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Wenger accuses Robben over penalty incident

A clearly annoyed Arsene Wenger accused Arjen Robben of making the most of contact with Wojciech Szczesny after the Dutchman won the first half penalty which saw the Polish keeper sent off.

While the boss accepted that contact had been made between the two players his frustration at the way it shaped the rest of the game was laid bare in his post-match press conference.

“The referee made a decision that killed the game,” he said after Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat by Bayern.

“Our keeper went for the ball, he touched Robben, who made more of it. Robben has enough experience to know to make more of it.

“Overall I thought Bayern made a lot of every single contact, we are not used to that in England. There were fouls given today that usually are not given in the Premier League, but it’s different rules and we have to accept it.”

The boss also touched on Mesut Ozil’s missed penalty, his second of this season’s Champions League, admitting that it did knock the German’s confidence.

“He was affected by it. I think he wanted to do so well tonight that it affected him. You could see even five or 10 minutes later on the pitch he still was shaking his head. It had a huge impact on his performance.

“Our usual penalty takers were not on the pitch tonight, that’s why we had to decide. It was Ozil, Cazorla and Sagna. Cazorla missed as well, Ozil has missed, you think sometimes ‘OK, he missed from the penalty spot before, but he will not miss again’, but it can happen to anybody, you cannot reproach that.

“You are always concerned about the confidence of your players because that’s your petrol in a team. Your confidence is what gives them the desire to go and play. In our job you have to deal with that.”

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Cheating old man cunt.

Sipping Cliquot

Monsieur Wenger exudes so much class! I would so like to have a Boss like him which is probably not going to happen as the Maureen’s of this world are ruling the roost sadly.

john whitton

Robben penalty.

Has no-one commented on the position of Robben’s boot – head high studs showing. Whats a keeper meant to do just get out of the way.

Foot high – red card – free kick to the Arsenal – game over.

Cazorla's smile

here comes another ban


You can’t be banned for speaking ill about opponents

Cazorla's smile

uefa will ban arsene for saying the words “the referee”


Probably a longer ban for Woj as well. UEFA Wankers!!!!


Not the best move from Szcz (even if apropo) but with Fab in good form, not too concerned for the big picture. Fab’s got us covered this year when we advance.

In the unlikely event the munchers advance, someone else deputises in a group stage match (hopefully not more) next go.


I think this is embarrassing… you think our players wouldn’t of done the same. This is Wenger trying to hide the fact he played a half rate striker in a champions league tie… his SECOND GAME ffs. Wenger wise up your fooling no one stop embarrassing Arsenal and admit it was a red and while we looked ok for the first 10-15 mins Bayern where always gonna run us ragged.. I’m sick of our managers embarrassing game analysis… we didnt strengthen in Jan now we are paying for it…


Just shut up.

Why not

I think you’re comment is embarrassing too.

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

Dear Everyone Who Thinks This,

Please give me the name of the striker(s) Wenger was The Shittest Manager In History for not buying in January. I am absolutely dying to know who it was exactly that we could/should have gotten that would be an improvement. (nb: “That’s not my job” is not an acceptable answer).

Warm regards,


We always seem to get game-killing red cards in big champions league games. That dutch c*nt a couple of years ago.. Paris in 06.. Its properly gutting

Frankie Soi

Pple now see why spanish giants sold him.


Go find another team to support if that’s your attitude.


I thought Frankie was referring to Robben who was sold by Madrid to Bayern. :-/


But that would mean that Madrid sold Robben due to his diving and cheating ways, but everyone knows that the opposite is the case: Madrid buy every moderately talented cheating cunts for exorbitant fees.


Sigh…. We (team and supporters) never learn from our mistakes do we? The players make a mistake to concede a late goal (a la Dortmund at home) and supporters just want to blame a player (Gervinho, Ramsey and Now Ozil). Rambo had nerves of steel, lets see what Ozil has got.

gunn cabinet

Some cheats are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them

Van persies wallet

Frankie soi? Complete spurs fan. What is all this rubbish about Ozil. The guy is class. His movement created the space for the through ball, his quick thinking and skill won the penalty, and he’s not a penalty taker so don’t know why he took it. He isn’t a left back and shouldn’t be expected to be, and he can’t pick the ball up 80 yards from goal, take it past 8 players and pass it to sangogo for a tap in, let’s be realistic.


The way robben is laughing in the pic…

How I wish I could punch his shitty face!!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

I’d like to shit on his shitty face, before punching it!


then you would have your own shit on robbens cheat germs on your hand!!


That would be disgusting.


Does Arsene own shares in a car company. He loves his car analogies. First the handbrake and now confidence is the petroll!


Well, Citroen is one of the companies that are partnered with Arsenal..


At the next press conference I fully expect him to don an Alan Partdridge mask and ask the question ‘What make of car goes woof woof’


Mourinho is in Poultry then, he should manage Blackburn

Puma's technozip

Probably in beef, with all his ‘little horse’ talk.


^ why I don’t buy feedlot factory farm beef. One of the reasons, at least.


Maybe Top Gear should have him on.


We all know we were cheated by the dutch master bater and the crap ref. People need ti get of mesut’s back. Must be well hard to come frim Spanish tippy tappy football to the malestrom that is the epl.

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

Hope all the Arsenal fans lucky enough to be at the Sunderland game this weekend show Ozil a lot of support. Sing your heart out for him. The guy is quality and can help us win the league. The Arsenal fans were magnificent last night. The league is still there to be won. The team are giving everything. This can still be an epic finale.


Even as it was, with Arjen ‘Gromit’ Robben making the absolute most of the contact from Szcz, I just don’t see how he has been denied a clear goalscoring opportunity. His touch pushed the ball out to the byline and Sagna was coming back to cover. Yes, it was a penalty, but absolutely not a red card.
UEFA/FIFA/whatever shit-stain run governing body that makes/reviews these rules, needs to seriously reconsider this rule. It exposes keepers to egregious abuse of the rule by thundercunts like Robben.


Yeah the ball had already left his foot by the time Szcz bumped into him. The whole thing left a dark cloud over the match IMO.


I’ll admit, as much as I love the guy, I’ve cringed a little at Some of Wengers post match comments.


That Robben grandad bastard. He’s got form for this sort of shit. It seems every year that goes by, I appear to hate him more and more.

On a separate note, I have never lost faith in Ozil and never will. Wenger just needs to give him a break on Saturday, as he appears to play him in every fucking game. He just looks like he needs a break.

super gunners

As long as we have a fit squad,
there’s no reason why we can’t beat them away, AGAIN…
Revenge will be sweet,
on the COMC.


guys its wrong to criticize ozil, i know he missed a crucial penalty, but that happens in a game. look at arsene he know that it is important to support our players during this time as it will boost their morale and will increase the confidence among them. instead of criticizing support your team when they need it the most.
forever gunner.

Jimmy Balantyne

Man City did great. Arsenal of course – were shit…

Frankie Soi

all guys mourning about my comment just go to that poll-maker link and see what real gooners who knows real football are voting. I hope all of you remember this cunt brendan rodgers said that he cant even swap coutinho with this so called pure class german. Spurs fan!! i dont support cunts for your information. Am gooner who needs nothing but trophies this time.

Puma's technozip

After reading your comment, my first reaction was to think “surely no one who supports Arsenal can be this stupid”, so Denial if you like. Then, after a few seconds my thoughts were more “what bullshit is this? F**k this guy, he’s exactly the kind of twonk that harasses our own players until they lose confidence.”. so Anger, if you like. This was quickly followed by a simple prayer, in which I asked God “Please, I’ll stop watching Pornhub, if you’ll just break this guys Internet connection permanently”, so bargaining as some would call it. So it seems you are… Read more »


All this crap is really missing the point here. As a loyal Gunner, always was and always will be I’m entitled to get pissed off and criticize any player but ONLY for their performance in that particular game. And I shout, yell and moan as is my God-given right to have a Victor Meldrew moment but then…….I pick myself up and get on with it. So what if I criticize AW for his selection or Özil for missing the penalty? I still get a buzz thinking how proud they ALL make me when I see em in the Arsenal colours.… Read more »


Once arsenal have a bad game everybody jumps on the blame ozil bandwagon! As if we didn’t lose games with henry, bergkamp etc!!!! #Shameful stuff

DL Gooner

If you are comparing Couthinho to Ozil then your an idiot.


Hey spursfan, IF mr. Rodgers said that it speak volumes about his abilities/head. “Real gooners”, as you put it, does not abuse their own players. Thats what spursfans do, ergo you seem to support a chicken on basketball. Nothing to be embarassed of…..

Lay of Özil, we are lucky to have him!


We were on top last night in the opening 20mins or so, and in the big games you need to capitalise on that. The penalty was a huge moment in the match, Ozil didn’t stick it in, which was a real shame. I think his confidence has been really low since he missed the one against Napoli earlier on in the campaign. Everybody is having a pop at him for missing, but to be fair, at least he had the pinkies to step up and take it. Nobody else wanted it, so I tip my hat off to him for… Read more »


This result was entirely predictable and entirely predicted. We are out – again ! And the following needs addressing. I’ve lost count of the number of times Szcz has been sent off for us and Poland in crucial encounters and regardless of whether he was ‘unlucky’ or not the outcome for the team is always the same. Girou is a knob for conducting a running commentary on his personal life via twitter and his absence leaves a void we can’t fill. But once again this shows up Wenger’s complete tactical naivety in these sort of encounters. He lacks the Pep… Read more »

Springbank 1965

If there’s one thing worse than someone slagging off his club in adversity … it’s someone slagging off his club in adversity badly.


Do take the trouble to point out where I am wrong on the above points and I’ll happily listen to your riposte.

Otherwise it’s the usual’ cry baby’ response blaming everyone else – the opposition players the referee, the pundits on the TV etc., – other than looking objectively at why we continue to come up short.

Springbank 1965

Here are a few points to consider. 1. Nothing is predicable in football unless it is to those who think things are after an event. And just how predicable were two penalty misses and a sending off? All that’s happened is that we went up against currently the best side in Europe in one of two legs and we lost. If you guessed that right beforehand then you’re a genius to rival Nostradamus. 2. Just because you can’t remember how many times Szczesny has been sent off for us (AND Poland?) doesn’t mean it’s an unreasonable number. 3. It’s Giroud… Read more »


Touch a raw nerve did I ?

This “As for Clough and Graham? WTF? ” really says it all.

Monkey Nuts

Actually Rob is not slagging off the club in adversity nor is he doing it badly. The facts are the facts. We have improved on last year but we are still a million miles off competing with Bayern and actually giving them a game. It’s wrong to suggest we are all over them in the first 10 minutes. We had a couple of chances but Kroos had a better one. We were plucky underdogs and no more than that. With 11 players on the pitch it would have been the same mistakes and the same result. How can we possibly… Read more »


Question is, why are we a million miles off competing with Bayern. Our squad is packed with internationals including £42.5 Mesut Ozil and there’s £140m sitting in the bank.

With you, there is always an excuse and always will be an excuse. You are a loser of a supporter just like Wenger is a loser of a manager. When he fucks off – please god soon, you should go and support him at another club.


Our squad is packed with internationals, yet our net transfer spending for the past 5 years is 4 million pounds. Including Özil. That puts us at 18th in the premier league. Manchester City have a net expenditure of half a billion pounds in those 5 years, yet lost 2-0 to Barcelona with 10 men. Quite like us yesterday, only their loss was bought with money that probably should have been spent on something else. Chelsea have net spend of 280 million in the past five years, and more than half a billion in the past 10 years. Including 50 million… Read more »

Springbank 1965

Now that I’ve checked …

This is the FIRST TIME Szczesny has been sent off for us in any competition. No idea how many times he’s been sent off for Poland, but then who cares.

If you’ve lost count … there’s probably a very good reason. Still, it sounded good, if a tad fluffy, for a while. Stats, eh?


Was going to say…I know I’ve only been avidly following for about 3 years now but I didn’t remember him ever getting sent off. Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t having memory problems 🙂 Also, while I’m here, I think we’re all perfectly within our rights to critique the team, I’m still scratching my head over Sonogo starting (he may be very talented but this is not the type of match to get experience in, it’s the type to get experience for). But I’m not ready to give up, and even though the odds may be against us I… Read more »

Frankie Soi

Rob that sums everything tha need to be done. I salute you.

Dial Square

Ozil has already played more minutes this season than he did during the entire season last year, and there are still 3 months to go. Yes, his PK and free kick techniques can be suspect, but he is class, make no doubt.

Alex X

Now right off the bat let me say I love Ozil one of the top players in the world without a doubt but that said I wish at times he could maintain a more consistent positive attitude on the pitch. When things don’t click he visibly goes into sulks and doesn’t work as hard, and seems to lose confidence too easily for someone with his outrageous skill. Fragile I guess is the word and I found it odd when we ffirst signed him that one of the reasons he came was he felt Arsene’s full belief in him. The fuck?… Read more »


Interesting point. Maybe he just needs to get used to being in a team that has to fight harder, and not having Ronaldo in front of him! Hope Le Prof can help…


The Prof is the only one to blame from last nights game. He should know that playing both Santi and Ozil does not work against the stronger sides. Rosiky should of started as much more effective defending or even Monreal ahead of Gibbs. Gibbs ended up with too much on his plate and injured. Sanogo was another surprise as Girroud has started 90% of games this season and knows how to keep possession. Ok he is not quick but we could of saved Sanogo for the last 20 minutes if needed. Agreed Robben is a cheating bastad


Here we go again: “Plucky, unlucky Arsenal just knocked out of Champions’ League by dodgy referee/cheating player/bad fortune, blah, blah, blah.” The truth is, of course, that we are just not good enough. We are a 3/4th place English Premier league side which can’t cut it at the very highest levels. And Arsene Wenger’s dream of winning the Champion’s League with us will never be fulfilled because he just isn’t good enough. A lot has been said about the way we started last night, which was very good, and about the poor luck in having our keeper sent off (the… Read more »


My guess is you’ve been writing the same old shit for years.


Finally you got the chance which you have been waiting for. Slagging the team off which has been top of the table for most of the season and currently sit just a point off the top.
Change your name from FatGooner to Fat.

Thierry Bergkamp

Here we go again.. Wenger and gooners complaining about everything, feeling sorry for themselves and missing the point that sloppy defending has once again cost us. Robben was fouled, it was a red. It would be nice if for just once, we could do what Chelsea do and keep a big team out for 90 mins to win a big game. Blame your team and yourself Wenger for always making the same mistake

Thierry Bergkamp

This season, last season and the season before v Milan. Each time the tie has been over in the first leg, in the first knockout round. That says a lot of this side. And I don’t wanna hear about losing on away goals last year, or winning the 2nd leg v Milan 3-0.. those ties were already over


I love Arsene, but why does he do this over and over? Now he’ll be banned for qualifiers/group stages next year. Frustrating.

It’s a stupid rule, and Robben made sure the ref saw it, but there was contact and that’s the rule. I think it should be a yellow.

But with Wenger’s history with UEFA, he should just keep his mouth shut.


Some of the comments on here are absolutely outrageous. I dunno what game some of u lot were watching but I thought we made Bayern’s defense look pretty ordinary for a sustained period at the start of the match. Yeah Sanogo’s pretty raw but am I the only one who thought he showed some moments of genuine class? As for suggestions that we would have lost even without the two unfortunate incidents; really mate!? Have a word! Ozil was one of our best players in the opening 20 barring the miss too, so shut up and get behind him and… Read more »


Some people are dumb but you would ask yourself how they know for certain that the outcome of the match would have been the same had Ozil scored the penalty and Szcesny wasn’t dismissed.

Makes you wonder if Arsenal haf never beat Bayern before.

das pauly bear

I always piss and moan about away goals been unfair and that there should be a winner.

We will win 3-1 go thru on away goals for once.

A city gunners 3-1 double return 17k for 5er bet im all over it.

Rocky Rocastle

Sure he drama queened it, but it was a obvious red card according to the rules. But looking at the replay i think we should have had a freekick, because Koscielny is trying to pick up Robbens run, but he is obstructed by mandkusic on purpose.

But when the ref lets it go, then there is no arguing the red card that follows. But I Agree with Wenger that there was alot of whistleblowing on things refs in England would have let pass.

Thierry Bergkamp

Referees in the CL are always more strict than in the PL. It’s nothing new, it’s been like that forever.. so why do people still complain about that?

Frankie Soi

After penalty miss, were we one man less? After that 20 minutes did you gooners looked how we sat deep? Why? Coz the german cunt demoralised everything cz nobody expected this cunt to take the penalty so poorly. Players do miss yhem but look at how he hit the spot kick. Naivety. SCZY showed his age not his experience that what i can say.

DL Gooner

You should start your own club, miserable glass is half empty cuntlinger’s F. C

Anyone have any ideas for a crest? Maybe a spiral of dog shit with a cigarette stubbed in it? Some toys lying on the floor beside a pram?


What annoys me from the ref is the inconsistency. Boateng only yellow but szez gets red. Check the foul by the already booked boateng on wilshere that didnt get a card against that of rosicky. Its the same foul but tommy gets a yellow despite it being his first foul.


Can’t reply directly but @rob’67, you’ve “lost count of the number of times Szcz has been sent off in crucial encounters”?
Does that mean you can’t count to 2? (Last night and first game of the Euro’s)


I genuinely cant believe the negativity this result has generated.
Bayern are hands down the best team in the world at the moment, there is no harm in losing to them at all.
They aren’t some R-Tards from the 1st division, they’re pound for pound the best team around.. with probably the most sensational team I’ve ever seen.

11 vs 11 we matched them the whole way, and once again it took a red card for Pep’s side to actually get the better of us.
Even with 10 men we were so unlucky to not keep it at 1 nil.

Pin Finish

Under the current rules it will always be a red. The fact that Robben is a dispicable old man looking cunt and that it ruined the tie is just a by product. Loved the effort of the boys in the second half, just a shame we could not hold out until the 90 were up


It seems fishy that hardly anyone can keep eleven on the pitch vs Barca or Bayern. FFS we’ve had two dodgy reds vs Uefalona and one against Bayern ourselves. I’m starting to believe. ‘If’ we are ALLOWED to keep eleven on the pitch for 90 minutes at the Allainz or wahtever it’s called, I think we’ll shit ’em. BM 1 Arsenal 3. And did Robben spit on Sagna? Interesting one that. He says sweat of his slaphead. Maybe true. Need to see it in HD from a few angles. Maybe have Stephen Hawkings put a proper use of his PHD’s… Read more »

He's got no hair but we don't care...

If it was between the three mentioned, I’d have picked Bac in a second! Even if he’d missed, his head would not have dropped for a second.


My goodness, I have a Twitter account but even then I don’t think I’ve seen so many stupid comments in one place. To call one of our own players a German c*nt…. Bloody hell. Unless Özil ran over your mum with his car then proceeded to ram it into your house then burned it down and laughed as he watched you cry, I can’t imagine what would have possessed you to even resort to calling him that. He’s probably one of the most brilliant footballers in this time and age and he plays for us, with his best years ahead… Read more »


Also: I’ve always hated Robben.

Frankie Soi

This cunt called A should kip his stinking arse clean otherwise he will be like his german penalty taker cunt.Keep heads high sunderland is coming. U think spanish giant were stupid selling him to us? Why other teams didnt go for him or u r still waiting for another horror show rather than mugsmarshers n bavarians to know the guy is cunt jogger?


You call the players on the team you claim to support ‘cunts’ and insult them from every angle possible, and then tell them and us to “keep heads high”??!

With such encouraging “support” it makes Ramsey that much more impressive, and we can only trust Ozil has the class to be above all of this as well.


Suddenly a few off performances & a couple of missed penalties completely override all the good things he’s brought to this team – including giving the players a boost that we went on a fantastic run & lodged our place firmly on top of the league?
Amazing. Please continue to focus on Özil’s negatives if it brings you so much joy. I prefer to support my club and ALL of those who play for it. Much more satisfying but to each their own.


Frankie soi Please dont reproduce. This World has enough idiots as it is.!


You know what i think sanogo should have taken the penalty, I would hope he would have scored and thus boosted his confidence further whilst knocking the stuffing out of Bayern lol


to anyone who needs to feel better about hating Robben (oh boy do I as well), even that they’ve won generally in their ongoing life vs. Robben; considering the following:



The Quest

I see a lot of people from LeGrove here. Sad, sad day for this blog.


Frankie Sol, to be frank, you’re a twat.

Arseblogger's arsecrack

Some perspective guys. We just lost to BAYERN MUNICH. CL holders on the best run in their history. If your sense of entitlement betrays you then hand it back gracefully to the man who gave it to you – Wenger – and reset your standards to boring boring Arsenal EUFA Cup failures.


Don’t even reply to him, he’s a mug.

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