Sunday, August 14, 2022

Wenger plays down Vucinic links

Arsene Wenger has said that Arsenal are not ‘especially’ interested in Juventus striker Mirko Vucinic.

Asked after the Gunners 2-0 win over Fulham this afternoon, the manager reacted to reports that he was keen to do a loan deal with Juventus for the Montenegrin striker.

“We are looking at potential possibilities for us to get someone in, but we are not especially in for Vucinic,” he told the press. When it was suggested that the player’s agent had been spotted at the Emirates today, Wenger quipped, “Some people have visual capacities that I don’t have!”

The manager wouldn’t be drawn about specifics, but reiterated his position from yesterday’s press conference that nothing was close to completion.

“We are not on any special case,” he said. “I would love to announce something that would excite you and me, but I don’t have the possibility to do it.”

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Sign up a twelve ball shot gun and aim is at oil city!!!

Yoyo Sanogoals

I don’t trust buying players from Serie A, it’s really dropped off from a decade ago. Hope we’re not looking at Vucinic.


how does that even make sense? A player’s talent is not confined by the league he plays in is it? Furthermore Series A is a lot more competitive than people who don’t watch football give credit. Just because the money isn’t there anymore doesn’t mean that it is not a decent league with good players. There are plenty of average players in the Prem who are paid a fortune for little talent

Yoyo Sanogoals

It kinda does, look at Borini from Roma he was a good player in that league and now he’s at Sunderland, Lamela scored 16 goals from the wings last season at Roma, can’t even get onto the Spuds bench, Dikate was Lazio’s best defender yet he can’t even start ahead of Wes Brown. Giaccherini was a good player for Juve yet he’s only contributed to 2 goals and an assist. Let’s not forget Jovetic, where’s he gone.


what about flamini?


kaka not good? de rossi? robinho? balo?


Flaminis only scored one goal for us so far, we better ship him off fast


except that flamini went from BPL to serie a


What about a little coutinho who’s killing it in the PL?


Why all the fuss? We have a Park bench!


Personally when all is said and done i will always remain with these 2 readily available options

Loic Remy – This guy screams henry MK 2 everytime i see him play and his goal today? boy didn’t he take it well.

Christian Bentekke – He’s the target man. the guy you play long aerial balls to, rarely dissapoints in the air and blessed with speed and skill and finishes superbly aswell.

Jack's Right Foot

Neither are anywhere near the standard that is needed at Arsenal.


I disagree, particularly about Remy. He has what, 11 goals so far this season in the EPL? That’s not bad and we already have a first team striker in Giroud, plus alternatives in Walcott, Bendtner and several younger players for the future. Realistically he’s also attainable, apparently, whereas the likes Cavani and Falcao (who are better players) are both too expensive and probably wouldn’t even consider a move.

For a No.2 striker, he’s good enough. Better than Torres…


Our no.1 striker giroud himself many would argue is nowhere near the standard but look how well the guy is doing for himself! Either of Bentekke or Loic Remy rising from the bench oughta be better than what we have surely? and don’t get me wrong i would rather go for some fantasy Edison Cavani or remain as is. but its January and we are short of options so i don’t see how either of benteke or Remy would not improve us. And before you shrug off the options we have right now let me see you come up with… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

@this whole sub-thread

Just because a player can score goals doesn’t mean he’s right for the team, first and foremost…

Benteke would be a useful backup I think just because the quality of our service and his athleticism, but there’s no way he would be able to consistently service hold up play as well as… even Betdner, without a significant amount of time to accomodate him in training. He’s literally Andy Carrol AVFC v.2.0, that can score a few goals now and then.

And comparing Loic Remy to Henry is just insulting.


Know what guys, i was just waying our options. The thread is about vucinic who many have already said wouldn’t be a good fit. So how about a prem striker who’s already acquinted with this league and has scored acouple of goals to boot?. now either Benteke or remy fit that bill if i’m not wrong and i think im intelligent enough not to insinuate that remy is henry.

benteke a-nogo

Benteke is not a good finisher. 7amkickoff did a splendid article on that particular diatribe. In and around the danger area (6 yard box out to the pk mark) he is below average. He could do a job as back up, but for 20 mil, i think it is not worth it when bendtner is of the same make. There is no point throwing away money on a half decent striker if for instance we are interested in Draxler or someone of that quality.

Arty's Art

This whole thread is farce.

Why are Benteke and Remy any less a fantasy than Falcao and Cavani?

They are a fantasy, just a shite fantasy.

Why would a struggling Villa sell in January? Why would a fighting Newcastle give up their goalscorer half way through the season? Dream on. The reality is it will be nothing, the potential reality is it will be a kid, or a reliable goalscorer nearing his swansong.

Everything else is a dream.


I think in a way Wengers comments are about as reliable as and rightly so. There is such sophisticated background work that goes on, it’s important that Wenger just plays down everything until it’s set in stone. Don’t give the journo’s a chance to twist your words. In reality we could be really close. We won’t know until it’s a cert. I’d hate to play the guy at poker.

Jack's Right Foot

Do not want. His goal scoring record isn’t good enough and he gets lost in games.

It Is What It Is

Remy, Gomez, Pato.

Petit's Handbag

I think we missed a beat in not signing Grant Holt….top top top quality


he certainly eats up goals doesn’t he


Whoever wenger gets…will be the right option


He looks like Montenegrin Ramsey.

Lethbridge Gooner

This is my opinion. Berbatov will do what Giroud does for the next 6 months. Mandzukic will be a stronger competition for attacking option in Summer. Another attacking midfielder will be a Draxtic move.

With the need for defenders, summer shopping list looking longer and unrealistic.

I hope some of the targets gets signed in the next week or so.

Igor Stepanov's career

I’m sorry, why do we need defenders?

We have the best defensive record.
We have the best CB pairing.
We have the best 3rd choice CB who would walk into the other 19 teams first eleven.
We have the 2nd best RB (just behind Zabaleta)
We have 2 of the top 5 LB

So why exactly are defenders needed, granted we probably might need a back up RB but who much better than Jenkinson will sit on the bench for 40 games a season?


Have you been watching arsenal’s centre backs for the past 5 years? More than one of our CBs getting injuries is far from impossible if history tells us anything. Theres a lot of sense in having a backup.

Igor Stepanov's career

Vermaelen is the back up!!


Loic Remy is sooooo 2011!

Tamil Tiger

I now propose we build a statue of Santi Cazorla paid for by the coins the scum blah blah #####****£££££&zzzzzzz


Wouldnt get much of a statue due to the tight arse scum keepin their hands in their pockets. Well the majority anyway.

Tamil Tiger

The scum donated lots of coins at Theooooooo


Apparently we’ve had contact with Giovinco.

I’m not too sure I’d want Arsenal to sign him anyway. He’s got talent and if anyone could make him come good it’d be AW. But as a fan of Serie A I have to say Giovinco is just so inconsistent and is a real liability. And he’ll probably be overpriced too. Aside from the improbable signings of Tevez or Llorente i don’t think any of the Juve strikers are good enough for Arsenal.


BTW I agree with Ed. People do not give Serie A the credit it deserves. I’ll concede this season has not been good what with the decline of Inter &AC Milan. But Firoentina, Roma and Napoli are on the rise. Quality players still roam in that league as reflected by PSG’s attempts to poach all thier top players. Cavani, Lavezzi, Veratti and Thiago Silva are a few examples. PSG have been smart in that they have realised Italian clubs need money and will sell for the right price. Arsenal could do a lot worse than sign Destro, Insigne, or sign… Read more »


Should go for Remy or pato so we got strikers for CL


Get Pato. He is 24 and has plenty of pace/trickery. Unwanted at Corinthians, he could do with CL and a good run to get selected this summer for the Selecao. He needs to rehabilitate his career and what better place these days to come than Arsenal ? (ask Per) Take him on loan with a first option to purchase if he works out. if he doesn’t work out, we return him or if he gets picked up, we should take a commission as his shop window. Minimum risk and plenty of up side. Only issue (aside from injury record which… Read more »


Stop with the Pato talk already. There’s a reason he’s unwanted at a mid-table brazilian club and that reason is he sucks, and has sucked for the last few years. A wonderkid that failed to become the real deal. I say this as a brazilian, btw.


We should just risk it with bentdner and giroud and throw all the money at draxler the boy is amazing and he’s only 20. Could easily be the next v.persie, apart from he can finish with both feet doesn’t have grey hair And he’s not a cunt. Check his you tube best bits…. sick!


Borini is a young player still finding his way who moved too soon, Giaccherini was a decent squad player at Juve and still is decent as his displays for Italy at the Euros showed. Two completely different leagues to play in and some prefer one over the other and their performances show that. Like i say its down to the player not the league, some players find it hard to adapt especially to the pace of the premier league. Therefore by your rationale if a player finds it harder in one league than another then it is the harder league… Read more »

Davy Jones

I should hope not. 3 goals and 1 assist in 17 games this season. I would go with Giroud, Bendtner or Podolski up top every day of the week instead of Vucinic. And i doubt Vucinic would be particularly cheap either. Nah, save the Money and go for a real striker in the summer like Cavani, Costa, Hulk or Jackson Martinez.


At the end of the day, if we don’t get a striker, we’re screwed big time. I find it odd with all the top strikers we’ve had some fans and wenger are content with having giroud as our first choice. Everyone on here is going on about having a “backup to giroud” when he’d would be a back up himself at city, man u, liverpool and chelsea. Wenger put himself in his mess.

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