Thursday, February 29, 2024

Report: Park set for Ligue 1 return

France Football are reporting that Ju-Young Park is in discussions with FC Nantes about a possible move back to Ligue 1.

The former South Korean captain has made just 1 appearance this season, featuring at the end of a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in the Capital One Cup.

He spent last season on loan at Celta Vigo, scoring three goals, but has spent most of this campaign watching from the stands. Recent injury problems to other forwards saw him make the bench in recent weeks but Arsene Wenger hasn’t seen fit to call on his mercurial talents.

Nantes are currently 8th in Ligue Uuuunn, battling for a European place, while Park has experience of French football after a three year spell with Monaco.

The deal is most likely to be a loan until the end of the season with a few bob thrown in from us if they take him on a perma-nantes basis.


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weirdest transfer ever


sad to see him go.. au revoir


monaco might re-sign him now that falcao is injured or even psg might go for him…



For the club’s sake and for the sake of his footballing career, Juyoung Park needs to leave and actually, you know, play.


I could have easily taken his place at the club. for half his wages. in addition I would have brought cakes to the office every other day.


You could then employ me and I’ll bring in cakes on the days that you don’t


one less question for AW at his press conferences…if they offload Ryo as well, a couple of Asian journos might lose their cushty London gig.

A N Other

Off topic but I hope it makes you laugh.


Shame. He made a great Santa at the team Christmas do.


Well,what wenger musn’t do is sell players and not replace them.Only a few hours left and no transfers yet!!

Özil Gummidge

We don’t want anyone at the club who tries to fatten players with cakes. #DeliaSmithOut


one of the most weird transfers in the history of AFC. I thought he looked good going forward when he first arrived and was played in the not so important games.

remember this:

listen to the commentary over the replay, he was the hier to TH14 apparrently, was a good finish though

Gunner From Another Mother

Anyone else miss Benayoun? He was no superstar, but he was a great squad player who really helped us out in a pinch

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Silly commentator said Ji-Sung Park. Lazy bastard!

A N Other

Kb – park was just making up the numbers doesn’t need replacing at least not before summer.


We will win the leagueeee, with or without Chuuuuu

dink arnold

It was quite funny, but you get a thumbs down for reminding me of Bono’s existence.


Has anyone realised over the past few days that almost every post has at least 1 thumb down, even when they are like “I really hope we win the league, COYG”. I know it’s fucking sad, but there must be a spud who visits the site just to put a thumbs down for everything they can. Bless ’em, I actually feel a bit sorry for them. Until come next August when they sign a few new flops and start to get cocky. That’s when they’ll start annoying me again.


Another loan deal, do Arsenal have the ability to actual sell our cast offs.

dink arnold

We’ve gotten rid of just about all the cast offs except him, C’mon what do you want?

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

No way!!!! This is like Brady to Juventus all over again!!!!!! 🙁

Cheesey McDickface

Afobe out on loan. Park set for loan. Not exactly prolific first team regulars BUT they are strikers. Surely someone is on the radar.


Vermaelen would probably get a runout at forward before Park, judging by how seldomly Arsene has played the Korean.

Stevie boy

I hope so, come on Wenger, spend!!!!

Puff puff

OFF TOPIC:Does anyone know any other good arsenal blogs?If so pliz name them:-)

VeryXerioz Gunner

Chuuu is leaving the park? Tell him not to forget his coat


Shades of Geronimho to Roma about this. i.e. He’ll be happy, he’ll play, he’ll score. Good luck to him. He’s finished at the Arse.


Can’t help but read the 1st comment in Comic Book Guy’s voice.


Can’t really blame Park for having Nantes in his pants.

(Got me coat, now can someone please call me a taxi)

Bitter Pill

The Curious Case of Ju-Young Park.


Yep I noticed the thumbs down.

Maybe it’s someone who walks around on their head?

Just in case you do exist upside down… red is negative, green is positive.

Daft Aider

It’s all a hoax isn’t it?, maybe he’s Wenger protege for management or something and has been studying him as he sure as hell hasn’t been playing footie, there must be a reason for his signing, unless it’s the basis for the next X-Files movie…………………


i feel sorry for him. its so sad he only had 1 appearance for us since he signed in 2011.


Why didn’t we approach Real Madrid and try to swap him for Cristiano Ronaldo instead?

Julio Baptista's Humble Alter Ego

Dick tried but Madrid didn’t want to give us the Ronaldo + $2 million asking price

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Apparently, they’d only offer Ronaldo+£1 and no more.


There’s a picture of him in an Arsenal shirt???


Ju-fuckin suck


Cock off fatty

Ju young park

I don’t wanna go

Denilson's back pass

Why are we selling a striker?? Maybe he’s not good enough but you can’t play without 11 players on the field. And I don’t want Fabianski up front when we eventually run out of players.

At least give him a run in the FA cup, it’s only fucking Liverpool.

Julio Baptista's Humble Alter Ego

Fabianski’s more likely to start up front than Park.

I’m a big fan of giving Park a chance, btw. Just don’t see it happening.. Poor guy’s probably gonna be one of the few who regrets joining us. I never want anyone to say they regret joining us.


Can someone close this fuckin window

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