Monday, February 26, 2024

Vermaelen limps out of Belgium training

Arsene Wenger’s squad seem to be doing quite well at wriggling out of international commitments so far this week.

Five World Cup qualification double-headers aside, most countries have begrudgingly organised pointless friendlies to pass the interlull (a kind of football equivalent of a blind date in which neither party wants to pick up the bill, let alone get laid) and the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the players is palpable.

On Monday the German FA confirmed that Mesut Ozil and Per Mertesacker had stayed in London due to illness and will be assessed again later in the week, yesterday the Czech football authorities revealed Tomas Rosicky had a note from his mum confirming something similar while the Polish medical team were informed by Wojciech Szczesny that he’d injured himself ‘sleeping’.

Given he did this to Phil Jones’ head it and survived unscathed that seems unlikely to say the least…

Adding to the list, it appears Thomas Vermaelen quit Belgium’s training session this morning complaining of a pain in his ankle although he does think he’ll be able to play on Friday against Colombia.

While the usual reaction at Arseblog News towers would be to fear the worst we’re feeling pretty relaxed about the current state of affairs and suspect it’s more a case of the boys recognising the importance of taking a break before the Christmas schedule kicks in. Well we’re hoping it’s that anyway.

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Hoping to hear soon about a hair niggle ruling Giroud out of the qualifiers.

Parisian Weetabix

I heard Bendtner pulled out of the Danish squad due to indigestion.


strangely enough, he does well for denmark


Less pressure when plying for his national side i guess. plus they see him as their saviour, their GSTEL. He channels their spirit and becomes immortal in intnl matches…he also promotes paddy power shorts once every 5 years….expect something new 2017.


Interesting interview with Bendtner here. Google translation is fairly good:


“Basically, it is unfair to pork me when I had my club transfer in place in the summer and Wenger told me to be.”


The prhase “svine mig til” means ‘slagging me off’. Svine coming from Svin which means swine/pig.


Santi and Nacho have to fly to Equatorial Guinea and South Africa over the next 10 days. I’d be even more concerned if I had a clue where Equatorial Guinea is!

Having said that, they’ll probably come back fine and Theo will suffer a setback popping around the corner to get some milk for his tea.

Master Bates

Some has to give Diaby some company

gunner for ever

Equatorial Guniea is located in the central part of Africa.


Its on the equator too. About half way between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and all the way between the North Pole and the South Pole.

Thierry Walcott

I’m a South African Gooner so despite naturally not wanting Santi taking part in international frendlies I’m stoked about seeing our short magician go up against our national team, but I also don’t see him scoring against our number 1 who’d be great as Sczezny’s competition by the way haha. Plus I think Carzorla will feel sort of at taller and bigger down here with the size of our players being quite average.


Anyone heard about Theo?

glory hunter

@ bitchplease, no! what happened to Theo?


He’s training with the ladies preparing for Glasgow City!

Olivier Giroud

My mum won’t write me a note 🙁


“…note from his Mum….”

You really are a piss-taking bastard.

Keep it up Blogs. Fucking hilarious.


Can’t be only me that reads these type of things and always thinks – oh shit.

Whereas when I read about the Skunk pulling out of the Dutch squad yesterday (something I never recall him doing when with us, by the way) I immediately thought – why, you no good, malingering, jazz-handed, lying, miserable, Dickie Davies headed, traitorous, Judas cunt.

Come to think of it, I always think that when I see him. Don’t know why.


As a side note: Loved how Flamini almost killed Jones after that incident with Szcz


Didn’t notice that. Now I want to see it.


I want a link, like right now.



I think the fellas are learning how to ‘fake it.’


Mikel Arteta has been telling them all about the dancing girls and bouncy castles Wenger lays on for his non internationals during the interlull

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Dancing girls in bouncy castles? How does he manage all that and still keep his hair so perfect?


Mikel has a worzil gummidge like collection of heads – his party head is quite mental looking


Even cyborg vermaelen has his kryptonite……
Fellainis dandruff.


What of Ozil?

Dr Baptiste

Did you read the article? Go back and try again


So from where exactly did he do the photoshoot in the germant kit. if he quote “had stayed in london”

Mr Obvious

London. You are allowed to wear a German kit in London.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He flew out a day late. I assume Mertesacker will join the German squad in a day or two.

gunner for ever

I usually don’t enjoy reading transfer gossip coz most of them are just fake speculation and almost each and every line of the news,i can write it by myself with out getting any source just by trying to make informed guess based on the clubs and players recent situation. I am on a very big exception period till January transfer window just to hear some news about the possible arrival of new striker for us.We really need that to win something this season.May be Edin Dzeko,Karim Bezema,Fernando liorente or just some one “fox in the box” “a well proven goal… Read more »


“Fox in the box” just screams…

Francis “If Francis is the fox then you have the wrong box” Jeffers

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Jeffers was our fox in the box of cornflakes. Unfortunately he couldn’t kick his way out of it. Real shame, I was quite excited when he joined us.


Just shows – never ever get excited, no matter how much money is spent or what the manager says, when the guy your club just bought looks like they work at B&Q..

Franny looked like a pasty version of Adrian Mole…


Jeffers. He was great with his 2 spells at my local Newcastle Jets club down here in Oz. And with Gallas now signed for Perth glory, it seems former Gunners players are finding new homes here. Enough to tinkle my interest in the game locally. Just waiting for Henry to sign for sydney FC 🙂

Jay Bee

Think its all in the plan to catch some rest ahead of Xmas schedule

palace gunner

I dont blame them, coyg

palace gunner

Two friendly games, is no contention to c/lge, f.a cup or world cup qualifiers is not important schedule

Daft Aider

Jack Wilshere has pulled out due to an itchy bottom, irritating arseholes are as usual a cause for concern in the England team


You deserve a million recommends for that! 🙂


I fucking hate interlulls, but would love to hear how fellow irishman blogs feels about roy keane as assistant to martin o’neill. Surely he has an opinion or two on the appointment to save me from these torturous friendlies.


God is great, its an interlull and MOTT THE FUCKING HOOPLE are at the o2. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeewwe!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think I can guess how you’re spending the interlull.


It would seem no Hoople fans here. Basteads, you are all too young.

Tony Hall

“Jack Wilshere has pulled out due to an itchy bottom, irritating arseholes are as usual a cause for concern in the England team”

That rules out half the fucking Chelsea team then!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nah, they like getting itchy bottoms as they have so many friends in the Press to scratch them or kiss them better.

Tony Hall

On a more serious note would like to see in January a big name striker to share the burden with the HFB, a new CB, maybe a new DM in the making and merciful zeus give the Bac a new damn contract already!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m sure Wenger knows we need a striker, and with the way Giroud plays I am also sure that the new striker will be played alongside Giroud regularly rather than playing instead of him, with Podolski and perhaps Theo replacing either of them occasionally to give them a rest. An additional skilled striker would give us even more flexibility in attack than we already have. One striker, two strikers, striker and number 10, we will be able to do it all with lethal style.


happy birthday Captain.

the only sam is nelson

if TV5 is limp then perhaps we need to stiffen the defence and should recall Le Coq from loan

*gets coat*


May have to monitor the situation. Even if Sagna can slot in as cover, he is much better deployed as our RB hands down.

If TV is injured, may need to take someone in for short term (or long term in January)

Wenger Burger

I miss coq jokes


I think Phil Jones’ cut looked worse just because it was on him the ugly manc bastard.

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