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Wenger gives update on Flamini, Gnabry, Eisfeld and Zelalem

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Thomas Eisfeld, Emmanuel Frimpong, Gedion Zelalem and Mathieu Flamini will all miss Tuesday’s Capital One Cup clash with Chelsea and cast doubt over Serge Gnabry’s participation.

Speaking to Arsenal Player on Monday the boss gave a run down on the fitness of his squad:

“Zelalem is not yet available. He had a knee problem. He is back in full training but he has not played yet. He will play 45 minutes with the under-18 team later this week.

“Serge Gnabry has a problem, he got a kick on the ankle. He will be assessed tomorrow. After that we will decide who plays and who doesn’t play. I will decide [on Tuesday]. Eisfeld has a back problem.

“Frimpong is still short of competition. Isaac Hayden will be involved, Ryo and Gnabry if he’s fit.”

Confirming that he won’t appeal Arteta’s red card, the boss also touched on Mathieu Flamini’s latest problem. Having sustained concussion against Norwich the Frenchman lasted only seven minutes at Selhurst Park before picking up a groin problem.

“He has a scan today and then we will get the results as to how long he will be out. It doesn’t look like a bad muscle injury but honestly it’s too early to give you a precise answer. It’s a groin injury.”

With five midfielders out, seven if you include Abou Diaby and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, numbers are thin on the ground in the centre of the park suggesting Arsene will have no choice but to field a relatively strong line-up tomorrow evening despite a hectic schedule which takes in games against Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United in the next two weeks.

Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey could all be involved at some point after training today, while Nicklas Bendtner, Thomas Vermaelen, Lukasz Fabianski are expected to start.

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January can’t come soon enough for the team..


I think we should line up as:

Fab/ viviano
jenks – mert – verm – monreal
wilshere – rosicky – Cazorla
gnabry (if fit) – bendtner – Ryo

Giroud defo needs rest, he looked awfully tired after the game on saturday. the guy really does give his all till the last minute.


That team with Hayden in for Ryo and Rosicky pushed further up

Edu's Braces

I agree but id like to see Verm and Kos play together to get practice together in case Mert ever gets injured/suspended (my personal nightmare for us), this would also give Mert a rest.


Oh dear, 2 steps forward, 3 steps back with the injuries.

Hope we can stretch our squad to beat the mugsmashers and United, as well as pick up a vital three points to BVB.

Fingers crossed.



Fuck sake Zelalem.


Honest question. Why do we pay Frimpong’s wages?


coz its pretty dench….


Because he is Dench?!


I think it’s called a contractual obligation!


Coz it’$ the dench thing to do.


Doh !! – maybe its because he has a contract

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

leave it yeah


Ask yourself whether if you had broken a leg or something, you would be okay with your employer cutting off your pay and telling you to go fuck yourself.

That’s your answer.

Daft Aider

I think the tories are due to make it compulsory next week anyway


legally he can, and will after 10 days out sick


Feck with injuries, but I’d really like to beat chavs so maybe it’s a good thing we have to play with a strong team


so Flamini has a bad muscle on his groin huh?


Mine ain’t what it used to be either..


Frimpong needs to get out of our squad and into the north bank, hes no better than anybody else in the crowd waste of wages.

Zorro in the box

Err…what’re you saying about the North Bank?


The North bank is the bank of North Korea, they definitely need a Dench manager

Siz C

STOP being a fecking accountant and be a proper fan and support the people who wear the badge (injured or not)!!!!


I’m gonna let you in on a secret, buddy boy. A big part of being a fan of a team all around the world is the discussion of who should be in the team and who shouldn’t, which players one would like to see etc.


How many appearances have you made in the premier league, champ?


Cant wait til we play United..fucking bellends!


Fabianski, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Monreal, Wilshere, Hector, Rosicky, Ryo, Gnabry, Bendtner


Sorry, I meant Hayden. Not Hector.


Hector is coming in January. …… do you already have this information? Arrest him!


I would give Cazorla some minutes under his belt and would consider resting Per

Dick Swiveller

Actually, wouldn’t be too surprised if Hector (Bellerin) started (assuming he’s still around and not on loan somewhere), looked good against West Brom and is worth a pop to fill a starting position before we bring on the big guns for the last 20 minutes.


What about Walcott? Still “2 weeks”?

Colin Lloyd

This Walcott saga is turning into a mystery novel of great proportion.
What’s going on with this player???????


Unless he’s had *another* setback, he was penciled in for some level of return against Liverpool, but who knows for sure.

Mildly Amusing Name

Is Arteta’s hair injured? It was fucking windy last night, I fear it could be out for the season.


Oi! No scaremongering


Most injury resistant member of the squad… the Hair, not the player


I think the starting 11 will be something like this


Jenkinson — Verm — Mertesacker — Monreal

Wilshere — Rosicky

Gnabry —- Santi —-Ryo


Santi needs games to get match fit and sharp, same with Rosicky, I think that starting 11 could give a decent performance, Mourinho said he would play a weakened team also, I’m not convinced he will though…


This team will let in more goals than tahiti! wilshere as DM?


For as much as our defense is maligned, that lineup at the back, is very strong for a “Backup”. Spanish international Left Back, German and Belgian internationals, and recent captains of Arsenal, an international backup keeper (Better than Lingaard, Coastal, Schwarzer, Friedal, Roubles, and Jones), and a guy who would run through walls for the shirt, who is also a full international…

I can think of many worse arsenal backlines….

Abdul A Jalloh

It’s going to be tough. Huughhhhh.the Liverpool clash. I’m worried. Let the file the best team available

Tapscotts Testicles

As a 45 yr old who has no pretentions about keeping up with “the kids“….. What the fuck is “dench“ ??


Some stupid shit Frimpong used to say on twitter back when there were people who thought he could play. I believe it generally means “cool” or some such

Can't hold his ale

Dench is a way of life. A method of being. In other words, TWO TOOOS NNNAAAAHH!!??!


I am 58 and I more than understand the Denchness of the world.

Tapscotts Testicles

Thanks CLE…..can sleep now….


Can we keep everyone honest and just forfeit this meaningless game. Just saying….


i completely forgot about ryo, it was a surprise to see his name mentioned as i forgot he was even in our squad


Yep. Can’t see us winnng this one.


Huh? Who do you think they are going to play? Their first team just played yesterday.


Stop being a doom monger jsergio. You want some?

Arsenal Fan

Jenkinson – Mert – Verm – Monreal
Wilshere– Hayden– Rosicky
Ryo – Bedntner– Cazorla

Even without Serge, Gedion, Artetea, Flamini, Eisfeld etc. we still have enough quality to batter Chelsea!

Manchester Gooner

Jenkinson – Mert – Verm – Monreal
Wilshere– Hayden – Rosicky
Gnabry– Bedntner– Cazorla

Subs: Viviano, Hector, Kos, Ryo, Akpom, Yannaris, Kristoffer Olsson


Almost everybody is picking Verm and Mert. A couple went for Verm and Kos because we can’t always guarantee Mert will play, so of the two possibilities I think I prefer that one. However, we should also be considering a younger CB, as we could do with resting both Mert and Kos. Maybe we should put Hayden in there with Vermaelen.


Mourinho is always playing his low-IQ mind games. If he wants to use a “weak” squad he should go ahead and stop telling us. Wenger is no fool, he can’t be tossed around by his claims. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts his big guns ‘cuz he is not used to playing youngsters. He should stop deceiving his head.


Be nice to pick most of our first team just to put the chavs in there place. Unfortunately with 2 massive games and the mug smashers coming up it will be mainly reserves.




Gnabry(if fit, if notr Ryo_), Bednter, Cazorla

I thin both per and kos need a vital rest they played all the games including international games, sagna had a rest of 2 weeks for the international games I’m not 100% sure but I think wenger will play him as cb if not I think per look more tired than kos.


sorry forogt rosicky in the middle with hayden and wilshere


But I’m 100% sure that if Gnabry is fit he will start and wenger will not start both Gnabry and Ryo on left and right this is chelsea not palace, cazrola will defenetly start on the left with Gnabry on the right and ryo on the bench if Gnabry is injured then ryo will take his place

Top Gunner

Batter is a strong word @ Arsenal fan
I would take a lucky & undeserved victory 🙂

Manchester Gooner

A win against Chavs always means a battering of them lot


I’d love to know the status of Podolski, Theo, Ox, Sanogo as well. The first 3 names there could really add some width and pace option, which we will need against the mug smashers .


The current official status of all injured players is always on the Arsenal’s home page in ‘first team news’ or such.


would love to see Verm given a chance in the Flamini role at some point. Think he has the ability to play there and would give us more options. We’ll need our midfield well rested for the next 2 weeks and the League cup is a good chance to experiment. Assuming there is little of no chance of the boss trying this.

Assuming Caz is in need of match practice, might look like –


Jenk – Bac – Kos – Monreal

Hayden – Verm

Ryo – Rosicky – Caz



I agree that Verminator should be tried in that holding position. He likes to win the ball high up the pitch and has a cracking left foot. Boss knows best in these things however


We are going to get stuffed. Men v Boys I’m afraid….0-3. Wenger has NEVER beaten Mourinho and wont tomorrow. This could hurt badly.

Edu's fake passport

ok Jose.

Nothing better to do


Szczesny, Jenkinson, Monreal, TV5, Koscieny, Rosiky, Wilshire, Eisfield, Cazorla, Gnabry & Bentner. Gives us realistic chance. Why the obsession on resting our goalie when we will need him against a strong chav team.


Can’t see that exact line-up happening, if for no other reason than the first sentence of the news article.

Siz C

Don’t you bother to read the article or are you just forgetful?

Eisfeld is INJURED

Siz C

lol, how about this midfield and attack for tomorrow?

Frimpong Flamini

Eisfeld Ox


You left out Sanogo and Walcott. Of course, Sanogo up front means Podolski will have to play left back. I can’t think of an injured/suspended goalkeeper, so I’ll have to use the next best thing.

Arteta, Flamini, Frimpong, Podolski
Diaby, Eisfeld
Walcott, Zelalem, Oxlade-Chamberlain


Nice line up. But instead of Fabianski I would consider Wenger.


Any website to check if last season was our most injury-free one in 10 years? Seems to my mind that our injuries this season are par for the Arsenal course and last season was bestwithin the period.

Paul S

Don’t know how you gauge these things but we weren’t short of big injuries last season.

Szczęsny and Fabianski both had long-term injuries at the same time near the start, meaning we had to play our third choice keeper for quarter of the season.

Sagna missed a few months through injury, as did Gibbs. Koscielny too was out injured for a couple of months.

Diaby, of course, and Wilshere missed half the season. Rosicky 3/4 of the season.

I think our injuries were mostly in the first half of the season so we’d forgotten about them by the end.

Can't hold his ale

In other news, I’ve finally found my future wife and mother of my children.


Heh, that’s my wife you’re talking about.


I can’t see the Spurs fans giving her any trouble at that game…unless wives were taken along.

sagnas hair

I’ve actually always dreamt of doing the same thing if my local club here in Gothenburg where to qualify for the EL. I’m not blond though. Or hot. Or female. So maybe not exactly the same thing. That’s all i got for today. Good night to you sir.

Edu's fake passport

don’t think I could deal with that weird mixed accent.

way too dippy.

Eric Irish gunner

Haha I’d say its a few male gunners that offered to give her a ticket and go the game with them 🙂

TR7 > CR7

Bender hatrick tomorrow.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah? Who are Eintracht playing tomorrow?

Bendtner's ego

Not sure where all this Frimpong hate comes from.

He’s gone out on loan to two premiership teams and seemed to play reasonably ok. In both loan spells, he has injured his knees (torn acl @ Wolves) and both required operations – the last one occurring near the end of the season with Fullham.

Have a little respect for our players.

Manny might not be a world dominator but he’ll play for the badge with all his heart and we all know that this is not the case with every player who has worn the shirt.


Agreed. Frimpong, when fully fit, is an absolute beast and he’s Arsenal through and through.

Edu's fake passport

his debut against Liverpool he was excellent, shame he got over excited.


the only dowside his passing is not great (actually its pretty bad) and sometime he get over excited and get stupid yellow. Add to that he get few too mnay injuries
the way its going he is not gone make it here but i m sure few smaller premiere league side and decent championship team would love to have him

For —> For —> To

What about fielding a good old 4-4-2?:


Biggest problem I would say is that we are very thin in holding midfield/players who can play in the double pivot.

Jenk – Kos – Verm – Monreal

Gnabry/Ryo – Hayden – Rosicky – Caz

Tgstel – Akpom

Would ideally want Rambo in the middle since he can offer more of a B2B-ish game, but the guy needs a good rest. This 442 with Rosicky is just a bit to offensive in its balance.


Siz c love your comment, cracked me up, needed a good chuckle too

Flamini's Head

Ozil must not be started, it’s just not worth the risk


Pretty sure arsene will start ryo..he trusts the lad and will give him a chance to prove himself..likewise hayden..but I have a bad feeling they’ll struggle against chelsea who will field a strong annoying and boringly efficient side (mourinho has no love or trust for his youngsters as wenger does..only gives a shit about winning at any cost)..I so badly want us to beat the chavs even tho its only the capital one cup..but CL and premiership are so much more imp..tough decision..heartache if we lose..but I’m not going to think about that and cheer whoever arsene decides to play..COY*young*G!!!

Glenn Helder

Really hope to see Ryo tonight – think the youngster’s got a lot of talent and he hasn’t quite been able to display that yet. Plus when he’s out on the left he misses out as so much of our play is built up the right hand side when Bac’s playing.


It’s a massive opportunity for young Ryo.

He has the pace but he needs to be a bit less predictable. Crossing needs improvement.

Wonder if Bendtner will bag something for us. He’s a bit of a twat but really he isn’t half bad as a footballer if he puts his mind to it.


Pity the slew of injuries to the young hopefuls.

Still think we should just start Hayden next to Ramsey and Rosicky.

Jack should be rested. Really concern he will pick up a knock. Seemed to have had a few scares with the ankle in recent games.

Don’t mind seeing Bellerin come in in midfield (LW). Not sure what the gaffer thinks of him at present.

Flamini will be out for a crucial period of time. Hope Arteta is back for Liverpool (did he confirm it was a one game ban?)


Looks like Koscielny- TV partnership.

Probably the weakest of the 3 possible permutations.

Just dunno about the Jack- Ramsey axis either. Would prefer someone no nonsense (if more limited) but positionally disciplined like Hayden. Hope it works out.

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