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Pires hails Gnabry as ‘discovery of the season’

Robert Pires has hailed young Arsenal winger Serge Gnabry as the ‘discovery of the season’, described Per Mertesacker as ‘indispensible’ and admitted that Lukas Podolski has him dying of laughter when he occasionally drops in on London Colney.

Describing his relationship with the Gunners as that of a ‘normal fan’ the legendary ex-Gunner said he was proud that Arsene Wenger had assembled a squad who were not only top of the league but also playing attractive football.

“I’m just a normal fan of Arsenal, when I see them play,” he told German publication

“The style is elegant, aesthetically pleasing and a reflection of the squad’s internationality. There’s a harmonious blend I really like between the English, German, French and Spanish.

“Moreover, I’m pleased with this type of football Arsenal are leading the Premier League. The second half of the season will be more difficult because the other teams in the hunt have signed reinforcements.”

On Gnabry’s rise to first team prominence, in a position on the flank which Pires made his own during six-year tenure at Highbury, the 40-year-old noted:

“Serge is clearly the discovery of the season. I see in him a top international player, he’s technically strong, he’s extremely fast with and without ball and he dribbles well. He can also occupy both wings as an attacking midfielder.

“Arsene like such versatile offensive players like [Julian] Draxler and Serge. In the future he’ll play Serge evern more than he does now.”

Asked for his opinion on Per Mertesacker, who has become a fundamental member of the Gunners defence, Pires continued:

“I like Per very much. He is now indispensable and his words have weight [in the dressing-room]. He’s a very good leader and the chief of the defense.

“Of course, he’s not as technically brilliant as our offensive players, but he syncs excellently with Laurent Koscielny and that ensures there’s balance in the team. If a game requires ‘fighting spirit’ Arsenal needs men like him.”

Having already spoken of Mesut Ozil and the link with Julian Draxler, Pires concluded his ode to Gooners’ Deutsch connection with warm words for Lukas Podolski.

“His left foot is a weapon, it’s something I’ve rarely seen. And what’s important for me, is that Lukas is an incredibly funny guy. You guys in Germany, know what a great guy he is? Whenever he plays he’s ripping into everyone in the dressing room with joke after joke in English helping everyone feel comfortable.

“Oh my god, just when I think about him, I die of laughter.”


*Article picture is just our little gift to the world. Oh to be that dolphin.

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Gnarby was getting alot of stick on the Arses last night.

A bit unfair to be honest, he at least tried to be direct in the first half when everyone else looked very sluggish.

Typical of us Gooners – one bad result and the season is over and our wonderkid is shit 😛

remember the invincibles

it’s not Gnabry’s fault. He shouldnt be playing every week when he’s 18 yo. Just can’t understand why Podolski isn’t playing. Wenger has some serious trust issue with the German. In Podolski’s defence, he does well everytime he plays. He’s a goalscorer and we need goals.

Shift Cazorla right and play Podolski left. It’s a bit baffling.

The Ox is a fox

Podolski was meant to be an impact subs. But once Flamini saw red, all plans were dead.


yes, there sure seem to be a lot of hysterical gooners around these days! we are having a bloody great season so far and on course for 86 points based on our current average. can’t ask for more than that considering this is the first season the financial shackles imposed by the stadium deals have been lifted. city are going to drop plenty of points between now and the end of the season. i’m more worried about chelski. they really look like a mean machine right now, but realistically they are in a different league financially to us with their… Read more »

The Ox is a fox

After a long time of pain seeing us fall apart, nerves are almost shattered.

The fact that we have been top for so long has raised expectation and hope. Every fall feels more painful after getting to higher places.


Just for record, the last sentence of the article no longer makes sense because I changed it. Dolphins are cunts.

Reality check

Did they move the goalpost?


Especially the Water Sheringham.


It seems the internet agrees with you, Blogs.


I don’t know if I’m the only one praying fervently that Sp*rs stuff Citeh tonight. That will make it easier to accept last nights result…..and Le Boss should get over it, Flamini was awful.

Dark Stein

Your not the only one. though it is an odd sensation. actually wanting Sp*rs to win a game. i was cheering on Man U the other week against chelski, it just felt so wrong and against all my 90’s instilled Man U hatred. We sucked last night but still came away with a point. That wouldn’t have happened a couple of seasons ago


I did as well, immediately had to take a long shower.

I thought it was going to take the wire brush to get rid of the dirty feeling


The strange thing is my usual wish for a game like this is: a 4-4 draw, 5 red cards and both sides fined and docked 4 points for failing to control their players in a post-game brawl in the tunnel.

And considering where it is being played, a freak whirlwind striking the pitch just after the game.

Rob ArsenalRanter Fuller

Yes it is typical of some Gooners to go waaaay overboard with the vitriol when we have a slippery result. I know the stakes are high given our heady position, a position, I might add, that I never expected us to be climbing to so quickly after many years battling with Oil/Debt rich clubs for merely a top 4 spot. And that is precisely why so many Gooners, though entitled to their opinions, need to get their heads out of those clouds and back to reality as Twitter turned ugly last night, it actually shocked me how many fans turn… Read more »

Dark Stein

Don’t let bloggs hear you dissing Pires like that, you’ll be cast out…


Too long,didn’t read….Lol.

Desert Fox

Found myself staring at the screen, looking at this block of words thinking it was some sort of magic-eye-illusion thing and that there would be some sort of message hidden in there saying “help me, I’m being held against my will…”.

But then realised it was just a block of words. and I continued with my pooh in peace.


What does Draxler have in his closet that Gnabry doesn’t? As someone who doesn’t watch Schalke, I’d be interested to a genuine opinion on this rather than regurgitated content


He is a great talent, a star of the future, but id like to see alot more of podolski right now to be honest. At 2-2 I was shocked he didnt come on for gnabry


Le Boss got his selections & subs wrong last night. Gutted on Ramsey’s setback. Injuries and suspensions staring their f’Ugly head again. Flamster was awful. I hope that second half performance from Ozil should serve as a step up in his game from now on. Gunning for the title no doubt. Wenger sign on ‘Da Drax’ plsss!


/r/NoFap. For all those who relapsed

ivan shattal

i wonder why wenger didnt use podolsky and left him on bench that was a big mistake at night.


Thanks for clearing that up blogs. I’ve just spent the last twenty minutes looking for a dolphin in the picture.


It’s all well and good Bobby talking about the team, but what I really wanna know is….What IS the French for Va Va Voom?


Oh and blogs, any chance of posting the original picture?
I’m sure I’m not the only one interested to know what Bobby was doing with/to the Dolphin.


julian draxler will be a good add to the sqaud

Eisa Ali Abdul

Dolphin pic can be found at le link above


Januzaj is better than Gnabry.

az ahmed

My brain says ‘you’re right’. My heart says ‘how dare you!’


dont honestly know why we started with 2defensive midfielders tho in all fairness it doesnt work for us, arteta should av been on bench seen flamini sprinting back and covering for a few lads prob why he got frustrated but non the less silly tackle and now he will be missing for some big games pity would av been well needed, thought podolski should av came on least 75th min half chance all he needs, COYG bring the next game




Wenger obviously has an issue with Podolski,that’s why he doesn’t play him.This is becoming petty as we need his goals for the run.He claims Podolski is the team’s best finisher yet he doesn’t play him.Sort it out Wenger.


All these talks are going on is just because Giroud is not good enough to lead Arsenal’s attack. Arsenal creats chances more than every other team in the priemiership yet Giroud is still to hit a double figure of goals so far. He has poor sense of goal scoring and always rush his game. As an attacker you need to keep it cool and fast.


I keep saying we need someone more clinical especially with the absent of Theo.. His contribution is not being overlooked tho.


Gnabry is a young player and consistency is the issue. It’s a bit much to be putting so much pressure on him (as good an opportunity as it is for him) Personally prefer Chamberlain wide right for us to centrally albeit he can add an option with his vertical penetration to Jack (and to some extent Rosicky) Thought we should have had Chambo on second half in lieu of either Flamini or Arteta ( two of the same simply keeps us deeper and does not afford enough support for us going forward) Then swap Gnabry 70th minute for Podolski (surely… Read more »

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