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Wenger: No move for Berbatov

Arsene Wenger has brushed aside speculation he has contacted Dimitar Berbatov about a move to the Emirates in the January transfer window.

The Bulgarian international, who is currrently on the books at Fulham, is believed to want out at Craven Cottage but despite talk of an imminent and convenient £2 million deal with the Gunners (exacerbated by careless social media executives) , the boss played down the speculation.

“He is not a name we have considered at the moment,” said Wenger of the former Manchester United and Sp*rs attacker.

“We have not contacted anybody. We are just considering our options. I must confess they are quite restricted.”

With Olivier Giroud in bed with handsome man flu and Nicklas Bendtner ruled out with a match-winning ankle, Wenger’s options for the match against Spurs are limited to Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski.

It remains to be seen if he tries to pull a deal out of the bag for a striker, although having previously stressed he’s only after players of ‘special’ quality it’s tough to know who he’d pursue.


Press conference updates courtesy of the Evening Standard’s James Olley.


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Ahhh go on then. Il take one for the team…


Thank god! I hate this guy.


And thats reason enough.


I know rumours are part and parcel of any transfer window. But doesn’t it just get a bit tedious believing most of the crap these “journalists” and twitter accounts that pick any name out the hat and link it to your club? Lol.

For me I just wait til it’s actually happened, Wenger obviously knows what he’s doing so it’s best for me to just concentrate on the football and the embarrassment we’ll cause spurs this weekend – Zelalem and Akpom to be in the squad pretty please


As our options are restricted, it’s a gamble we can take.


he could be just what we need if we can get him for 2m..but he’s lazy though..i don’t know..just wanna see a new striker

Arsene Wenger

2Mill for a player who’ll play 1 and half a season at best. there a better options I think

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I all honesty with the modern day inflated prices 2 mill is in all honesty the equivalent of a free signing.

Igor Stepanov's career

Park cost £3m & he hasn’t even managed 1 & a half games!!

Lucas North Bank

On the 3rd January no to Berbatov. On the 31st January with no other player in sight…… Yes please.

I have a feeling we will stay with what we have.


Quite possibly the laziest footballer in the PL, I’m shocked Wenger has even considered him!

Ronaldo's Paunch

Lazy, yes. If he was even considered though, its probably because oh, i don’t know, maybe he fits into our system, is intelligent and is technically excellent, not to mention the presence to play up front on his own? Just maybe?


Plus he’s quite selfish while technically good at shooting. With the excellent service he is going to get at Arsenal he may just get the goals we have been crying out for when we are trying to pass the ball into the net…..

Not that we need a huge amount given we are top of the league.

Gooner of Navarone

He’s a fucking striker. Of course he’ll take more shots. It’s our finishing that is left wanting at times. I am not worried about chances being created. Thanks to Ramsey’s ridiculous form, Theo’s excellent run and a few from Giroud, we haven’t had to worry about goals. But we will find it tough in the 2nd half without a proper striker. I actually wouldn’t mind Bendtner as a 3rd option upfront. He still has time to fulfill his potential.


Wenger has said that he hasn’t considered him.

“He is not a name we have considered at the moment,” said Wenger.


Pitty, we could have sold a lot of arsenal shirts to the millions of Bulgarians that are allegedly ready to invade London shit, there is one in my garden now.. Oh hang on it’s a bin bag stuck on a tree


I genuinely dont understand if all the thumbs down are from daily mail reading paranoid xenophobes or people who find satirical posts in the slightest bit funny. still heading nicely towards my first comment hidden from low rating…. something to tell the grandkids I suppose.


I’m not a Daily Mail reader Graeme, I just voted it down because it wasn’t in the least bit funny.


I thought it were funny Graeme


You expect laughs for a joke about mistaking an eastern European person for a bin bag? Seriously?

Dr Baptiste

You should see him when he gets a joke out of a Christmas cracker. Goes f-ing mental…


you thought the joke was about confusing a bin bag for an eastern european seriously?


you thought the joke was about confusing a bin bag for an eastern european seriously?


And I quote: “…millions of Bulgarians that are allegedly ready to invade London shit, there is one in my garden now.. Oh hang on it’s a bin bag”

If the confusion is not the punchline, it’s certainly in the ‘joke’. Perhaps instead of getting angry with people who didn’t love what you wrote, you should be asking yourself why it is you thought it was successful satire when few others did?


I’m not angry about anything mate, I made a joke that was about the ridiculous fear some small minded people have about immigrants coming in their droves to steal jobs and the pathetic storms that are supposed to be tearing up barnet where I live. if it’s not funny then fair enough



Well, I agree it’s a silly fear.

Don Cazorleone

My guess is it’s nothing to do with xenophobia, more that it was just a shit comment that has no place here.


I just had a big debate with folks at work about this as I think this is a good thing.

Yeah, Berbabov can score goals, but his attitude is that of an old crooner and that isn’t right for our squad. I think it kind of shows in certain performances for Fulham.

Put the £2M towards more special quality that is befitting of our squad 🙂


I’m sure you couldnt have found a better quality picture. Cutting edge reporting!


Put your 3D glasses on and look again


if you stare at it for about 10 minutes, you can see an elephant.


Personally don’t want Berbatov. Doesn’t seem like a team player to me.. Always see him shouting at other team mates for not getting the ball he wants etc. Wouldn’t fit with our team spirit and togetherness. Only thing I rate about him is his calmness in front of goal, his finishing and eye for a pass. Otherwise he’s lazy, slow, doesn’t get back to defend enough, lack of a work rate in many games and just moans too damn much. We can do better if we’re spending £2m. Not too keen on the whole Morata rumour either cus I’m hoping… Read more »


I shout at my other teammates because they’re crap.


Can’t argue with that.


On second thoughts, Berbatov’s dad is into some kind of black magic. May be he can get rid of our illness curse. For £2m, looks like a good deal.

Pamtumbo Pako

Zalalalem Should Play


I think Zelalem is a special talent, but after several months out, I wouldn’t throw him into a North London derby for his first game back. Is he even back in full training? I expect a side little changed from the one that started against Cardiff, though we may see Gnabry.


Honestly this is by far the best Arse website. Always brings a smile to the dial


As a lone striker he won’t work hard enough to link up play and hold the ball up. However, he would be clinical when he has a chance in front of goal. I think there’s better out there and I can’t see why Fulham would sell, he’s under contract. They’re in a fight to stay up so why would they sell their best player?


Especially the comments


Especially when they’re in the right place.


From the hardworking, tireless giroud to the technically good but lazy berbatov. Our playmakers will have to work extra hard to get the ball to his feet and also chase it down when Berbatov loses it then bring it to him again but this time he scores….coz well he’s clinical like that

Shit…sign him up


I wonder if we’re ever gonna let Park play. hmm.


what IS he up to these days? He sure as hell isn’t playing for the reserves.


I agree. Venga must stop being a prick and give him back his etch-a-sketch

Viviano's gloves

Berbatov isn’t an Bulgarian international for a couple of years. Nevertheless, if he comes to Arsenal he could really help us. First of all he would come fairly cheap. He has all the PL experience you want, a title winner aswell. A very classy center forward, lacking a bit of pace but can really split a defence with a pass, cool finisher aswell. Maybe the best striking option for us in this transfer window.


agreed berbatov at that price is a old fashioned poacher.

Igor Stepanov's career

ok is long as he only plays 9 games.

I would not want that spud loving manc to be given a league winners medal


i think its time wenger clarifies this matter

Is it Francis jeffers special or Edison Cavani special

because im all at sea here over here.


They are special in different ways. Cavani is a special kind of footballer while Jeffers mum thinks her son is special. Hope that makes it clearer


Jeffers!!. i have always had the belief this guy is behind Arsene Wenger’s reluctance to spend. More than his economic degree, Francis Jeffers was the reason wenger went for cheaper foreign alternatives. He chose from then on to go build his players from the ground up after that fiasco of a signing and it has colored his judgement forever.


just throw a shit load of doe at the poo get saurez win the league and maybe even the CL.


And whom exactly did Wenger tell when he was closing up a deal for Ozil?



He couldnt, he wouldnt. Would he.
Personally I think he’d be a big mistake for us. He’s far too lazy to fit in our squad.
Please god make sp*rs buy him bb4he does become a considerarion for Arsene.


A big mistake as opposed to getting no one at all?

Arsenal Fan

I am all for Berbatov too. He would come cheap, would probably except a 2 yr contract and provide experienced, skillful cover. He can hold up the ball well, provide the link up play as well as the final ball. With some tweaking to our system, we could probably pass him the ball when he is in the penalty box so he can finish the move.

Perry Groves

Could be a good option for cover.

Would also be funny if the man who was worshipped at Shite Fart Lane won the prem with us…

pauly bear

He will need someone that is not cup tied to Fa or UCL if he is going to get a forward either way that cuts alot of options and smells like sonogo to me

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Berbatov would not be cup tied for the FA Cup or the CL. Atleast not till tomorrow.


“Wenger’s options for the match against Spurs are limited to Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski.”

BLOGS!You forgot to censor that dirty word! Dirty filthy word!!


We need a striker with pace and lots of energy. I get annoyed when I see strikers not closing down defenders and just jogging around them. Rosicky was the perfect example against Newcastle. He did not stop running for the whole game and he is a midfielder. I know Benteke has been injured and has had a shit season so far but we all know he can score goals and he will get many many many more chances playing ahead of the gunners midfield than at villa. He will be available for all competitions. Shows the rest of the prem… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Thank fuck. Now let’s concentrate on getting an actually special player in, if we do get someone in that is.

Berbatov is a lazy bastard, yes he’s talented but he makes no effort for the team and that is something we need from everyone on the pitch. Look at the way Giroud, and even Bendtner, works so hard defensively too.

I’m not expecting much to happen with it being January. We had a nice surprise last season with Nacho, so who I guess you never know.

Merlin's Panini

*so I guess you never know

I was going to write “who knows” and had a change of heart.
I really should check what I have written before I click “Post Comment”.

Anyway, to me, Berbatov would just be like another Arshavin. Immensely talented but excruciatingly lazy. I can see nothing but frustration coming from him. I would be happy to be proved wrong if he did end up here but I’d prefer to see someone a bit more intense and in your face, and preferably not one who comes with a faint whiff of eau de shitsp*rs and manure.


Berbatov is the most talented cf in the premier league. His technical abilities are above par, he can receive the ball with a man on his back,he can play one touch passes, he can score, he can split defences. Though he is a bit lazy I’m certain that he’s the best option for a giroud cover.

mr tornado

2mil and not cup tied, so hardly a massive gamble. Plus he’d be coming into a very strong dressing room so can’t see him causing distruption. Worth a late January punt if nothing better is found.

Denilson's back pass


We have Park?

Count von Count

The Count counts zero (0) Bulgarian Count look’a’likes to join Arsenal…

Ah ah ah ah!


Hasn’t Wenger denied moves in the past and then gone on to sign the player?


I don’t know Santi Cazorla


Hasn’t every manager?


If he’s the difference between winning or losing the title, why the fuck not?

Rad Carrot

I read an interesting article the other day on who each PL team should be looking to sign in the January window, and Diego Costa was the main name mentioned (obviously). It wasn’t a rumour website, trying to say that we were linked with him or anything; it just said that he’d be ideal for us, if we could get him. Now I understand it’s highly unlikely we’d be splashing the cash on him in January, but the article made a great point that it’s much better to go for him now. If he comes to the club now, we… Read more »


I get the feeling that the Costa deal is down to him wanting to join us. If 32m is available, I don’t think that Arsene will be reluctant to spend it to meet his (alleged) release clause. However, Costa is doing excellently for a rather brilliant Atletico Madrid side, who are also joint-top of their league, and have a great chance of having a good run in the Champions League. Will he want to give all that up in a world cup year, and risk moving to a different league? Especially when he knows that the clubs who are interested… Read more »


After reading yesterday about poldi’s best team yet. The one about the great team spirit at the club and how everyone gets on so well with each other why bring someone in who could unsettle everyone. Berbatov quality player but lazy and a whinger.


Berbatov would probably be extra motivated to play in a team challenging for trophies, but that in itself suggests his attitude is fickle. Anyway, if he were signed, I think he really would give it his best for what remains of this season, and then we could sign a fresher talent in the summer. For £2m and a two-year contract, it might be worth it, because I don’t see any really big moves happening this January (for the likes of Costa, Martinez, etc.), and a loan move to give playing time to a developing youngster (Morata) is not what we… Read more »


Here we go. Another month of bollocks. I’m not going to check newsnow every 5 minutes like the summer. I almost went insane. Nah, I’lll have a cheeky look 25 minutes before the window closes. That’s when Arsene gets his mojo on. Berbaslob? Too lazy. I’m also not convinced with the argument that you can’t get a big name in Jan. Torres went for 50m in a Jan window. Suarez was another big January signing. As was Vidic.Sneijder to Galatasary another. Balotteli to Milan. It does happen. It may be impossible, but why not try. Wenger should whip out his… Read more »

Eboue's Hairbrush

“Rooney foookin hates being at Utd”

I think it doesn’t matter where Rooney is, he thinks he’s bigger than the club. It would be the same at Arsenal. I can’t see Arsene putting up with his annual pantomime in order to get a new deal. He’s a ratbag.


Berbatov is a decent player with experience if on loan. But if we are to sign him (even for 2m), he will not be worth it. He is 32 and has legacy issues. He will cost us on the wage bill which will likely preclude or make difficult our ability to add someone on in the striker department with longer term potential in May. Much rather we take Pato on loan. He is only 24 and has plenty of pace to burn not to mention is technically excellent. If he doesn’t work out, we return him and move on, but… Read more »


We need new striker, not berba.

sagna's mother

Never a big fan of the lazy Berbatov, but on his day he’s quality. He would shine until he proved himself then revert to form. Then we get to see Per put his foot up his ass for being lazy, what’s not to like?

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