Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mesut Ozil: The Difference

Another cracker from our pal Culann Davies.

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Brilliant video and our best player, can’t believe people have been giving him stick. Just wait until him and Theo hit top form it’s going to be a crime scene.

Gandalf's Kebab

Dissing the Ö is just a wannabe pundits way of appearing to be clever and insightful: throwing shit at a wall and seeing if it sticks


Absolute cracking video. But i sincerely would not label him our best player. Yes he is our Marquee player and one that scares the shite out of opposition, but based on this seasons form, i couldn’t say he’s our best player. Not when Aaron has grabbed every Arsenal Player of the Month award since the start of the season.


Who cares whether hes our ‘best player right now’ or not – hes fucking awesome. Glad we have him and the rest the squad who are playing their asses off. People who give him stick are dummies. Directing negativity at a player doesnt help – its an obstacle not a motivation.

DL Gooner

It’s his first season, he’s only gonna get better. He’ll be the best player in the league in a couple of years.


“It’s going to be a crime scene” might be my new favorite saying

Jamesy Boy

With Ozil’s through balls, Giroud’s flicks, Walcotts runs, Cazorla’s turns, Rosicky’s pressure, Ramsey’s stamina, Wilsheres Passion, Mertesacker’s Positioning, Koscielny’s Reading, Sagna’s Bravery, Scezezny’s Confidence and Podolski’s power, how can we fail…..!!!! Cummon You GUNNERS.!!!!

Jack's Right Foot

And Bendtner’s passion!

Thanis Lim

You mean Bendtner’s confidence ~


No room for Gibbs?


Not forgetting:
Flamini’s Beastiness and Arteta’s Professionalism


His balls are equisite …

Gunner 4 Ever

Jamesy Boy love your comment.At a recent game my 8 year son told me we are going to win the league this season and who am I to argue!.I know its been a while,the belief is growing and the positive is coming,there is too much quality. I would like to say Arsene Wenger was gift to our club,a man of vision,a man with qualities which are very rare,long may he continue.X. with much love to Mr. Pat Rice.X.

Ozils Ear

Those lyrics.. meaningful.


Umm yes thank you very much. Culann you are a true gent sir

Thanis Lim

Simply Ozilicious!

Gandalf's Kebab

Really love the vid though. Even though it’s tool assisted via stats it’s miles beyond your standard YouTube tribute vid. Especially love the uses of contrast and slo-mo, and the opening shots – which I don’t think I have seen before – were classy

Magic Al

Don’t care what anyone says, he is world class & would miss him a lot if he wasn’t on the pitch. His pen against Marseille was not good & hope he’s learnt from that but showed his class by assisting our 2nd goal. Essential player for us


Hey! Henry and Bergkamp missed penalties too! It’s no big deal! The chances he creates I would urge Walcott especially to brush up on his finishing! He is essential to the Arsenal way! Let’s all just stop mentioning that penalty! Just do your thing Oz…


You mean bendtner’s confession


He is world class. But recent performances have not been good enough.
More desire, please.


I’m sure you’ll see plenty of “desire” at Tony Pulis’ Crystal Palace. Go support them if that’s all you’re interested in.

I, meanwhile, will be watching pure footballing alchemy as Professor Wenger sprinkles Ozil dust across Europe. Hmm, now someone pass the Santi to him, I think he’s had another stroke of genius.


Hands up…who’s been pissing on Fatgooner’s cornflakes again?

Özil Gummidge

Great stuff. Top quality porn.

Mikey McGee

Dayum, I have to say this boy Ozil’s class. Long may this class last, and we sure are in with a shout of a trophy. I won’t stipulate which, but none that we are competing for are beyond us. A good backup at forward required at Christmas? Poddy back, Ox back soon… 4 points clear… Dare I say but we could be within a shout at a real good tilt at the title. Who can usurp HFB up front? Cazorla (one of our best) struggling to get a start, Wilshere starting to show his promise and no doubt that the… Read more »


Could watch this guy all day.


I cannot understand how some are complaining about his performances. What do they expect? Hollywood assists and screamers every game? The team is winning when he’s playing. Thats what matters.

But this video makes me realise how many chances we’re wasting. He’s creating so many goal scoring opportunities.


Absolutely! And when he finds this “form” of his, it’ll only get better! The fact is that we’re doing better with his “off form” than without him, as some people fail to see…


He would only get better at his dead ball. Cr7 had them all at Madrid so chill Gunners!, we can only get better. Thank God


*goes to drawer and get new pair of pants*

Parisian Weetabix

*no pants left in drawer due to excessive soiling over the course of the season, so goes commando to shop to purchase more*


cant help but think Ozil would be much more effective with another player to run onto his balls…theo is great, but at times Giroud is a bit slow, so limits Ozil. Giroud has been great, but I would like to a change of pace guy (I guess we all would)

My brother is pregnant

I would love to run onto his balls

Zorro in the box

Someone with the finishing of Chicharito?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But Ozil is supposed to have the skills to put the ball where Giroud can use it, not to put the ball where Giroud would have been if he was as fast as Walcott is.

It is up to Ozil to find the balls that Giroud can use rather than replacing Giroud with a sprinter to suit Ozil. We are toldzil is world class, and who would argue? But world class ball players adapt to the players around them, so that is fully what I expect to happen.


After just 3 months and about 15 games, I have been totaly convinced on Mezut Ozil’s valuable worth to the team. And this video compilation convinced me even further that he can, will & already have made a big difference to our attacking play.


Still can’t believe we have this top top top player, good days lads….. Ozil ( quote )….. I AM A GUNNER 🙂


The only thing disappointing about that video is seeing how many times Arsenal didn’t score when Ozil created a great move.


I love Ozil and have done so for many years but i really do wish he was a bit more like Santi and could use his right peg for a bit more than standing. You could literally count the number of touches he takes with his right foot on one finger. Great video though, cant’t wait to see even more awesomeness with Theo back and Poldi only a few weeks off too.


I think ozil is our best player simply because of his assists aka unselfishness ! Unselfishness promotes togetherness in a team , it promotes mutual respect to the highest order and it promotes responsibility and not to forget, confidence (with each other) . The last , which drives the pulp of our team currently ! After missing that penalty , he assisted the second one from a position where he could have scored himself ! It just spoke volumes of positivity to our whole team and wow ! What if every one learnt and wasn’t selfish in front of goal… Read more »


I like the idea we have attack nuts.


Sad to hear that Pat Rice has been admitted to hospital for cancer treatment.
Get well soon Pat ‘Tasty goal’ Rice.


the people who say he has been off form lately don’t understand football and can’t see true world class quality and only see the people who score goal and all the chance he created has been wasted and nobody try to make some smart run


Seems like i can’t watch this video in my country for some author rights reason. Wait, i want to see the Difference too. Since a gooner never gives up, i have a brilliant idea: i’ll just go on Arseplayer and watch every game of the season. Again.

The way this team plays, it will be like a 1500 mins highlights video.

You can’t stop an Arsenal fan. Never!

giorgios karelias

That’s the spirit!

Although I’d like to save you some time there, in the hope that you’ll believe me when I say that “he, royally, kicks butt”. 🙂


Breaking News: New words in dictionary…”Ozil”. Meaning- to be helped out or assisted with something. “Ozilation”. Meaning- the process of being given aid or assistance. 😀

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ozillate: To move or swing back and forth rapidly in a dazzling rhythm, leaving dazzled defenders in your wake before placing an inch perfect pass at the feet of your teammate.


Brilliant Calum! The unseen work by Ozil unmeasurable by statistics…unless you count assists of course.:D Love the accurate cross field balls which switch our focus from flank to flank quicker. Also infinitely better set piece deliveries. Where we were beginning to look a little toothless with direct free kicks, Ozil adds an extra option to the locker (penalty miss excepted) What both Ozil and Flamini (and to some extent Rosicky) add to the team is they get us moving quicker. What a midfield. We have the German playmaker, last great Czech playmaker, potentially one of Spain’s playmakers (there are of… Read more »

Ronnie Shumba

Yho yho YHO …..passionate tears running down my cheeks….. realise some things you dont notice in 90 or you forget because of a bad game ….


Brilliant stuff!!! Patiently waiting for a Giroud flick video… If there is one could someone please kindly point me to a really good one!


Or a Giroud skin flick.


How come blogs hasn’t done an article on pat (Elton) rice?


His backheel to jack in the marseille game can make into this list

Edward M

Nice precis of Ozil’s contributions so far. A real natural talent and settling in well. All signs are there is hunger for success and determination to do well.


His a great player and a good addition to the squad.more will come. Lets be patient


It’s beyond beautiful!

All of that in a handful of games.


His signing has lifted the players, the fans, the whole club.
Up the arsenal

Oh yes.

On mute, it’s a great video.

Zaharaddeen Getso

Wenger should really treat anceloti to dinner for letting us have that awesome player. Up gunners

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