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Wenger confident as schedule gets tough

Arsene Wenger has acknowledged that Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures are likely to be testing, but says he’s confident his team can come through them successfully.

After the Mugsmashers visit to the Emirates tomorrow, Arsenal then face two daunting away trips to Dortmund, and then to Moe Syzlak’s struggling Manchester United. After a relatively kind start to the season, the quality of the opposition is increasing, but the manager says these games are important, not just in terms of what’s at stake, but also for him to gauge the level his team is at.

“It is an important period of course,” he said, “but I’m quite confident and you can see I’m quite relaxed because I have the complete confidence that we will deal well with it.

“I take it as an opportunity to show our strengths and I am completely sure that the players will be up for it and take this opportunity.

“In the kind of games that we play you always find out a lot about your squad. I don’t need to find out too much because we are a very stable team who, since January 1, has taken more points than anybody else.

“I learnt a lot about my team through the spring period when we had our backs to the wall and had to win every single game. I know how strong these guys are and how much they want it.”

With Mathieu Flamini, Theo Walcott, Lukas Podolski, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Serge Gnabry all missing, there isn’t much chance for Wenger to rotate his team, so the guys we have are going to have to dig deep.

However, the boss suggested that both Flamini and Walcott could return for the trip to Old Trafford next week.


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I really hope we do United at their place. It’d be a shame to miss out on the clown car of upsets their having.


although at this rate them beating us would be the upset…

Bould's Eyeliner

I’m honestly more significantly concerned by the form of Southampton’s defense…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Just realised how a score like that reads. Should have said 9-2 to Arsenal. I want us to pay the bastards back with interest. Come to think of it, I want their two goals to be own goals, so we’ll win 11-0.
They deserve to have the worst ever home defeat in the history of the Premier League. We can practice today by putting 6 past Liverpool.


Love the enthusiasm.. but let’s not be too eager.. I’ll take a 1-0 win at OT gladly

Arsene's handkerchief

Confident the lads will cut out the mistakes. It’s important we don’t lose, to be honest I think it’s pretty unlikely we will register 3 wins, but it’s imperative we don’t lose, keep the unbeaten league run going and keep the mugsmashers and manure at bay. C’mon the Arsenal


last two matches in the league were 3:1 and 4:1 victories..and we’re unbeaten on the road…the hell with all the doom and gloom…UP THE ARSE!!!

double canister

The last League game was a 2-0 away win at Crystal Palace.


I meant home games obviously..typo


Lot’s of post-match close ups of Van Persie’s face should we beat them please.



when we beat them

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

At the end of the game I want to see them show David Mopes looking like he just got sacked, cut to RVP looking like he now knows why he should have chosen to stay with us, and then cut to Fergie who looks like he’s thinking “I’m a cunt. I got that twat the job”.


two victories out of the three matches would do and I would prefer them to be the league games. its a hard ask considering the injuries to our players but our starting 11 have been very resilient and it will show in the games.


If we want to advance from the CL group, it’s either at least one away win, or a gamble with two draws. I don’t see enough room for the luxury of choosing. On the other hand, pool and utd won’t be there contending for the title by the end of the season, thus the more important games will be with chelzki and city. However, beating utd 6:0 would go a long way to ensure they won’t be there contending.


We really have to beat United at OT this season. Sure they’ll be up for it to prove their own point, but we need to get back at them for that defeat a couple seasons ago.. They kicked us while we were down, hope we can do the same.

glory hunter

Lets get Liverpool out of the way 1st.

But the fact that Man Utd will believe they can beat us and will attack us, should be to our advantage, especially if Flamini returns we’ll hit the cunts on the counter and hopefully tear them to shreds.


Easy to have doubts after the last couple of weeks but most mugsmashers I’ve spoken to had doubts of their own. Start with confidence and press them hard from the beginning and we’ll control the game.


Based on ECI figures. Against Manure and Mugsmashers the chances of points are:

0 – 8.2%
1 – 18.9%
2 – 8.1%
3 – 31.8%
4 – 21.8%
6 – 11.2%

Dr Öö

What are ECI figures?


Beat united at oldshitford and make me the happiest man on earth. I hate them so much especially when that fat-redface-shit was still in charge recieving unbelievable bias from referees. Gosh! It was so painful to watch at times


I pray we score 1st in all our tough games because i notice that we are more relaxed and approach the game with a normal attitude, we kinda let the teams have possession and hit them on the break with our pace and decisive passing..check(napoli,tottenham,norwich,stoke) but we seem to struggle when our opponents score first check(westbrom,dortmund,chavs) all i ask is for us to score first and unsettle our opponents so they would come at us then we hit on the break. But i think we also need to find a way to come back strongly in games we fall behind… Read more »

Woolwich Peripatetic

Every team looking to win struggles when their opponents score first. Dortmund being a classic case, we were pushing for a win at 1-1, they merely wanted a draw. That said, we never used to be able to hang onto a 1-0 win, like Barca we were just horrible without the ball.


last year we I think we set a record for coming back form losing positions, but I do think it is different this year.

Gooner til the end

Big week ahead.

Come on Gunners!!!


My predictions for our next four games
arsenal 3 vs 1 liverpool
dortmund 1 vs 2 arsenal
manure 0 vs 2 arsenal
arsenal 3 vs 0 southampton
Very possible i say, lets prove to the massive c*nts that we are title contenders albeit i woun’t be surprise if they still doubt us after such run, they are c*nts remember they will always doubt!
Combg!(come on my beloved gunners)

double canister

No way Southampton’s defence is going to ship 3 goals.
1-0 to the Arsenal will suffice.

I’d love to see Lawro’s, Owen and Hansen’s faces tomorrow night trying to explain how we done over the mugshashers.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Distracted them by leaving a fancy car parked by the side of the pitch with the keys in the ignition?

glory hunter

This might sound a bit dramatic, but surely we deserve some good fortune from mother nature. We try to play football the right way, entertaining millions. We give kids from all over the world a chance to have a football career. We have a manager that actually respects every single individual and treats them equally. We are a self sustaining club, with no wealthy benefactors. We have a business model that actually works. I don’t think any club deserves success more than our great club, its been almost unfair this last few years. But the best part is whatever happens… Read more »


Very true that we are a gentleman club .
However as history has shown us , there is no karma or “it all evens up in the end” … The universe simply does not care . Victory rarely depends on good or bad morals .

We will win because we are strong !
Up The Arse


Ah bless.


I don’t quite get the negativity over the couple of weeks. Sure we lost to Dortmund and the Chavs. But I don’t think it was as worse as some defeats we’ve had over the years. We got sucker punched in the Dortmund match and the Chelsea match wasn’t a priority for us. Anyways big games ahead.Hope we see them through. COYG!


for negativity, see this summer prior to ozil’s arrival. there have been a few negative comments recently, but the vast majority of us seem to be coping with losses better these days (not really suprising considering we signed mesut effin ozil).
liverpool genuinely frighten me for this weekend, the result will have an impact on both squads (and probably the title race). I’ll go for a 2-1 arsenal victory, honestly just can’t see us keeping a clean sheet against suarez and sturridge.


Clean sheet? Easy. Suarez yellow in the 5th minute for dive, second yellow in 10th for biting kosz in the heel. Kosz gets yellow in the process for kicking out half of suarez’s teeth. 4:0 to the Arsenal.


We’l beat liverpool


in ten days time or so we’ll know if we really have a decent chance of winning the league or not.

it’s crunch time and i’m excited and nervous at the same time

this is what football is all about

The only Olivier is Giroud

Haven’t felt such a buzz for a match since the NLD to be honest! Gonna be off me face come game time… what happens would just determine whether it’s a good or a bad drunk 😀
Come on you beautiful GOONERS! TOP OF THE LEEAGUE! (Hell if I get like this while I’m sober, Lord help me for tomorrow…)


We’ll get 12 points from the next 4 games.


What’s the world coming to? Haven’t seen such positive attitudes on the team for a long time. Vital to win both our next games. Tricky fixtures continue with United, Southampton, Cardiff, Napoli. If we get the points, it will be a real positive and carry us through a difficult month. Think the team picks itself at the moment. The one thing I’d like to see is Jack deeper and next to Arteta and Ramsey further forward. Arteta is going to have to be imperious alongside an industrious Jack to suffocate them in midfield and cut off service to their front… Read more »

Arsene's Jacket

David Moyes is really flopping. I hope Dutch Skunk gets injured like in the good old days when he used to get injured at Arsenal. He used to be made out of ice


In past 8 seasons Wenger made similae remarks about being confident, attitude etc ahead of big games (eg vs top 4, CL) till we flopped out of all trophy runs to focus on the infamous ‘4th trophy’. This press cons usually, like prev years, talked about key players ‘coming back’. Ask ourselves…other than Ozil, wots really changed? IF flamini is key, he’s out anyway so same old. Wingers all out so where’s width so glaring lacking? From Wilshere? Don’t kid yourselves. Unless and until a manager with real calibre comes in, we’d be more/less same in Mar and Apr. We… Read more »


Not sure what you are on about. We just spent 42.3m quid in the summer on one player. We are likely to dip into the market for a striker but only if the opportunity presents itself. Frankly top quality strikers are a bit scant. We want someone different from Giroud. Napoli had a healthy appetite to push beyond the 40m mark with their budget on Higuain. Suarez was a mistake but we did bid 40m+1 (not exactly chum change). we waited too long IMO to get our back up (Michu) but there may be openings in January so no reason… Read more »


Can’t agree with your grammer, spelling, or sentence structure. But I agree with some of your points, people have short memories and Wenger coming out talking up mental strength and challenging usually comes right before a bad period. Before the summer most people thought we needed some more width, particularly on the left, a backup or first choice striker, a defensive midfielder, and a central defender. Flamini was a pretty good choice for one of those spots, and being free, even better. Ozil is an awesome addition, but now Wenger is trying play 4 attacking midfielders and we lack width… Read more »


Liverpool will come to stifle us in midfield with 5 and hope to take us apart on the break with SAS. Arteta will need some help. Personally prefer Jack sitting deeper near Arteta rather than Ramsey. The Welshman should be slightly forward to press them early and given opportunity to swap out wide with either Santi or Ozil. frankly, he is a bit wasted so far back where he does his best work for us higher up. So maybe : ………………………………………..Gigi………………………………………………… …………Santi………………………….Ramsey…………………………..Ozil………… ……………………………Jack……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………….Arteta……………………………….Sagna Gibbs……………………Koscielny……………………Per………………………………. Jack can drive through from deep between Santi and Ramsey. Ramsey to drop close to… Read more »

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