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Flamini & Wilshere praise Arsenal graft

Mathieu Flamini believes Arsenal’s 2-1 victory against Aston Villa was a true ‘team’ victory and cited such gritty performances as the hallmark of serious title-challengers.

The Gunners looked to be coasting to three points as they reached the break with a two-goal advantage only for Christian Benteke’s 75th minute header to set up a nervy climax.

Speaking to Arsenal Player after the game, the Frenchman admitted that the pressure was on after watching their Premier League rivals each pick up maximum points at the weekend.

“It was an important win and a good win because it came from everyone. We all worked very hard.

“It was a tough because they’re a good team and scored their first goal and pushed for the second, but we were strong defensively. That was important.

“It is very positive because at the end of the season these games make the difference. We knew everyone was looking at us and maybe hoping that we would drop points, but we were very serious from the start until the end of the game.

“It is important to have both sides, when I say that I mean playing great football like we did in the first half with quick passing, but when you play in the English game you have to fight as well.

“Everyone worked very hard and defended together. It was a great team victory.”

Jack Wilshere, who rightly picked up the Man of the Match award for his goal and assist, added that experience and defensive trust is helping the Gunners to cope with the late barrages from opponents which have been hallmarks of recent away days.

“When I played a few years ago and we were in that situation you could feel the nerves in the team, but now you can see us dealing with it,” he told Arsenal Player.

“We’re getting back, getting bodies around the ball and the centre backs are winning headers and we’re getting on to second balls.

“When we get the ball down in our own half we’re calm, we know if we have the ball the opposition can’t score. We are dealing with that well and we have to keep that going now.

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Oo Mat, you are the great gooner signing. Your second service is better than your first.


He helped us win the FA Cup and get to the Champions League final first time around.

So no, his second service isn’t better than his first…yet.


It will be, once we’ve finished winning a treble this year.


Matt u been great since u come back showing us all how committed u are and ur expression when bendtner scored v Cardiff was immense jack is looking better every game out shining even ozil Ramsey to come back too just keep getting those three points


may i suggest some of these …. or these ,,,

the only sam is nelson

I just hope we absolutely stuff Fulham and get some of that goal difference sorted out

we’ll need to score 7 anyhow cos berbatov always wakes up when he comes to the arsenal, the baldy fucker


I agree the goal difference is important and Fulham have THE worst goal difference in the league.Including all the teams below them.
With their mercenaries and aging journeymen they’re a team that are ripe for a pounding.
And we’re due a big one.
Hold on to your hats!…….


These games win the fucking title. Let the doubter continue to doubt us

Manchester Gooner

these kind of games won’t will you the league as it is right now, but certainly you can say goodbye to it if you drop points.


Did anyone notice that in the Post- match interview, Giroud said :” I scored for you today Theo” and looked in the camera.

Özil Gummidge

If Per and Kos stay fit and a goalscoring signing is made (winger or striker) to partly make up for Theo’s absence, then I think it will take 86 points or more but it’s doable. Need someone to come in and provide around ten league goals on top of Giroud, Ramsey, Podolski + others.

Podolski will be vital. Once he works off the Christmas pudding.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Would love to see Poldi given the chance to make himself vital.

Manchester Gooner

Question is at what expense?

Like it or not, Poldi has just to take his chance when it comes. There’s no time for bedding in now as the title race is entering its climax. Every single match is now vitally important, especially games against the lesser teams.


Best signing of the summer, does all the dirty work and uses his experience to help the young players out.
Nothing would make me happier than to see him lift a trophy at the end of the this season.

Tuco Salamanca

Tight, Tight, Tight!

Kanu's Olympic Medal

We Nigerians can be as dramatic and excitable as anyone else about people we support, but objectively, I don’t think MF was the signing of the summer. Maybe the second best signing of the summer?

Honestly speaking…Man Shitty getting Negredo for $16M was well played. Like buying Apple stock for $76 in 2008.

That said, I wonder what is in the boss’ head concerning Podolski. I rate him higher than Negredo on form…except that he’s off it.


Seeing the likes of flamini and rosicky win the premier league with arsenal this season would make some of those traitor cunts of recent years sick to their stomach. I love both of their passion for the club. And fair play to jack today, our midfield is up there with any in europe and theyve all impressed when called upon. Onwards and upwards.


Flamini clears

He clears.

He fucking clears what he waaaaaaaants!


“out shining even Özil…”why exactly was that necessary? Hate how our own fans get pitting our own players against each other. Such is childish talk. Players offer their part to the best of their ability, and it should be upon us to offer ours. Support!


agree about support 100% but calling ozil out for being too delicate to put up a fight isnt exactly false now is it? lets see how he commands games against chelsea and/or city. games for the title. people elevated him to bergkamp status when he aint even as masterful a conductor as young cesc was …. if i had to pass it to ronaldo id also come top in assists.


Yeah exactly, much like Suarez, who goes missing against the big teams 😉


Sagna and Rosicky lifting a trophy would make me happy like you couldn’t believe!

Trex d' Gunner

The Flamster takes no prisoners and Jacky boy was immense yesterday.
And I’ll definately add Agbonlawhore to the list of cunts like John Terry, Shawcross, Skunky, The Chinless wonder……..


The one thing to come out of yesterday’s game was how much we already miss Walcott. In that last 15 minutes we needed a really quick attacking midfielder who could get at the Villa back four.

Wenger has to show what he’s made of now and make a couple of signings. A decent striker and that quick offensive midfielder are a must right now.

the only sam is nelson

although it has to be said that we’re top of the league and that’s been achieved without some key players at various times the current squad have the desire and the talent to win the league, we know that because more than halfway through the season we’re still top. the right addition will of course only help our chances, but i don’t think that you can say that by not buying anyone, our chances will be harmed. as to the “what if so and so gets injured” well that applies to any new signing who is just as liable to… Read more »

Shaun Edwards

I agree with weirdly named ‘ozil gummidge’. We need one more striker who can guarantee 10 or more goals and then won’t worry about Theo missing season. Midfield is great, Defence is ok, Attack is not bad (+one).

Adam Richards

Love the Flame, but can’t wait for the biography where he can say what he wants and not what the sponsors want him to say.

“I crunched ‘so and so’ cos he had possibly a 5% chance of scoring; and I can’t be having that” etc etc.

Özil Gummidge

What’s weird about my name? You insult my parents, sirrah!

Özil rhymes with Wurzel. At least, not “OZ-IIIII(KKKKEURGH)LL” as that offence to the English tongue Jamie Carragher pronounces it.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

How things change. From the GK out, the team can finally trust the defensive unit to do their job.

BFG’s reaction after conceding was brilliant.


Jack, Flamini, BFG and Kos were all excellent. Desperately need a signing in the ST position though.

Get rid of Nicky (TGSTEL) Bendtner and bring in a quicker, more determined replacement!


I want to have Mats swashbuckling, sleeve cutting, scary ass, angry babies!


I must admit I wasn’t THAT concerned when we conceded. This time last year I would have almost expected us to throw it away. This season I’ve felt quite calm when our backs are to the walls. I think we’d all agree after what we’ve all been through, that feels fucking amazing.


What I think is remarkable about this team is that short of strikers or not, we have so many guys that can be regarded as legitamate game winners: Wilshere Ozil Cazorla Ramsey Rosicky Walcott Poldi Giroud And that’s excluding the ox, gnabry, who I wouldn’t classify as being quite there, and arteta in case you want to count him. Bendtner has won us a game as well. In contrast, Chelsea have: Mata Lampard Hazard Oscar Torres (bit of a stretch) Eto’o – not sure what he’s done this year Ba – hardly done anything Am I missing something? Do I… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

Out of that lot I like Hazard only. On top of his obvious attacking talent, he actually tracks back, harries and defends.

Bartender who refused to serve Shawcross

Love that Flamini cost nothing, whereas Chelsea are apparently close to signing Nemanja Matic who they let go for 4 million, for 20 million. Good player, but he can’t have gotten THAT much better in a few seasons that they didn’t see his ability.

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