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Joel Campbell wants Olympiacos stay

Joel Campbell is enjoying his time at Olympiacos and, according to his agent, is trying to engineer a permanent move to the Greek side.

The young Costa Rican is on loan for the season and is enjoying a decent campaign with 7 goals to his name this far.

His agent, Joaquim Batica, is quoted in the local press, saying, “Olympiacos wants to keep Joel. I know because I was told by the club about 10 days ago when I was there. They asked if Joel is happy. I told them he is very happy with his life in Greece.

“I understand that he has already begun discussions with Olympiacos and Arsenal on this topic. Above all, it is a matter between the two clubs. However, it is difficult, since Joel belongs to a big club like Arsenal and this, as you know, makes things more complicated.

Batica went on to suggest the player is happier at a club in a smaller league because he can play more often.

“You know, he is more interested in playing. For example, Joel would not be happy to be in one of the top leagues but staying on the bench week in, week out.”

It’s good to know that all that time our chief transfer fixer spent trying to sign this lad has proved so fruitful for the club.

It was probably a sign of where he’s at that Arsene Wenger chose to keep Ryo Miyaichi rather than Campbell this season.

But good luck to the lad.

Thanks to RYO_Cleverfish for the heads up.

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Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Olympiacos’ sites have been reporting this for the past week. They are very happy, he’s happy (guaranteed title + top 16 CL clash with Utd)…


Wenger unearths yet another… errrm.. never mind. *sigh*

Dr Baptiste

He did unearth a gem, it’s just a gem that now wants to play for another team. Now, where have I heard that before?


Carlos Vela?


Even the Editorial line on this site, that bends over backwards to take the Wenger line describes our dealing on this player as ridiculous. It’s not his fault but whilst we were losing Fabregas and Nasri our chief ‘negotiator’ was running around Costa Rica for a week trying to sign him.

Like I say it’s not his fault but that was infinitely more abject than the performances agaist Villa, City and Liverpool put together.

Inexplicable and shocking.


Doh! Wish we got to see him plying his footy skills here. Good luck to him.

Raekwon The Chef

We should just do what Chelsea are doing with Courtois, just loan him to Olympiacos till he is ready for a place at Arsenal.


Good on him! If I’m going to be unnecessarily critical I reckon the Ox and Gnabs have better potential COYG


I’ll be happy too if he scores the winner against Utd at OT


I have to say I disagree on this point: “It was probably a sign of where he’s at that Arsene Wenger chose to keep Ryo Miyaichi rather than Campbell this season.” The way I see it, Arsenal got Campbell a loan move to a Champions League side where he’d get regular football in order to improve and develop. Ryo’s been kept on as an emergency since he’s regarded as having no long term future at the club so stunted development as a result of lack of game time isn’t an issue. I think Campbell is a really nice prospect and… Read more »


There was also the small matter of not getting a work permit and Arsenal hoping that a good show in CL will convince British Authorities to give him one.

Lizard King

According to some reports, he got his work permit before the start of this season.


Ah slipped my mind


Still waiting for an Asian footballer to make it at Arsenal… Looks like Ryo will be joining the Inamoto pile…

Dr Baptiste

Ah yes but you do remember Inamoto, so he did something right

Miyazaki fan

Upvoted for the Porco Rosso avatar.


I thought we loaned him cause we couldn’t get a work permit…


Do we care?


Yes Sir, we do.


Kid wants to stay everywhere. Wanted to stay in Costa Rica, spain, now Greece. Does indeed know a thing or two about endearing self to fans

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He hasn’t endeared himself to me yet. Looks like he won’t get the chance now. Somebody should tell him about me. it might just change his mind.

Black Hei

Looks like a very promising one. Don’t forget the mandatory buy-back and sell-on clauses.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind a bit if we have him as a squad player next season.

Block 98

Please stay in Olimpiacos.
We don’t need Joel Cambels and Ryo Miachis we need world class, stop waisting money on players like Park (13 min transfer + salary ). this summer season tickets will go up again and we still haven’t won anything . Wenger have to go.


It’s really interesting to read reactions to news such as this one, depending on whether Arsenal have won or lost. Prior to Liverpool, it would’ve been “good luck to the lad – our squad is strong and it shows by not having space for a talented footballer such as Campbell”, but now it’s “Wenger out, Campbell epitomizes what is wrong with the club”.

Dr Baptiste

“we still haven’t won anything”… If my knowledge is correct, the FA cup is still going, the league is still going and the CL is still going.

What could we possibly have won?

Jesus, places with the reactions on here and other forums, you’d think that the loss on Saturday had put us into the relegation places and not just one point behind a team we still have to play.

Dr Baptiste

Damn, too many ‘places’

Canadian Arsenal Fan

Yes, it was a bad loss.
Yes, it made us all angry

But, a loss is 0 points whether or not it is 5-0 or 2-1.
It just means that the team has to still learn some (many) lessons


sure.. we shouldnt “waist” any money..might cause some lumbar problems:P



Yeah lets get Wenger out and Moyes in.
Its easy to manage a team into the top 4 every season for nearly 2 decades!!!!


Gutbukket Deffrolla

Nobody’s won anything this season yet, you silly person. If you don’t have the patience to wait for May then there’s no hope for you as a football fan.


Why do our players get loaned to play really good for other teams and they can’t play good for us?


Champions league lower level? To be honest when you look at the top teams around the world it is very difficult for kids to break into the first team. But while they are Arsenal players I will always be behind them.

Dr Baptiste

Like Mark Randell?


Given that Rambo, Jack, Gibbo, Theo, Chambo (still a kid) all broke through as kids, don’t you appreciate them all the more for the tremendous talents that they are?


Wenger will go with either one of Afobe or Chuba Akpom. Add to that Sanogo and giroud and we have 3 strikers before Wenger goes out and buys Falcao/ Cavani/Costa/Mandzukic/ to lead our title charge next season. i really believe we will bring in a big money forward next season.


I really believe the sun is made of molten chocolate.


I’d be amazed if Afobe is now given a chance. Too many injuries too young and some discouraging loan spells look to have ended his chances of playing for any big club. Sad for him, because at 17 he had great potential.

Campbell still does, imo, and I wish we’d kept him this season. Lovely left foot and lots of pace, just the player to run on to Oezil’s inch-perfect balls, a talent which would be pretty useful at the moment in the absence of Walcott.

Too soon to tell with Akpom and Sanogo.


Being a football fan is one thing, being An ARSENAL fan is another. As a gunner you support the club come what may any fan that has been here since Arsenal’s loss to Birmingham in the carling cup should know better to cry wolf after any loss and gen on with supporting the club now lets send those devils down where they belong COYG

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I agree. When your first real memory of Arsenal is of us losing to Swindon Town in the mud at Wembley then everything else that has happened since is a positive. Even shellackings by City and then Liverpool are better than losing to lowly old Swindon in the League Cup final. They are amongst the top 5 clubs in the UK, so while it may be disappointing it isn’t as embarrassing as it was getting done by Swindon.


This is off topic but can anyone recall when Arsene ever included himself when talking about poor performances?
I just wonder if the penny has dropped and that he realises that his preparation for big games has to improve and become more tactical. The guy certainly has the intelligence to do it and i really hope he does and steers us over the Premier League winning finishing line.

Naija Gunner

Hope we will be crowned champions, by the end of the season. Am tired of all these rubbish (can Arsenal win the league again…?) All over the places, just one heavy loss and most people has written us off.

We are the guners for God sake, let’s win this and many more for all time sake!


Block 98

Wenger lost it. Do you people belive that it was impossible to find striker better than Nick B. or Sanogo this January?

Dr Baptiste

Can you please tell me which clubs were going to sell their strikers, that were better than what we have, in the middle of the season?


There was no shortage of strikers available last summerr. We were – or so you would hope – well aware of our need for some quality back-up for Giroud. We had plenty of money and four months to identify and secure our targets, like other clubs across Europe did. Fact is, we dithered and got egg on our face over Suarez and generally made a complete dog’s dinner of that window, ending up keeping Bendtner whom Wenger had spent the entire summer trying to sell or loan out. To crown it all, we then thought we could borrow Ba from… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Except Block 98’s problem was in not buying a striker in January. Not sure where your point came from about the summer window


We should’ve bought that Kostas Mitroglou from Olympiacos.

Henry! Chance! Goal!!

What does being an Arsenal fan mean to you? I have been a fan of this club since the mid 80s. It doesn’t matter to me if we are fighting for the title or fighting relegation, I’ll still be a proud gooner. I’ll support this team win, loss, or draw. I’m raising my son a gooner and hope he raised his son a gooner. That’s what being a gooner means to me. For some others, it’s all about finding fault in everything the club does wrong. We could be 10 points ahead on top of the table, and they’ll still… Read more »

Block 98

I want Arsenal to win trophies.
By not wining last 9 years we falling behing
Man U and others oil rich teams.
We have Emirates and Puma deals 59milions a season, Man U have Chevy an Nike 140 millions .
Season ticket for man u avarege 750£ for Arsenal 1450£.
By not wining arsenal club and fans loosing money.
Club is stagnant rather than stable.

Dr Baptiste

“By not wining last 9 years we falling behind Man U and others oil rich teams.” Is this the Man U that are in 7th place, 14 points behind us and just drew with Fulham? Not sure I want to be moving in the same direction as them. Are those oil rich teams the ones who spend far more than us in transfer fees and wages but find themselves one point in front and one point behind? Also, is this the stagnant club that’s one point behind first rather than 18 points? If anything, it seems like we’re moving forward.… Read more »


Nice one Doc


Fair enough, but if you are going to talk about perspective, don’t let the joy of this season cloud your perspective about the last few seasons.
For me, this has already been a satisfactory season, because the team showed it can compete. The football wasn’t as exhilarating as in the past, but there have been good moments of ballsy attitude and the upward swing would be complete (for me) if we defeat one of the “big” teams and show a strong attitude doing it.
Arsenal for life.


knock manchester united out of CL and we will remember you always. good luck joel.


Jermaine pennant?

Dr Baptiste

Is the question, criminals who weren’t good enough for Arsenal?

Block 98

jackson martinez or benteke would be a good addition, we had money to buy them in January.
last 5-6 seasons we loosing against bigt team when it matters.
Wengers tactical preparation is crap, and his inability to change during the game is becoming more and more obvious .
Go on mark me down, one more week an we gonna be out of CL and FA cup, unless Chalstrom wil get fitt :)))

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You seem to be under the misapprehension that Wenger need only point to the player he wants and everybody bends over backwards to do the deal. I recommend you never go into business for yourself.

Dr Baptiste

Is this the same CL where the games are over two legs?

Block 98

If you top 10 club in the world and top 10 richest clubs in the world you should have no problems attracting plates .
Money bend over backwards most of the players, remember Ashley Cole. With new deals and property deals next to Grive nothing shoul hold us back. This summer they didn’t have a clue what they where doing on transfer market just lik spuds.

Block 98

Sorry players not plates.


I hope this conversation is not happening only because of the liverpool result. Whether we lost 5-1 or not should not gloss over the fact that signing Mesut was the only thing that redeemed an inept summer transfer window. Just think of Higuain playing off Giroud. But think also about the need to eventually replace Arteta (meaning someone who could be groomed into the system by him as well), and maybe also think about one more defender. We failed on all these fronts. Players don’t just come when you point at them, but still, that is why people get paid… Read more »

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