Sunday, June 16, 2024

More PUMA kit pics emerge

Some more pictures of next year’s PUMA gear have emerged. After the home shirt was confirmed yesterday, this appears to be training gear, although that looks suspiciously like an away shirt in there.

image 3 image image 2

image 4

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Away shirt is yuck


I actually like it


I second that,everything is double yuck!and I taught the Nike stuff had gone bad.


I taught I saw a puddy cat.


I’d say that it’s an away training top.

The home version of the training top is this…

…and it’s exactly the same design.


Why do we need an away training top?

Unyoke The Ox

I think the Puma team just got really excited and went nuts on different things they could make our players wear.


Don’t think so,we definite would have seen Giroud in a puma sponsored banana hammock.Schwing!


It’s a prematch shirt. Pictures from catalogue here.

Bould's Eyeliner

I thought we were going to integrate the Lanvin suit into everything, and then finally on the pitch. bummer.

Jungu Beans

I want that Bench Coat!


I think the yellow/blue away shirt is very retro. I like it!

Wenger's Coat

Should have stayed with Nike. They make a fantastic coat.

Zippy and Bungle

nah… their zip technology was antiquated


nah it friggin’ rules. potentially iconic shirt especially if the team is successful, which i imagine is what all shirt designers strive for

teddy salad

These pics have been taken in the future and brought back to us! 1.21 Jigawatts!


What the hell is a Jigawatt!?

teddy salad



Clearly you have never seen back to the future…


Can’t stand Puma – they charge more than Nike or Adidas for their shirts – too skintight and makes it look as if you’re wearing a wet suit for crying out loud – if it wasn’t for gazidis demanding more out of Adidas we could’ve back to them, had decent shirts and more like the old Arsenal (albeit before le arse and his sealed wallet came in)


Lose some weight and you’ll be fine


Adidas would never have paid the money Puma did. Puma jumped on us because we’re now the crown jewel in their portfolio. Adidas have a host of huge clubs in their locker while Nike had the Mancs and Barca.

I’ve unintentionally bitch slapped the club’s name there, perhaps, but I think there’s some realism in the mix.


you sound like a happy person dontcha? I hope you get nothing but Puma presents for the rest of your life. Also, now try not to fall over backwards with my genius, if the shirt is skin tight you have two options, buy a bigger size or possibly look into losing weight 🙂


But think about hot Giroud and Ramsey will look with skintight jerseys on.

Its all about perspective man.



Repeat that a few times over and it will all make sense. More money for us and Wenger’s sealed wallet which has just been prised open to bring one of the best players in the world to the Arsenal. With talk of us also stumping up £30m+ for an unbelievable young talent suggests to me that the club is most definitely operating on a new financial platform and it’s due to deals such as Puma that allow us to do so. Get with the times.

As for the shirt, buy a bigger size, ya whining git.


Think this away shirt is nic, rreminds me of the early 90s kits of my youth


Still not convinced!


i like the shawl feature of the home shirt but wouldn’t that slow players down?!?

gooner odst

Can be used legally as a sling during throw ins. FIFA rules confirms my theory.


That’s not going to be the away kit, that’s a pre-match top I’m sure.


Where’s the picture of Arteta? Thoroughly disappointed!

on another note……they kits….they aite. When puma get it right they get it right but……..well least its not the purple away kit.


The home kit is ok but the rest of this stuff is just about better loking than Liverpools kits

michael carmichael

I say our home kits should be the suits the players wear to the emirates. We’ll look extra classy while demolishing our opponents.

Magic Al

Not a fan of the gear to be honest but if it helps us win trophies then…


This shirt will look good on the pitch


…I quite like the away kit :S

Unyoke The Ox

Seriously, people need to stop being overly critical about everything. When the current home kit was announced, people were saying that was shit and that it was too much like a Man U kit.

Ultimately, they’ve kept to the classic colours and have done a pretty good job IMO. There’s just no pleasing some people.

Memories (preferably memories of victory) are what make a kit a classic.

Liverpool’s away kit, now THAT is proper ghastly.


Keep in mind that 90% of people use the internet to vent and watch porn. Should tell you all you need to know about the sort of company the internet keeps.


Don’t bad mouth porn you F**K!


Almost every leaked picture has shown pretty disgusting designs, especially those worst of the 90s training tops BUT if you keep saying “150 million” over and over when looking at them they suddenly seem a bit better…


I also think thats the trainning top or atleast i hope it is! why do they have to put stripes? just makes it look cheap and tucky.

I believe this is real deal. home and away!


Best thing you have ever posted Herold,now don’t ruin it with a silly comment later.

Unyoke The Ox

This is utter bollocks. That blue is way too bluey and as for the yelowyness of that yellow,, don’t get me started. Also, the Puma sign isn’t made of real pumas. Boo!!! I’m of to wank, then moan about something else that COULD potentially be better.


You could say he is going to un-yolk his ox,I’ll get my coat!


If those are indeed the kits, then I’m very happy with both of them and Arsenal will be harvesting some more of my hard-earned dosh.

Dark Stein

Like the look of all of these, the away kit will be that other picture with the dark blue sleeves, most of the above look to be training tops and pre-match tops, as they’re in keeping with the Nike ones of the last couple of seasons. I only hope this third ‘cup’ kit is like the early 80’s blue and green away kit and not something garrish Puma have done with other clubs before…

Afsal P A

The one in golden which jack was wearing( a concept btw with a big cannon on the chest) was amazing.
I would hit the gym and work out just to wear that.
The deal is better for Indian gooners i believe.The Nike store only have the mancs and barcunts at display.
Puma will display the mighty cannon!


I like that yellow away kit!


Find it difficult to get wound up about this stuff. A kit is a kit. As long as the team is winning, I don’t care. And as long as I pay through my nose for my season ticket – and with the prices they charge for this gear – my scarf is about as much sartorial support I can afford anyway!


the away kit is good


Not sure how anyone could dislike the home kit really.
It’s red, has white sleeves, white shorts, red & white socks and an Arsenal badge.
That’s pretty much all I want from an Arsenal kit.
There’s not that much you can really do to the classic design without upsetting people!


Oh shut it,you moaning Geezers!! Every year someone has something to complain about regarding the kits! I love Puma.Have been partial to it since that was my first pair of football boots.And Puma unlike Adidas and Nike actually listen to their clients and work with them regarding innovative designs while the other two just pretty much gives every team all over the world the same design,just different colours.

And they paid $150 !!


The yellow kit makes us look alot like dortmund wanabes. But like it better than purple..


Sad sad day for us fans……………………..(with pot bellies) but heck,it’s got the cannon on it.


Yep, as long as it has the Arsenal badge on it, Puma can have my money.

Yankee Gooner

Arshavin and Santos dodged a bullet here.


you reckon Santos would have kept his on until full time to give to Van Persie had it been Puma?

Ryan tan

In terms of design nike and adidas has always been on top of everything.puma is like this wanabe kid who tries really hard but always fail to produce anything for the ppl who have been bitching about nike over the years,this partnership will bitch slap the shit out if you and make u realise nike is the top of the crop in terms of design.lets just hope ivan and wenget would use the extra money given by puma to buy more players of ozil calibre in the future.the least we can accommodate a shitty jersey is if a expensive… Read more »


I will miss Nike…

They keep their designs relatively simple and clean.


Badge is what matters the most… The Deal is Great… Who benefits from it?? SO CHILL!!!


I prefar #ADIDAS kit dan dis #PUMA kit is more like #NIKE well good luck 2 all #arsenal fan’s


But will i Puma make their version of these; tank tops? Been trying to get one for ages but Nike dont sell them anywere!!!


I think you do Puma a disservice there. You look at their shoes and for style they’re a long way ahead. In


Ah hit publish by mistake.

The Puma outline logo looks great and I hope it makes it onto our kits at some point.

Eddie mcgoldrick

Looks rank should of kept nike its sooooo much better

Cyril Washbrook

Yes, we should have signed a less lucrative sponsorship deal and thereby foregone tens of millions of pounds, in order to get a slightly nicer arrangement of colours on a shirt. Makes perfect sense.


It’s all nice and slick. The folks who disapprove probably have man boobs. So hit the gym lads. You have until May.


ehh, it’s red and white, and yellow and blue, and it will do. I like Puma but it’s a personal preference so no point wasting energy on what was or won’t be. Take the money and move on – I’m sure I’ll love it with a PL champions badge on it 🙂


Heh, I really wouldn’t complain if that was the away kit. It is not as nice as this years away kit, but still nice.


I’m not solely basing my opinions on the leaked pictures of the Arse kits but on Puma kits in general. I’m thin (6 ft 160 pounds), and I hate Puma kits. It goes beyond the look of the skin tight fit. They’re just uncomfortably tight; similar to Kappa kits. Nike and Adidas still have the best feeling kits out there, IMO. Also, Puma has, in recent years, been too over the top with their designs. If they want to impress me (and a lot of Arsenal fans), I think they are going to have to tone down the goofy designs.

lee gooner

I wear my 71 shirt as its the greatest arsenal shirt ever because of the double! I could not care if this shirt had bells and tassels on it if we win stuff in it. Who knows some lad could be wearing this in 40+ years as it was the first treble shirt……..

lee gooner

Fucking predictor text! (if we win stuff in it)


Must state my opinion my view wont be biased just because im a Gooner… I really don’t like Puma I don’t think those kits look nice at all just my opinion that’s all it us but 150million over 5 years it aint to bad It will help us become financially competitive and for that reason alone I will buy one when their released.


(*reverts to yesterday’s message)



I love Puma for sentimental reasons..wore it as a kid in the 70s. I hope they release some retro styled garb. I’d be in for that. The only jerseys i can wear now are the baggy ass Nike ones from a few years back anyways…

Squillaci is king

wish we could keep our current away kit


They should let the fans pick a design.

Wenger's Zipper

No matter how good a peach is, there’s always a good number of folks that hate them.


Yeah but peaches are delicious, Puma is rubbish.

Canadian Arsenal Fan

Pumas are delicious though


You’ve just proven his point.

Merlin's Panini

The home shirt looks like a puma shirt should. I quite like it, but I prefer as little fancy stuff as possible. I guess they can’t do that all the time though so I’m down with whatever. I’m glad we dropped Nike, it was time for a change. I would’ve preferred Adidas again though, I used to love those shirts. There were some good Nike efforts, including the latest away shirt, but a lot of them were pretty poor looking back. That away shirt is most definitely a training shirt. I wouldn’t mind it if it was our away shirt… Read more »


The home kit looks great, I am not too fussy about the training kit designs. Also, the home jacket has a bit too much going on for my taste but given that it has the Arsenal crest on it… I will probably end up buying it.

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