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Inter flash Sagna some leg

Inter Milan have stepped up their courtship of Bacary Sagna by going public on their admiration for the player for the first time.

The 31-year-old right-back, who has been stalling on a new deal at the Emirates for much of the last 18 months, is out of contract in the summer and has been able to talk to interested parties since January.

Admitting that the experienced French international is a player on Inter’s radar, the club’s Indonesian president Erick Thohir told La Gazzetta dello Sport (translated by Sky Sports): “I’m not used to making announcements if there is not a signed contract.

“I can only say that we like Sagna and that at this point it all depends on him. If he does not arrive, we will take a younger right-back.”

Inter have already sealed the free transfer of Nemanja Vidic this summer as they look to reestablish themselves as serious Serie A title-challengers.

Arseblog News suspects Arsene may have to channel his inner-Sharon Stone if he’s going to win Sagna back from here on in. We weighed up photoshopping an image to represent this, but well…you know…perhaps not.

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The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

Inter flash some leg ? Then Arsenal need to show a bit of cleavage.


Shit now I want to say something about Bendtner.

Fergie the Gooner

Where does Sagna park his car?

The Ox is a fox

We have been in bed with Sagna for 8 years, haven’t we?


He is leaving as much as i want to stay. Win a cup for the fans before that.

Just A Gentleman

Maybe the cup win, a few promised signings, a better contract could get him to stay.

Naija Gunner

I’d rather we show him the whole damn package!


Would be nice if Sagna would show them some moon!!


Weve all inown for a while the likelyhood of him re-signing for us are very slim.
We shouldnt be pissed if he goes. He has been with us a while and nothing to show for it so far. Will winning the fa cup change it if he decides to go? I dont think so. Still we live in hope.


Why would he sign for Inter though? They are poop, might not even be in the CL next year, and I don’t think they have loads of money, certainly judging by their recent acquisitions. Dunno, maybe they can afford huge wages and offered him a very long contract, I certainly can’t see him going there in search of trophies. I’d understand somewhere like PSG or the like, but Inter is just ming boggling.


Would be a lot easier to take than moving to another PL club, plus Inter look unlikely to make UCL next season


Big game tonight. Anyone else feeling unusually anxious about the game, at home, against swansea?? They’re gonna be up for this too. I just look at our injuries and it pisses me off. Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Wilshere, Koscielny. To say were understrength, even with their replacements, is an understatement. Maybe the players are doubting themselves now? Please get the points tonight, be a shame to waste what has been a good season


I’d love to see the Ox tear them a new one this evening!


If only there were an opportunity mid-season to acquire additional players…


Kallstrom will do the business tonight mate, watch 😉


But……but that leg has “hair” (empty stadiums, racist fans, not in europe) on it.

Al Gilmore

Funnily enough, despite the shocking performance on Saturday, and a more longer-term lack of confidence and weary/jaded feel to the team, I am pretty confident of a win tonight. I think there will be a reaction, the players know how angry the fans are. It is important the fans get behind the team at the kick off because getting on their backs is counter-productive.

As regards Sagna. Offer him a deal which is reasonable. If he accepts it great if he doesn’t and Inter get him then fair do’s. Serie A has long been a league for old men.


Is a rebuff by the Arsenal when we show them some butt hair?

m a gunner

Sagna is probably the best rb in the league / world we should pay him accordingly ! How much will it cost to replace him ? Jenkinson is good but not world class yet !


Wouldn’t go that far… He’s a top quality right back with faults (such as the fact that -admittedly perhaps due to tactics- he gets caught out of position, too far up the pitch), and has been a fantastic servant to the club, but best in the world is definitely too far. As far as I’m concerned, if he’s asking for wages which would hinder more important development elsewhere in the squad, we should let him leave- there are other good right backs out there, who would demand less and provide longer-term safety.


“Sagna is probably the best rb in the league / world…”

Good grief ! over the top or what ? Coleman/Zabaleta are far superior !! Both can shoot and cross the ball (i.e. beat the first man) far better than Sagna. Sagna is more versatile across the back 4, I’ll give him that. But as a specialist RB there are better out there. Honestly.


I think to say Coleman is ‘far superior’ to Sagna is ridiculous. But I agree….i’d take Zabaleta over him as a specialist right back. Saying that….if you need a backs-to-the-wall defender, defending a lead, with Sp*rs-esque high balls being pelted into your box…I’d take Sagna all day.


You’ll understand if I say your opinion on the matter is also ‘ridiculous’ old chap. Not sure how much football you watch fella, but last season when the Toffees visited us, Coleman was easily the man of the match. He put in one of those Sp*s-esque-backs-to-the-wall stand-out performances. He did the same in that England/Ireland friendly. He’s been doing regularly for the Toffees ever since. As I say, he has a great right-foot and scores more regularly than any other RB in this league, and his crossing always beats the first man. Something Sagna for all his defensive qualities fails… Read more »


In a way….I hope Inter get him. Especially after hearing the Man City rumours. Haven’t given two tits about the others heading to City…..but surely Sag is better than that.


To Inter!?!?
Sagna will not be able to say the usual “I am leaving to try and win a trophy”


You’re right. If we win the cup and he goes to Inter, it’s clear he goes for the money. I’m a big fan, but at his age and given our “wage structure”, I’d say @Genorious above is making the right call. Still a shame that the good servants don’t finish at Arsenal. When negotiating new contracts for players in their late twenties, maybe the Club should make sure the contract ends just a bit too late for the player to still be attractive to other clubs, say 32 rather than 31 for Sagna. Wise heads with history at Arsenal should… Read more »


He could say that after serving Arsenal to the best of my ability, as my career enters its last phase, I wanted a new challenge.


Will be a sad sight seeing him go but as long as it’s a clean break I will wish you well auperbac 🙂


Supposedly they cut out the filmed lesbian scenes from Basic Instinct, that’s what we need to be showing to Sagna this late in the day.

Mesut Aussie

Inter better be careful flashing it about like that. Next thing Giroud will have them locked up in a seedy hotel.

Rocky Rocastle

Inter is rebuilding their Squad under the New owner. Vidic has allready signed, and they are in talks with Torres apparently. And now they are courting Sagna. I would like Sagna to stay a couple more years until Jenkinson is ready to take over fully. If he leaves now, we have no choice but to find a strong replacement which will cost alot of money that could have been spent on strenghtening other areas of the team like the Striker or CDM role. Having to buy a New RB will also reduce the budget for what we can spend on… Read more »


The good thing for him as because the Italian league is so slow, Inter can offer him a 10 year contract. 2 broken legs and working his ass off for the Arse every game has earned him the right to choose. We just have to make that choice us, sing his name loud and proud every game. Win a cup! Offer him the right contract for both parties!


Shame that one our most consistent performers will leave the club with 1 trophy (I hope)


I rest all my hope on that one article when he was quoted saying something like “why leave now?”. Please don’t leave mr. Bac-to-the-wall, we need you more than ever.


Seamus Coleman please !!


If you ask me who has been the best player for us in the past 8 years, I’d say Fabregas. And then Sagna. And the most consistent.

Definitely one of the best if not the best right back in the world. I’ll be gutted if he leaves. Another void to fill, it will be.

The fool of a Took

I would start by showing him some sideboob. If he likes what he sees then I would reveal some delicious boob meat.


Go on Arsenal….kick me in the fuckin’ nuts one more time.


good bye and thanks Sanga…welcome Seamus Colman,really worried about tonites game just hope they can man up stop feelin sorry for them selfes.Tonite we need players like Adams&Seaman


I feel like I’m being cheated on, and the headline doesn’t help.

Türkiş Gooner

aaaaaaaaaand he is gone!

Henry! Chance! Goal!!

He has been with us for 8 years. He knows our bad habits. Now an Italian slut in mini skirts is showing him some legs. We need to step it up an wear some revealing outfit to remind him of what he has already


I really want to see that Sharon Stone/Wenger photoshop. I have no idea why.

m a gunner

Zabeleta don’t think city would sell him ! Coleman is a great player but are we going to pay the money or is another big team with more money gonna buy him ! Give sanga a payrise we save money on transfer fees ! And invest in a world class striker world class d mid , world class c defender !

m a gunner

I quiet like mica richards can play various positions strong just what we need ! And probably obtainable !


He’s a good right back but we can get someone better, sagna is quite calamitous sometimes when he looses the ball, his tackles are rash..


Inter won’t get him. They may tease him and turn his head, but then someone younger and more fit will come along.

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

It’s a shame Andre Mariner isn’t the Inter manager. We could just send them another black bloke and keep Bac


Anyone who can tell me what exactly is Arteta’s contribution to the team?

Pass Master Eboue

The last action we will see of Sagna is lifting a trophy on a red bus during our FA Cup victory parade followed by his annoucement that he misses kicking Balotelli…

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