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Podolski: no truth to Schalke link

Lukas Podolski has laughed off the suggestion that he could have joined Schalke in January.

As Arsenal’s pursuit of Julian Draxler reached fever pitch, in the papers at least, there was a suggestion that Arsene Wenger was prepared to use the former Cologne man as a make-weight in the deal.

But Podolski has dismissed that, saying, “It was made up, there was nothing in it. This was confirmed to me by the coach. And I also knew that there was nothing was in it. Hashtag nonsense hashtag notruth hashtag dontbelievethepapers hashtag aha hashtag takeonme.”

The German will be hoping for a start tonight against Manchester United, but with Wenger looking for his team to bounce back after the Anfield result, he’s most likely to start on the bench from where he’s been most effective on the few occasions he’s played this season.

But he’s still enjoying life at the Gunners, saying, “”I’ve not only matured privately in London, but also improved as a footballer. People here respect me, the fans like me. We can be champions. I’m not homesick when I look back, the move was absolutely important and right for me.”

Let’s hope he’s a happy Podolski come May, and that he makes a good contribution between now and then. He’s a player that almost everyone wants to do well.

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Love Poldi.. Wish Wenger would give him more chances.
Hopefully we’ll see him scoring from the bench later tonight!


that would be truly spectacular though I’m not sure it would count.


Poldi is the best finisher at our club by a mile!

Toure Motors

Black cab man


Why are players and managers fielding questions about possible transfers 12 days after the market shuts???? Lazy, ill informed journalism. Massive game tonight, champions league hotting up and relegation battle between 11 teams and a journo says ‘so, Steve Bruce, any truth in the rumours you’re considering a bid for Cameron Jerome in the summer?’. Print a fucking article where you have to use your opinion and intellect to make a well thought out point. That’s what you’re paid for. Not the hear say of transfer bollocks. Mind you, I still read the bbc gossip column every morning and YouTube… Read more »


Actually, a journalist’s job is not “to use [his or her] opinion and intellect to make a well thought out point.” A journalist’s job is to track down news-worthy pieces of information and then print them without adding in one’s own opinion but providing context to the audience where necessary.


Whatever the case, I’m sure that we all can agree that a journalist’s job ISN’T to make up obviously bullshit transfer rumours.


Your mum provides context to the audience

James Burch

While they are not to use their opinion they are supposed to use judgement. Clearly lacking in most media today.


Hashtag left foot screamer
Hashtag smashes van pricks face
Hashtag deflects in to goal to score the winner



Poldi is my favorite player after rosicky, sad to see Wenger benching both of them game after game. Giroud and poldi should start. Remember their awesome goal against Montpelier last season.


“People here respect me, the fans like me.”
That’s an understatement. I haven’t met one gooner that DOESN’T like Poldi, and he’s my favourite player. Here’s to hoping for some playing time today, and maybe even a goal to shut the dutch cunt up too.


Wenger bought Podolski without any idea how to use him. He can’t play wide as he can’t protect his full back, can’t beat anyone for pace and drifts inside making us too narrow. He’s useless as a centre forward as he can’t hold up play or play on the defenders shoulder.
…so why does he look awesome with Germany?
its been a bad move for Poldi. He just doesn’t fit into Wengers system.


So you’d have him play where exactly? Goalie?


Hold on, the man has got a point, I think that Poldi would be absolutely lethal playing as a second striker with Giroud up front, but since that is never going to happen, I don’t think we’ll ever see Poldi at his best at Arsenal.


No he doesn’t have a point. You might have a point, but it in now way reflects Arseblood’s.

The problem with your suggestion though, is it would require a change in formation which, as you say, won’t happen.

Bould's Eyeliner

I don’t know why people are so adamant he does poorly on the LW, because in my opinion he does fantastic there. He can cross, he can pressure defenses, he can invert inside, seeing as Giroud looks for space left all the time, it’s a fantastic way to use Poldi, and most of his goals has come from the overload he brings in when he moves into the center, and almost all of his assists have been the result of fantastic passing from the left, including Giroud’s first ever league goal. He’s also a great option to have on left… Read more »


I suspect, Bould’s Eyeliner, it may be because he didn’t score a bagful of goals against palace in his last game.

Because of course, if you perform badly once as an Arsenal player, you’re toast.


COYG. Take us top.


Once again I can’t can’t tell if this is Arseblog foolery again.
Odd things to say, but Podolski being the lovable scamp that he is. I can imagine him saying hashtag over and over.


You mean Sc-#aha-lke…

Naija Gunner

Lests do this…COYG!


I will score a hatrick tonight.. COYG’s
And if it makes you happy,
I will wipe my arse on the dutch skunks shirt…


NO! Everyone wants him to do well. #dowell #aha #podi #topoftheleaguetonight


One wonder goal & one thunderbolt into van cunt’s face or groin area would do me just fine tonight poldi. #aha

Puma's technozip

I’m of the opinion that now is exactly the right time to use Podolski. He seemed slightly below full fitness a few games ago, but I’m sure he’ll have been working hard in training, so he should be fresher than other players. When I look back to the times when Santi and Podolski used to break defences apart with fantastic interplay, I can’t help but think that is one of the things that’s been missing down the left in some games. Add to that the German connection. If Ozil is struggling for form, put Podolski on with him, purely because… Read more »


I hope Poldi doesn’t end up like Arshavin – both were fan favourites to start with, a marquee signing, with obvious talent.

Surprisingly under utilised by the manager.

I hope it’s for different reasons though & that Poldi would go on to fulfil his potential with us (strange to say so about a player with such experience & entering his prime years)


Wenger doesn’t rate Podolski, no idea why. Wenger is too tactically rigid to play 2 up front – Lukas needs to play on the left with another striker – other than in the last 20 mins when we need a goal. Even that wasn’t enough on wed night to get Poldi on despite us looking like we could play for a month and not score.
Podolski deserves better. He’s our best chance of a goal in a team struggling for goals.

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