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Flamini to be suspended for 4 games

It looks as if Mathieu Flamini will be suspended for 4 games following his red card against Southampton last night.

The French midfielder got a straight red from referee Lee Mason which comes with an automatic 3 game ban. He has already served a one game ban this season for picking up 5 yellow cards, meaning an extra game is added on.

The FA’s disciplinary rules say:

8. PUNISHMENTS – Relating to First Team Competitive Matches
(i) If a Player accumulates five cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the
Playing Season and 31 December (including any FTCM played on that day) in the
same Season, he will be suspended automatically for a period covering: –
One First Team Match

And go on to say:

 (g). Players dismissed from the Field of Play in a FTCM, having previously in the same season been sent off
in a FTCM (or suspended under the Standard Directions set out in Schedule A in these Regulations for an incident in a FTCM), will be suspended for one extra match for each such previous sending off or suspension, in addition to the automatic suspension applicable to the dismissal. For the purposes of this regulation a previous dismissal in a non FTCM will only be taken into account where it was for violent conduct, serious foul play or spitting.

All of which suggests an extra game on top of the automatic 3 games, which means he’ll miss Palace, Liverpool, United and Liverpool in the FA Cup.

After the news of Aaron Ramsey’s setback it’s a blow for the team, and it did feel as if the Frenchman’s combative nature was always going to catch up with him at some stage.

What a shame it’s now.

*FTCM = First Team Competitive Match


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Ghost of Flaminis Past

I don’t need to be on the pitch to bring the pain


Deserved red card, regardless of if he got the ball or not. Four games maybe slightly harsh but we’ll just have to deal with it now. Time for Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Oxlade and Ozil to all carry the burden for a few games whilst we wait on Ramsey and Flamini’s return.

If not, well there’s always that special Zelalem kid, ay?


Why is my name required

Hah. I don’t doubt the teams quality. Even without Flamini, there’s still enough experience in the team to fight for the title. Southampton are a good team, i don’t know why people are moaning. A point away is very good. We didn’t lose. Support and get behind the team ffs. You can’t expect Arsenal to win every single game, this is football. The league isn’t over. Not by a long shot. The boys are still fighting for it, look at Sagna last night for the first goal, what a warrior. Didn’t want to give up. i can’t remember how many… Read more »




Fantastic reply. Summed up everything I didn’t say. Bravo sir!


Well said that nameless man/women/entity ^

Perry S.

Odds on he’s Arsene Wenger.


You’re right, some people are being incredibly spoiled about this; Southampton are a good team who are very well organized and have some very good players, denied us space and would not let us dictate the game. We were sloppy, but a draw away at one of the surprises of the season is hardy doom, is it? You can say, ‘it’s just not good enough’, but the truth is every winning team in history has at least half a dozen games like that in a season. Even the invincibles had fair few dud games. Onwards and upwards.

Perry S.

hear fucking hear!


That post should be required reading for Heorldgoon.


I hope he takes a long hard look at his “challenge style” on the sidelines. He usually goes with two feet as if jumping on the ball/opponent.

remember the invincibles

As long as Arteta is ok we should be fine.

Gareth Murray

It probably was deserved as it was two feet, although it was clean and certainly not reckless. He seemed to be caught in two minds on whether to make the tackle or stand his ground. He is a combative and competitive player and I think we all knew that a red was going to come at some stage of the season for Flamini. It just seems like it has arrived at the wrong time. It was encouraging overall that we took a point from this game considering the pounding we got in the first half. I haven’t seen us play… Read more »


I’d love to be able to defend Flamini: he got the ball, not studs up, frontal tackle and not sure if he even touched the Southampton player. The bottom line is you just cannot tackle like that any more, and he should know it. If its reckless — or the ref sees it as reckless — its a red. The condition above is not to suggest Flamini’s tackle wasn’t reckless (that one was either time it perfectly or someone gets injured), but with our relationship with refs and to use of all people Roy Kean, don’t give the ref an… Read more »


Yeah, I think tackles like this one deserve a red card, but I would like to see the same rules applied to all players (or let’s say, all teams). So many players make these awful two-footed challenges and get away with it..


Youngarse- Oh yeah, that special Zelalem kid is exactly who we need to cover for Flamini. Strong, robust, experienced…


We need an injection now. God I hope we sign Draxler.


Sadly, Draxler is not the answer in the short term. He never was to start with. He seems to be an excellent player, who will get even better with time. It will be great if we get him. However, he is not a CM. With Flamini suspended, and Wilshere and Ramsey out indefinitely, we need someone who can play there. Arteta too looked out of touch yesterday. Draxler isn’t backup for Giroud either, as he has never played as a striker. Also, he is apparently injured as of now. Also, we were lacking a CB going into the season. Sagna… Read more »


who said wilshere and ramsey were out indefinitely? the last thing we need is another central mid in this squad. we still have rosicky, arteta, chamberlain for next couple of weeks until rambo and jack are fit and flamini is back from his suspension. do you want us to sign someone just for the next few weeks? can’t understand this constant clamour for new signings despite the fact we already have a strong squad. if we are going to sign anyone we would be much better looking at a decent backup CB and possibly a striker, but only if we… Read more »


I agree. Draxler’s a fantastic prospect, but a player who’s still recovering from injury and who’s scored only one goal this season (in 14 starts) isn’t the instant striker we need. By the time he’s fit and acquired some match sharpness, not to mention adapted to a new position and gelled into the team, it would be the end of the season. It would have been good to have got the deal sorted before someone richer snatches him from under our noses us, however, which looked more possible when the window first opened and Schalke were keener to sell. Not… Read more »


You know that he is not a defensive midfielder, right? And not a striker. He would be a backup for Cazorla. And Podolski. And Chamberlain. Wilshere, Rosicky can also play there. And Gnabry. Also, he is injured right now for some time. I really can’t imagine why do we need this kid, especially when we are short on central back, striker, and defensive midfielder.


I agree with you. But we didn’t NEED Özil either. But he was an injection. Of course we could strengthen in other areas as well.


Well, Özil was brought in because he is something special. Not sure the same apllies to Draxler (yet).


I feel we’re in the same position as after the Villa game in August, where we went from “we should buy to be competitive” to “WE NEED TO BUY NOW!”. Things were looking bright, but then we lost the game and the OX and dark clouds were hovering above us. Now we go from 1st place to probably 3rd with two midfielders (Flams and Rambo) unavailable for crucial games. I get it that the transfer market is not simple, but I wish AW was ruthless in his dealings, the way City and Chelsea are. In the eyes of the selling… Read more »


Wonder why Wenger would say the red card seemed harsh. The follow-through was dangerous. A red card in my books. The problem is that refs of nowadays are as inconsistent as the weather. We have to deal with this and move on as a team


4 games is harsh not saying it was nt red card it was , trips to Liverpool and home to Man U in league he will be missed we got a busy feb wenger we should sign draxler and remy as well as another defensive midfielder I think arteta maybe past his best after watching lalana and Davis run him ragged last night ,bid for schneiderlain as future holding midfielder remy as the boy wants the arsenal move and can play anywhere across the front and draxler future superstar


Arteta was coming off an injury. I don’t hold yesterday’s performance against him. Not sure why Wenger played Flamini AND Arteta against Southampton, of all teams, anyway.


Flames must be kicking himself this morning but the Red Card was valid.
Draxler is not the player we need, especially with Theo and Ramsey out, but it may help rejuvenate the team. We need a Defender and a CF


I’m not enttirely convinced it will be 4 matches. The wording of section 8(g) is a bit ambiguous in that respect.

“suspended under the Standard Directions set out in Schedule A in these Regulations for *an incident* in *a* FTCM”.

The wording seem to reference suspension awarded in retrospect trough videoevidence or similar. Think Suarez biting incident….

Oh well, time will tell


Look the fa take the piss where we’re concerned anyway. Too many games in too few days changing dates cos of tv.Not to mention their store of inadequate and sometimes biased refereeing. Expecting any sort if squeeze from the old farts in the fa is a waste of time.
We just need to pick ourselves up dust ourselves down and get on with it. COYG


Clutching at straws, but the wording “or suspended…an incident in a FTCM” may be a get-out. Is a suspension for five yellows treated the same as a suspension for “an incident”?


Very disappointed with Flamini, he’s too experienced to be doing that… we lose him for key key games now… not cool Flamini

Finsbury Park Gooner

This may have been bandied about before, but… does nobody else think that with a bit of coaching, the Verminator could be adapted to cover for our DM position? He’s quick on the floor, good on the ball, can surge forward and is obviously very defensive-minded. Plus it would potentially give him more time on the field and provide us with more cover in that position. This would all be subject to further defensive reinforcements I guess, but just a thought really.

Gary Baldy

It is something I have often thought and mentioned with fellow Gooners.

It could be a masterstroke. After all he is going to want to impress with the World Cup coming up, even if it is not in his normal position !


I agree I think our long lost captain could do a good job as a defensive midfielder – he’s good at distributing the ball, can get forward ok and let’s not forget the thunderstrikes when he joined us….maybe it’s a stamina thing. I’m sure someone must have tried it at London Colney!


I think the interpretation is incorrect, the key sentence is “having been sent off or suspended for an incident in a previous match”. As flamini suspension was for totting up and not for a sending off or an incident, I would say it’s a 3 match ban. But what do I know!


Yeah, but a further qualifications is added in the final part of the sentence: “for an incident in a FTCM”.


Bottom line is: if it is open to interpretation, will the FA use the wiggle room in our favour or not?

Maybe I’m my usual paranoid self, but it’ll be a 4 match unless the rules explicitly say it shouldn’t be.


Knowing it’s the FA then they will probably give him 5, just to be w@nkers

Steve of Chiang Mai

There is no mention of the cumulative yellow ban adding an extra game so wouldn’t it be 3 games?

Steve of Chiang Mai

My bad – it mentions “suspension”




Dumb tackle. But Flamini is still a legend 🙂

Rosicky's sprints...

Ai..this feels like the oldern days where we just hope…but we still in control so I hope we cn do things the hard way#COYG#


what about the amnesty on all pre christmas yellows?


Idiotic challenge from a player of his experience


At least he’ll be fit for the Bayern games…

If you could just pass me that bunch of straws – they’re just slightly out of reach for me. Ta.


Oh! What a shame!

The fool of a Took

Arsenal = injuries, eh? Guess it was inevitable that this would happen, 3 CM out at the same time (4 with flaminis red card). Quite ironic considering that the CM was the one position where we had a proper squad depth. We´ll just have to push on, The Ox will have to learn this position three years earlier than he was supposed to and Gnabry will have to realise that he is no longer a promising youngster, but someone who will play every game and get on with it. Welcome to the school of fotball lads 🙂 p.s. I think… Read more »

bacary's right leg

I missed the tackle. Was it similar to Ralph’s or Fabio always get them mixed up

The fool of a Took

It was very similar to Ralphie´s tackle of madness against the chavs. United, however, can only receive maximum one red card per game according to the F.A. rule book.


I don’ t know which is on this player even in pirch too much talkertive as if his not professional. Flamini cool down.

az ahmed

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say farewell to the English language…


I’m probably gonna get a ton of flack for this, but God forbid if anything happens to Arteta I hope Frimpong is at least given a look in, and I hope (for his sake) that he takes the chance and takes it well.


Flam went for the ball, not the man. Yes it was two feet but if you look at the footage he clearly gets the ball before the man. That’s a yellow not a red!

Lee Mason doesn’t have a clue, gives a free when Mert didn’t even touch their player, nothing when Cazorla was mown down on the left in the second half.

Anyway, COYG!


Problem is, he was off the ground so out of control. If he’d have missed, or the player moved the ball at the last instant, there would have been nothing he could have done. So Dangerous; so Red.

In some ways its stupid, in others its meant to make players think twice in case they Shawcross someone. Plus its as the ref sees it, so if you are an Arsenal player, you cannot give the ref the opportunity to send you off..


Complete idiot. That’s all i’m going to say. Made a bad situation worse; didn’t need to do that but was not unexpected as he had been off the pace all game.

I’ve been saying that his impact has been greatly exaggerated and I’m unfortunately being proved right.


How more fucking stupid could he have been? at 30 years of age, all the experience in the world you cannot afford rushes of blood. he just put us in a precarious situation over the next 4 games. Not cool

Howard Webb

Whilst Rafael gets away scott free with an even worse challenge. I find it hard to cope with the FA’s inconsistency.


We cheer, we still support, but we have seen this movie before….the capitulation in February!! To many bad memories…..injuries, Lack of this lack of that…..


That’s a bit much considering he got the ball.

OTOH, he has no excuse, it is a silly reckless challenge.

We will be now exposed for those games and hopefully Arteta keeps fit. there is simply no cover beyond Diaby who as we know is well, not ready yet.


I think Wenger was trying to conserve players, otherwise he would’ve started with Gibbs, who always changes games with his pace, and would’ve played played Pod, instead of either Arteta or Flamini, who as we all know cancel each other out, as they both like to be in charge of protecting the back four. What I don’t understand is why did Özil play so much better in the second half than the first, and why has he never demonstrated that amazing turn of speed before? It was like he had afterburners in his boots…..,


its not the first time flamini used both feet to tackle. i dont think we are in any position to complain to be honest.


Arsenal are to sign before the transfer close today




The FA seem to have a different rule for Arsenal. If a player played the ball in a seeming harsh tackle, what he shd get is a caution.If the ref applied THE RULE, why do some clubs not even get a caution for worse tackles?

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