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Giroud: I’m no Suarez, but I want to be remembered

Olivier Giroud says he wants to make a mark at Arsenal even though he recognises he’s not on the same level as summer transfer target Luis Suarez.

Aware that the club’s supporters were excited by the prospect of the Uruguayan signing in the summer, the French striker stressed that he’s solely focused on improving his own game claiming the trust of Arsene Wenger will help him do exactly that.

Chatting to ex-Gunner Alan Smith, to whom the boss compared Giroud recently, the 27-year-old was open about his career aims at the Emirates.

“I understand that Arsenal fans want a big name, but I try to stay calm, to take it easy and concentrate on my job, train well, and repay the confidence of the boss.

“He always talks to me, trusts me – that’s why he didn’t buy another striker last summer and in January. I’m still here because the boss is pleased with my game, with what I can bring to the team.”

Set to feature against Suarez twice in the next week, Giroud happily admitted that the Liverpool attacker is currently operating on another level.

“I know I’m not a player on the same level as someone like Suarez – because he’s been amazing this season – but I know I can improve again. That’s why I’m quite confident of my future here.

“This isn’t a time to doubt myself. Sometimes a striker won’t score for a month or two. It happens to every striker. But you’ve always got to believe in your quality and remember that people trust you. I feel really good here and I really want to win something with this club.”

Wary of his words being twisted following an interview earlier in the season in which he was portrayed as having grandiose expectations, Giroud also took the time to clarify his ambitions.

“I said something earlier in the season to a French newspaper and they made a big thing of it with the headline ‘Legend!’ I didn’t mean I wanted to become a legend at Arsenal, more that I want to make a mark in Arsenal’s history. I don’t want to come across as arrogant, saying I want to be the best ever. I just want to be remembered here.”

You can read the full Telegraph interview here. It’s well worth it.

Also, nice to see Smudger is allowed in the training ground these days…

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Wilshere's "A" Symbol

This Interview just made u Legend In My Mind….Does nt matter what people say

Bergkamp fan

It’s sad how some of these ‘fans’ have no value for fighters and people who give a 110%. I mean even I would love having another striker that can score 25+ a season like Henry and that dutch **** we used to have, but at the same time, Giroud still gives his all to the team and deserves some appreciation.

If he’s not scoring, he’s linking up play to let someone else do the job, if he’s not doing that, he’s defending, always being useful.

He’s not Thierry Henry, he’s not Ian Wright, he’s OLIVIER GIROUD <3


I’m really glad he’s not a bitey diving racist. I’m gonna start some man love singing “I want you just the way you arrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee”


“I’m really glad he’s not a bitey diving racist.”

Right? Honestly, I do not understand the people who were so gung-ho about Suarez signing. He’s got all those negative qualities that you mentioned, which are enough to make even an accomplished goal-scorer unattractive to a club or supporter with any sense of morals or scruples, *plus* he looks like he’d be a selfish jerk to play with, always going for self from tight angles rather than making the simple pass.

Virginia Goon

Problem is he usually makes them


Gotta love our HFB!!!


Not only remembered but some will dream of you because of your handsomeness. Add handsomeness to your game too and you will be a legend.


Despite whatever reservation you may have with the guy, you can never fault his attitude.

He may not be clinical enough, or fast enough, but one of the main reason why I don’t suffer from palpitations whenever the oppositions have corners or free-kicks near the box is because of Giroud.


Good man, the ambition is commendable… wish you the very best, when you shine, we shine.


No, you are not Suarez. You have not been seen biting people like you’re auditioning for Walking Dead or repeatedly diving like a bottle nosed dolphin.

In seriousness, great interview. The man has his limits, but no one works harder for the shirt than OG.


Like it or not, hes the face and embodiment of arsenal now. ‘Not good enough’, ‘never gonna make it’, ‘boring and dull’, all insults at both giroud and arsenal, but our french striker knows what to think, just like wenger.

Gary Ozil

Top, top man.


Love this guy. Good player, and will be forever remembered as the man who spearheaded Arsenal’s Great Selfie Movement of 13/14.


He has one of the best attitudes in the the HFB..who doesn’t?


Roflcopter. He couldn’t buy. Not that he wouldn’t buy


You have to admire his honest outlook, but then he performs other duties in our team, like holding the ball up and playing in team mates. I’m glad we have him and Bendtner should look at Olivier’s attitude and realise he could be like him and be happy to improve on his lot and not squander the chance in front of him.


HFB that was NTBSTEL but a GWTFWAR

Sean Gunnery

i like this guy. i like all the guys and i wish them the best, this is THE classiest, MOST stylish, hardworking team in the Oil Premier League, COYG


You can say that again!


He’s only a few goals away from being in the world class category. Everything else he does is terrific – have a look at the accuracy of the pass to Ox. Personally I think he has the same problem as Ramsey had last season – snatching at shots. Ramsey turned the corner, and let’s hope Giroud does too. I also think he should stop trying glancing headers, and head it straight on like NB does, as a straight bullet header usually has too much pace for a keeper anyway, and at worst, the keeper parries it for another player to… Read more »

Özil Gummidge

Fought With A Rottweiler?



mug man

HFB is really trying his best, but he’s unleash the beast in him, he has to be rugged, suarez is not only a top player cos he’s clinical, he’s rugged, he’s like a lion on d field, he has to fight hard, push more. I believe there more from him, bcos, as humans the only limit we have is in our minds.

Indonesian Gooner

What a small character with inferiority complex. ‘I’m not suarez because he’s been amazing?’ Never heard RvP or Adebayor say that before when they were 2nd rate strikers.


Between this comment, and the one on the Sanogo post, you’re heading towards troll territory.


Thanks for that Blogs. When I read the Sanogo article I’ll skip ‘Trolls’ entry.

Indonesian Gooner

Blogs, I believe that was a valid point. Big players have big personality that basically says ‘screw everybody else and I’m the best’ attitude


Whenever I come up with an argument, I try to think of the counter-argument (sometimes I get caught up, but usually). Your counter-argument could be the very humble Lionel messi, Indonesian goober. Oops, I meant gooner


No, he’s a troll. I was reading through the comments, really enjoying the appreciation of what Giroud does rather than pointing out what he doesn’t do. As I read, I wondered who was going to be the idiot to break the love and then, bang, here he comes.



Real Indonesian Gooner

Om, kalo bawa nama negara jgn malu”in. Kalo ga suka arsenal, ga usah komen2 sini.

Real Indonesian Gooner

Just told him to shut up in Indonesian language. Hope he understands. 🙂


I don’t really care what are you saying. But please, can you just change your ID name. It’s bring embarrassment to other millions nice Indonesian Arsenal Lovers. Btw, Love your attitude HFB..

Bulgarian Gooner

I can’t help it, I love the HFB. For all those years with flamboyant talent in the squad, we really liked fighters. Now the core of the team consists of players with the right attitude and the hunger to prove the world they are good enough despite what pundits and other morons say. Just look at “Too slow for the Premier league” Mertesacker, Error prone” Koscielny, “Never gonna make it” Ramsey, “Not world class striker” Giroud etc. In Arsenal we trust.

Bulgarian Gooner

*lacked fighters


Haha! In that Telegraph, written by Alan Smith, the caption says “Alan Smith and Olivier Giroud, two brilliant Arsenal strikers”. Nothing like blowing your own trumpet, in your own newspaper column.


To be fair, he wouldn’t have written the captions …


Oh. I think I’ll crawl over there and die, then. In my defense, I know nothing about how newspapers work, so, erm…


Really Blogs? So Freddy Star didn’t write that hamster one then? Oh woe is me I believed it all


If Mr giroud can improve,he should improve on his shots,runs,dribbles and his goal sense. He’s too sluggish to even call Suarez’s name. You lot supporting him,I’ll want to think you’re encouraging him because he’s just not the type for arsenal’s ambition. You’re blinded by the fact that we’re topping right? Let’s enjoy the moment while it lasts. I hope he tries to score chelsea and mancity when they meet next. Most importantly,we should keep winning


Nah, I’m pretty sure he won’t bother trying to score.

Man, today is really one of those days on the Internet. I need to back away.


Stay strong mate – we’re all (mostly) behind you!


Top man at the top of a top team at the top of the premier league! 😉 sounds like a decent bloke to me.. 🙂


He might not be a world beater but he’s got work ethic. He said he wanted to get 20 goals this season, just score 10 in the next 4 games and we’re peachy.


I think giroud needs scoring capabilities, to the left to the right to the centre


Love me Giroud!Just keep doing your thing,the haters know where to go to!!!


I’m so glad we didn’t sign Suarez. Want nothing to do with him. I’ll take Giroud over two Suarezs. What good are goals you have no interest in cheering for?


The fact that he felt he had to say that is heartbreaking to me. You will always be loved and remembered here HFB, rest easy.


thank you aaronarsenal, I thought I was the only one with that who thinks that.


Got to to respect Giroud’s work rate. Never gives up all this talk of the SAS this week be great if Giroud grabs the winner.

Davy Jones

Im Also glad we did not sign Suárez due to his insufferable personality on the pitch. Dont want such associated with our Club. And i dont think anyone wants to replace Giroud, just give him some healthy competition. The fact that he is untouchable in the starting XI is starting to show in his performances. No i dont think Giroud means to slack or anything, but there is something with competition that pushes you forward and make you better. Even for Giroud, another striker would be great whom could push Giroud to be at his best. Competition for places is… Read more »

Jack Jumblies

Thou with him being our only available striker we can depend on, maybe it’s better that he doesn’t run himself into the ground? The human body, even one as Adonis-like as his, has limits.


You DONT have to be anybody Ollie!. You are our HFB. I love the way you are and please do not be taken aback by those plastic fans who kept on whining and complaining about everything. We are at the top of the league because you have scored the most important of goals (Spuds (Home) 1-0, Newcastle (Away) 1-0, Southhampton (Home & Away) etc). 1 goal that makes the difference and one goals that ensured we stayed on top – we dont need 5 goals.

You are already a Legend in my heart. COYG!


Look Giroud is a likeable guy, hardworking and all, but i hate when people defend him even when he has a bad game. Fact is he shouldn’t be the first choice in our team. Wenger should’ve bought a striker who would push him to get better. Still feel a striker of his caliber is not Good enough to lead a top 3 team.


9/10 times when he has a “bad game” he has worked his socks off and has had sub-par service. Every striker misses some sitters and it’s usually because he’s trying to hard rather than strolling around like Berbatov or Adebaywhore HFB’s not good enough to lead a top 3 side?
Have a look at the table


Excuses, excuses…We have the weakest strikerforce in the top 6. Say what you want, Giroud is not in the league of suarez, strurridge, negredo, aguero, dzeko, jovetic, rvp, rooney, heck even lukaku bony and michu are better than he is. Stop looking at his looks and admit he’s bloody average. i’d take adebayor and berbatov ovr him anyday of the week


May just be me, but the current crop of players i can’t help but love. Giroud has said before in typical Gallic fashion that when he hears his song he ‘wants to die for the fans’. He loves doing well for Arsenal. Not just him, the BFG is an Arsenal legend in the making should things continue the way they have. Also Poldi who doesn’t start every game but is passionate about the club and seems to love Arsenal only just less than Koln. Szczesny hating tottenham. I just think we have a squad now who seem to play like… Read more »


@Indonesian gooner: if you’re a troll, don’t use Indonesian as your name. There are a lot of arsenal fans in Indonesia not as negative as you.


His heart’s as gorgeous as his face.


I know there’s already a song sung sometimes to the tune but this version just came to me:

We’d like to be as handsome as you, Giroud Giroud
We’d like to be as handsome as you, Giroud Giroud
You are the best, looking player
We’ve ever had, but I digress
We’d like to be as handsome as you, Giroud Giroud


Giroud : “I know I’m not a player on the same level as someone like Suarez ”

AMEN to that! Glad that you are not on the bitey and diving level too!

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