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Arsenal set for 5pm Saturday FA Cup clash with Wigan

The FA have confirmed that Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final clash with Wigan will kick-off at 5pm on Saturday 12 April.

There’s no update on ticket news from Arsenal, although Gunners supporters will be hoping for an increased allocation of tickets now that it’s Wigan rather than Manchester City who are the opponents.

Wigan and City met in the final last year with the former receiving an allocation of 25,000 in comparison to the latter’s 31,779.

Arsenal and Birmingham City each received around 31,500 tickets for the Carling Cup final in 2011 with the remaining 27,000 frittered into the hands of commercial partners and the corporate hospitality brigade.

The Arsenal-Wigan game will be broadcast live on ITV while Hull City will take on Sheffield United in the other semi at 4pm on Sunday 13 April on BT Sport.


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To Wembley, and beyond!…or just back to Wembley again, I guess…


Santi Claws


Jim Handywithahammer

we’re gna win 200-0!

Mikel Artekkers

I think it’s an absolute disgrace how many tickets are given away to corporates and hospitality. Meanwhile true fans can’t always get tickets through the club and end up getting extorted by third party ticket sellers. I had to pay £400 per ticket to go see us lose to Birmingham and those seats were the wprst in the stadium, at the very top and in the corner. It’s a sign of everything that is wrong with the modern game.

Karl Banan

Well, this is because the corps pay about 3x as much as the ‘true fans’. I suppose it’s a disgrace that the tickets are not completely free and that you can’t take a ‘true fan’ licence which would give you free access to sky sports for life? Honestly this is just a reduction of the ‘true fans’ discount (yes, it is there, otherwise a much larger % of tickets would be corporate), but I guess it is heresy to say that out loud. Today’s game is about money, clubs are not yet run as proper businesses (even if Manure are… Read more »


You’re not wrong. How long is it since anyone gave a shit what the fans think?


It’s pleasing to know that our season could be longer than most.
If & when we go through the semi it would like a safety net for us to end the trophy drought this year.


I said this once, and i’m saying it again.. A trophy will change arsenal for good, just a trophy, the joy, the happiness, the believe, the experiance and the monkeys it’ll get off our backs! I just can’t wait for us to lift this trophy, I pray we win this.. COBBG

Arsene's zip

Surely if it’s a neutral location it should be 50 50 split?


It should be, unless one club turns around and offers some back and says “there’s no way we can shift that lot” but then the FA shouldn’t be spunking tens of thousands of seats on its own liggers, hangers-on and luvvies instead of fans of both clubs either, but lets be honest here, as real actual fans both us and the wigan fans can all go and fuck ourselves as far as the likes of the FA, UEFA and all that lot are concerned when it comes to who gets a say in how competitions are run..

Donal Doherty

I just wish it was Cup Final Day, we’ll get there.
I’m actually frightened for my own whereabouts the next day, nine years of waiting for a trophy…..I’ve got that bottle of champagne resting ling enough now


Wigan can’t even fill their own (25,000 seater??) stadium for any big games, how will they manage that allocation when it’s so far from pies in a bap?


since when did a full house get you a trophy , FA cup champions we know what we are .

Oor Wullie

But that’s my sister’s wedding???!!! Who decided this?

glory Hunter

I’ll happily take your ticket(if you have 1) and record the match for you and you’ll be able to watch it on the Itv highlight show later that night!

No need to thank me, im just that kind of guy.


Better then than cup final day!


Simple. Tell your sister to re-schedule. Problem solved.


That means a 4am Sunday kickoff here in Australia. Looks like it will be one of those mornings where I get so hammered, wake up the next morning & straight onto arseblog to check the scores. Only to find out I did watch the game from my room mates and was whipping them with my rosicky jersey in their sleep after he got on the end of a sublime piece of arsenal play to send us through to the final.


This comment hasn’t had the praise it deserves, epic

Nigerian Goon

Two trips to Wembley and a return to the Emirates with the trophy, that’s all that matters. The FA can go shite themselves afterwards.



Having seen city’s shit support in the league Cup final i think they also would have returned part of their allocation for the semi.
Big club my arse.


You can put a goat in a Savile Row suit, but it’s still just a goat.


Does anybody know when the Westham game will take place?

Tim Sherwood

Looking for a ticket for me and my old man. Apparently I’m 27,001st on the FA’s big list of ‘friends and VIPs’.


You’d be better advised spending the money on getting that tattoo lasered off, Tim old chap.

Tim Sherwood

Turns out ‘Arry’s bought the rest up already.


Would you have to be a red member or any of the other Arsenal paid memberships to get tickets? I’d like to take my brother to his first competitive Arsenal game for his birthday but we aren’t members or season ticket holders. Not sure I want to pay £35 for a red membership when the season is almost over. Can anyone shed some more light on this?


Almost certainly you’d have to be a member-even then it’s difficult. I now live in Leeds and am trying to get tickets for the Hull game next month, but they release them to the season ticket holders first, then platinum, then gold, then silver….. then us chaps down in the red (I think that’s right, anyway!) For a semi-final I’d imagine it’ll be very difficult to get hold of them, unless you go through a tout which I really wouldn’t recommend. What I do seem to recall is that if you do buy a membership just before the season’s end,… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

Martin, I imagine season ticket holders will get priority on the semi final tickets and I dont think it will go as far down the food chain as us Red members. I think there are probably more than 30,000 season ticket holder who will want to go to the semi. Could be wrong though.

As for games at the Emirates its advisable to be a red member to get access to tickets as very few games go on general sale.


That’s a 12pm kickoff me on the East Coast. There’s nothing better than sleeping in, then having breakfast/lunch while watching an Arsenal victory, a perfect start to the day.

Virginia Goon

Preaaach. Nothing like waking up hungover on a Sunday, chalice full of fresh, spritely herbs. Kicking the feet up, and enjoying the Arsenal. Doesn’t get much better really…..


F.A will make my day if free ticket can be given to spur fans to come and celebrate their sisters club success. I mean the final game.


Lisbon via Wembley.


Who is eating bfast/ lunch during the Arsenal? Its a time for drinking and celebration mate! COYG!


Up the arse


Awful start time! No way to make it from Selherst to Wembly after our match.

Who has link to good internet feed?


6pm Norway-time. I guess I start drinking early that saturday evening then, and I really hope I can go to some pubs etc. after the match in good spirits because we’ll be playing the final after that.

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