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Man City 6-3 Arsenal: by the numbers

1 – Gash on Koscielny’s leg
2 – Goals Arsenal conceded before Koscielny was gashed
4 – Goals Arsenal conceded after Koscielny was gashed
8 Goals Arsenal conceded in the 13 matches (all competitions) prior to Napoli away
8 – Goals Arsenal have conceded in the last 2 matches
11 – Goals Arsenal have conceded in prime positions* this season
5 – Goals Arsenal conceded in prime positions against Man City today
10 – Shots Arsenal conceded in prime positions against Man City today
5 – Shots Arsenal created in prime positions today
24 – Shots Arsenal conceded in prime positions in the 15 League matches prior to today
1.6 – Shots per game conceded in prime positions by Arsenal on average prior to today
2.9 – Shots per game Arsenal created in prime positions so far this season (League play)
– Shots Man City created in prime positions in their 1-1 draw with Southampton (scored 1)
7 – Shots Man City created in Prime positions against Swansea in their last home win (scored 1)
35 – Goals Man City have scored at home this season
34 – Goals Liverpool have scored both home and away this season (second best in the League)
9 – Goals Arsenal have allowed in their two worst defensive performances (Villa 3, City 6)
6 – Goals City have allowed in their two worst defensive performances (Arsenal, Cardiff)
– Clean Sheets Arsenal have won in the League
8 – Times Arsenal have allowed just one goal in League play
1 – Fingers by Jack Wilshere
1 – Times that Per Mertesacker, a big f☻cking legend, went over and berated Özil for not clapping to the away fans

7 – Touches by Nicklas Bendtner
6 – Passes by Bendtner
1 – Key pass by Bendtner
1 – Through ball by Bendtner
1 – Interception by Bendtner
0 – Aerial duels won by Bendtner
0 – Shots by Bendtner
0 – Point of having Bendtner in this team

86 – Touches by Sagna (second on the team)
48  – Passes Sagna completed (second on Arsenal)
18 – Passes Sagna completed in the City final 1/3 (4th on Arsenal)
2 – Successful crosses by Sagna (of 4 attempted, led Arsenal)
3 – Chances Sagna created (led Arsenal)
1 – Assist by Sagna (led Arsenal, tied with Ramsey and Özil)
1 – Successful dribbles by Sagna (of 1 attempted)
1 – Tackle by Sagna (of 5 attempted)
3 – Interceptions by Sagna (led Arsenal, tied with Per Mertesacker)
8 – Clearances by Sagna (second on Arsenal)
5 – Aerial duels won by Sagna (led Arsenal)
0 – Turnovers by Sagna
0 – Dispossessed by Sagna
0 – Offsides by Sagna
1 – New contract for Arsenal’s best wingback, please

30 – Touches by Theo Walcott
11 – Passes by Walcott
2 – Successful crosses (of 6)
5 – Shots by Theo Walcott (led Arsenal)
4 – Shots on target by Walcott (led Arsenal)
2 – Goals scored by Walcott (led Arsenal)
1 – Shots in prime positions by Walcott (led Arsenal)
1 – Goals from distance by Walcott
1 – Goal from mid range by Walcott
1 – Clear handball by City which denied Walcott an obvious goal-scoring opportunity
2 – Offsides wrongly called on Walcott which denied Walcott an obvious goalscoring opportunity
2 – Key passes by Walcott
0 – Successful dribbles by Walcott (of 5 attempted, worst with Wilshere just 1/6)
0 – Goals that City generated from Walcott and Sagna’s side


(All stats from Opta and my personal databases)

*Prime positions are shots that happen in an area the shape of a T from the 6 yard box to the penalty spot

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Great stats again fella





I know we’re not meant to resort to insults, but why you fuck off you cretinous little cunt


We just weren’t organised at all today, you need a team performance to get something at the Etihad. Today we saw individuals.

Mind you the refereeing was poor and the schedule not favorable to say the least.


I was screaming at Wenger to take Jack off after 50 minutes but I guess Gazorla/Roscky/Arteta were all too knackered from Napoli to take any part in the game.

And I think with Theo we will be less defensive anyway, not to put the blame on him cause he scored 2 brilliant goals, but he does affect how we keep the ball.

But we gave it a go against a very strong attack-minded team who are on fire at home. Saying that, we scored more in this game than they have conceded in previous 7 games at home… COYG


I was under the impression that Walcott was always more useful defensively as long as he’s instructed properly. His pace alone allows him to keep the fullback pinned in his own half and recover to aid in defence if there’s a counter on. Wilshere doesn’t possess any of those attributes so he just invites pressure on his fullback. Not his fault of course. Maybe the stats on that comparison will prove me wrong. I think we’d be better off playing Rosicky wide if it has to be anyone, he’s pretty tenacious without being rash. Or playing Arteta and Flamini –… Read more »


Can’t help but feel like all the goals we conceded we’re avoidable. As always, love the “By the Numbers” article after every game. 🙂




3-1 was the killer. If only Flamini had held on to that…


i though 4 – 2 was the killer. we were starting to play some nice stuff at 3 – 2 then Monreal happened.


Am I the only one who thought Bendtner had a better game than Giroud




Clearly Bendtner had a better game than Giroud. He is a d**k at times but why can’t you appreciate him when he’s doing good? In the recent games he played better than Giroud when he came on. As long as Bendtner is under contract, he is one of our players. Support every Arsenal players.


“0 point of having Bendtner in this team” He did well and is not far off Giroud. Muppet.

wiederverwertetem Kunststoff

That’s uncalled for.

On average, Bendtner is a terrible footballer, and an even worse team player.
Hence there are 0 points of having bendner in the team!


at least Bendtner put one in that was incorrectly ruled offside. Giroud had 3 chances at 2-1 and somehow managed to make a mockery of himself.


Bendtner would have finished those chances. He has some problems with his attitude but he is a good footballer.


That was harsh on Bendtner. He did give a nice through ball to Theo and was marginaly offside with that ruled-out goal. At least, he put the ball in the net exactly the same number of times that Giroud did – 1.


Bendtner was actually onside. Giroud was onside when he scored too! Bendtner is actually a much more consistent passer than Giroud. Normally his finishing is poor and he doesn’t really fight to get on the end of balls in the box. But he absolutely scored one today, he only misplaced one pass, and completed one through ball. Solid minutes from Bendtner.


When the 90 min were done I felt weird, upset but not nearly as much as I should have been. A couple of hours later I still feel the same, so I say just forget about this and move on to Chelsea.

Per Mertesacker is an amazing captain by the way.


Point of having bendtner? What is the point of bringing that up any way?


Well thank God its only a game.


Tim’s point about Bendtner is that he is just a really crap version of Giroud. If we want to win the league then we can’t rely on him to be our main backup for Giroud, unless some extraordinary event occurs in which Mick Bendtnoor comes to his senses, loses 15 lbs, gains a couple yards of pace, and becomes a super sub who gets us 20 goals in all competitions this season.


@ Amir – ‘really crap version of Giroud’ OK mate, you’re clearly an expert.


You know who’s a really crap version of Giroud?….. Giroud!!!

The only reason why we are still going to win the league is, other players are allowed to score. Giroud is a good supporting striker, that’s all.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

0 – number of f*cks i give about citeh and abra fc, we’ll be 5 point clear at the top again before the new year, we can count on their inconsistency.




If bendtner apply himself a bite more and hassle defences the same way as Giroud then he will be my first choice every time, because technically he is better.
For the life of me I can’t understand way Giroud keep tripping on himself all the time. ,
He must be the most clumsy striker I’ve seen.


So what you’re saying is, if Bendtner wasn’t the clumsiest striker ever seen, Giroud would be the clumsiest striker you’ve ever seen?

wiederverwertetem Kunststoff



Looked a bit off the pace today i thought. The most frustrating thing for me was the amount of times we won the ball back but then gave it straight away again! Bloody annoying.


Why are you picking on Bendtner?? 0 reasons for having in the team?? He scored, yes off side but he scored. More than Giroud did. How many key passes did he have?? Is the glass half full or half empty??


Very interesting stats on Sagna, but he is defender and we conceded 6 goals. Perhaps he should have done a bit more defending.

Scott P

The fact that zero of the goals conceded today were created from Sagna’s side suggests that he did plenty of both. Monreal, on the other hand… The number of times I was shouting at the TV because Zabaleta was just sitting there behind him was crazy.

Mad turk

All this talk about backup for giroud, no we need someone who can replace giroud (he is not upto it, yet.) as for ozil he should remember who is captain of the team. RESPECT FANS.


two bad games, that easily could be contributed to fatigue, and he’s not up to it?


that’s nonsense. giroud has had a great season. today he looked completely knackered, and that’s hardly his fault is it? in coming weeks we should be able to rest him up a bit with theo and poldi back in the squad. let’s hope theo keeps his shooting boots on because the main difference between us and the other teams at the top (well, bar chelski) seems to be the lack of a clinical finisher. i don’t think giroud is ever going to be that as we saw from his three big misses in 5 minutes early in the second half.… Read more »


Watching the linesman rule out two onside goals brings to mind how this game is open to corruption. Most biased linesman I have seen I over 50 years of watching the game. Watccbit being swept under the carpet. New low.


2 onside goals ruled out ? arsenes myopia seems to be catching.
how about 3 ‘both feet off the ground’ arsenal challenges in the first 8 minutes, all of which were unpunished?


Back on your meds. Doctor’s orders


How about Kompany windmilling his leg in the air around one of the Arsenal player’s knees as he came sliding in at the sideline? He was waving it around like he thought it was a scythe!

The Referee's a Banker

Bendtner played well today. Scored a goal that should have been allowed, and played a gorgeous flicked final ball near the end which we should have finished. Blame falls nowhere near him today.


Monreal played a stinker and gave away 4th goal wilshere gave away the 5th goal szcesney gave away the 6th goal. Need to cut out individual mistakes and Giroud just needs to test the keeper abit more tbh. poor!

we were not played off the turf im confident we will defeat chelski!


Regarding the 4th goal: Vermaelen absolutely needs to cut out that pass to Silva. He didn’t read the play well at all. Monreal could have done better, but as a defender, I think Vermaelen needs to make that play.


As others have said, that was a bit of an unwarranted attack on Bendtner. If the point was to highlight that we need a backup striker, then that is certainly true. However, he came on when we were already in disarray and the team had mostly given up. And he scored a goal that was incorrectly ruled offside – as he did against Hull (that one counted obviously). He’s not good enough for this Arsenal team and should be swiftly replaced, but in a game where we were outrun and outplayed all over the pitch, it seems a bit unfair… Read more »


Neither did the other 8 players bare Sagna and Walcott…I mean I lost count of how many times Wilshere gave the ball away. Instead of making the easy pass he tried to do too much and ended up losing the ball all the time yet I don’t see any bashing of him. Shame on you 7am you should be behind any player that plays for AFC even if like you say their loyalties lie somewhere else, I mean we are a class club you know?


Backing a player and calling out a bad game are not mutually exclusive.


Couldn’t agree more with arsenal-steve. I accidentally thumbed you down though, damn tablet! Anyway, the officials today were appalling, worst/ most biased performance I’ve seen in a long time. Seriously fucked off with how we constantly get shafted by refs, I wish Wenger would roll back the years and go off on one about them in the press conference. On another note, I actually quite like what Wilshere did, we’ve been too nice for too long and it’s about time we started giving some stick to twats that deserve it. I fancy us to do chavski. Come on you Reds!


Giroud?i honestly think he works hard but he isn’t a striker dat can do anything by himself,we need a top class striker to stand any chance,not giroud


Giroud is just an average player, albeit a hardworking one. People keep saying we need a backup to giroud.

For us to av a backup to him, he has to be better than the backup. That will make the backup absolutely useless.


Poking fun at Bendter not cool honestly after watching the game. Maybe you should start poking fun at lead boot Giroud,


When you start making comments about who was at fault for the 4th and 5th goal. Maybe you’re probabaly taking things a little too far tbh.


always look forward to this after game article…. but i wanted more stats on monreal really…. he was atrocious… i honestly liked the starting squad… but then i began to miss the flamini/arteta partnership…. london clubs gettin hit for six….. need revenge

gooners n roses

The stick Bendtner is getting is sickening. He comes in and do what is the main focus at that time. Cause trouble in your so called ‘prime area’. Whats with the bias really? Nobody agree that he is our long term solution but if Wenger selected him, there must be something good he has done in training. This remind me Eboue, past Ramsey, and to some extent, Gervinho.

Yet fan favourite like Wilshere gets away everytime.

Im sorry that i dont agree with the Bendtner critics but nitpicking one of our positive player last night is just a new low.


Bendtner=Giroud(attitude not considered) and that’s a fact. Stop this hatred. Support him when he is playing for our club.


Sagna side (actually) gave away the disastrous 3rd goal early 2nd half and opened a 2 goal gap and, my view, hammered the team confidence much more. Rest was history.

Btw, Bendtner was more clinical usually. Giroud was shocking yesterday in front of goal. Criminal. We had the chance to level FFS. CoulD get beat anyway but as a PL striker for Arsenal you just could not miss ALL of those chnaces.


The only stat we need today is the gap between us and City is down to 3 and if Liverpool beat Spuds (or Chelsea the mighty Crystal Palace) our lead will be down to 2 (with chelsea to come in 9 days)


…and yes, that would be 2 points dropped against Everton.


Back Bendtner? This is a guy who 30 days ago said he was “disappointed” to stay at Arsenal! I’ll back Bendtner when he backs Arsenal.

Black Hei

He is trying on the pitch. That is all that matters. I rather he works on the pitch than mouth some pleasantries.


Seeing folks argue between Bendtner and Giroud made me laugh a little. As much as I appreciate HFB’s effort and results in previous matches I still can’t shake the feeling we need a different striking option. I know the likes of Aguerro and Suarez aren’t easy to find but we need a Striker who can run past defenders and probably even create something special. Just my opinion but I don’t think our current strikeforce can win the league.

Moral high ground

Even Giroud’s staunchest fans must admit that his finishing yesterday is a concern. He does a lot for the team but consistently missing chances means he will never win over the fans. And not talking idiots. Talking fans who recognise an average finisher when they see one.


What’s this awful tiredness excuse I keep reading? Sagna, Monreal, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey didn’t start against Napoli, and I doubt Szczesny was tired. Stop with the feeble excuses Arseblog it’s becoming pathetic.

Black Hei

Not one who knows what is like on the road right? One day when you take a sales job you will understand. I know, people find it strange when I say how energy sapping it is to seat on a plane.


Agreed. Sitting on a coach for even 3 hours drains more out of me than playing football for an hour. Travel exhausts me physically and mentally. It is a strange one.

Tony Hall

Yes we played poorly and yes SOME of our players are clearly knackered however we scored FIVE legitimate goals at the Etihad. If we had scored the penalty it would have been six all. How many teams will score that many goals away to Man City. By all means criticise the Arsenal team where it is due but when so many key decisions are given incorrectly against you what can you do. Man Cities defending was no better than ours if take all legitimate goals scored into consideration. Whilst we did not deserve to win we did not deserve to… Read more »


And if your mum had balls she would have been your dad. Only a colossal moron would presuppose that because a goal is disallowed or offside decision or penalty incorrectly not given would mean that particular team would have gained a result. Had any event happened that did not happen during the game it would totally changed the course of events from every perspective, maybe for better, maybe for worse – you just don’t know. The best you could say is that Arsenal were a bit unlucky, but other games they were doubtless lucky. The best team usually wins, and… Read more »

Tony Hall

I didn’t say we would have gained a result, I said we scored FIVE legitimate goals and had a clear penalty denied. And that had those decisions not been incorrectly given it would have at least been six all. And taking that into consideration if both sides are shipping six goals each a draw would be a fair result. Yes Man City scored 6 goals and could easily have had 10. Well we scored five and could easily have had 10 as well. Two of our goals were incorrectly not given, it doesn’t change the fact that we put the… Read more »

Tony Hall

You expect and accept the odd wrong decision during the season, but not so many in one match and not ones of such importance either. Two disallowed goals, numerous other offsides wrongly given, clear penalty denied, penalty given other end for a dive …

As bad as we were at times we got well and truly shafted by the officials ..


Bendtner’s goal should have been given but Giroud was given offside and Man City stopped so you cannot say he would have scored had play continued. Bendtner was clearly offside later in the game. As for the “penalty”, it hit the defenders knee and struck his arm, that’s not deliberate handball. Had it happened to an Arsenal player you would say the complete reverse.

This website is ridiculously biased and worthless as a source of news.

Black Hei

Yeah, but our midfield got owned. Let’s not pick on the officials when we were clearly struggling.
You really need to read the match report.

Tony Hall

And once again we are undone right at the end by another dive …


The officials may have loaded the gun, but we shot ourselves in the foot.

Black Hei

Mugsmashers 5 Whites 0

Sometimes it is good to know there will always be someone shittier than ourselves. So nice of AVB to console us on Sunday.


Could be worse could get stuffed 6-0 by city or even 5-0 at home by Liverpool

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