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Wenger unsure if Diaby will play this season

Arsene Wenger has hinted that Abou Diaby may not play for Arsenal this season with the player making slow progress in his recovery from a serious knee injury.

The French international ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee back in March and was initially ruled out for eight to nine months, however, a series of setbacks appear to have curtailed notions he could help Arsenal in their title push and France in their bid for World Cup glory.

“His recovery is going slowly, he is still on a long-term recovery programme,” Wenger told assembled media on Friday.

The boss added that he was ‘unsure’ if the midfielder would feature this season, despite the fact the Premier League season still has four months to run.

Diaby returned to famed French academy Clairfontaine in the initial stages of his recovery and had hoped to be running again by July but having surrendered the number 2 shirt in favour of 24, required further surgery in October.

Diaby has 178 appearances to his name after nine seasons on the books at Arsenal and will have one year left on his contract at the end of the summer. It means he could still feature in the red and white next term, but he’s going to need a real change in luck…

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Didn’t he relinquish the number 2 shirt? Not 4?


Not that it matters – completely distraught for him. Fingers crossed he doesn’t encounter any further set-backs.

Not much to say that hasn’t already been said. Clearly a very good footballer when fit, Wenger however was the one to talk him out of retirement. I don’t see him signing a new contract in professional football unless something really dramatic happens and or a upturn in luck. Could see him plating his football at a much lower level.

Bergkamp fan

He could sign for a top club but on a contract that allows him to only get paid if he plays a match, it’s usually for much older players but here would be an exception.

But still, hoping this is his last injury in the many years to come and he turns out to give us some great years before he retires down the track.


In fairness, he’s put himself on a pay as you play contract by refusing his wages until he’s recovered.

Naija Gunner

Is that true or just a rumour, bcoz I’ve been hearing it most of the time?

Anyway I wish the beat luck in his Arsenal carer.

az Ahmed

I don’t think it is just bad luck. He is obviously the footballing equivalent of the Samuel L Jackson character in UNBREAKABLE – built like glass. Feel sorry for the guy. Who knows where he would have been right now if he had not gotten all these injuries. He looked like the next Patrick Vieira or Yaya Toure. I pray for his good health.


I’ve always rated Diaby very highly. With those great huge long legs of his, he made tackling look ridiculously easy. He’s been terribly unlucky with all the injuries, but he’s young yet, and I have great hopes that he can come back next year and stay healthy for a long time. As Ahmed said, when he’s on form, he’s as good as Vieira or Toure. Or better.

Dr Baptiste

You do have to feel sorry for Abou and no amount of wages are going to soften the anguish of not being able to essentially work doing the thing you obviously love doing. Hopefully we will see him in the red and white but in all honesty, I can’t see it happening. I think he’s just had too many setbacks and, while I am a massive advocate of Wenger’s patience with players, if he hasn’t made a recovery, he may have to sit down with him at the end of next year and think about retirement. Obviously for very different… Read more »

Bring in the younglings

I hope Abou will give it another shot next season. He will be 28 at the start of the season, theoretically at his peak. RVP had his injury problems dissipate at that age and Rosicky has probably had his best Arsenal years after 30, hope Abou will have the same.


The guy must be getting towards Robocop by now anyway – more metal than man!


Nice to see someone hit the “No amount of wages” theory right on the head. Some people say “Cancel his contract” which means giving him 18 months wages now, as opposed to paying them once a month for 18 months…

I would sign him to a “Pay as you play” contract, or offer him a role as a coach/scout/ambassador. They have for folks like Danny Karbassayon (sp?) who injuries wrecked, and ex pro’s like Selley who are at the club.


shame. shame shame – i don’t know whether it is bad luck or but this guy sure is crooked


I wouldn’t call what Dan Smith did bad luck. It wasn’t the kind of accident that could happen to anyone anywhere. It was deliberate in that Dan Smith had been making those kind of tackles for a good 20 minutes before finally severing Diaby’s foot from his ankle, with even the mild-mannered Gilberto begging the ref to take control of the situation or someone would get seriously injured. Since then Diaby has had more than 20 lots of surgery, leaving him with one leg longer than the other and a body that’s so unbalanced he’s never managed more than a… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Great comment. Heartbreaking to think that just one entirely avoidable incident all those years ago led to this.


Diaby is the real Bad luck Brian… I think the BPL isn’t for him unfortunately…


Gutted… what a fantastic player.


so unfortunate for Diaby…wish him all the best with his recovery.



Poor lad. Never really given a chance. He must have been a real shit in his previous life.

Merlin's Panini

What, are you Glenn Hoddle or something?


On a side note, we had our house broken into yesterday and all they took wad two pairs of trainers and a hoodie?!

Suspect they’re Chelsea fans.

az Ahmed



didnt he trade number 2 for 22 ?


Sanogo is 22. Diaby took 24.


He was definitely 2 not 4

Rambling Pete

It’s just a crying shame what happened to him. If he had half the luck some players have had he’d be one of the best in the world. To think his career was destroyed by a clogger at Sunderland for no good reason. It makes me mad. Almost as mad as the time when I came home to discover that my life had been turned upside down by the woman I thought I loved. It had been a long day at work and I stopped off at the local bar for a beer or two on the way home. I… Read more »

The fool of a Took

You´ve only been with one woman since you were 8? She did you a favour, mate 🙂


Love your rambling, Pete.


Favour? No, i have a feeling Pete would be the perfect conversation companion for the ladies 🙂




It’s your wife one should feel more sorry for . 😉

He's a blatant diver, but good at it

Which country did you move to?

oooh to be young

I read about our Abou and just feel sad for him.

I still harbour the dream that one or two years from now he will return in our hour of need to score the winner against the scum or man city in a vital league match.

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

As-salamu alaykum Abou. Would love to see this man make the come back he deserves..

the only sam is nelson

If he doesn’t make it back for us – and God I hope he does because he’s a fantastic player to watch when he’s bang on form – then I really wish he gets a few seasons in Spain or Italy where he’s less likely to be subject to the kind of physical strains the English game involves in terms of rampaging cloggers. He deserves it. It’s outrageous that a cunt like Robbie Savage enjoys a 15 year career in the top flight when his only ability was to kick people and wind up opposition fans, whereas somebody with sublime… Read more »


I kinda think if he can’t get it back on track here, he won’t at all. He is in the best place ‘cos the manager trusts him and respects him. I hope he gets a break from his bad luck.

Durham Gooner

Very talented but to be harsh he’s taking up a spot in our squad that we cannot afford to sacrifice.

Dr Baptiste

Not really. A few of our players are in the ’21 and under’ category and so don’t take up a registered places.

If we sign anyone and need te space I’m sure we can just deregister him and change it


he doesnt take a spot in our squad and ask not geting pay until he there


Abou Diaby vs liverpool at Anfield yelled “keep the faith”


Such a tremendous shame for the guy. I still remember that game against Liverpool where he bossed that midfield and even had Rooney commenting on what a quality performance that was.

He had the potential to be one of the best midfielders around, and truth be told I did have a sliver of hope that he would come back near April/May and help push us on towards the title.


Poor guy indeed but to be fair he should retire from football already. It’s pretty clear he won’t be fit enough for a whole season and it is damaging to his mental side aswell. The way he attacked Barton in 2011 was rather telling how he feels on the pitch (though i would slap and punch the guy myself if given the chance). I fear he’ ll never go into challenges 100% again and he’ll always protect his body, but honestly can anyone blame him for that after his injury record. On a joke note: No ‘Diaby is like a… Read more »


‘Attacked Barton’? I’d happily redefine ‘attack’ if I was in a room with Barton.

Common Diaby

He would’ve been the next Yaya You’re if you remember his performance last season vs Liverpool…he was commanding the midfield like a beast. Shame he’s injured wish him all the best.

Trex d Gunner

An absolute legend for kicking John Terry in the head.
Poor fellow, I wish him the best, but I think he needs a career change.

New guy

He was unstoppable in that match as well, up until the point where he hurt his ankle kicking John Terry in the head. Which pretty much sums up the enigma of Diaby.

Ronald McBootysmacker



Didn’t Diaby play a charity match last month with the Muslim Footballers association? Photos all over everywhere.


No. He watched from the sidelines. I’d imagine he has to get clearance to walk up the stairs at the moment so playing charity matches would most certainly be a no-go.


I can still hear him screaming in pain looking at his shattered ankle. He has had multiple operations to try and get fit. He has never had a chance to show his true potential as the “new Vieira” I genuinely feel sorry for the guy, he as suffered alot in trying to get fit. I admire him for not giving up on his dream to play football again. It is easy for us fans to say get rid of him, he should retire etc etc Lets not forget he got injured playing for the club we love doing something he… Read more »


This is what makes Arsenal unique in a cruel world of football. The whole club, and everybody associated with it supported Diaby through thick and thin, when everybody else would cut him loose and forget about him. I don’t care if it makes sense to keep Diaby or not; he is a good player when healthy, and most importantly a part of the team.

Opus Fluke

Get tired of fans slating this guy. It’s not like he wants to be injured all the time. I think some fans picture him lying on his ass watching cartoons, eating junk food, calling Wenger saying ‘can’t play, boss, I’m just not feeling it today again’. The fact that he hasn’t packed it in already hints at a guy who is doing his best to stay mentally strong, and he is undoubtedly a fine footballer when fit. I think Wenger admires that attitude enough to stick with him all these years.


Really feel for the lad, but I fear that prick Dan Smith actually ruined his entire career. As other posters have said, that game at Anfield suggested he was the real deal, but the whole team has changed since he joined and was injured originally. I fear he will never come back, but I am proud of the way the club has looked after him.

Eric Irish gunner

Sad, what a player when on form,think this is his last chance hopefully a miracle happens and he makes a comeback


All of Diaby’s injury record since 2006. Made me tear up a little thinking about his lack of luck. Anterior Cruciate Ligament 2013 March 28th Calf/Shin Injury 2013 February 23rd Illness 2013 January 22nd Thigh Muscle Strain 2012 September 29th Muscle Injury 2012 September 7th Calf Muscle Strain 2012 April 28th Illness 2012 April 23rd Hamstring Injury 2012 March 29th Hamstring Injury 2012 March 3rd Hamstring Injury 2011 November 26th Ankle/Foot Injury 2011 July 22nd Calf Muscle Strain 2011 January 2nd Calf Muscle Strain 2010 December 30th Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 October 19th Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 October 4th Ankle/Foot Injury 2010… Read more »

Squillaci is king

I do feel sorry for Diaby but he wasn’t even that great when he was fit. I just remember him coming back from an injury, scoring in a game, playing shite in the next one and then getting injured again…


I remember the same Diaby. Played well in one game then badly in the next 5, then getting injured.
People really overrate the guy.


Really. People overrate Diaby? One thing I’ve never heard him called in ‘Overrated’.


If either of you had seen him as a youngster before that sunderlqnd nobody did what he did you would feel different. And even if not have some fucking compassion for what is simply a tragic story.


Was being sarcastic, man.


Jesus, forgot the ‘nt in there! I meant, I WAS NOT being sarcastic, man. Think Abou is underrated, and hate folks giving him shit. Genuinely have never heard somebody call him overhyped before.


If he hadn’t had all these injuries, i’m sure people would be calling YaYa Toure the next Diaby.


This may sound selfish but I want him here as long as possible because when he does get some sort of fitness I don’t want another club to benefit from that, give him a pay as you play deal on a rolling one year contract.



Mate Kiddleton

It’s a shame the injuries came at a time when he’d be playing at his peak years too. What a waste of a serious talent. 🙁

Seanie Spillane

Ffs buy out his contract and get rid. A joke he still on the books.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Buy out his contract? You mean pay the entirety of the remainder of his contract and let him sort out his physical state by himself?

This is not Football Manager. He is an Arsenal man through and though, so have a heart.

I’d like to see him in a coaching role or even in a psychological support role, helping fellow pros (Like Theo) to get through the recovery part of the game. In that respect he is a beast and has my absolute respect.

Yankee Gooner

Arsenal kept paying a fully fit Arshavin who had about 1/100th of the desire or mental strength of Diaby. Would love to see Diaby come fit and play again; consolation prize is being a fan of a club that treats players who deserve dignity with the dignity they deserve.


Why would you want to buy his contract out? He is likely to be let go for free this summer. Shame he was so injury player, he had the potential makings of a fantastic player. As is we will be looking to replicate what he gave us in midfield (on occasions when available). Whilst Jack provides a lot of the drive through the middle and the ability to take out 1-2 players on his own, we will miss a bit of Diaby’s height in the midfield. There has been a bit of rumbling about Kayoute at Anderlecht. This could be… Read more »


I don’t think the criticism was aimed at you Kosacker.

Diaby is a class football player, and there’s quite a few games I’d show someone to prove he’s not over-rated.

Best player on the pitch by a mile in many of his games. And I’d almost go as far as to say he’s got the skills of a Zidane.

99 problems but being a gooner aint one

Anyone who saw diabys performance at anfield against liverpool at the start of last season will know this guys talent is unquestionable..GUY JUST HAS THE WORST LUCK.


Diaby vs fenerbache…. What a game, what a performance all the more reason why his absence is a crying shame. Get well soon abou, Keep the faith.


I remember during the pre-season, Wilshere (I think?) said the player that impressed him the most at the club in terms of skill was Abou Diaby. I’m sad for the player, but I think people get a little emotional over pretty innocent and fair comments about how disappointed we are that we’re paying a player good money not to contribute on the pitch. Personally, I’m all for being charitable, and Arsenal is a club known for its charity work, but I can understand why people express their wonderment that he was offered a new contract a few years ago. My… Read more »

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