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Standard Liege confirm Arsenal interest in striker

The president of Belgian side Standard “10-0 on aggregate” Liege has revealed that Arsenal have approached them about their young striker Michy Batshuayi.

According to local publication Het Laatste Nieuws, the 20-year-old  is wanted by a host of clubs with the Gunners the latest to send scouts (Gilles Grimandi and a six-pack of Hoegaarden) to watch the Brussels-born attacker.

Having already rebuffed a £3 million bid from Swansea in the summer and with Batshuayi under contract until 2017, Standard Liege say they aren’t willing to sell at the moment, although Roland Duchâtelet did confirm the contact from the Emirates.

“What is new is the interest of Arsenal in Michy, they’re one of the many clubs who follow our striker,” said the club president, although he went on to say, “We’re not willing to let Michy go this season.”

According to recent stats from Opta there are now 17,888 Belgians playing professional football in England at the moment, a figure which works out to be 76% of the male population of the country between 21-35 years old.

Arseblog News is speculating, but some kind of eugenics programme appears to have been in place in the 1980s…no wonder they fancy their chances of winning the World Cup.

Anyway, despite being an under-21 international we’ve no idea if he’s any good or if anything will come of this.

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Well he’s a young player that most people wouldn’t have heard of before.

Certainly sounds like a AW signing in the making…


Have to disagree. He isn’t French and haven’t heard about a massive injury list what comes in his back pocket either. So I doubt…


Belgium is close enough right?


All i can say is…



Plays for a club in the French-speaking part of Belgium.


Not that unknown… 12 in 17 for them this season. Eye for a Gedion-esque pass too.


Standard link with young talent. Only time will tell if he’s in our Liege

Goonsterham Lincoln

I think you meant to say “Ligue 2.”


With Arsenals ability to develop players and nurture them into the premier league, he definitely seems to be one for the future.


Super talent that comes with the usual package of being temperamental. It’s a Wenger-esque signing if this does work out eventually.

Some rate this lad higher than Benteke, but I haven’t watch him play enough to judge though.


Probably Michy do about nothing.

Scotchy of Eggdom


Inanimate Carbon Rod

Scotchy of Dailymailcommentssection

Runcorn Gooner

Rather us than Citeh.We don’t want him in bad Kompany


Is certainly a different player than Giroud, would give us something different.
Fast player, confident in finishing, strong on the ball but still a raw talent.
Scored some fantastic goals in the Belgian League this season.


But as mentioned above, has a difficult temperament when not given his chance to play (at Standard Liege).
So just give Akpom a chance.


Michy thanks for bringing this to my attention, Bloggs.


There are a few videos on YouTube but this kid is a big talent, super fast, high techincal ability and good finisher…should have signed him over Sanowho.

oor wullie

I wouldn’t Batshuayi-lid at this story

the ghost of LANS



These puns are terrible.


Batshit if a story.

Too Young To Have Known About That

Just spent 12 minutes watching all 10 goals.

Thanks Blogs, that was beautiful.


Batshuayi anagrams to ‘I buy a shat’. Don’t do it, Arsene.


‘I am a itchy bushy’.

If the oil Mancs hear about Wenger’s interest, then Podolski might say: ‘Aha, City buys him’.

‘I has a itchy bum’ leaves out a y. Perhaps he could change his name?


He’s quick, a very good dribbler and has a nose for goals. Not as strong as Benteke or Lukaku, though. Bit of a mix between Mirallas and Hazard. Still very young and quite a temperament, on and off the field.


Seeing as Wenger managed to semi train van Cu**face after his £3 mil move from Feyenoord and kept him relatively calm for 8 years, Batshuayi’s temperament shouldn’t be too much of an issue!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He only kept the cunt quiet because immature men with horse placentas hanging out of their trouser fly don’t pull many birds and won’t be served in English pubs.

prof senderos

imagine him and chuba akpom on the front line..

chubby and michy the cutest duo on the league…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We’d be Pokemonsenal !!!!!!


Wenger: Damn it, Dick! I said Michu, not Michy!

Özil Gummidge

The club may or may not have made an approach. Presidents and chairmen have lied about interest before to advertise their player.


He’s a young, unheard of, African origin, French speaking striker. None of us knew he existed before today. Which means we probably will sign him. From what I’ve seen of him on YouTube, he’s a beast and he has an 85 potential in FIFA 14, he’s scored 14 goals already this year. He’s fast but also a good height. Could probably become better than Benteke and his touch is better than Lukaku’s from what people have told me. Unlike Sanogo, he’s not injury prone and he uses his strength. I think he could be a very, very good. But I’ve… Read more »


^ he could be a good signing.
^^ and I’ve decided to stop bitching about transfers.

Damn iPhone

palace gunner

You will probably see other teams raise now but approach salah or streddle of basel


But he would kill Sanogo!


Is there an Advanced Liege team with bit more super quality player?


sign da ting Muchi boy


If he’s that big a talent, just sign him and loan him back.

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