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Rosicky confirms Arsenal contract talks

Tomas Rosicky says he’d love to end his career at Arsenal and believes he’ll have an update on a potential new contract in the coming weeks.

The Czech international is thought to have a clause in his current deal affording him a one year extension on the proviso he features more than 25 times this term, however, with a few details still to iron out he admits he could yet be lured elsewhere for one last football adventure.

“I would like to carry on but there are a few question marks,” the 33-year-old told (translation by Sky Sports).

“I would say within a few weeks we will know more. If the day comes and I leave Arsenal, then I will be surely considering a move to play on a different continent.

“We have been discussing a new contract with Arsenal but I need to speak to Mr Wenger.

“I wouldn’t like to give up on either (Arsenal & the national team) despite learning what it is like not to be busy in the international term. I would like to try for the Euro 2016.

“If it was possible, I would love to end my career at Arsenal, which is something I have said many times before.

“If I should leave, however, then I would be tempted to play in the USA. Football has been on the rise there and I’m interested in trying a different style of life.

“By that, I’m not ruling out a return to Sparta Prague, though.”

Presumably playing relatively regularly would be high on Rosicky’s agenda and with the options at Arsene Wenger’s disposal, almost exclusively younger, it’s fair to say he could probably get more minutes elsewhere. That being said, he obviously has a close relationship with the boss, who has stuck with him through thick and thin, and his experience in the last two seasons has been vital.

He’s a likable chap is Tomas, certainly one we’d be silly to let go.

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Fantastic news! Given he is 28 years old there should probably be a release clause of £30 million….and then ofcourse a counter clause of FUCK OFF HE’S RETIRING WITH US!


28? What witchcraft is his?
hahaha! Tommy and his “footballing age”


No fucking way is Wenger letting Lil Mo go!

He’ll end his career at Arsenal. I love this guy. Even if he turns 40 I’ll always get a sense of excitement when he gets on the ball.

His Arsenal story is not finished. It’s actually just starting!

Tapscott's Testicles

If ever there was a player who deserves a winners medal at Arsenal…it’s Tomas.


Him and Sagna.


Rosicky is the last remnant of the impressive Czech footballing legacy, certainly in recent times. He was their last truly world class player, especially during his time at Dortmund. And the saddening fact is that he will not be remembered in the world football history as a Czech great along with the likes of Baros and Nedved, though he is a superior footballer to them. A start which promised so much has been scarred irreversibly by injury. My hope for him is that he elongates his career by taking extra care of his body, so that he can lead his… Read more »


Him, Sagna, and then the Dutch striker who was one of Wenger´s great signings, came at a young age and despite his injury problems, had always Arsene’s backing, and eventually became Arsenal’s leading goalscorer and a captain. Then he.. now wait a minute.. Oh yeah, I forgot, he became the greatest cunt of all time. Never mind. No medals for him, sorry.

Harry Barracuda

Renew his contract in time for his next long term injury? No thanks.


Shame on u. Tomas rosicky deserves a winners medal and a contract lasting till retirement. True Arsenal man.


You _do_ realize that right now he is paying us back in spades? A first team regular, always contributing, always knuckling down. Man, Rosicky is pure DESIRE and DRIVE to go forward and excel.

emir of emirates

#*;:$#*%$#.,;>%$%&&$$”#%&&$# I wish I could swear and make u lick ur pooooo….don’t u know the lil mo…aka Razaki…shame on u for ur comment…did u know RVP at all…?…let’s bag the important 3 against Chelski and then I’ll have ur time…$%#%&-%*%%;,.>=%*#%*




He’so irritated by what he said he can barely write proper english let alone curse and and frankly i agree with him.


I love Rosicky so much and he is one of my favourite players, he is honestly one of our liveliest players despite his age. Would be very sad to see him go.


Yeah sign him up with a contract extension, live rosicky and think he provides us with squad depth and class


Good honest pro, sign him up! On and off field a great example to the youngsters.


Oooh Grrrreaaat News from my favourite number 7! Let’s be honest, he is a just a kid in fotballing years, or kittie years -I forgot which it is- and he can still make mean runs up the park. And then there is a nice touch of old school about it: Arsenal in a bidding contest with Sparta Prague. Good old days, heh?


Great news. Love a bit of Rosicky. Such a shame his early days were messed up by his dodgy hamstrings. But he’s a brilliant guy to have in the team.

Next up Sagna please, Mr Wenger!


Give him a lifetime contract. I wish he could play forever, the day he retires will be a really sad day for me.


Sign up Rosicky and Sagna and my christmas is done


Tomas Rosicky. Legend. Semantics!

John Bosco

Sign him again, tie him down with an iron chain

some dumb american

Well if he does leave Arsenal, I’d love to see him in MLS. Preferably at RSL (but I doubt that would happen, not a lot of cash in the club for big name designated players).


Bring him to the Rapids. We’re the sister club to Arsenal!


No, bring him to Vancouver. Rosicky feeding Manneh, Camilo, and Mattocks, wow! We’d set scoring records!

some dumb american

Also, the offer is open to Sagna as well.

tommy gun!



All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit.

(And Tommy R. to sign an extension, of course.)

Gary Baldy

When it comes to Half Man Half Biscuit references, I’m your man*.

Although, seriously, if TR7 keeps his fitness levels up he is a brilliant asset with the energy he brings to the team either from the bench as an impact sub or from the start.

I hope Wenger overlooks his birth cerrtificate by averting his [ Dickie Davies ] eyes !

* But not in the Wham! sort of way rather the Leonard Cohen type.

emir of emirates

he’s what a sportsman should be…sign him up..,


I can just see it now….having lifted the league trophy high at our last home game of the season, a small table with three chairs is brought out onto the pitch and down sits Wenger, Sagna and Rosicky and all sign their respective new deals.

Or all three could sign behind closed doors in January.

Either way.


I’m a huge fan of Rosicky , but he needs to pick between club and country. I really want him at the club, but not for him to get messed up every time hes away playing meaningless friendlies.

On a side note, Google chrome spell check suggests Sickrooms as a replacement for Rosicky’s name! I lol’d


Hes been steadily improving since his long term injury and his performances so far this season have been excellent. Sign him up Arsene.


Sign him up! 33 years old is nothing! He’s got at least two more years in him! Future legend to be!


Rosicky’s one of my all-time favourite Gunners. Sign him up for life!

Edibal stephen

fantastic player,alwaz bringing live into squad i prefer him in midfield.anytime he plays i see arsenal on fire.let him stay as long as he wants to.


Refering to the first comment by Goonie, Rosicky is 33 years old, not 28.

Parisian Weetabix



Short of him signing for sure, this is exactly what I wanted to hear. Good on ya Tom, we’d be fools to let you go so here’s to hoping it works out.


Love the way he’s winning a header against the smallest man in football


Very few can quicken the pace of the game like Tomas and that sliding tackle puts the best defenders to shame ! Sign him up Arsene..


He’s had this ‘footballing age’ for a long time now, can we just agree on an even 30.


Rosicky, real shame that injuries blighted his Arsenal career. He would of been an Arsenal legend if not for injuries. A fantastic player who hasnt really had the chance to play out his peak yrs with us thru no fault of his own. Real shame as I was really happy when we signed him. That said he is a hero to all us Gooners and his high energy performances defy his age. I, as I reckon all gooners do, prefer it when Rosickys on the pitch. Get him signed up Wenger


Neville and Carragher on sky sports. What a result!

33 is still young, and from memory, Rosicky’s been quite fit now for quite some time. I’d push for a 2 year deal to make sure we keep him.

Not a great fan of the 1 year max deal for anyone over 30. It doesn’t inspire experienced players to want to stay with us.

Really hope he does.


Come on, sign tha contract


Anyday this guy quit playing for the Arsenal, i’ll cry so much my head’ll ache that much. I love you completely tomas and i want you to retire here. Proper gunner, trademark sliding tackle, that beautiful face, the flying hair and the energy. COYGs

James Klavas

I honestly keep praying that we win the league, for our senior players mostly Sagna and Tomas


Our Paul Scholes sort of player may be?

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