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Arsenal 1-1 Man City: The Guff

Arsenal showed some spirit and character to come from behind to take a draw with Man City yesterday. Here’s the guff from the media and the blogs.

It is credit to Arsenal’s players that they found the energy to discomfit City after going behind. This was an Arsenal that their fans will have wanted to see even more than the short-passing aesthetes of early season: a little ragged at times, but spirited and aggressive in central areas. – Guardian.

A far better display all round, with a rediscovery of better defensive resilience at its heart. If I try to work out what makes Arsenal tick I give myself a splitting headache, so I’ve given up trying. Much of our malaise has been in the mind, which is what makes it so hard to pinpoint. ‘Psychology – bloody hell’, to paraphrase a well-worn football saying. – East Lower.

It is nip and tuck in the tightest Premier League for years and that was reflected throughout this raucous encounter in which Arsenal dug on reserves of desire to push City all the way. – Telegraph.

Arsenal regained a modicum of pride by finally going head-to-head with a title contender and not being hammered, but two more dropped points means their Premier League title race is over and fourth place is by no means certain. – Independent.

As much as anything, yesterday was about restoring pride and giving the Gunners some kind of platform to recover their season. Only the most blindly optimistic would believe that the title is still on, even if mathematical possibility still exists. Arsenal have taken two points from the last nine available. However, the performance gives them something to take to Goodison Park next weekend, and the crowd left the stadium a lot happier than they did on Tuesday after the Swansea match, even if at the end of it, the result was the same – two points dropped at home. – Online Gooner.

The second half performance was wonderfully welcome. Hassling and harrying their visitors, Arsenal found the net quickly. Flamini had rightly seen a first half goal ruled out for offside, made no mistake when unmarked in the area to level the scores. The move itself was dynamic with Podolski atoning to some extent by providing the cross for Flamini to score – A Cultured Left Foot.

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Oohh imagine the responses if Poldi’s shot snuck through “Arsenal’s title ambitions revived”


I thought it was in! Jumped up screaming ”YYYYeeeeesssss!”



So did Yaya Toure from the looks of it


Fulham Everton
Liverpool Sp*rs

If no other outcome was possible (assume so)

THUMBS UP for Fulham Liverpool win
THUMBS DOWN for Everton Sp*rs win


I’d take a Fulham win and a Liverpool d- dra-… d- drrraw. *breathes heavily*

Stewart Robson's therapist

Trust the Independent to forget that we walked all over Liverpool at the Emirates. “Finally going head-to-head with a title contender and not getting battered”, whatever.

Clock End Mike

We’ve not lost to any title contenders at the Emirates, in fact lost to no one in the PL since the first day. Had three lunchtime away-game batterings. Admittedly, not happy about that.

Can’t remember who wrote that report for the Indy, but never thought much of their sports coverage. They do it because they know they have to, but it’s not really “serious” stuff.


IM a much happier man today then i was last week,i couldn’t even buy a paper last Sunday but this Sunday is a little bit better


It felt like we won to me, given the week we’ve had. Nice spirit in the second half. Kudos to the team (except Giroud


And I wholy adore Rosicky, he only sometimes gets uneasy giving more passes to Giroud. Giroud may actually be a morale killing striker for hardworking Arsenal midfielders.


Or perhaps they all realized that against Chelsea and Swansea they were predictable on every attack going in to play off Giroud but nobody making a run to penetrate, so it was him with 4 ogres climbing his back.

Andy Mack

Mpls, the players understand that but unfortunately too many of our ‘fans’ don’t!

(I’m not saying HFB is ‘top top’ class but he’s much better than many on here understand)

kampala gooner

The blindly optimistic! Why not I’m right with my hand up.


We managed a result with 6 first team players away. id like to see how mancity fair in big games without this players.

Ozil – Silva
Walcott – Aguero
Ramsey – Toure
Koscienly – Kompany
Diaby- Fernandinho
Wilshere – Nasri

Thats why I have nothing to critisize about yesterday, with the players we had on/off the pitch I dreaded a loss but we got a draw and bar Joe harts twat leg sticking out to save poldis shot we WOULD have WON!. So good job boys. now to get those remaining 18 points!

Dial Square Charity XI

I know what you are getting at, but I think it is a bit of a stretch to use Diaby as part of the argument.


I agree with the point you are trying to make.. but you cannot really any equate most of those Man city players with what Arsenal has.. other than maybe Ozil=silva, ramsey=farnandinho maybe


Roughly in position and importance to the team (when healthy…), you can.

Glen Helder

Imagine if we had a striker. We would be top and wouldn’t need excuses.


I’m sure a few journos will say we only pay well when the pressure is off. In a way, the pressure was on them yesterday as everyone (myself included) expected us to get a hiding. I feared the worst when we went 1-0 down. The team did all we can ask. They fought and played like professional footballers. That’s all we ask. Even if we had conceded a late screamer from Toure, I wouldn’t be moaning too much as the effort was there and they played well. City are a billion dollar team, never forget that. Look at what they… Read more »


While seeing Chelsea totally fall apart would be hilarious. I’m pretty sure they changed the rule regarding the winner of the CL getting an automatic bid after the scum got booted by Drogba.

Dial square

As good as the second half performance was, “shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted” and all that…Sums up our season really, we always always seem to be two to three class players short.

m a gunner

Well played arsenal ! great second half ! Good mix of power n pace n experience ! Unlucky not to have won ! How flamini hasn’t played more in the last few games is a mystery to me he makes them a machine !


The last two conceded goals were flukes…which accounts for 4 dropped points in just two games
shows you the margin for error between 1st and 4th places.
There has been so much write up about the 17 goals we gave up in three games (chasing the score line), but the bigger disappointment for me on the year was Aston V and Stoke
so consistency (taking out those moments of bad luck) is still a big factor

Lord Bendtner

My Manc friend says that Arsenal’s goal was a shitty fluke and that their goal was class. Such a dumbass.


@Neil, as much as I would love that scenario too, I’m pretty sure they changed the rule now so if Utd did win the CL, we’d have 5 teams in it next season (4th and the winners have to still qualify I believe)


Wrong mate when the chavs fluked the CL the gutter rats from Shite Fart Lane dipped out even though they finished fourth.

Percy Dalton

“A modicum of pride”
Fuck off.


Best goal of the week-end- John Terry

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