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Wenger hails defence and targets Dortmund

Arsene Wenger says his entire team deserve credit for Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Liverpool as the Gunners stretched their lead at the top of the Premier League to five points.

Goals in each half from Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey did the damage although the boss reserved special praise for the way his side defended as a unit.

“Our defensive performance was outstanding,” Wenger told press at full-time.

“We kept Sturridge, Suarez, Gerrard and then Coutinho and even Moses quiet. I think our defenders deserve a lot of credit as well.

“Aaron Ramsey is playing well, but the whole team… you cannot single anybody out today because the whole team played well.”

Asked whether the victory quashes suggestions his side can’t deliver when the going gets tough, the boss pointed to Arsenal’s consistency in 2013 and said they can take heart ahead of this week’s crunch Champions League game with Borussia Dortmund.

“I said we are consistent since the 1st of January 2013, with the same group. We have shown since our massive blip against Aston Villa, that we have been very consistent. We have 10 games, 25 points. It is a respectable number of points.

“We go from game to game, we have Dortmund on Wednesday, it is another big game, we are in a position where we want absolutely a result. This win puts us mentally in a better condition.

“We live in a world where we have to be questioned, where you are questioned. The only response we can give is on the football pitch, I said that many times. That is part of our job.”

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Incredible performance by the boys, Proud Gunner


To stifle Lewandowski is easier than holding back Suarez and Sturridge. Now we know what we are capable of. Maybe we can pass this test on the second time of asking. COYG

Gooner of Navarone

Lewandowski is more efficient that Suarez. That’s why he’s threatening. Hopefully, the Bosscielny has space for Lewa in his pocket.


This game will not be about stopping Lewandowski. Liverpool is pretty much a two man show. By not giving SAS any time on the ball we could control them pretty well. Great job, but Dortmund is dangerous all over the place. Klopp is a damn genius. If all the lads are switched on as they were yesterday (for 85 mins) we have a chance though.


I agree with you ID, there’s a big fundamental difference between those teams. Dortmund didn’t play Champions-final for no reason, and Liverpool in Euro League last season. But our defence, and THE WHOLE TEAM, indicated yesterday, that they can stop world class strikers, hopefully Van Persie and Rooney next Sunday. And despite our critics, Arsenal did quite well against Dortmund last time, except for Ramsay’s mistake and our strategy to go for a win instead of being content with 1-1. What worries me is all the injuries that is starting to take a toll on our team, with Wilshire and… Read more »


Not totally sure the medical team it to blame. I think there is an inherent risk when developing all these youngsters, the delicate flowers that they are. I’d suggest, and I must admit having done no research, that more mature players are a little robust. RVP was a nightmare but more recently has been relatively fit. Fabregas the same.


To think that lewa is their only threat is a mistake. Reus to me is also a big threat. Hopefully our defence could stifle the whole team. They would be a big threat in their home turf. This will be a very big test hope we’d pass with flying colours. COYG!!

Ak 47

I mean tough games ahead, but we started the tough run with an easy victory against liverpool. Won’t be surprise if we beat Dortmund and united come next week.


Arteta had a cracking game, protected the defence really well, but I would have given MOTM to Giroud. Even though he didn’t make the most of a few half-chances he had in the box, he did another fantastic job of pushing back the defence, holding up the ball and making space for Rambo and Santi behind him, which ultimately led to the goals. Bring on Dortumund!


BREAKING NEWS! the post apocalyptic humanoid beast AKA Luis Suarez that had been roaming the streets of the UK, causing racial unrest and biting Humans was finally captured by mountain ranger Laurent Koscielny and German counterpart known simply as the BFG. Rumor has it that this monstrosity was unleashed by its owner and creator American evil billionaire idiot doctor Paulrous Waco Henrystein. the disease control bureau of the Emirates were on hand to administer anti SAS and rabies shots and the beast will be transferred to the anfield wildlife society later today. The population of London and the UK as… Read more »

good assassin

Very nice.


Fantastic performance boys but now it’s time to focus on Dortmund! We were unfortunate and naive to lose at home to them, but it’s time for revenge! We have more than enough quality to get a win away from home if we concentrate and cut out the silly mistakes we made last time! So excited for this next game and then bring on skunky and his no good teammates! COYG!!!!!!!


Hopefully the travelling fans will be as intimidating as the Dortmund fans were at the Emirates. Damn, those f*ckn germans, too passionate about the game.

emir of emirates

with the solid defence unit we have and the way we play, it will be difficult to defeat us, with Rosicky, the first defender is the forward, we defend with determination as a unit, our attack is good, we just have to take it ‘one match at a time’ its our title to loose and we have our grip tightly on it. . . . Oh to be a gunner.!


Sas my bollix ha ha go on the arsenal what a performance


What a team performance. Never seen a team work so hard for each other as these boys did.
Outstanding, absolutely fantastic display from every single player. Privelege to witness it.


I would love if we defeat Dortmund 1-0, then tab 8 goals into the net of the Holand “dual” cunt’s team. Make my dream come true, God Ramsey.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

Have you prayed God Dennis yet?


when you see how wenger was orchestrating play so passionately from the sidelines last evening, you know that the hunger and fight in him is back. it’s obvious that the mentality is permeating through to the way the team is playing. amazing.


Dortmund, we are gunner gun you down! 😀 bring it on!


The longer we’re underestimated the better! Although I don’t think the teams will be as ignorant as the failed managers… sorry, pundits

Aussie Gooner

Heh. The look on Tony Pubis’ face in the studios last night when he was asked about Aaron Ramsey. 😀

palace gunner

Afc have a good away record, coyg lets blast this month to blitz gunners wins can do it,


Great result and an even greater team performance.
sas the most dangerous and prolific strike force in the league, were made to look below average.
Arteta was immense, I was worried about him as he has not played alot of football since his injury, but he played with maturity and did the dirty work exceptionally well.
It is frightening to think we still have Flamini, Walcott, Poldoski & Oxlade Chamberlain to come back into the team.

I am sure if we play like that in Germany, we can come away with another decent result.


Stefan schwarz

Hi I’m Stefan schwarz do you remember me


On a separate note, did Toure get a warm applause before/after the match. Hope he did.

Thoroughly decent person, our Kolo.


But he said before the match that he would show Arsenal that it was a mistake letting him go. Sure we taught him it was a mistake leaving Arsenal and taunting us after all these years.


Tough ask in Germany but the way this team is playing you just see us getting something over there. Hope we go to old Trafford next week and tear them a new one.


Anybody seen Gerrard yet? i literally forgot he was on the pitch and i’m not even trolling. When you win the midfield battle you have every chance of winning the game and boy did we ever!. Arteta did ever so well shielding the back 4, allowing his fellow flair midfielders (not that he isn’t!) to run the show. He still found time for a key pass to Sagna for the goal mind you. Brilliant performance allround. special mention to gibbo, kept popping up in midfielder and scared the hell out of a kolo toure numerous times. There was a time… Read more »


SAS seemed quite comfortable in mertescielny’s pocket yesterday. Brendan Rodgers face after the match was epic, just don’t know how a mediocre manager like him would want to be rubbing shoulders with our world class Wenger.


I just wanna break a lol boy’s heart on Sunday.
Looking at you Dutch skunk.

Tony Hall

And Shrek getting sent off for losing his cool in the process would be the icing on the cake 🙂


Thought Giroud was absolutely immense. Won every header he needed to, not just with flick-ons but knock downs to a team mate. The best holding up forward we’ve had since Alan Smith. Hats off to him from me.

lee gooner

Alan Hanson has recovered from his mystery illness and will be fully fit to criticise arsenal next week in time for their clash with everyone’s favourite Manchester united. “EH PAL CAN I BORROW A QUID FOR A SPECIAL BREW” said Alan 65 of nfa when asked about his illness.


@GeoffArsenal says we’re going back in for Suárez in January.


I wouldnt say rodgers is mediocre. I thought a couple of years ago we would be a contender to replace arsene…..but it was funny he didnt want to admit we outclassed them. To say the best team won but we created chances is just denial. We could of scored 5 on another day for god sake. Great game and put me in a good mood!


Rodgers is Overrated.

Would not want him to be Arsenal’s next gaffer.

Couldn’t use Sahin when he had him. Couldn’t beat Wenger tactically.

The Brendan Rodgers revolution will start to slide with some of the other chasing pack closing in.

Teri Maa Dhi

I always thought last season when Arsene kept mentioning about our run, he was way more enthusiastic about it then any of us- mainly because we had nothing to win.

It is clear now why he was so because I guess he foresaw that with that kind of consistency he knew what his team could be capable of. Which is why he speaks about the whole year, and is least surprised about our position, where as the majority of critics and observers are only judging us from august and seem baffled at our lead.


What the ‘critics’ have missed out on (of course) is the consistency we started to work into our game from second half of last season + improvements within individual players in the squad (Giroud, Ramsey etc) 42.3m was transformational but so was the continuity and improvements we had made organically. yet you still see flacid comments about how we only made the one big purchase (neglecting of course Flamini) and you still see rubbish about our mentality even after we had pulled ourselevs back out of the rut last season and claimed 4th. The media have discredited themselves. Hansen, Tommy… Read more »

Funky Gooner

It’s great to be a Gooner, great to see such such great football from such a great team….


And we can get better.

Poldy, Flamini, Walcott, Ox to return.

Jack, Gnabry, now Gibbs out.

Would be interested to see if Podolski can lead the line with Ozil in closer support.


Alan Hansen is a pussy. Was looking forward to seeing him squirm. From now on, it seems he’ll only come on MOTD if we lose. If Utd get their usual ref assisted win against us, watch him crawl out from beneath his rock. If we win, he’ll have another tummy ache. I swear, if I even see him I’ll scream ”UP FOR GRABS NNNOWW!” in his stupid, fat, botox riddled gypsy face.


“From now on, it seems he’ll only come on MOTD if we lose.”

So you’re saying you don’t expect to see him more than once or twice a season, then? If that?


10 game mark traditionally gives you an indication who will be challenging.

Apparently Newcastle halted the ‘Chelsea juggernaut’ yesterday. Not sure what kind of juggernaut can get halted by a wee team from the North East.

Claudio Mutua

Oh. To be a gooner


Defense was very solid. Arteta was at his very best but Perscielny have come into their own as one of Europe’s top pairings. Think we are in with a good shout at grabbing some points away at Dortmund even if it will be a difficult venue. Slight worry at LB with Gibbs out but Monreal in a sense is closer in standard to Keiran than the alternate at RB for Sagna at the moment. Monreal is a threat going forward but must take a page from Sagna and learn when to commit and when to cover at the back. If… Read more »


Funny to see the Spurs flatter to deceive as they struggled to move to second and are now in the peloton.

United are only 3 away from the Pretenders. Liverpool and Spurs will likely slide off come December. I expect both Manchester clubs will start to push upwards.

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