Sunday, June 16, 2024

Confirmed: this is the Puma home kit

We have had it confirmed that the picture below (via @DavidAFC68) is definitely the Puma home kit for next season.

No doubt there’ll be more leaks as trade representatives show off the new design, but for now this is the best one we’ve come across.

For more details on the colours of the kits, click here.

Arsenal home kit Puma 2014

Article picture of Arteta to make up for the poor quality of the kit shot. You’re welcome!

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Indonesian Gooner

And I thought Nike’s was terrible. Anyways, I can live with as long as we win trebles and Champions Leagues.

Android Gooner

Just look at that Hair…perfect


Whats Flamini gonna think of them sleeves!


This is hilarious. Puma promised to fix Arsene Wenger’s coat zipper via twitter.


That twitter response from Puma made my day!


Okay except for the socks


Agreed – looks rather candy-cane-y…


are you kidding me, hooped socks are traditional, they should be present every season, its a shame we’ll have to purchase xxxxxxxxxxl’s just to get a normal large sized shirt, Puma’s skin tight fetish is ridiculous!


I’m fairly skinny, so this is welcome for me. The very straight fit of the kit we use now is a little too wide for me, really. Doesn’t stop me from thinking that the third kit we’re using this season looks fantastic!


Skintight is fine when you are watching Arsenal Ladies


The socks are traditional Arsenal.


I rather like the socks.

Canadian Arsenal Fan

I think classic blue and white hoops would look cool for the socks


Imagine this on Giroud..!

Brazilian Gooner

F-ck Yeah!


I fainted when I thought about the level of handsomeness.


Giroud would look good in a binbag 😉

Durham Gooner

He’d look good on my girlfriend………what have I said!!??

Igor Stepanov's career

looks very similar to the 2005 kit

Virginia Goon

That’s what I thought. A little plain for a new sponsor, and a company that obviously wants to pave a new path in the football world with a global reach as stated. I mean from what’s been “in” recently it seems to be the more louder products. I for one am happy to see a simple classy approach, and I assume the away is just the same exact yellow/red blue/white. I might grab one, although having purchased a Sagna red and Wilshere yellow in September and ordering a Özil Red Koscielny yellow it’s fair to say I’m secure in terms… Read more »


I really like it, including the socks. Although granted it might look better on Giroud rather thanmy comparably doughy physique




I like the home kit. Still pretty traditional. Hopefully Puma will size it for everyday wear by normal people as opposed to skintight on gods.

Good Omens

Oh it will be skin tight, no fear on that score.

the dean


Squillaci is king

hope they keep the traditional colours for the away kit


If that’s the real away kit, I’m sold!


I like yellow and black (although I will have to hope for the Jabba size to get into it!) but some people will not be happy about the lack of blue……


Looks like it could be a very dark blue. Hard to tell in the picture.

Frank de Boer

The Puma logo on the sleeves wouldn’t leave much room for the patches. I’m sure that’s something they’d have considered, so I don’t know about this one.

Wenger's Zipper

Did Giroud switch to Dortmund & took our badge with him? #awaykit


Ugh. Looks like Borussia Dortmund. Should be blue, not black.


Think its dark blue rather than black. The design is top notch. Here’s how i look at it: put the home kit and this one infront of me and i know which one i’ll be buying!

DL Gooner

I hope this is not the new away kit, its a bit on the luminous side for my liking, slightly radioactive. Home one looks pretty good though.


Look at his left arm… This is a very poor shop…..


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Anfield May 1989


I love it, so fuck you bitches.


For Bergkamp’s sake, gonna have to hit the gym to wear that..


Wenger’s idea to keep Bendtner fit


I doubt bendtner will ever wear that kit…

Wenger's Zipper

Exactly why Man United rejected the Puma offer. They had Rooney in mind!


Whats wrong with a classic kit, I miss the old badge.


Here’s the better view of the front.

I like it. It’s not anything spectacular, but it’s simple, classy, nice white sleeves, and it’s slim fit. I hated those Nike shapeless potato bags.

Moreover i think that Nike wasn’t really paying attention to us, making our kits every year without any creativity. Right now Arsenal will be a flagship in Puma’s flotylla, and i expect some great kits coming in 2-3 years.


It’s not too bad. I prefer the current kit more but it’s an Arsenal shirt at the end of the day so I would buy it. Am I the only one who welcomes the return of stripy socks?


Being an old fucker, as long as it’s red and white and the away is yellow and blue, I’m at about half past give a shit who makes the kit.

Call me a sentimental old romantic, but I’m more interested in how much dosh it earns us, and this seems to tick the box.

The ghost of Peter Storey

Kit is OK, I just wish that they’d stop using a replica of my body to model it.


Does anyone realise there’s something about the Champions League final going on behind it? Why?


Perhaps this picture came through a time warp from late May, and that monitor is showing the post-game show after we beat Olympiakos in the CL final.

I think I’ll just go put a tenner on our reaching the CL final, now.

Louis XIV

Looks more and more like what the russian fans of Ferrari wear when they’re on holidays.


Love how the 14/15 kit is going to look a lot like the 04/05 kit


Minus the gold trim, that kit was a work of art though, back when nike still gave a fuck.


I think it’s hideous and that just my opinion. Was a big fan of the Nike kits. Was never a Puma fan either….in my experience they make half ass products. Thumbs down away…in any case the kit provider doesn’t make the club. Go Gunners!


I like it.


Giroud could wear a tortilla and still be sexy, this will work.

Burn Baby Burn

That’s how to circumsize someone…… it.


Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Nice, but the sight of it ricocheting off Shawcross’s bollocks to smash Terry’s before negotiating a wild trajectory taking with it all of Maureen’s teeth would have done it for me. Silly ball.


That kit is off tha chain and the socks are great! I am so glad that Puma is our new kit developer. I have always found their designs to be cutting edge, creative and slick, not the generic yesteryear designs of Nike. Also I saw a pic of Arsenal Puma headphones that look awsome. Great deal for the club, and a welcome change for us Arsenal fans. Looks like a title winning kit to me!

AJ Gilmore

as long as they stay away from blue for our away kit (or white) as they are unlucky…and I am not an especially superstitious….but they are!


Well it red and white and has the Arsenal logo on it and that’s enough to make it the most desireable piece of sports clothing in the world.


IMO it looks plain and boring. Dull colour. No obvious qualities.

At least this years kit has some punch. And with the blue trim there’s a bit of classic british about it.

The Nike training gear over the last couple of years has also been top top quality. Really classy.
You’d have to pay me a lot of money to wear that thing Girouds got on in that picture.


the thing giroud is wearing is like a formula one tyre warmer

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

I’ve been to the gym for four days since November so it’s gonna look great on me. Not so sure Giroud will have the physique to do it justice though.

Android Gooner

Doesn’t look too bad to me

Arteta’s hair of course


beautifull one there for the young one i like it, keep it up puma


Puma=skin tight and cheap, look at the spuds kit shit lines and blocks everywhere, no class, not looking forward to asking for triple xl when Im just a standard large!


Looks a bit underwhelming…


Quite like this. We have a very good history over the past decade or so of slick looking kits. I think this up there with the best of them

Percy Dalton

If they think that’s skintight, wait till they see it on me


Don’t they realize that the average Arsenal fan has a keg instead of a six pack….whats up with the slim fit, it will look like its spray painted on to most of us fans.


Looks good


QueGolazo has hit the nail right on the head.
Puma make half ass products.

They could always prove me wrong but I can’t ever remember seeing a single bit of Puma hardware that’s made me want to buy it.

Sorry to be a moany shitbag. But I spend a lot of money on Arsenal gear to support the club as much as anything else.
Praying they make something half decent for when the full range comes out.


Looks fit for me and my players…really cute and an eye-catching kit

Oloyede Baseerat

I don’t care if it is made by Puma, Nike even Adidas. All that matters to me is #TheBadge, #OurTraditionalColour and #Trophies without going into debt. Arsenal i am tii eternity.

Tim Twatjoy

The sleeves are very…. how can I put it?

Wizard like?


Alright… foot in mouth…

The away kit looks quite nice!


Did they make it out of spanx material? Does it lace up the back like a corset? Then I guess that would be a no-buy for me and my keg shaped gut.


I love it already.. Gym sessions to begin asap. When are they hitting the stores!

Park Chu Young

I will score lots of goals with this kit on.

non-flying dutchman

thinking the jacket pulled half way down the arm is going to be something of a hindrance but in Wenger we trust

The lost sleeves of Mathieu Flamini

Hooped socks immediately took me back to the days of a God and Wrighty. Winning socks…and they’d look blinding on the missus.


I like it a lot. Reminds me of some of those early 2000 kits


I like it alot. Reminds me of my girlfriend actually, looks very uptight but feels great when you’re finally in it.

Double canister

That really doesn’t look like Linford Christie.

Swede Goon

I kind of like it.

the man who would be bling

Surprised at the negative comments, I think Puma played it traditional and safe, I quite like this kit. I really liked the 2009/10 away and third kits with the collars and pinstripes, too, which were not liked by the Gooners I knew, so maybe I just have different tastes.


Looks good, Giroud, Bac, & the Ox will make it look much better.
One complaint: Not the biggest fan of the very prominent puma logo on the socks.


It’s seems there are two versions. Looking at the leaked catalogue, they list a match shirt and a replica shirt, with different prices and material compositions. From memory, the official match shirt has 12% Lycra, whilst the replica (retail) is 99% polyester. Could this mean a more ‘relaxed’ fit for us fans. Hope so. Any excuse to work on my 29-BMI is probably good tho.

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