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Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea: by the numbers

46 – Minute in which Arsenal registered their first shot
2 – Shots Arsenal rang up in that final minute of the first half
0 – Shots Arsenal took in the first half that were from inside the 18 yard box
1 – Penalties Mike Dean should have awarded Arsenal in the first half which would have resulted in at least 1 Arsenal shot on goal from a prime position — in a tight match like this that would have made all the difference, especially considering the fact that Chelsea only created one shots from a prime position in the entire match
7 – Shots Chelsea took in the first half
1 – Shots Chelsea took from outside the 18 yard box in the first half
1 – Shots Chelsea took from prime areas in the first half
6 – Shots Chelsea took in the second half
0 – Shots Chelsea took in the second half from prime positions
5 – Shots Arsenal took in the second half
2 – Shots Arsenal took in the second half from prime positions (e.g. Giroud’s shot in front of goal)
11 – Backpasses Arsenal made in the first half
6 – Backpasses Arsenal made in the second half
7 – Backpasses Chelsea made in the entire match
5 – Tackles Arsenal made in the first half (5/11)
12 – Tackles Arsenal made in the second half (12/16)
9 – Tackles Chelsea got away with in the first half (9/12)
7 – Tackles Chelsea got away with in the second half (7/10)
26 – Clearances Chelsea forced Arsenal to make in the first half
16 – Clearances Chelsea forced Arsenal to make in the second half
1 – Second half clearances that were described by the television commentators as coming off “Mertesacker’s Meaty Forehead”
1 – Blocked cross by Mertesacker’s Black Forest Ham legs in the second half
13 – Clearances Arsenal forced Chelsea to make in the first half
23 – Clearances Arsenal forced Chelsea to make in the second half
7 – Clearances by John Terry in the second half
0 – Clearances by John Terry that were described by the television commentators as coming off “Terry’s Racist Blockhead”
13 – Clearances by Vermaelen (led all players)
10 – Clearances by Mertesacker
5 – Interceptions by Sagna (led all players)
4 – Interceptions by Vermaelen
2 – Misplaced passes by Mertesacker and Vermaelen combined (out of 115)
20 – Misplaced passes by Aaron Ramsey
17 – Number of Ramsey’s misplaced passes that were in the Chelsea final third
4 – Aerial duels won by Sagna (of six, led Arsenal)
7 – Aerial duels won by Torres (of 11, led Chelsea)
3 – Aerial duels won by Giroud (of 10)
4 – Aerials won by each of Ivanovich and Azpilicunta (they were both perfect, so was Cahill 3/3)
1 – High boots to Özil’s face that Ivanovich got away with
3 – Fouls called on Rosicky (led all players, the hatchet man)
1 – Fouls called on Obi-Mikel
0 – Fouls called on Obi-Mikel in that challenge with Mikel Arteta which should have been a red card

8 – Key passes by Hazard, Lampard, and Willian (key passes are passes which lead to a shot)
6 – Successful dribbles by Hazard, Lampard, and Willian
6 – Key passes by Ramsey (2), Walcott, Gibbs, Giroud, and Özil
4 – Successful dribbles by those same players
2 – Number of last season’s MVP players that were left on both benches (Mata and Cazorla)


All stats today via various Opta-based outlets as I have a tooth that needs attending. Not sure which will be worse, the dentist, or this game.

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0 goal by either Arsenal or Chelsea..which couldn’t make the difference between the two teams!


which could make the difference.

not couldn’t. 🙂


The usa halftime commentator Robert Earle said “That is a bad tackle, it’s a certain red card… I’d tell obi mikel you’re a cheat and you’re a coward.”


Wenger: “it was a penalty 100%”

Neville: “Definite penalty”

5 year old baby: “pelanty!!”

Mike Dean: ” what is football?”


It wasn’t a great tackle at all..both stretching and Mikel is late, I’m not sure he was meaning to buckle Arteta through, definitely a penalty though, Willian got none of the ball and clipped Walcott’s feet, then that fat cunt Lampard has the cheek to push Walcott for diving. Cunt.

I though bringing on Podolski was an option, started to get a lot of possession and his finishing and composure was needed..I can see him starting against West Ham, Cazorla for Ozil too


Intent doesn’t matter. Mikel might not have intended to slide in late and studs up on Arteta’s shin, but he did, so red card.

Clock End Mike

Does it?

I thought intent only counted when it came to handball. When tackling, any tackle that’s reckless or which uses excessive force (ie, could have caused a serious injury) is a card, whether intentional or not, surely?


Giroud let us down today. Want to see more from podolski!


Ivanovic – bigbubblybutt/10


If Giroud looked like Luke Chadwick everyone would be slating him.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

In the last 21 games that Mike Dean refereed a match involving Arsenal, AFC won 3 games. Get this man to a retirement home.


This is why Fergie being able to blacklist certain refs was such a massive advantage. He should not ref Arsenal games.

Infidel Castro

I believe we’ve never won the League whilst being top at Christmas? Also will be nice to have a break and not having to hear from the usually rabies infected so called pundits on whether we can challange this season, because being the fair bastards they are they will now turn their attention towards Liverpool and ask whether they can last the pace…..when I say ‘they’ I meant the ugly beaver upfront who is currently on fire like a KKK members burning cross.


Players lack self belief tbh. Gone is the title untill they discover that in themselves. Everything is there quality, leadership, depth, spirit but belief that we can really do it is lacking.

I honestly think through this 8 years the players have forgotten how to be champions. i would love to be proved wrong ofcourse


2 points out of the last 3 games , we have to get our shit together


0- no. of retrospective action FA is going to take over Ivanovic karate kick and Mikel’s lunge.


Team’s confidence in aility to score is begining to ebb away, there is a need for a shake up come west ham. Rest ozil and bring in carzola and podolski to support Giroud. its time wenger went all Gung Ho on a team in the league before we lose the fear factor. Wish all you Gooners a Merry Christmas


7- number of matches since giroud scored a goal for arsenal


2 – times Özil was in a perfect shooting position but refused to do so


If I was being negative I would say – Arsenal can kiss the title good-bye even though they are level on points with ‘pool at the top (Who won’t get that far either). – Ramsey and Giroud have reverted back to their 2012 form. – Ozil isn’t a flop but he isn’t a hit either (Compare him to Sanit and Poldi’s first seasons with us) – Arsene seems to have lost his mojo again If I was trying to put a positive spin on it, I would say – Arsenal players are playing badly as a protest against the club… Read more »


Wow. You’re a real halfwit.

Mr. Dhoan

Actually the 2 points from the last 3 games are not bad, we had a draw with one of the best defensive side in the leauge (Neverton), a draw with a very defensive Chelski (I’m pretty sure, if it wasn’t raining yesterday, we would have won) and a loss against Shitty (with a bit of luck, we could have a draw at Etihad too). I don’t understand the Giroud and Arteta criticisms. Giroud had two chances: a slippery volley (in heavy rain) and a one-touch one (which was “saved” by Cech), that’s not a bad performance considering that he rarely… Read more »

RJ Gooner

I cant believe how negative some fans are being! Yes the last 3 league games haven’t been great by any stretch of the imagination but we r still joint top of the league!!!

if you had given me that opportunity before a ball was kicked in august, i would of snatched it like being offered a Christmas bonus at work!

look on the positive side, we r top of the tree at christmas and a good result against west ham on boxing day keeps us there.

merry Christmas my fellow gooners….. And smile!


Ozil has 4 goals and 8 assists in 15 games. Decent….defo not a flop!


He is a flop. I bought him in football manager and he scored 15 goals and had 26 assists. No doubt all my friends who are saying he is a flop must be comparing the effect he has in football manager with real world. 😛

Boombastic Shaggy

Vermaelen was really really captain fantastic.


We’re second place on goal difference. This is a very good place to be. It’s an incredibly tight league and the top teams will all continue to drop points regularly.

These are happy days compared to past years and yet everyone just wants to be miserable. Merry Christmas!

Eric Irish gunner

Mike dean is a little wanker who thinks he’s important, Walcott defo peno, we are joint top and would of took that at start of season so still in good position, 6 minutes away from win at Everton and could of won last night so with the games coming up hopefully we get the luck and the prick dean dosent ref any of our games we might get another little lead

jenkinson lol

I felt trepidation prior and during the game. why? i ask myself, it wasn’t as if the current Chelsea team were a better team, definitely not. Also this wasn’t arsenal circa 2008-2011. So, why the awful feeling… As early (ish) as the 20th minute i finally found the answer to my pre match anxiety… the proof was in the pudding… the weather, the negative tactics and the ref. I am glad the game is past. this was one of those fixtures that getting a point from should be seen as a point gained rather than two lost. The lack of… Read more »

jenkinson lol

oh, lest i forget merry xmas everyone!!! some of our players had a not so good game, but i doubt it is anything lasting or something to worry about. the mark of champions is to come back fighting the next game. yesterday was mitigating circumstances. BTW santa is not getting you a top top top striker in the window, due to the dearth and also teams with such just aren’t selling at this time….. but a left sided winger (that could be moulded into a striker a la RVP) but then that is more a long term thing and perhaps… Read more »


I think Arseblog is jinxing Ramsey…the more he’s called ‘Welsh Jesus’,the worse his form gets … Please stop ..


That was a f*cking straight red card! We have seen our players with broken legs after just exactly those kind of tackles!


1- Expensively assembled parked bus


Just for comparison purposes, this Tom last year we were fourth, w 8, d 6, l 4 gd +14 and had 30pts
This year we’ve won 3 more, drawn 3 less and lost 1 less, our gd is 2 more and have 6 points more. Oh and we are 2nd on goal difference. I’ll take that a Christmas


Ivanovic≈Pepe≈van Bommel. Acting tough but biggest sissies ever.

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