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Report: Saint Etienne eye Frimpong

According to a couple of (spurious) reports in the French press, Emmanuel Frimpong is being touted as a possible January loan signing for French side Saint Etienne.

The Ghanaian midfielder, who has battled back from two serious knee injuries in the last few years, hasn’t featured for the Gunners this term making and made just two appearances in the League Cup last year.

The 22-year-old is no stranger to a temporary move having previously played for Wolves, Charlton and Fulham and given the number of midfield options at Arsene Wenger’s disposal it makes sense for him to be seeking playing time in pastures new.

Whether he wishes to go DÉNCH remains to be seen (surely an English move makes more sense?), although Arsenal do have historic ties with Saint Etienne. Back in 1999 David Dein spoke enthusiastically of a link-up with ‘Les Verts’ after sealing a deal for defender David Grondin.

“It’s a cross fertilisation of ideas, culture and language,” said Dein. “We’ll accommodate their young players. They’ll look after ours. It will broaden their outlook and education as well as benefit them from the football point of view.”

Arseblog News can’t help but think a link-up with the band of the same name may have been more productive.

In other news, there’s chatter from L’Equipe that Francis Coquelin could prematurely withdraw from his season-long loan at Freiburg with clubs in England apparently keen on taking the French hardman for the rest of the season. With only nine starts under his belt, le Coq has thus far proved a little impotent in the Bundesliga…

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Indonesian Gooner

Good…can’t wait long enough to get rid of him..talented lad but very poor attitude. Immature and a twitter addict never makes a good footballer.


Frimpong is not for us. no need to over it. for example how has he got a poor attitude?




Don’t mind if i do…

I was simply DISTRAUGHT wondering if my command of english was at fault when all along you had OMITTED a vital word.

Now my dogs paws are bleeding and i can’t breathe.


Funny, I use twitter a lot too but that doesn’t take away from my quite demanding job. in fact, it adds to it. the difference is that people (read media) don’t take too much notice of what i write. Atleast, not the judgemental ones. And yet, being a public health professional, I’ve tweeted a few *boilks and “So drunk right now” and “I’m high”, and even one “Smoke weed everyday” heh… I love Frimmers. i really wish he can make it. He definitely deserves a chance and I would contend that he has not got it yet. When he has… Read more »


Overreact much??

Mildly Amusing Name

laisser il, oui.


Sorry to go full Football Manager on this one but I’ve always thought Frimpong would make a great right back. Strong, quick, good engine and loves a tackle but without the creativity and technical ability to cut it in our midfield. He’s much more like Lauren than Arteta to me.

golly gosh

Ha, would you believe it, I made him Sagna’s replacement in FM13. Then sold him for £20m to Benfica because he wouldn’t stop getting red cards. Seriously though, to be anywhere near the EPL at 22 having torn the ACL in BOTH knees is a solid effort. He gets a lot of unfair shit for being on Twitter/Instagram – the way I see it, he doesn’t use it any more than other players, it’s just his contributions are more noteworthy (e.g. constantly laughing at Spurs and Moyes) I like him and I hope he makes it. Probably won’t at Arsenal,… Read more »


Not a chance. And he’s not good enough for midfield either. Needs to leave, drop down a division and work his way back up. I guess we can only speculate how things might have gone without those two knee injuries but he’s really not in Wenger’s plans at all.


with all due respect, how are you so sure about this ??


He hasn’t played a single minute of football so far this season. How much more evidence do you need that he’s not in the manager’s plans?

I get people like him as a character and a funny guy to have around, but I don’t understand how anyone can think he’s ready now, if he’ll ever be, to play for a team that’s hoping to win the Premier League.

igor stepanovs

clearly he’s not in the manager’s plans, and clearly the quality across our midfield squad is far too high for him to compete with. shouldn’t be forgotten, though, that he was a very, very promising defensive midfielder a few years ago who had put in some strong performances. same can, of course, be said for many of our youth players, but that 1st big knee injury really ruined his chances with arsenal. the team moved on. agree that he needs to drop down a division now and get some football. good luck to him.


Sorry blogs , cant agree . He may never be good enough for us but dropping down a division? He has had a couple of loan spells and has never looked out of place from what I saw he is definitely good enough to hack it in the premiership .


Well I thought he was pretty impressive at Wolves on-loan…looked like he could hack it in the EPL. Wish him all the best if/when he does move on!


With a little more experience Frimpong could probably play a role similar to what Flamini does now.


Mark Randall made interesting comments about Arsenal graduates being more suited to European football than lower leagues of England, although Frimpong pretty physical player. Might be good for him to move away from his social group and get regular football.


Why would we loan him tho? Isn’t his current contract with Arsenal up in the summer??


Yeah so you loan him and hope he plays a few games so you can save a few quid on wages or maybe he could prove himself worthy of a contract extension..

Sadly its probably the former..


lol impotent. Cant beat a good ole coq joke!


After the MLS midfielder Hingle McCringleberry report this move will make sense. lol




Ha ha! I would love to see Frimpong going through people and generally tearing everyone in a new one. They thought Barton was crazy. Frimpong makes Barton look like a little girl with asthma. We’re refusing to play him. Only fair on the lad he gets a chance elsewhere. I think leaving him out of the carling cup team was really bad form by us. Talk about a how of no confidence. Deserved a chance in my opinion.


Coq has more of a future here than him if im honest. and speaking of Le Coq i think we should get him back this January and loan him to a PL side- He is good enough. Freiburg is too far away and all his efforts aren’t getting the attention it deserves.

Like westham so i can also get to say some funny words about hammers and coqs.


I am not sure i want the mental image of hammers and coqs than you very much..

loan him to Bournemouth and you can make jokes about coqs and cherries

henry t.

sorry about the language, but It would be funnier if we loan him to sp*rs
So it would be our Coq playing in the middle of the pussies…

HoHoHo Green Gooner

Kurt Zouma who plays for St. E might be a good buy going the other way. U20 world cup winner as of this summer, young, french and already playing regularly for a upper table french side.


is he the same one, who got a long ban for a horrible tackle ?

HoHoHo Green Gooner

He did indeed, 10 match ban, he was going for (and got) the ball though. Also you could argue the ban was harsh. But it was pretty unfortunate, I’ve seen him do a couple interviews and he seems a good kid


Trusting “actuafoot” as your source of info is like trusting your ex for your choice of girlfriend..







Our much-wanted Coq…



If Coq played in the centre of a midfield 3, does that make the 2 players either side of him balls??


Does that mean that the BFG is the asshole?


Seeing the words “cross fertilisation” and David Dean in the same sentence gave me instant headache.

the only sam is nelson

as an aside isn’t it interesting to read David Dein’s comments about the linkup with Saint Etienne back in 1999? It’s not so long ago that lots of people were foaming at the mouth with rage about how the essential element lacking in the Arsenal set up was, er, David Dein, as if the man only ever made brilliant decisions. Whereas the truth of the matter is that no football manager (or board director) is infallible, and along the way there will always be big stinking jobbies floating amongst the cream. as for Frimmers, good luck to the lad and… Read more »

Gunner pundit

I think coquelin should stay a few more year as he is really talented and can play in midfield or at full back bit we do have a lot of central maidfielders so…

No mind the gap jokes please!

Said it before and I’ll say it again. Frimpong, nice guy but complete bellend!


bellends are not nice guys.. they are bellends

now say it again and this time get it right.

I mean he can’t be a nice bloke and the tip of a penis?

Can he?


Interesting article about how the bookies stand to lose a lot of money if we win tonight.

All I’m saying is keep a close eye on the officiating.

And yes I am little bit paranoid.

Toby C


Toure Motors

Frimpong to Saint Ettiene?
Only if we can trade for a 90’s version of Sarah Cracknell

Joe M

It’s time for him to go. He obviously loves Arsenal, and is a popular figure in the team, but he isn’t ever going to make it here. He has had two serious injuries setbacks, but we’ll never know if he would have made it at Arsenal without those. I’d like to think he would of, but realistically I doubt it. A move to France might not be a bad thing. He needs to get out of his comfort zone, and that will hopefully help him mature. He should want to play regularly as he could potentially go to the World… Read more »


Cool! I love foxbase alpha


As well as injuries have hampered Frimpong’s development, Wenger seems to have moved away from wanting to play a specialised holding midfielder until he brought Flamini back to the club. In this piece he seemed to say he prefers a midfielder who can do more than just defend. It’s not like he is afraid to throw unproven young players in to the mix like he did with Song and Denilson before that, but it looks like he is preferring more experienced and balanced players in the team. Another good artilce on this subject is which again shows that… Read more »


Coq will be better off anywhere else, including in our squad, as Freiburg used him more on the wings than in midfield. FFS, if they plan to use him other than in midfield, at least play him in defence. A waste of his time in Freiburg to be honest…

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