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Wenger: Rosicky will stay at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has given the strongest indication yet that Arsenal have agreed a new contract with Tomas Rosicky.

The Czech, who is out of contract this summer, is understood to have been in negotiations with the club about a one-year extension having impressed this season with a series of energetic performances.

Speaking to media in his pre-Aston Villa press conference, the boss responded to questions about the 33-year-old’s  future stating:

“Tomas Rosicky will stay here at the end of the season. He is a marvellous player and contributes well to the team.

“He is certainly a typical Arsenal player in the way that he is mobile, technically sound and team orientates. So he is a fantastic football player.

Rosicky has admitted on numerous occasions that he’d love to stay on with the Gunners for whom he has made 202 appearances over seven (often injury-hit) years.

The news is great both for the Little Mozart and for Arsenal’s younger players who stand to learn a great deal from his experience. Arseblog News looks forward to confirmation of the news in the near future.

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Fantastic news! Hope he retires with us, you can clearly see how much he loves the club.

lady nina

is bergkamp the last player to retire with us? It’s lovely to see players who loves the club so much end their careers with us. it must means we are doing something right 🙂

Unyoke The Ox

Come to think of it, you might be right. Wenger does treat it like Logan’s run, but Rosicky must have used some blue tack and his Mrs’ foundation to cover up flashing red the light on his palm.

In fairness, not many BPL players retire at the top clubs (United aside,, re they still a “top club?) anymore. There’s the MLS, Russia and China as an option these days.


Took the No. 7 jersey from another legend, Bobby Pires, and he himself is on his way to (if not already there) legendary status. What a guy!!


I do not think he will retire with Arsenal. From time to time, the Czech media discuss the option of the return to Sparta Prague (the club where he started as a kid) once his Arsenal days over. However, Tomas himself says he wants to stay with Arsenal as long as possible. So it’s great news to have him around for a bit more! BTW. I have heard his contract will be automatically extended beyond summer 2014 if he plays more than 25 games in the season and he is on 20 now, so if he stays fit I see… Read more »


Absolutely brilliant news!



Absolutely Awesome.


Yessssss. Can’t have little Mozart off conducting somewhere else now can we?

Remember the invincibles

The arsenal orchestra. Conducted by the little Mozart.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Definitely not if we want to pinch a load of players off Dortmund who idolised him as kids (Reus etc.)


Fuckin A! So important to have him here for the likes of the Ox, Gnabry etc. That is awesome news if it’s the case. Made my morning.


Now for the same statement regarding Bac please!


“The news is great”
Only great?!??!?!

Come on..

Tiger Tadgh

I’d love Arsenal n Wenger to break his “1 year deals for thrity something’s” with Rosicky because if any1 deserves a 2-3 year deal it’s him

Dr Baptiste

Honest question but does this “1 year contract” myth actually exist? If so, could it not also be viewed as Arsene having respect for his players and allowing them to either earn a new 1 year contract each year or leave for a final pay day.


Just Sagna left.

Come on Arsene. Make it happen for fucks sake.


Pay Czech

joey sixpack

Give the man a 100 year contract! That he may play for us even in the afterlife. With me as GK of course..


Fantastic news! Little Mozart is the most Arsenal. Some might say he is The Mozarsenal. I wouldn’t though because I can’t find my coat.


Fantastic. Schnitzel as he is called in Germany seems to be such an uplifting, positive influence in the locker room and on the pitch.


Our darling little Mozart deserves a two year deal. I LOVE THOMAS ROSICKY.

Igor Stepanov's career

You love him so much you can’t even spell his name right.

Ivan Drago

Brilliant news! Just a shame those injurieswrecked some of the years with us because he’s nearly unplayable on his day


Oh My God Yes

Arsene for the thousandth time has made the right decision. told you i love him!

Abu Rahman

I call him Ros The Magician! Please retire here so our youngsters can of course learn the art of football magic from you!


Woo hoo. Great news!


thats awesome, i would’nt mind if he’s been given another five yr contract.


Pure class,great to see he is staying put,hope Sagna does the same

gooner odst

Put aside any arbitrary love for the club, Rosicky brings a change in tempo to the game that very few can manage to do without giving the ball away. The phrase ‘don’t pass it, run into the space!’ comes to mind when the tempo slows down, but when TR7 breaks through a midfield line because no one else will, slides in for a tackle to slow the opposition counter or presses opponents high up the pitch, then it does tell you that this guy isn’t all about fancy schmancy stuff. To put it aptly, he brings a chainsaw to a… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

Great news! 33? Pffft he’s only 25 in football years!


Rosicky is a good player, but can’t play more than a game or 2 without picking up his next injury, personally I’d rather move him on at seasons end and pay the €45 mill for julian Draxler.
Sagna should be the player that we’re doing everything to keep.


That’s not the point. The point is that he wants to stay, he’s definitely good enough for his role, and he loves the club. So he stays. You might be right if we were talking about Diaby.


To let rosicky go would be suicidal. He’s putting in a string of games now and the “injuries” he’s been having is no more than what the other players have had. The 2 months layoffs he used to have are behind him and looks like he’s enjoying football once again.

Like Arsene said he’s a typical Arsenal man and i couldn’t agree more


Just watch the man play. There’s been plenty of times during 2013 where he has come in off the bench and completely transformed games by his energy, drive and skills.

Anyone who can put in performances like he has done in the last 12 months deserves a new contract. Age is not a factor here. Performance on the pitch is.

Alex Ohiani

I would love to see Rosicky win titles with Arsenal what do you guy think

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

Eh, I’m not really fussed



Great news. Always a great player. Unfortunate at times with injury. Hope he gets a few more seasons with us now. Obviously a great influence on the younger players but also on the team in general. Good news to see him stay


Rozza! Rozza!! Rozza!!! *Chanting

He's a blatant diver, but good at it

Where? I’ll hide the “cooking utensils” quick smart then.


Amazing news! Rosicky works so hard and seems like such a nice lad. Wouldn’t want anyone leaving the team atm. Best arsenal squad there’s been in a long time.

Jim Jimminy

Reus is ours!! Mwa hahahahaaa

the only sam is nelson

Arseblog please break out the obligatory TR7 contract extension dungeon shot

Thanks in advance


Happy to oblige

Rosicky Contract Dungeon

the only sam is nelson

hurrah! it’s dank and cold and surely there’s a urine-soaked mattress just out of shot, nestled underneath some bloodied manacles. *that’s* how to extend a contract “Now then, Bacary… just step this way” Would be great to see TR7 stay. His high intensity bustling game is great, it’s weird how you can forgive a player like Tomas or Jack giving away the ball when they run around like terriers on acid, whilst at the same time cursing more “laid-back” style players like Diaby and Ozil for exactly the same thing. There must be an area of the brain responsible for… Read more »


Terriers on acid.. Nice


….Please sign here..,,here,……annnd here,thank you. 🙂

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

This morning the sun is shining bright, and now this news!

Gunner make my way to the local news agent and take a punt on the EuroMillions.


Signing of the season..the guy looks like he could play for another 5 years. Top player..


Injuries robbed us of his best years. For me there is no better sight than watching Rosicky spin away from a defender and drive into the space at full speed, as well as his tenacity to tackle back and win the ball. I would love to see him retire at Arsenal, he deserves it!

gunner for ever

Excellent AW and IG!!!!! I hope you will also extend his contract more as far as he stayed injury free.I really want our super player,Rozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,to end his career just with us in the Emirates.Now,it is time to extend the contact for Bacary Sagna,a true fighter for our club and had shown his love to Arsenal by staying with us while some idiots just move for more money.Experienced players will always help the young players either on the pitch or on the training ground.


Rosicky is the best player inside Arsenal”not onlay arsenal but inside premier leagur.pls let us give him the chance,he love arsenal so much,one again he have al arsenal information.Arsenal R7.


Very happy for that news, now get Sagna signed up adr well please


Quite interesting, you never hear Wenger praising individual players outside of post-match environments. We know he’s not a fan of individual accolades like the Ballon D’or. But he quite often does it with Rosicky, clearly one of his favourites. One of mine too.


Here’s the reason why he’s getting another contract extension…



If anybody decided against reading the above article, I suggest you at least check this out. Turns out our Little Mozart is actually a rocker. Who’da thunk it?


zakariyau jelyll

Great nws frm Wenger we really appreciate ur comment on Rosicky pls don’t forget our realiable defender SAGNA too


This news like music in my ears..

Opus Fluke




Now for Bac, can people at the next home game pls lead chants, of “Bacary Sagna, we want you to stay”? I think Rosicky knows how much we love him esp. after the Spurs goal, but I’m not sure if Bacary can feel our love for him.


Hmm.. Last few seasons rosicky has been injured for the first half of the season then as Wenger says he comes back and “gives us a lift” and we go on a crazy run.. This season he hasn’t been injured and we’re top of the league. We need him, he deserves a 3 year deal!

Rosicky's sprints...

Good job le prof his a legend nw sagna time….


YEAH! great news. an arsenal player through and through. so so positive on the ball. i’m really chuffed with this. hopefully very soon Sagna will follow suit and we are set for the summer. can just focus on bringing in one or two to defend our title.


It’s a real shame injury robbed us of the truly world class player he used to be. But it’s amazing that he can still run so much. It’s not like he is our main midfielder (unlike United who had to play a 40 year old Giggs and bring 37 year old Scholes out of retirement.) Rosicky is excellent back up and a good role model. He can do a perfect job for us for another 1-2 years. (Hopefully he can help us get Marco Reus too. If there’s one forward besides Messi, who I want at Arsenal, it’s Reus. Bit… Read more »


And Now i have a smile on my face! Thank you Little Mozart!


so happy to read this. he’s been the catalyst to a lot of our season defining moments over the last few years


Did he ever play at Highbury? (as an Arsenal player I mean, I think he might have played for Dortmund there)
Seems like he’s been around FOREVER (which is a good thing)

Re: Sagna….got a ‘orrible feeling he’s off.

naija gooner

…..and where is that cu*t call John?


Very pleased with this. On his day, Rosicky is one of the best midfielders in the world. I hope he retires here.


Get Diaby off the books ($60k/wk) and give a third of that to Sagna. Still more money left..

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