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Walcott open to new arrivals

Theo Walcott says he’d welcome new players in the January transfer window, especially as Arsene Wenger has stated he’s looking for something ‘special’ as he looks to boost his side’s title hopes.

“We are like many clubs,” said the boss, “certainly on alert if something special turns up and we will not turn it down, but we are not desperate because we have a big depth in our squad.”

And the England winger says he’d welcome the challenge and quality that new players bring.

“The boss has already said that he is looking for special players and we have got a lot of special players in that dressing room,” he said.

“It is always nice to have competition with players coming in, but January is such a difficult period in the transfer market to get players in, especially the top players.

“To be fair, that is for the manager to decide if he wants to go out and buy anyone and whoever comes in will make the club stronger anyway.”

Wenger’s decision may well be dependent on the outlook for Nicklas Bendtner who sprained an ankle yesterday against Cardiff. Positive results may be a factor and the Danish striker has won yet more praise, this time from Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard told, “His attitude has been spot on since I’ve been here and he knows that he has to wait for his time, Olivier has been doing really well.

“The manager decided to play Lukas up front but when he came on I think he looked really sharp and he looked dangerous.

“We need people like him to help the team when he’s needed.”

Bendtner is to undergo a scan tomorrow but damage to the ligaments could mean a prolonged period out, and thus force the manager’s hand in the transfer market.

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Yes Walcott use the media to tell the boss we e need more players. Smart move.


I guess I missed the part about Walcott saying we need more players.

Igor Stepanov's career

I guess the part of him being open to new signings missed your eyes.


That is open to interpretation.

Clock End Mike

I think “we are not desperate because we have a big depth in our squad” is pretty clear: Theo is saying, quite rightly, that if someone special comes along, he’d welcome the addition to improve the squad, but we’re not in a position where we _need_ more players.


If Nick is out for more than 8 weeks, only then would Arsene get a striker. Anything less than that, i think he would just keep on trying with podolski which would be a gamble. I also think a CB would be nice. A big club like Arsenal should have atleast 4 CBs.

dink arnold

Why did we send Djourou out on loan? I always felt he was a great cover for CB when needed. Great squad player, been with us a long time!

Bould's Eyeliner

Probably because he wanted to play more than 2-3x a year, and not end his career as 4th choice. Fair move on his part, and good idea by Arsenal to keep him on loan instead of transferring him completely out.

dink arnold

Great for him, but not so much for us. We need to have another option and obviously nobody wants to be 4th choice, but there still needs to be a 4th choice, somebody has to fill that role!!

Djourou filled that role well and it gave him time to continue his in depth study of European economics on the side.


sorry but djourou is struggeling at hamburg as well. i would rather rely on sagna as CB no4 then djourou


Blogs, for posts like this from kid knockout, can you introduce a sideways thumb? I’m really not sure if its a thumb up or thumb down.


Then don’t thumb it

dink arnold

I’m all about getting rid of the thumbs, I hate this yes or no/with us or against us attitude; life and blog comments aren’t as straightforward as that and I feel it effects how people express themselves in these forums. It promotes infantile behaviour.

The only times I see a use for the thumbs is when someone does a little yes or no opinion poll.


I thought you had a good point, until I saw you had loads of thumbs down. Then I realised no, I’m against you. It was so straightfoward. You’re a stupid poohead.

Perry S.


gooner odst

I agree wholeheartedly with esquire X. Thumbs don’t lie 😉 ever.


The concept is great, thumb up what you like & thumb down what you don’t. Unfortunately there are a lot of anti-gooner idiots who thumb down comments just to annoy. I read a comment on here the other day which was something like “Rosicky was class today”, which he was, and 3 or 4 people had thumbed it down. Perhaps blogs we could see who they are a bit like on Facebook?!

It Is What It Is

A neutral in the middle would help those with fat thumbs.

Merlin's Panini

I’d like it if there was a little poo with a face you could click on for when someone is talking shit.


“but we are not desperate because we have a big depth in our squad” -Hmm


I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking if this squad has a weakness its depth, 2 strikers and 3 CBs is not depth.


3 Goalkeepers,
7 Defenders,
16 Midfielders ( few of whom can play upfront)
3 Strikers

That is quite a deep squad actually.

Rambling Pete

I think it’s positive when our players want new arrivals at the club. It shows a togetherness and desire for overall success ahead of individual glory. There’s nothing worse than a player who thinks first and foremost about himself. It’s detrimental to the team ethic and unless you’ve got a Ronaldo type then it usually affects results as well. I’ve often thought about Ronaldo and I find myself drawn to the the muscles just above his knees. I have a theory that the power with which he hits the ball is down to those muscles. I know this because I… Read more »


Please never stop rambling, brilliant work!


If only there was a Balloon D’or for commenters.


Im sorry rambling pete you dont exactly make sense to me or anyone else. once you start giving actual football insights then i will take you seriously.


”Bendtner goes in and he say everything is good and he goes again from the pitch”


Danmit it’s say ”Saw” not ”say”.

Perry S.

Do what now?


Still can’t figure out what you were trying to say.


Out of all the commenters on this website you are by far the best pete! Keep up the good work from Australia.


Let’s not Fuck this season up cos of an unnecessary gamble. We have a beautiful thing brewing up and am sure we all want a taste of that. I wouldn’t mind feeling crumpened after that either, it’s a tiny price to pay. Arsene get that player if u really can. COME!!!


Screw autocorrects. I mean COYG!!! (Of course)


Oops too late

Virginia Goon

I completely understand the need for a man up front, wether it be someone on-par, or above HFBs ability. However, there is a a player in the premiership who I see as that “viera” type we all so strongly want. I bring his name up with trepidation due to not knowing the ins and outs of his career, just going on the eye test. The big Diame boy from west ham looks quite the player in my opinion. I feel it would be a massive strong body in the middle of the park, and from the game against them last… Read more »


so many thoughts. thoughts like ‘why am I at work?’ and ‘is nandos really all that good when their sides are all kinda rubbish?’

diame does look good, we were in for him (according to the media) last summer. why buy now though? if west ham do go down, which is looking increasingly likely, we can buy him at much lower cost in the summer. right now I don’t see him getting in to the team ahead of arteta/flamini/wilshere, so no real reason to buy in january.

Virginia Goon

Hahah…..I did not know that, appreciate that bit of information on us being interested. I’m not necessarily saying buy now, or buy at all. Just simply stating I like the boy, and think with his abilities and size he would be a solid addition to the squad. I agree I like Mickey, and Flamini as well, but we must remember neither of them are spring chickens.

Igor Stepanov's career

Actually in terms of a “Vieira” type I would say the closest thing in the league would be Steven N’zonzi, he is a good player that would be affordable, available in all competitions & would jump at the chance to challenge for the title.

Merlin's Panini

N’Zonzi is not all he’s cracked up to be. If he was he would’ve been signed by a better side than Stoke. When he gets linked with all the big clubs every summer it always turns out to be bollocks and there’s a reason for that. He’s average.


Theos looking really sharp, and is it me or does his touch seem much better these days? A few times against Cardiff I expected him to lose only for him to feather the ball nicely under control. Gotta love his pea-roller shots too.
As for a new striker, yes, erm… Yes please.


I think “top top player” is a more straightforward wengerism. “Special” can be many things. Arshavin, Silvestre and Almunia were special players indeed, only to name a few…

Seriously though…hope Nick get well soon. Think he can perform better than anyone that we can get during january.

Virginia Goon

Gervinhos forehead was filled with special.

Merlin's Panini

That was a different kind of special though.

Al 2.0

Oh please.. Putting Arshavin at the same level as Almunia.. I bet you sang his praises when he was banging ’em goals what with the mugsmashers home. The downfall of Arshavin was purely for one damn reason – Van cunt Persie. He didnt want the little hobbit at the team as well as Rambo. Thankfully Wenger said – FUck it. I’m keeping Rambo you cunt.


What is Di Natale up to these days? A wily old fox like that could do a job for us.

gooner odst

Which reminds me, whatever happened to Inzaghi, he still offside?

Merlin's Panini

He’s so offside he fell into the sea and drowned.

gooner bank



Please, no!


Looks like it’s happening…

Perry S.

I seriously hope we don’t go get Berba. His attitude is incredibly poor and we’ve got better players on the squad who can fill the void ahead of Berbatov. I’d rather us make a concerted effort for Javier Hernandez. From the looks of it, he could be had in January since he’s literally 4th in line over at Old Trafford and he wants consistent playing time. The kid can score a boat load of goals, just have a glance over at his goal rate.


Berbatov has more talent in one of his baby toes than Hernandez has in his whole body.

Ronaldo's Paunch

If you think Hernandez has what it takes to lead the line by himself up top… It’s just not gonna work. Tbh you’d have far more luck playing Berbatov up front (as a comparison) because he’s just far more suited to our system. Despite the fact that he’s a lazy bastard (not to mention ex-scum twice over) he has the size, technique and intelligence to lead the line but probably not the application and the attitude.


A really “out there” thought: If Walcott and Podolski are not yet suited to playing as a lone front man but they would both do well as part of a strike partnership, why don’t we try them out as a strike partnership? It’s not the way we play but we need tactical flexibility anyway and it could make the most of a bad situation while we wait for Giroud/Bentdner/whoever.


I think the idea is that both would do well playing alongside a big target man – both are extremely direct, efficient and clinical. But, neither does a good job of holding up the ball or bringing others into the game. Of course, the other way to do it would be to have Arteta and Santi and (hopefully) Ozil playing further upfield to pass the ball in triangles while we wait for the right opportunity for the killer pass. But again, against a team like Cardiff who play 11 men in defense, I’m not sure that with the way we… Read more »

marty eire

Blogs can you change the thumb votes so that you can’t see the amount of thumbs up or down until you’ve selected one?


step 1. create own blog
step 2. do that on own blog.


Wengher must buy one of these 5 strickers:

1 – Diego Costar
2 – Zlatan Imbranhomivic
3 – Jackton Martizen
5 – Crispin Betenkeke

Igor Stepanov's career

No4 is so good he doesn’t need to be mentioned


I see what you did there.

Thumb, in the upwards direction, with a green color, all for you my good edumecated sir.


Come on! Take a spelling lesson or copy and paste! You had to have seen those names spelled correctly to know they are even footballers.


Classic! I take my hat off to you, sir.

teddy salad

cheyu 87, how i have missed you!!


Wagner OUT!

Merlin's Panini

Schubert IN!


Cheyu, how does one spell the name of our first choice keeper?

Merlin's Panini

what about Ramdemall Foulcow? Or Edison Canavani?


BERBA will be perfect for out team at the moment. He is cheap and can score 10 goals, which will quarantee the title !

Merlin's Panini

don’t call him Berba. He’s not our mate. Not yet anyway.


Buy Berbatov for £1m – £2m
Cheap, undoubtedly skillful and would suit our style. I’m not saying play him but he’d be one hell of a back up striker for situations like the one we’re in right now


I don’t understand this fascination with strikers currently in the premier league only. If we only needed to get a back-up striker to play maybe a maximum of 6-7 games, there are a lot of strikers out there that we can sign that would be better value than Berbatov. Just don’t get the appeal of an ex-Spud and ex-Manc striker.


We should go for Benteke. He will not be cup tied for the champions league and he is the type of pacey striker we need.


He’s been suffering from groin and knee problems this season. Scored more goals last season than Giroud. And is 4 years younger.


“He’s been suffering from groin and knee problems this season”

Hahaha are you trying to get us to sign him or not to sign him??


is berbatov a Special Player for wenger?


Sanogo just posted on his facebook today but then deleted 10 minutes after.

A picture of Berbatov and a message saying Welcome!

Lets see what happens.


It’s posted on berbatovs page as well


Berbatov so damn lazy i hear he sent one of his friends to ask his girlfriend if she would marry him.


Hard to be motivated at Fulham tbf


Berbatov can finish and our midfield create a lot of chances and for 2mill is worth the gamble.

Interesting to see how Mr Bloggs feel about singing “Berbacunt”?


To be fair Berbatov would work well in our system. Attitude aside and minus the fact that he’s played for the two cuntiest of clubs he is intelligent, has great technique and has the presence to lead the line by himself. It’s more of a question of his attitude. Skills wise you couldn’t really argue with that, he’s probably a lot better than half the names being thrown around, plus the fact that he wouldn’t need to adapt to the pl


Kinda easy to get motivated playing for a title contender who has great team spirit. You never know, he’s late in his career, could be his last chance to win something and he may just be begging arsenal to get him. He’d have to be sold in the summer most likely and a big team is going to want a quality striker so now might be hid best timing to move for him so he doesn’t get sold to a newly promoted club in the summer.

Count von Count

I hear he’s so sloth, that he sleeps in a coffin during daytime. Ah ah ah aaah!

Pascals Head Wax

Hes fucking lazy


Goaty push, goaty push, the smile of Podolski on the head of a quiet, self sufficient wasp living in Neil Buchanan’s guliver


I fail to see the correlation between Sanogo and Berbatov… Utter bullocks… I’d rather go Wank off


Surely Hernandez is too similar to Walcott? We need someone different IMO. I’m not sure berbatov is the answer either (too lazy). Hopefully wenger has someone up his sleeve !!

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