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Bendtner explains police caution

Nicklas Bendtner has explained that he received a police caution for criminal damage at his home at the weekend for breaking the lock on a gym door as he and his family and friends looked to indulge in a late night swim.

The Guardian reported this morning that the Danish striker was held by police on Monday about the incident but escaped arrest after detailing what happened.

To clarify the matter the 25-year-old striker also posted further details on his Instagram  account.



Gotta love the superfluous details about changing into shorts and having towels…

Anyway, it’s not the first time Nicky B has landed himself in trouble with the authorities during his time at Arsenal. There was some naughtiness with Lee Cattermole while on loan at Sunderland (hanging out with such a ruffian usually punishable by beheading in our opinion) while he also got himself banned from driving in Denmark.

Let’s hope the man formally known as B52 enjoyed some ‘top bombing‘ for his troubles…

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not a proffesional footballer

hurts to see someone waste talents, especially something as big as football

Old Man Flam

I was all for giving him one last chance – regardless of what many people say he does have the talent. But in only 3 months he’s called on his full repertoire of fuck-tardery to completely blow it. Needs to go in January if we can find any sort of replacement as back-up, know the winter window is far from ideal but we’re one injury away from depending on him.

Richard Marshall

Agree. I’d rather see us punting on Chuba, Benik or Yaya than this waste of talent…


yes, it’s sad. i have always tried to stick up for him and hoped his obvious talent would someday be married to a strong work ethic but i think he’s burnt all his bridges now. time to let him leave for nothing in january and bring a decent backup in if sanogo can’t be relied on yet.


Time for us to finally give Joel Campbell a shot! He is absolutely lighting it up at Olympiakos


Joel Campbell’s not really lighting it up. He’s been mostly a sub and has only scored in comfortable wins.


About as useful unlocking doors as he is defences!


Thank you for bringing Nightswimming back into my life!


You think his problem with unlocking a door might explain to us why upto now he’s found i hard to unlock a new career at some other club that is not Arsenal.?????


Each summer AW leads him to the door but Bendtner fails to unlock it. He does not break that door because he is afraid of the debt collector BFG.


How I wish he was a wrecking ball on the pitch as he is off it!


I heard the door just bounced off his shin and ran harmlessly wide.

Why is my name required

There’s nothing positive about this guy, is there? Good grief.


I don’t know about that,he looks a bit sexy swinging on that wrecking ball.


He’s certainly lost those extra pounds

poliver girolski

His resemblance to Miley is uncanny.. right down to the stupid f****g haircut!


He appears to be a good father, if only he can apply those responsibilities to his career


Stupid sexy bendtner.


Let’s give him a break guys.
As long as he still plays for AFC, i’ll continue to wish him well. Even if its for selfish reasons.

Dave Gooner

A break?…sure we will.

Someone drain that pool.

Mildly Amusing Name

So he know what a door is then?

This only poses more questions as to why he STILL HASN’T FUCKING LEFT YET.



Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wenger locked the door in September and took away his keys. Little did Wenger realise that Nicky didn’t know how they worked anyway.


I just had a look at his Instagram account. The guy has full on hate mail on his comments.


It’s a shame – but he really doesn’t do himself any favours


No, he can’t be trusted with a glass of wine after dinner. He can break ‘n’ rape!


Sounds like Nicolas had way too much time on his hands!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, he has, hasn’t he? Not been playing much football these last 3 years.


Since his failure to convince the world that he is TGSTEL he is now working on TGCTEL. The greatest criminal that ever lived.


I thought the C stood for something else…


Complete and utter moron. If he spent more time keeping his head down and training hard and being a proper team player, I’m sure he would be challenging Giroud up front.
Sucks for you Nik, as Giroud came, saw and conquered.


Veni, vidi, handsomi.


You know when you say to someone, ‘……….you know where the door is…’ , something tells me that you may have to explain just a little bit further for our Nicklas.


I hear you but I like to think I treat people with respect unless they give me reason to act otherwise. Despite how his career is going/gone at Arsenal, he is still really just a kid and some people should be ashamed about what they have written on his photos. Not in the spirit of the game for me.


Absolutely not condoning the abuse he gets on his Instagram account. In fact, I’d worry more about the kind of people who leave those comments, but trouble seems to follow Nick around a bit too closely.


Please just show this wasteman the door (pun unintended).


In My Opinion,* Bendtner gets a lot of stick from fans which is not always justified. I do not disagree that his attitude isn’t deemed worthy of a professional fotballer but you have consider the things he’s been through from a realistic view. Almost lost his mother to cancer, benched after putting us through to COC Final, became 3rd choice after Chamakhs arrival (compare their international career), not to mention his off-field problems. He’s obviously not responded well but then again not everyone reacts in the same manner. He’s made it public on various occasions that he wants to leave… Read more »

Ian McF

I get what you’re saying and its a mature outlook but as a fan I want whats best for the club and I don’t think he should be starting any games for Arsenal. By lower level opposition in the PL do you mean the Cardiff side that just drew against United, or the Sunderland side that won against Man City? We are top but we cannot take anything for granted in what is essentially the most competitive domestic league in the world. He is not a good character to have at the club regardless of his personal and professional difficulties,… Read more »


will he ever know and learn he is in a privileged position as a well paid profesional footballer.could of left several times but was just happy to get his 50 grand or so from AFC and see his contract out, then has the audacity to blame the club for not letting him go, not sure he will ever fulfil any dreams because he never had any, only fantasies on his own perceptions.

Harish P

I hope Barcelona or Real Madrid make a very nice offer for him this January. Loadsa money please.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, he’s a Sunderland level player at best now, and a risk for any team that takes him on because he doesn’t appear to put enough effort/focus into his work (kind of like that other perennial under-achiever Adebuywhore). He could have been so much more, but teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid only ever try to poach our best players. Bendtner doesn’t fit that category as almost every footballing/career decision he (or his agent?) has made since he joined Arsenal (including his decision to join Arsenal?) has been the wrong one. I won’t consider him a cunt when he leaves,… Read more »


I like Bendtner for the clown he is! I mean, its annoying to see him take up a space as member of our squad but come on! the guy is 25 and likes wine and to smoke cigars. He ended up at Arsenal at 16 and was managed by his dad. (still is) I think he is funny! More fun next year when he is not at arsenal. Everyone has a friend who cant control himself and gets in to trouble and gets too boozy but these friends also make life more fun. Bendtner is one of those guys, he… Read more »

Richard Marshall

It’s less fun when you’re the guys paying him 50k a week to act like a douche. 😉

Harish P

I think Wenger has given him more than enough chances, and all he got in return is a golden shower. I don’t like Bendtner at all, he doesn’t fight for the ball, looks happy to not fulfill his potential, and he brings problems on himself. He’s not even a kid anymore, at the tender age of 25. He’s run out of excuses, and I cannot wait further for Podolski and Sanogo to return so Bendtner can’t even make the bench. That said, I don’t remotely feel he deserves to be booed – he’s an Arsenal player whether we like it… Read more »


As a person I just believe in the concept that whatever I do in this world, I want to have a net positive contribution. Posting vile and really messed up things on someone’s social media profile, no matter how much you may dislike him, is pointless to me and only feeding negativity to an already shitty situation for both club and player.


I really don’t get why people even follow people they dislike on social media.

I mean, I know it’s because they’re addicted to outrage and want any excuse to show the world how angry they are, but fuck me, find something better to do.

Black Hei

Unless the person you dislike is John Terry. Just admit it, you secretly agree too.


For a man who is a millionaire, breaking a door seems like the poor choice when you could literally own a locksmith company.

Nick De Prop

The greatest swimmer that ever lived.


He seems like a bull in a continuous (and successful) search of a china shop.

Arsene's Zip

His Royal Twatness is currently the most read story on the whole of BBC News:


It’s sad to see someone with so much potential throwing it all away.
We can’t keep giving him one more chance. Maybe the shock of terminating his contract will give him the kick up the arse he needs

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We won’t terminate his contract. We have no legal grounds to do so. It either expires or everybody agrees to a transfer. He isn’t going to learn anything new from Arsenal now. He’s past that stage.

Alex X

One Red Key Fob, there’s only One Red Key Fob, One Red Keeeeey Fob….

Yankee Gooner

“We got a pool and a pond. Pond be good for you.”


I think at this point most of us just want to see him go. If he had come back and worked his arse off that would be one thing, but he’s looked disinterested when he should’ve realised that this is his last chance to raise his stock ahead of his next move.

Bodrum Gooner

I think some of you are being a little unfair on TGSTEL. It must be most frustrating for one not to be able to access one’s swimming pool/gym after a bite to eat with friends. I myself would feel completely humiliated in front of my chums. After such a traumatic evening as that, I hope that Arsene will do the sensible thing and rest TGSTEL against Marseille tonight.

Wenger's Zipper

…and you wonder why deserving people like Diaby get to be so unfortunate! This world is unfair!

Yankee Gooner

Thumbs down for Caddyshack? What world.


Is it ok to masturbate to the above image? TGSTEL OUT VUCINIC IN I say

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

One hand to do the job, the other to shield the face from your view? That’s acceptable.

One hand to do the job, the other to shield the body from your view? You’re Nicklas Bendtner.


He swims when he wants,
He swims when he wants,
Niklas Bendtner,
He swims when he wants!


Celebrating the win on saturday??? And what exactly did he contribute to that win? Been crying on the last couple if weeks bou how much he wants to leave. I’ve always defended NB but afterrec

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He could hardly do anything else without attracting criticism. Strange that you are offended enough by him being happy the team won that you felt the need to complain about it.


But after his recent attitude and behaviour don’t really know how i can. *


If you have watched the movie “Mr. Bean”; you might remember the scene were the security man has to shoot down the bathroom door after bean mixed laxative on his coffee. Somehow, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read this news.:-)

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Hey look, who hasn’t tried to boot in the door of your private pool after a family meal out? Bendtner is a bit of a cock, but other than the drink driving (and we were willing to forgive the skipper quickly enough) what has he done that’s so bad? I know there’s a list but really, I’m sure you and I have done much worse with less spare time while in our twenties. His biggest crime is that he’s not quite lived up to the hype in his own head. While he wears the red and white I for one… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, he had family and friends to back him up. it’s quite possible the lock did malfunction. Haven’t we all accidentally broken something at home when it stuck or jammed and we thought a little bit of percussive maintenance or a harder tug would fix it? This is a molehill made up to look like a mountain.

Black Hei

Not only did he break down the door. He broke the windows as well. Messed up the place too. Said the rest of the job wasn’t done by him.

There is a lot of frustration and resentment within that young man. I think he needs to just play football regularly. He looked happy during the League Cup game which is why it is a real shame that he has since reacted in such a manner.

Black Hei

Skipper went on and volunteered at AA. What the hell did Bendter do? Point middle fingers with Selfies.

Not Piers Morgan

As much as I love Rambo, Jack et al I do have a sneaking suspicion that ol’ Nik would be the one you’d most enjoy bumping into on a night out – even if I won’t give a fishes tit when that door slams.


Super Nic will always be a legend in my books because:
1. The Christmas goal against sp*rs when he scored a header with his first touch after coming on as a sub.
2. Being the first to suss out adebayor

not piers morgan

i was having a poo earlier and thinking about life, arsenal, boobs and all the normal sort of stuff and it dawned on me that I’d made a really stupid omission…Woj, now that’s the guy you want to run in to, or maybe Santos (def Mers or Adams previously). NB52, you’re not particularly good at football, certainly not good enough to start with the silly haircuts and general Seven Sisters Rd type behaviour. Grow up, grow a pair or bugger off Sonny Jim. Ta

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