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Hig has star dust but Wenger jolly over Ollie

Arsene Wenger has praised Gonzalo Higuain, the player he tried to buy during the summer, but insists that Olivier Giroud has proven himself a ‘great striker’ this season.

Arsenal’s pursuit of the Argentine was almost complete but last minute shenanigans meant that he ended up in Naples. In the end, after a protracted attempt to trigger a non-existent clause in the contract of Luis Suarez, the Gunners spent big on Mesut Ozil, and the Arsenal manager says he’s happy with how things have worked out.

“Higuain, I think he is a player you have to keep quiet,” he said. “He is of course very dangerous, the more we can play outside the box, the easier it will be for us to keep him quiet.

“There was a lot of statements that were not true about Higuain, he has joined Benitez. He is in good hands and shows he is a great striker.

“But we have Giroud who shows as well that he is a great striker.”

This season, in all competitions, the Frenchman has 9 goals and 5 assists, while in comparison Higuain has scored 10 and made 6 assists.

Given the club’s need/desire for another striker to take the burden off Giroud, it’s hard not to be slightly wistful about the former Real Madrid man’s non-arrival, but the reality is that his signing, or that of another big name striker (whether bitey, racist or otherwise) would certainly have meant going without Mesut Ozil.

And Wenger is pleased at his biggest ever purchase, saying, “Am I happy with the player I got in Ozil? Very much.”

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it’s OK, we got our precious


*we gots

Expert Gollum/Smeagol impersonator here, and we’re pretty sure that’s how we says it.

Seventh Heaven

“Am I happy with the player I got in Ozil? Very much.”

You’re not the only one feeling happy, Boss


If in the summer after dithering over Suarez, you offered me a choice between Higuain and Özil, I’d have had you declared certifiably insane.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsenal weren’t dithering. Suarez was showing us his cock until Liverpool told him to pot it back in his trousers.


Missed out on the most handsome forward line since Van Nistelrooy and Rooney

Jungu Beans

Ah sarcasm, thy sweet scent belies thy foul intent.


Pushing the boat out a bit saying Giroud saying he’s a great striker,great looking tough.


I like how HFB makes the team tick as he holds the play up and passes in tight situations. Despite that I really miss Podolski’s Thor like shots raining down on our opponents. In my opinion Podolski is the striker who’ll litten the load on Giroud this season .


Perhaps about time to stop thinking and talking about higuain or any other supposed transfer targets that did not materialise?


It’s a good blog – he gets users interacting well.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Blame Napoli. They put him in their squad for tonight.


We ain’t doing to bad with what we have. ….


I dont know if u know this but im in Dubai and the that advertise on your page always advertise Man Utd shirts at the bottom and to the side of all your articles, a bit distasteful, especially when its sometimes paired with van persie wearing one..


If we could somehow clone giroud we’d win the league lol
He’s everywhere all the time he’s on the pitch. I love him


Cloning Ramsey and playing him as the striker should work too.


It’s been on my mind a while now but am I the only one who thinks a defensive midfielder with pace is top priority over a back up striker? No qualms with Arteta and Flamini though but I honestly think if we can get someone in a slightly higher bracket we’d dominate most games we play (the Bender brothers, Gustavo, Illarramendi, Vidal, Ramires, Javi Martinez – though some on this list aren’t really realisitc). Look back at the weekend Barkley had the game of his life against Arteta and Flamini. Granted our whole midfield didn’t tick though. Looking ahead both… Read more »


While I agree, I don’t think that is something we need immediately. Arteta and the Flame still have 2 or 3 years in them I think.


I think the way we play has negated the need for a quick defensive mid. From what I’ve seen (though may be incorrect, just what I’ve noticed), our two holding players are not so much there to tackle, rather to hold up play. We then get one of the forward players to double up and take the ball. Presumably that’s why Ramsey’s tackling percentages are so high this year? Also, Javi Martinez certainly has no more pace than what we have currently, and while I rate Vidal highly he’s far more what people would term box to box than a… Read more »


Vidal, Gundogan or Gustavo would be great but it’s not career mode on FIFA, someone would have to go!

Le' Cheupez

I certainly wish Giroud was more prolific…but his neat touches and hold up play is unrivaled in the division. As for signings, we couldn’t have done better than Ozil. The boy is genuine class.

el bahja

Hail king arturo vidal that’s one massive player I want in this Arsenal team


He’s such a warrior! He absolutely owned Ribery when Juve met Bayern last year in the CL and Ribery responded by stamping on his calf!

Koscielny's Pocket

It’s getting crowded in here…

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