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Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace: The Guff

A look at the reaction from the media and blogosphere to yesterday’s 2-0 win over Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

Arsenal have managed only three first-half goals in 10 league games and even Oxlade-Chamberlain admitted he had initially failed in his “duty to make more runs off the ball”. In a midfield depleted by pulls, tweaks and suspension, Oxlade-Chamberlain’s was a reassuringly crisp presence in the centre. Arsenal can tap into his enthusiasm over the weeks ahead. – Dominic Fifield, Guardian

In an 11-day spell starting on Feb 8, Arsenal visit Liverpool and then host Manchester United in the Premier League before entertaining Liverpool in the FA Cup and then Bayern Munich in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 meeting. They will face a potentially daunting passage with confidence quickened now that Oxlade-Chamberlain deepens their scoring options. – Henry Winter, Telegraph.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a team with so little attacking intent or creativity and one quite happy just to play a deep line and have no forward ambition. Yes, Palace worked extremely hard but after that there was nothing, nearly all forward forays ended in misplaced or overshot passes betraying a paucity of attacking talent. – 7amkickoff

Arsenal, bidding to win the title for the first time since 2003-04, gained a vital three points to move two clear with Liverpool and Manchester United the opponents in their next two league games. – BBC

Oxlade-Chamberlain is back and a happy consequence for Arsenal is that they return to the top of the Premier League, for 24 hours at least until Manchester City face Chelsea on Monday night. If City do win to re-take first place from Arsenal, the consolation comes from the fact Chelsea will be five points adrift of second place in third. After the draw against Southampton last Tuesday this was a welcome return for Arsenal to the business of ticking off the wins, one at which they have proved surprisingly efficient. – Sam Wallace, Independent.

After the events of the last few days it was nice to get back to the part of football we enjoy the most – the football on the pitch. The closing of the transfer window presented an unwelcome distraction as at first the lack of transfer activity was followed by the questionable caliber of acquisition to the squad which then led into the revelation of the injured condition of a certain Kim Kallstrom. Granted the whole saga involving the Swede has caused much embarrassment to fans and employees of Arsenal Football Club but until the results on the pitch are affected I couldn’t care less. – Gambeano Snitch

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Disclaimer: Arseblog News is not responsible for the content of other sites or any of the stuff they might say in the bits that we haven’t picked out that you might not agree with.

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I like guff

the only sam is nelson


Saturday: “Injury? OMG our season is OVER, waaaahhhhh”

Sunday night: top of the league. Again


More than anything, I hope we batter United next Wednesday. Let’s put that one out to pasture.

damien joyce

Yeah, I must admit that I would be perfectly delighted with a draw at anfield and then a win vs Utd. The more I think about it, this year I couldn’t give a hoot about UCL, if we got knocked out again on away goals perhaps, or just the odd goal that doesn’t affect confidence, then I will take that, then with above results, we could be happy with Home win versus Citeh and 3 away draws or 1 defeat and 2 wins from spuds, chavs and toffees. Regardless of how this season finishes, so long as we don’t have… Read more »


Maybe when we beat manure there might be more optimism. Maybe


I am going completly off topic, but if you want to know the reason for S*purs form this season do this..

Go to Football365.com, look for mediawatch, scroll to the botton and read non football story of the day


Not telling us what it’s about and can’t even be bothered to link to it can you? Why would I bother to go through the trouble of hunting down some article when I don’t even know what it is about?

roof attack

i still cant understand why we did not get a striker in but from what i’ve been told, being a real life football manager is a bit different from playing those hugely addictive pc games. maybe we should have signed To Madeira!


Can’t agree with 7am kickoff here, Palace had a couple of good opportunities to score and frequently broke with 4-5 players running at the Arsenal goal, that they did not score is down to some poor play and damn good goalkeeping from Szcz.


Honestly the way that Crystal Palace played yesterday represents the withering excitement of football in England. Teams are no longer playing to win, but rather playing to scrounge points against teams they decide they can’t win against. The rise of parked bus football is hugely on the rise in the BPL with teams like Stoke, Chelsea and now Crystal Palace using these despicable tactics. I’m surprised Palace didn’t just start 10 defenders considering Chamakh was defending for the majority of the match and I’m also surprised that only 7amkickoff picked up on this fact. Honestly this defeatist attitude is ruining… Read more »


Steady on, mate! I don’t follow the Spanish league that much, hardly at all, but because Atletico Bilbao drew with Real Madrid, it doesn’t mean they played beautiful, attacking football. Plenty of park-the-bus teams get 1-1 draws (and of course 0-0 draws). Personally, it doesn’t bother me that bottom of the table teams park the bus against good teams, there isn’t much else they can do, it’s only embarassing when a team in the top half does it, e.g. Chelski. And I don’t know what opinion is today, but many football fans say the PL is the best in the… Read more »

A N Other

I saw both valencia and bilbao games. Valencia defended for their lives and then hit Barcelona at counter three times. Palace did the same but our defence is much better than that of barcelona. So Valencia won and Palace lost playing the same system.

Bilbao always play well at home. They have beaten Barcelona as well so a draw with madrid is not a bigger deal.

However, that is the only exception. Just about every other team goes to Barcelona/Madrid and parks the bus.


didnt sevilla play for a draw vs athetico madrid?

Me So Hornsey

Who’s playing tonight again?


I understand your view and i agree with you. Bit until FFP is in and implemented properly. Teams like crystal palace and other bottom 10 clubs aren’t going to risk going head to head with teams(squads) like man city or Arsenal. They simply arent good enough. And as a manager you have to play a system that you believe will gain you points in the next game. I hate watching it, but can understand the reasoning. Even Mourinho fot all his moaning the other day….said pretty much if he was in the shoes hed probably do the same. Hell, even… Read more »


I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game. It’s win/win for us I think:

Chelsea win = we’re still top
Man City win = we’re back to where we were yesterday morning, but Chelsea have been dealt a blow in title race and we’re now in a battle with City.
Draw = we’re still top

Let’s hope for some controversy, some in-fighting and some injuries!


Plus a sudden appearance of a sink hole that devours the Etihad. Now, that would be unexpected!

Puma's technozip

I have a habit of replying late, but no worries. The problem I have as an Arsenal fan is teams have parked the bus against us for years. Some teams have got results doing that, but we have humiliated enough to consider that it’s not a solid tactic. But, if everyone in the league does that against us throughout the season, then yes, it’s a pretty difficult tactic to overcome. But why just us? What is the bullshit associated with lower league teams parking against us one week, then playing open football agianst others the week after? Did teams do… Read more »

A N Other

My preference would be a draw followed by a heavy defeat of either club. A heavy defeat can sow seeds of doubt.

nepali gooner

Wanna see moaninho win… or a draw.. a citeh win would be hazardous. ..

Mark The Spark

My preference is that lightening strikes the pitch and lays all 22 players out for the rest of the season 😀

Davy Jones

Chelski wont be using the dressing room this game cause all the players have been ordered to use the Team Bus as their dressing room. The Bus will be parked on their goal line, and none of Chelsea’s players are allowed to leave their own 18 yard box. Im guessing a 0-0 draw today

Clock End Mike

Interesting to see how wrong everybody here (well, almost everybody) was with their predictions for last night’s game. Makes weird reading, when comments on an article about Arsenal’s performance at the weekend v Palace were more about misguided predictions for a game that I’ve already watched.

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