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Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich: The Guff

Arsenal face an uphill task after a 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last night. He’s some of the reaction from the press, blogs and beyond.

Was it a red? The trouble is, clear goal-scoring opportunity or not, it was an easy one for refs to give and this one didn’t think twice. I’m not armed with the stats but I suspect those ones are given more often than they are not. That said, it’s debatable whether Robben had any real chance of scoring. – East Lower.

Pep Guardiola is a dedicated student of his opponents’ recent matches, locking himself away with just a television and a notepad and writing down every area of weakness. Presumably he watched Liverpool’s recent 5-1 destruction of Arsenal and noted how frequently Nacho Monreal was isolated at left-back when Santi Cazorla drifted inside. The personnel changed but Bayern replicated Liverpool’s route of attack. – Michael Cox, Guardian.

Ozil’s miss was a turning point in the match. Arsenal should’ve been at least 1-0 up on the champions of Europe. At that moment they looked vulnerable and easy enough to break down. We weren’t dominating them (Kroos did force an excellent save from Szczesny from distance) but we had them scrambling at the back. Had we gone up a goal, it would’ve served to strengthen our belief and further sowed the seeds of doubt for Bayern. But Ozil’s penalty miss was the best thing that could’ve happened to Bayern. – Arse2Mouse.

The Munich goals were more or less inevitable, although Arsenal will kick themselves over the second. Having held out for so long at 1-0, a scoreline which would have been more than acceptable under the circumstances, they made a big mistake which allowed Bayern to double the lead. – Some bloke, ESPN.

Yaya Sanogo was raw and largely ineffective on a night when Wenger insisted Olivier Giroud’s absence was not a punishment for off-field issues. Sanogo was not lacking in effort but, however it is dressed up, a team with genuine aspirations of winning this competition cannot be so frail in their choices. – Daniel Taylor, Guardian.

Mistakes have consequences. They are part of the mix. In both cases the Premier League team kyboshed their own chance. The price was paid by spectators, who were left with a nagging sense of imbalance and anti-climax. The aim was to see the whether Man City were anywhere near Barcelona’s level yet – and how far Arsenal have come in the last six months. You can never be sure with 10 v 11, but this much is clear: Barcelona and Bayern keep the ball far better than the top English sides. – Paul Hayward, Telegraph.

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not a proffesional footballer

I don’t care what anyone says, Sanogo played well against BAYERN, 1st CL MATCH EVER, we went downhill after Gibbs’ injury, Monreal is liable to be caught at left side.
Hope the team plays well at Bavaria

also this is a clueless guy who probs only watch the lastg 10 minutes of 2nd half

Cazorla's smile

i thought sanogo was excellent first half, missed the second half for work


yeah that was a wierd column. What would Giroud have offered had he played that’s different from Sanogo? Yaya won a lot of headers, had decent hold up play, and when he turned away from two Bayern midfielders on our own half and almost played a perfect through ball for the Ox he looked like a striker far more expensive than a free one. Of course he didn’t get much done after the red but if the author can’t understand why that is I feel sorry for him


I like him but i think his little 1-2’s around the box aren’t up to giroud’s standards. was surprised to see him start.

not a proffesional footballer

You can never be sure with 10 v 11, but this much is clear: Barcelona and Bayern keep the ball far better than the top English sides.

this is a ‘journalist’, haha
did he even watch the match? Alaba, Dante, was always in trouble with Ox and Sanogo early on


I didn’t see much of this ‘keeping the ball better’ when it was 11 v 11, but that doesn’t fit with the narrative does it?

african gunner

There’s a conspiracy against english sides in this competition,i strongly believe,barca got a penalty for a foul that happened outside the box,our keeper got a red card for a minimal contact when old robben was not sure to get the ball,as for giround,he should go looking for other clubs cause sanogo is way better for someone who hasn’t played over six months to put on such performances.


While we had 11 on the pitch we were more than a match for Bayern. Last year we were completely dominated at home, this year after the first 10 – 15 mins I thought we’d really get something from this! Of course the ref had other ideas. So by his interpretation the foul on Ozil was worthy of only a yellow but for Scz it was straight red. This is what kills me, the inconstancy of refs not just from game to game but within the same game!!

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

LOL “some bloke, ESPN”. Nice one blogs, ever the modest bloke

Trex d' Gunner

Sanogo was excellent last night, I don’t know which match the Guardian bloke watched. I’m proud of our guys, they gave it their absolute best, can’t ask for more.


I thought Sanogo played well. I am not as worried as I was about a Giroud injury now. However, a blow out of cash this summer will set us up for a strong season next year.

m a gunner

Shocking decisions again ruins a game that we were looking good in , not for the first time ! the team dug in well but the inevitable happened . Think Wenger seriously needs to think about buying midfielders who can tackle especially on the left far to passive if non existent defending from ozil or casorla , we had same problem with arshavin n reyes !


Michael Cox and Daniel Taylor are spot on. Sanogo had a good game and looks like a good prospect. He might become a “50-million man” in the future but he got a long way to go before he gets there. The problem, as I see it, is not that we play Sanogo instead of H(cheating)B, they are the same sort of player. Big, strong and slow and that´s the problem. We need speed in this team. If we play a big strong lone striker then the wide players got to have speed to compensate for the striker. They should be… Read more »


Although the score line doesn’t reflect it, I believe we truly showed how far we have come in the last year with that performance. Obviously a hugely disappointing result but we really matched bayern blow for blow at the start of the game, and defended admirably after the game changing red card, neither of which can be said of the game at the emirates last year. Also re Sanogo, I thought given his age and experience he did seriously well, and on this evidence I have no doubt has the raw ingredients to make it. However, not taking anything away… Read more »

Bobby the beast

Most ‘professionals’ slagging sanogo probably only watched the highlights.


No fucking shit they can keep the ball better. They had the numbers advantage.

I think it’s ridiculous that everyone in the press go on about how dominant Bayern were. No shit? Why would you even talk about that? I think that if Arsenal had all 11 players it would have been close to 50/50 in terms of possession.

Why would they even extol something like that to such a degree?


because your nick is penis? That’s the only reason I can think of.
Aside from the fact that they are blinkered twats.


Yeah my thoughts exactly, while I don’t give a shit about what this journos say, it is clear that they have an anti-arsenal agenda. They can’t never seem to think objectively but rather with a biased attack on why Arsenal this or that. I wonder what any of their “expensive” center forwards would have done any different than what Sanogo did. What did Negredo do against Barcelona after the red card? exactly nothing. What would have falcao, costa, lewandoski, or whomever done under those circumstance any other than help in defense and hope for the best? Yet they want to… Read more »


BBC made a point of showing bayarns passing stats to evidence their dominance… Something I’ve not seen them do before and yet they offered no context to say that despite the disadvantage were at, most of those passes were not going anywhere.


The press rile us up on purpose. I’m not so sure we should be so bothered with what they say. For e.g, on BBC 5 after the game, they ONLY had fans on who thought Ozil was crap. as Monsieur Blogs said it todays blog, if you think Ozil has had a bad season and is shit at football, go do one. Still think that we do tend to find a way to fuck ourselves up though. we had a penalty against Bayern Munich in the 8th minute of a home tie and didn’t convert it. that wasn’t the Press’s… Read more »

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