnt given a shot at defensive midfielder. I believe he has the quality to do well in that role. He can tackle, that position gives him an oppertunity to get forward and he has a stinging shot. But what do I know…


I like the idea of Verm at defensive midfield, but I’ve always had a nagging feeling that his relatively poor positional discipline would be his undoing there. He’d have been useful there last year, since he’d free Arteta up to play further forward like he did when Song was there, but now that we have Flamini and a host of central midfield players there isn’t really a need anymore.

I Dream a Paradise

Feel if we are playing Flamini + Arteta in crucial matches, we should start Vermalean-Mertasacker-Koscielny at the back with Gibbs/Monreal joining the midfield.

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