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Arsenal 4-1 Everton: The Guff

Here’s the reaction from the press and the blogs to yesterday’s 4-1 win over Everton in the FA Cup.

At half-time I really couldn’t have told you who I thought would win the game. It had been attacking, expressive and largely high quality stuff. The American term slobberknocker came to mind. It can describe particularly violent games (which this wasn’t) or particularly intense ones, which this most certainly was. – Goodplaya.

The scoreline flattered Arsenal somewhat, though there was little doubt that the best team won. Clinical in the final third, ruthlessly punishing the defensive errors that presented chances, the hosts served up a harsh lesson on Saturday. – Luke O’Farrell, ESPN.

Arsenal, once they took the lead, never looked like surrendering it. They finished with a flourish and their spirits should be lifted before their next assignment in the Champions League against Bayern Munich on Tuesday. – Daniel Taylor, Guardian.

It is a chance, the strongest chance, to win a trophy for Arsenal for the first time in nine years and this felt like a significant hurdle that was crossed especially as Everton had looked the more threatening side for periods of this enthralling, vital encounter. – Jason Burt, Telegraph.

That sweeping euphoria of knowing that Arsenal have not let you down and that we will be front and centre when Wembley hosts the semi-finals. Whatever you may think about games other than the final taking place at the national stadium, being able to say, “Arsenal are going to Wembley” has an undeniably mellifluous ring to it. – The Armchair Gooner.

Maybe, just maybe, Arsenal are finally going to deliver on their perennial promise. The Premier League title is drifting out of reach, their Champions’ League campaign appears doomed, but after pulling away from Everton in the last quarter of this FA Cup quarter-final Arsène Wenger’s team are two matches from winning their first trophy in nine years. – Glenn Moore, Independent.

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Disclaimer: Arseblog News is not responsible for the content of other sites or any of the stuff they might say in the bits that we haven’t picked out that you might not agree with.

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m a gunner

Well done arsenal !! Keep playing like that n anything is possible this year !

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego


We’re going to Wembley!!!!


The press are eating some humble pie this morning. Ozil oozed class. The rest has done him good. Mind you, the press are getting ready for their end of season ‘Mourinho Bukkake’ it seems. He’s a tactical genius after Chelsea beat the ****s 4-0. Nothing to do with luck. Lucky Vertonghen sliipped after 55 minutes. Luckier he passed it straight to Eto’o. Lucky Eto is really good at winning penalties (watch out fo him slowing his runs to force a slight touch on his back…did it all the time at Barca..he then goes down like he’s been shot). Lucky the… Read more »


The lucky cunt.


Damn that’s perfect.

Eddie McGoldrick

Neil, a near perfect synopsis of a dream end of season for the Chavs….apart from John Terry breaking both legs and simuntanously dying of ebola


I hate Maureen as much as any self-respecting person would, but let’s be reasonable. Yes Eto’o made a meal of the contact, but there was a clear push in his back, and how many players wouldn’t go down under those circumstances? I agree the red was harsh, but on the other hand I counted three or four times in the 2nd half where the ref could have given Sandro a yellow, but didn’t because he was already on a yellow. Can’t we just admit sp*rs are shite, it’s their own fault for making all those ridiulous errors, and we should… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

If by ‘clear push’ you mean ‘slightly brushed with hands’ then I wholeheartedly agree.

Can’t we say that the Spurs are shite AND Mourinho got incredibly lucky with some awful refereeing? They’re not mutually exclusive.


Plenty of penalties are given for that sort of contact. Even if you think Chel$ki got lucky with that decision, they were not lucky in that Sandro should have been sent off as well, so ‘incredibly lucky with some awful refereeing’ is not entirely correct. And sp*rs being shite on the day has nothing to do with Maureen’s luck, at least they took their chances that the spuds gave them.



But we didn’t get 100% more accurate penalty when that half-alien Willian brushed off Theo’s legs in Chelsea’s penalty area.


Haha – brilliant. Am so sick and tired of his “we’re-not-even-supposed-to-win-this-year” and “Wenger-always-whines”-BS. It’s not easy to admit, but have to respect Pellegrini for his attitude – nice to be competing for a trophy w another club, where the manager isn’t all about childish personal statements but wants to talk about the actual game.

That being said – come on Wigan!


It’s a joke, the majority of the English media just sit in there, in the press conference, rubbing one out whilst Maureen dribbles on about how Chelski are not in it, and they aren’t favourites for the title ..’bla bla’ ..’ The Spurs players made so many mistakes in the game they basically just let Chelsea win, that’s how shocking those mistakes were. Like what in holly hell was Vertonghen doing??.. yeh ok, he was unlucky to slip but.. kick it out for a throw in… basically do anything else then do what he actually did!! Spurs just gave Chelsea… Read more »


No team is unbeatable, if we play against City with the same character and attitude shown yesterday, and with the boost of our best player this season coming back, we should bring the Cup home.

Percy Dalton

A glorious day. A bit sick of hearing how the shoreline flattered us – did Fabianski have to make more than 1 save?
Özil’s assist was delicious but to me the pass of the game was the one that released the Ox in the build up to the penalty. Wembley here we come


I agree, some people will find any lame excuse to tear The Arsenal down. I mean really, what does the shoreline have to do with anything? That was a very deserved 4-1 win against a quality opponent.


What really got me was that amongst all of the commentators’ wankery yesterday, they were excusing the Everton goalkeeper’s inept performance by pointing out that he is: their number 2, doesn’t play a lot, is only 23 years old, and that keepers get better with age.

At the other end, Fabianski is our number 2, doesn’t get to play much either, and is being kept out of the team by Szczesny — who just happens to also be 23.


Football didn’t start 9 years ago. We have 13 titles and 11 Fa cups for fucks sake.


It’s not like they’re lying or anything, they just love taking the piss. Don’t let that stuff get to you.


If we make it to the final… I want the team to all wear tshirts under their shirts that reads…

“9 years me hole”


We know that; they don’t care because it doesn’t sell a story. Just ignore them (sadly they wont go away, but its better for your blood pressure).


plus 9 years is nothing. I support the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL hockey team) and they haven’t won a thing since 1967 when there were only 6 teams in the league. I can put up with the trophy drought now that we have balanced the finances. Another striker this year and we are looking great for next season as well.


True. What do the trolling fans of City/Chelsea want us to do? Change clubs like they do every few years?

the only sam is nelson

An all London final would be brilliant, Arsenal 6 – 1 Charlton has a lovely ring to it

the only sam is nelson

Read a reference to Rip-Roar in yesterday’s match programme, now that’s a blast from the past. Anyone else remember this cockney Brian Blessed of the North Bank? “Come on you rip-roaring Gunners!” was his stock in trade but when the team were on top and pushing for a goal it’d get the extended remix treatment “Come on you rip-roaring glorious Gunners!” or even golden, glorious gunners if the boys were putting in 110% Happy days. Or, rather, they weren’t because Don “a draw is never a defeat” Howe was busy crapping all over his legacy as the trainer who won… Read more »

Springbank 1965

We all know that Arsenal are going to win another trophy.

Doing it now would shut up those with nothing more intelligent to say quite nicely, thank you very much.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

The press aka the haters, always want to find something to destroy Arsenal, even when we play very well. Arsenal are proving everyone wrong and i hope that Arsenal doesn’t just win one trophy but two trophies just to shut up all the haters.Keep the faith!COYG!

Gunner pundit

Questions that might have been answered yesterday. Can Ozil dominate a game, score a goal, get an assist and combine well wih Cazorla ? YES. Does this show Ozil has mental strength? Yes. Did I think Arteta could play the way he did i.e running with the ball, attacking the ball on the right wing at least once when pressing and playing really fast attacking football ? No. And I really think oxlade-chamberlain can become a world class player and i think he should be starting on the right wing for england. And am not saying this just come am… Read more »

Zorro in the box

I don’t know why we let it get to us. If we win the FA Cup it’ll be “the Gunners, who’ve only one one trophy in the last ten years…”, or “haven’t won the title in over 10 years…”. Head down, game face on, be Arsenal and play the Arsenal way. That’s all we ask, anything else is a bonus.

marty eire

Anybody else spot arteta grab the crest after he scored against his former club?…True gooner? I like to think so.


It was probably partly down to the lack of respect he was getting from the Everton fans, a team he had been a great servant for.

Arsenal fans would never do that to one of their old boys, unless he is a c*nt…


It was very noticeable that he didn’t celebrate at all the first time he scored the penalty, but after the ref made him do it again, I don’t think he could hold it in.

Perry Groves

We attacked well, but much as I’d love Yaya to be brilliant, we were attacking without a striker until Giroud came on. We all see what a difference that made. I hope there aren’t too many more experiments like that in key games for the rest of the season…

Perry Groves



Given the hot air at the start of the season about where Arsenal and Spurs could expect to be come May, how joyful it is to see a concerto at the Emirates and an ad hoc collective whimper from eleven strangers at White Hart Lane. Title contenders? Only for biggest laugh of the season.

Costa Gooner

We’re nowhere near the coast Percy Dalton


Just hope we don’t meet City in the semis. Too dicey to predict.


Lets skip to the part where Chelsea fail to win any trophy this season. Im tired of all this ‘tactics’ and ‘genius’ bosh.

Mr Media

For once, listen to Mourinho. He was saying when Arsenal were top, stop thinking it is out of reach. Now chelski are top he says the same. Everyone will drop points yet and no one can call what will happen. All teams can have wobbles, others surge forward. In two games the whole thing can erupt and then the choke is on. Sitting back, we look like top 3 material at last, with all top 3 capable of winning the league. We’ve moved up from top 4 who can’t win the league. We also look cup finalist material. Red cards,… Read more »

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