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Wilshere hails two goal Santi

Jack Wilshere has hailed two goal hero Santi Cazorla, and praised the Arsenal team for having players who can chip in with vital goals.

The Spaniard scored twice in the second half to ensure the 2-0 win over Fulham, and afterwards Wilshere said, “It was difficult, and we had to be patient. Teams comes stop us playing but we’ve shown we can break anyone down.

“Thankfully today Santi came up with goods and we’re still top.

“It’s good to spread the goals around. Santi got them today, I’ve scored a few more than normal, Aaron Ramsey of course. There’s Podolski too, we’re confident. ”

Pressed on whether they pay attention to people who say Arsenal are underdogs in the title race, Wilshere said, “We don’t listen to anyone else, we just take each game as it comes. We’ve got the cup on Friday, we want to be in that, then we go to Southampton.

“We know we’re going to be able to score goals, we just keep it tight at the back, and we’ve done that all season.”

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Jack is looking like his old self. Santi hitting form. Says a lot that even if it didn’t all come off for Ozil, we can still win. Ramsey and Arteta back next week. Get a functional striker and we’ll be ready.


‘Get a functional striker’… I hope that comment isn’t insinuating what I think it is…

Jenkinson's right foot

the truth is we don’t have a striker. as much as you might love Giroud, you can’t call him a striker. he doesn’t convert the chances that are created for him and that his supposed to be his first priority.

golly gosh

Think of Giroud as an old fashioned target man, only instead of knocking it down for a strike partner he’s knocking it down for the other 9 outfield players all the time every time without fail for 90 minutes.

Let me make this clear – he is integral. It’s not a coincidence we look less effective with Podolski in the middle. Suggesting he is “not a striker” or “not functional” only exposes you as a football neanderthal. Soz.


If Berbatov is your vertion of a funtional stricker then I’d radher not


Had my doubts about Berb from the start of the rumours. After today, I hope to God we don’t sign that spoiled selfish whiner.

Jenkinson's right foot

or play podolski.

Neil #2

The question in my mind isn’t whether Giroud is good enough, the question pertains to having enough depth in the squad so that Giroud can be rested at times, so that he has some competition (which is always a good thing), and so that we have someone who can lead the line who might offer something just a little bit different, thereby giving the Professor a bit of tactical flexibility.

Indonesian Gooner

Santi Cazorla’s second half of the season will be much better than his 1st.




I have yo say that thos season the team is playing with calmness and level headedness. The least it deserves is a trophy, for the players, the coaching team, and most importantly the fans.


Apparently you got a thumb down for your english! But your last line should make up for it


Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla !!!

I think he have been magnificent in recent games. Mostly overlooked by media ( Ozil hype), but I love to see him score !

C´mooon Aaasnl !

Diaby's ankles

Feels great that we are not dependent on one dutch traitor.
Team has become much more balanced and Top of the League as a result.


I’m all for selling the cunt players but I’m not sure I go along with the “you can be too dependent on one star player” suggestion. With a good team around one they can often make the difference in tight games.


But for example, look at man u now. Van Persie carried them last year bc he was injury free. I assure you if he was injury free this season as well, man u may very well be top 4. Having one world class player to do the work for you may make you think your team is strong enough. Getting rid of him allowed us to change our setup and getsome team players foronce in santi, giroud and pod. Its a better overall system, one gets injured, the rest fucking pitch in!


When santi is on form, he is unplayable, love those quick step overs too


For seconds I thought it’s not gonna be our night when Fulham cleared the ball from the line time and time again. But then it was only for seconds…


So nice to see Santi scoring goals and brushing past challenges again. The thought of him and Özil in his second season is simply tantalizing!


A trophy will make up for it


I think it’s healthy for the team that almost everyone can score. Sure, Giroud is our target man, and getting another target man will be good, but not having to rely on one person to score all of our goals (like a certain Dutch skunk) is good for the team. Everyone feels equally responsible to try and make the next goal.


I think people forget that Santi was our player of the season for 12/13. He still has so much more to offer. That being said, we will need our whole midfield for the congestion of fixtures coming up in Feb/March. Good to see Ox looking sharp. Still have Arteta and Rambo coming back. Looking good!!!


Just one thing: OOOOooohhh Santi Cazoooorla, OOOOooohhh Santi Cazooorla…


Hail,hail indeed. Awesome team display. Bring on the rest. COYG


Santi claus orla!!!!


I hope we win something major by May……little bit Champion’s league and/or the Premier league,wanna see the Dutch Judas shit his knickers. He coulda had Santi,Wilshere,Ozil…… now he has Fellaini,Smalling,Young.

Tom Thumb

You forgot Tom cleverly what an overrated player he is.How he’s in the England squad I’ll never understand


The England squad is shit?


And wilshare being consistent in games as well

Yusrin Faiz

we need world class striker to complete our team.

biafran arse

Spreading of goals,jack are you saying that giruod is not good enough? He is our link up defensive striker..and very static one,I felt for ozil,giruod is going to finish his stock

Ping pong 4 Frimpong

Is it me or has Jack been hailing everyone this season? Mertesacker too

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