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Wenger dismisses Scholes comments

Paul Scholes’ comments about Arsenal on Sky Sports last Tuesday garnered near universal praise from supporters across the Premier League spectrum as well as headlines in almost every newspaper.

Sticking the knife into Arsene Wenger with all the gusto of one of his trademark two-footed lunges he took it upon himself to feel sorry for us Gunners supporters while dismissing our title hopes, questioning Jack Wilshere’s development and criticising the discipline of four of the club’s most experienced players.

Here’s what he said…

“They (Arsenal) capitulated at Chelsea and it seems to be a similar theme that happens when they play the top teams. For one reason or another players go missing. The players like Arteta, Cazorla, Rosicky and Ozil, it seems like they go on the pitch with no discipline.

“There are no leaders like Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams or Martin Keown. When these players go 2-0 down they just carry on what they are doing they have a walk up front, lose the ball, play a nice little one-two and not even bother running back.

“It’s Arsenal fans I feel sorry for because it is the same every year. They get a sniff of the title then they go to Chelsea and do nothing. The fans expect Arsenal to be going for the league but they’re a million miles away in my eyes. They need characters and leaders.

“Jack Wilshere came on the scene and looked a top young player but he has never really gone on. He needs the characters like Vieira next to him to take him to the next level. He doesn’t look any better player now than he did when he was 17.” 

Now don’t get us wrong, there are parts of what he says that we’re not going to argue with … but you know what, it’s Paul twatting Scholes.

So basically he can stick his populist bollocks up his hole.

It would appear Arsene Wenger thinks the former-United man is a bit of a tit too. He always has. And with good reason. Back in 2010 the boss went out of his way to point out to the media that Scholes was a dirty bastard on the pitch, when hacks across Fleet Street were offering him handjobs because he was still playing well into his thirties.

“The regret I have, personally, is that he was not always the fairest player,” said Wenger at the time.

“There’s a little bit of a darker side in him, sometimes, that I did not like. I’m sorry, for me he was not a fair player. It depends what you call clever and dirty.

“With Paul Scholes, (there’s always) more than one (bad tackle) in your mind. I just feel overall he is a guy who liked a tackle. Unfairly? Of course unfairly. Look at him playing now – he still doesn’t hide. I respect him highly as a quality player (but) I did not like some things he did on the pitch. It’s not because you are older suddenly that you are a saint.”

Perhaps Scholes was just getting his own back with his comments on Tuesday night.

In his latest retort Wenger offered the little gingernut another slap across the chops dismissing his dig as just another opinion. Quite right too. 

“Look if six points is a million miles away I don’t know what the translation of a mile into a point is. Everyone has opinions, even people who have managed zero games. We have to accept that, what you live is what you do on the pitch and the rest is just opinion.”

“You cannot say that, Jack Wilshere is an exceptionable player for me who has been handicapped by many injuries.

“Once Jack is back and consistently on the pitch, he will prove everybody wrong about that because he is an exceptional player – and Scholes knows that as well.” 

For a long time, the former United man refused to countenance the idea of speaking to the media, eschewing the limelight to stay in the background.

Perhaps he might consider going back to being the soul of discretion. If he has a soul, that is.


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Yeah, fuck Scholes


Agreed, fuck Scholes. But dammit, it’s annoying that a couple of those things he said are true.
What is it that young people do these days? *conflicted or is it %conflicted? or maybe its this one, #conflicted, is that right?


I found his comments on the night absolutely hilarious.
It was so blatantly obvious everything he was said was out of spite, after he had just witnessed his beloved United have their cheeks spread by City.

By the look on his pasty freckled face you could see he was fighting back the tears.
Hopefully Sky Sports get him back on the show after United get humiliated by Munich.
Ginger c*nt.


Why are we focusing on the messenger and discarding the message. I dont care about scholes really, but all that was said is completely true as far as am concerned. Arsenal needs to reevaluate a lot of stuff: strategy, mentality, personnel and anything else that can make us compete at the very highest level again. The earlier we started taking some of these criticism with an unbiased level of seriousness the earlier we get out of this perennial cycle to raised hope-dashed hope.


Agree with some of the ginger cunt’s comments, the not tracking back stuff is absolutely true and has been for a while but honestly, “The earlier we started taking some of these criticism with an unbiased level of seriousness the earlier we get out of this perennial cycle…”? What exactly are we, the fans and bloggers, going to do about it? Other than laugh and support the team, what would you suggest we do?



Runcorn Gooner

Once a Ginger Whinger always a Ginger Whinger


Oh so we are million points away?
That soulless uncouth twat’s own United is 12 points behind us.
Come up with a point-to-mile comeback, Arsene !


Scholes talks out of his arse! What he says is complete and utter… truth.

Dave Gooner

“…if he has a soul that is.”

He does have a ‘soul’, an ‘arse-soul’, and he’s talking through it.

Scholes, an over-rated thug.


Normally I get rather cross when people pick on people for having red hair, as I’ve seen quite a few instances of (very nasty) bullying in my time as a teacher that wouldn’t be tolerated for one moment if it were abuse based on skin colour, for instance.

However this is Paul Scholes, and there is no doubt that he is a thug, a cunt, and as Mr Blogs so astutely put it, a little gingernut with no soul. Better red than dead my pale hairy arse.


While I fully agree on the main message in your post, I find it a bit stigmatizing that the article uses a picture with a red haired guy.

If the message of the article is that PS is a twat/cunt/whatever, then why not use a picture of a twat/cunt/whatever?


Because the red headed boy in question made a bit of an arse of himself on Youtube by failing to grasp that South Park is satire and not seriously suggesting that ginger people don’t have souls. The lad in question has become something of a poster child for the angry ginger. Mr Blogs was not picking on any garden variety redhead.


Aha, hadn’t seen that one yet ! 🙂

Monkey Nuts

The trouble is he’s sort of right, the Ginger twat. We may be 6 points of the leaders but it may as well be a million because we are still not going to win it.


I agree, but one doesn’t want to hear it from Paul Scholes.


“Look if six points is a million miles away I don’t know what the translation of a mile into a point is” Love that comment


Fair enough. But if we are a million miles off, then what are Man Utd.


As Arseblogger says, this is the populist response that Scholes is parping out of his ginger pie hole. If you say what the knee jerk brigade want to hear, that will spread like wild fire. I don’t doubt that some of the performance, from the manager downwards, has been substandard. But we are still 6 points off the top, we have some huge games on the horizon, and the last thing you want is some spawn of Mick Hucknall trying to heap on the pressure. Surely he should concentrate on the utter shit storm at his former club.


^ Exactly mate

His comments were so out of place…
Oh sorry I must of missed how good of a player that little rub out Cleverley has become at United.. not to mention the other load of shite they have kicking around .. Young, Jones, Smalling.. so hypocritical.

I look forward to watching their development injury free under Moyes..

Zip watcher

He’s got no soul, he’s got no so-oul, Paul Scholes, he’s got no soul


Its not though is it.

firstly we are only 6 points off the top so nowhere near a million miles.

The likes of per and arteta are leaders.

the rubbish about jack is ludicrous. At 17 he was on loan at bolton not even in our first team. Whats holding back his development is his injuries.

Scholes just wanted tk stick the knife in


Screw anyone who doubts Wenger’s ability to develop players.

Türkiş Gooner

Go back to your fuckin cave with your stinkin Manure you Fuckin twat! Feel sorry for your face jackass!


I think people like Scholes get more joy out of Arsenal or Arsene’s failure(their view or definition of failure) than they would if they won something themselves. Sadists!!

Big Chief from Antarctica

Fuck him. It’s one thing to say that Arsenal are inconsistent (I’m starting to accept the word “bottling”, “choking”) and therefore unlikely to win the title, but nearing April and six points behind the top spot is an improvement, at the very least. Last year, there was some 20 odd points between us and ManU.

Now it’s six points between us and the top spot with 27 points still to play for.


21 points left to play for now


Old red thunder can fuck off back to the forests of Sumatra for all I care.


Everything he said is true I don’t know why people can’t face up to that.


The article acknowledges that but that’s still no reason not to call him a cunt.

gunn cabinet

like wenger said; truth is on the pitch, and the rest is just opinion – and scholes’s opinion here is suspiciously populist. why would he feel sorry for fans of a team that is miles ahead of the one he used to chop careers for? scholes should know that being a rough player does not make one good. and all the players he has mentioned have played their part during our campaign this season. of course it is difficult now; but it is more so because we have lost important players at a crucial stage of the run-in. not because… Read more »


The article is basically an ad hominem attack on Scholes – this being arseblog. I personally don’t find anything wrong with any of the statements Scholes made – including the one about Jack.


The article is basically an ad hominem attack on Scholes

Correct. We make no apologies for that.

He’s wrong about Wilshere though, doesn’t take into account the injuries which have done more to halt his development than anything else.


The implication I first heard from these remarks was that Wilshere might do better developing elsewhere, and that is something worth questioning. If Wenger is such a genius at developing players then how come people are so critical of Walcott’s development, to name just one. What about Szcz?

certainly some players thrive under Wenger’s express yourself philosophy, maybe others need some discipline that is lacking at Arsenal?


Maybe if Jack hadn’t been injured we’d have a better idea of how he would develop rather than speculating about it being some kind of issue with discipline.

And that’s all that is, speculation (the discipline stuff comes from Stewart Robson, btw, a cunt you only here from when things go wrong).


I think some of it is to do with the instant gratification culture that Wenger alluded to a while back. I realise that’s not what you’re talking about, but I think it’s true that a lot of fans expect players to progress at a constant and very rapid rate and don’t want to accept that life isn’t like that. It may be true that sometimes Wenger doesn’t handle players very well, I don’t know the ins and outs of the club, but it might also just be that all players are different and sometimes his approach works and sometimes it… Read more »


“If Wenger is such a genius at developing players” IF??????? Hmmm, has his career not convinced you then? You know many managers who have the balls to go into direct competition for trophies with denilsons and young walcotts against ready and established world class players ? Dear neutral, wenger and boro are specialists in exactly that ….developing footballers. That is what they do. That is what arsenal owners banked on to launch the move. the expertise of wenger and his stuff to develop youngsters. To doubt him is like doubting michael schummacher’s authority and knowledge on mechanics & engineering. Im… Read more »


To be honest, the Wilshere thing was the only part where I thought he was wrong. It especially didn’t make sense considering Ramsey and Walcott’s developments. He nailed it otherwise. Still though, as you said, he’s a cunt.


If it was a vindictive reaction to what Arsene said in 2010, we’d need a logician to untangle the irony.

That Genius Bergkamp

Scholes is a fuckin twat.


Hate to be pro ginger twats but a lot of what he said is right. Where are our leaders against Liverpool, city etc? We were shambolic and embarrassing. I love what wenger has done to this club but we havent won anything in 9 years – lets not forget that. Tickets are extortionate – and we all know that if he’d spent some of that on a decent striker in January then maybe we would look more like title challengers.
all very frustrating.

fecal smear

He’s spewed a bunch of intangible nonsense which can’t actually be disproved. Our losses to Liverpool and Chelsea had nothing to do with ‘leadership’ or any horseshit like that and had more to do with giving the ball away at the halfway line under pressure and Wenger setting the team up to stretch the pitch vertically, which harmed us in both of the aforementioned games. How come we have all the leadership in the world when we ride out storms at Dortmund, Newcastle, Spurs etc. but as soon as we lose a game we hear all of this nonsense about… Read more »

fecal smear


I’d also like to add that if you watch our matches, you’ll notice that Cazorla, for example, always tracks back and works hard. But no, it’s a popular cliche that our midfielders don’t work hard enough so everyone just mindlessly agrees with Scholes.

The reason we got exposed on the counter by Chelsea was not because of a lack of willingness to get back and defend, it was due to where we gave the ball away and how risky Wenger was in terms of the positioning of our fullbacks to stretch the pitch.


Nail. On. The. Fucking. Head.


This made me laugh – but at the same time, I can;t help but get annoyed at the shit pile opf bandwagon journalism that is doing the rounds at the moment. It’s not just the like of Paul Scholls, Micheal Owen that are jumping on – Steve Claridge on 5 live last Monday was full of it too. Funny thing is that they all keep saying the same thing, like they all hooked up and decided who to pick on for the month of March. Besides, I doubt that Schools has the capacity to form his own ideas and opinions… Read more »


“talking points” it’s not just for politics



Don Cazorleone

the translation of a point into a mile would be 166,666.667 miles per point. jus sayin


You know things are bad when the media shy ginger nut steps out out of the shadows into the daylight to publicly slate our team… Wenger sort it out!!

Rambling Pete

People like Scholes make me laugh. He’s just as clued in as anyone else, he’s on the outside looking in and he fires off a few stock phrases and people think he’s some kind of insightful expert. What did he say that fans here haven’t been saying, for example? It reminds me of that person you work with in an office environment who keeps his mouth shut all week long but as soon as there’s a management meeting he pipes up with what the boss wants to hear. I had a colleague like that once and he infuriated me to… Read more »


Have missed you Pete. Your Ramblings give us a laugh in these hard times.

Neddy Boo Boo

Is this you Rambling Pete ?

or maybe this ?

In any case – you are a legend !!


we had missed you Pete …I think any Rambling Pete post should come with an automatic 50 thumbs up and no option for thumbs down


Hmmm so we can’t compete with the top teams eh? While we have suffered three bad defeats lets have a look at the top 6 starting from the top and get some perspective: Chelsea we drew with, City we have to play on Sat, Liverpool we’ve beaten twice, Everton we’ve beaten and drawn with and still to play again and Spurs we’ve beaten 3 times. Some slight tweaking of our away tactics against the top 3 and some luck with regards to injuries is what we need. Hardly a million miles away!! Also how would the other three teams fair… Read more »

az ahmed

Damn, there it is, that damned perspective

rusty... rocket

No charlie…. some are. The rest is just crap talk from a major cunt bag. Yeah… we need spirited players on the pitch and we have got them. Shit luck they are all broken at the same time with.

Perry S.

dumb red headed step child. mistreated from birth, now has a podium to preach on, and still looks as though he’s dumb, and red headed.

Archbishop Desmond Mutu

Shh, Mr. Scholes.


What I don’t like is why Sky seek the opinion of a bloke who clearly has no opinion.I didn’t hear him utter a single original thought.Just the same bullshit the press hacks come out with every day.Same old Arsenal bashing but this time presented in the guise of a “sympathetic neutral”.
The little scrote doesn’t do sincere any better than he does original and there’s probably a crew of pricks in the control room pissing themselves.
Hope we’ve seen the last of Scholes but, sadly, I doubt it.


Admittedly there were times this season when even I was feeling sorry for Moyes and Man Utd.

But after watching him open his mouth after the Swansea game, they fully deserve everything they get.

Fucking incredible how the media lapped it all up as well.


1. If we are a million miles off the top, that makes United 3 million miles off. Don’t see the ginger knacker saying that. 2. I watched the Sky highlights the other night. To me this is classic media misdirection. At no stage in the overall analysis did they raise the issue of Fellaini’s assault on the City player which was elbow first. Now this could of course be because to Scholes this was a run of the mill challenge. It could also be because making such a provocative and ridiculous statement about Arsenal would garner all the headlines and… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

he did go on to talk about utd, and basically said they need a new back four and midfield… what a massive cunt


the only person who sounds a twat is wenger, and maybe bloggs too

Norn Iron Gooner

^ Ginger.


Oh Scholesey. We always knew you wished you were Patrick.

red or dead

So we’re a million miles off because we’re six points behind.

That must put United in a different fucking galaxy!

Drink your milk or the big bad Wenga will come and SACK YOU

Where did he say that they weren’t? Straw man argument..

He’s got a case of gingervitus.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Could be worse, Paul. At least he’s not playing for David Moyes.


Ok Scholes is an arse. However, we have not been close to winning anything for a couple of years and, the season has fizzled out in the spring. This year, though, I was very excited by the Ozil statement and really thought we could go all the way. Injuries and perhaps bad luck put a stop to that dream. Still, there is the FA cup within an ears shot. On Wilshere – he gets too hot headed on the field and has himself to blame for some of the injuries that are stifling his development. Look at the collision against… Read more »


skertel is not Danish. that’s agger, I can see how you get confused, they both look like child molesters

Don Cazorleone

Personally I don’t see the problem. A successful footballer banging home some hard truths about us, are we really so sensitive and fragile that we can’t deal with that?

Seen plenty of muppets on here with half the knowledge talking double the bollocks and being far more cunty about Arsene and the team.

Bobby the beast

I’d feel bad for the manutd fans for the next six years if I was scholes. Especially since you’ll lose most of them to city and chelsea.


The worst thing about this is Arsenal fans are arguing with each other over Paul Scholes.

Think about that for a bit.

Don Cazorleone

you were expecting consensus?


No, just a statement of fact.

Scholes didn’t say anything particularly clever or new though, did he? Just not sure I understand the fawning over his opinion.

Especially when he was always such a cunt as a player.

Don Cazorleone

not seen as much fawning as I have insecure vitriolic reactions to an opinion given by a footballer asked directly about Arsenal.

Seen a few people say “well, he is right” though.


As we pointed out in the article, there are parts that are hard to argue with. Others not so much.

Don Cazorleone

you are right though, we shouldn’t be reduced to fighting over Paul Scholes.
But we as arsenal fans really are constantly only three meals away from anarchy.


That he was, but – and this is a big one – he was a much better one than most of the morons that seem to have an opinion these days. He is also generally a lot more professional off the pitch than the loud Twitter generation of players that are all over the place. Basically, you can’t really compare him to Barton and Savage and what not. He is highly respected by players and managers alike, due to skills, professional attitude and a loyalty to his club that is rare these days. The only bad thing we Arsenal fans… Read more »


Yep, very true. Even when things were going great this season there was still rancour.

Anyway, off to have one of those three meals (spicy noodle soup for lunch).


@MTZ: no, the thing really is he is talking bollocks. ‘Million miles’ is just bullshit, nothing more. Was Arsenal million miles away before the chelsea game? Hardly. But after one more game we suddenly are? After being at the top of the table for most of the season?

The fact is this team without Ramsey and Theo is probably not strong enough to win the league, although they gave it a good try with the hardest combination of cup games any team had for years. Would the team with those two be strong enough? hard to say.

az ahmed

Mmm noodle soup, I mean SOUP, I mean – DAMMIT!

Reality check

The worst thing about this is Paul fucking Scholes. End of story.


Hey don, do you think scholes is stupid and doesnt know that arsenal had to go through shit and were essentially forced to play with youth who havent grown as characters and or make do with lesser players? lesser players are lesser because they havent got the cojones and psychology to go and beat everyone. such players cost and are taken by others. gary can see it. in fact everyone can see it, but what do most people do? Intentionally use this period to atatck wenger and club about titles. imo the fact wenger has shown ability, or the illusion… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Hello Birbicholi, I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you are asking me or if you’re question was rhetorical, but here goes: No I don’t think Paul Scholes is stupid, yes I do think he knows that we have to go through ‘shit’. Thing is, he isn’t talking about our lack of depth, or our reliance on youth/backup/reserve players. He simply said that the players that we rely on to get us through the hard games haven’t done it. Our Cazorla’s, Podolski’s, Mertesackers, Arteta’s et al, and he is right, they simply haven’t. Even when asked directly whether it was… Read more »


Appreciate your response. “He simply said that the players that we rely on to get us through the hard games haven’t done it. Our Cazorla’s, Podolski’s, Mertesackers, Arteta’s et al, and he is right, they simply haven’t.” And who are cazorla and podolski and merteaker and arteta exactly ? are they silva ronaldo kompany and pirlo in disguise ? if they were theyd cost accordingly and would play for clubs that paid their value. dont get me wrong they are very good players but not the creme de la creme of european football. sadly in this age you need the… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

ah I see what you mean now. Yes I agree completely. On all fronts.


like it or not… Scholes does make some valid points

Petit's Handbag

Comments are correct
Person saying them is a cunt
That’s the summary of this now move on and get off the internet folks


What folks fail to realise there will never be players nor a group of players at Arsenal in the likes of Viera Petit Henry Cole Etc etc. The leaders that every pundit or non pundit keeps referring to re Arsenal are long gone. Mothers don’t grow them as big and strong like these giants of the game. Its odd because I was there during these glory days a time when journalist and writers were just as critical of Arsene players then, a case in point, Viera and his Red Card count. The cracks and negativity at the time was covered… Read more »


Nonsense that we’ll never have a group of players like that again, if not why don’t we all give up now!!

Scholes was World class and a winner of I don’t know how many league titles and assorted cups and I agree with everything he said, I’d have had him at Arsenal in a heart beat.


Nicky Butt


Both ginger. Both Mancs. Both c*nts.
Now which do I prefer? Eating a poo sandwich or drinking a bucket of cold vomit?


There’s some truth to what he said. However the fact that its paul scholes of all people saying it in no mixed words was only ever going to piss people off. Fuck off paul, I’ve suffered you enough.

Bob John

Paul Scholes the bastard afterbirth of Billy Bremner


People are fawning over Scholes because they’re suprised he can actually verbalise. It’s like the patronising praise people give to handicapped people or retards for shit they do everyday.

Commentators have made these same points for years, ourselves included.

Yankee Gooner

1 mile is .000006 points, obviously.


I agree with every word that Scholes said. Am I the only Gooner who doesn’t give a shit about the game against Man City tomorrow? With the Premier League title gone, all we are now playing for is third or fourth. And all a top-four finish finish will mean is another pathetic attempt in the Champions’ League next season. Another last-16 elimination would be likely. And Champions’ League qualification would probably get Wenger a new contract – something which I desperately don’t want. As the Board is is so keen on Wenger, I was just thinking about how their minds… Read more »


I understand the desire for change. I cannot ever understand the desire for that change to be predicated on an Arsenal failure. There really are loads of questions to be asked, the board, the manager, the structures and how we can improve all of those things. I absolutely share your concern about the lack of football expertise on the board. The idea of a new manager isn’t in itself scary, the idea that this board might be forced to make that decision (when they’re clearly still not looking beyond Wenger), really is. That’s not to say we shouldn’t make a… Read more »


The problem is, Arseblog, that it looks like change will only happen it things get worse. In an ideal world, now, we would finish third, win the FA Cup and then Wenger would walk away on a high. The problem is that a top-four finish and FA Cup win would probably convince the Board to offer Wenger a new contract – and that mustn’t happen. Things probably have to get worse before they get better. I hate seeing Arsenal lose or even draw a game, but I’m so deflated by what’s happened in the last week that I’ve honestly stopped… Read more »


It could be that it has to get worse before it gets better, but it could get a lot worse which would make getting better even more difficult. I also think we need to step back sometimes and realise that the ‘shit’ we complain about would be manna from heaven for most other clubs. Of course it’s frustrating, but we’re not that shit really. Subjectively, you can make a good argument for it, objectively not so much. Personally, I’m all for anything that makes us better. If that’s a new manager, go for it. If it means replacing my favourite… Read more »


Any thoughts of fondly waving off Wenger as he walks into the sunset should be very much tempered by the ‘Manure Experience’ this season or Totteringham’s ‘more managers than you can shake a stick at’ approach. Before we even contemplate the end of Wenger’s reign – whatever its frustrations/ failings – there needs to be a well thought-out and secure ‘succession plan’. Get TH14 (&/or Dennis Bergkamp) involved in the club NOW – and get him ready to succeed Wenger. He is a player steeped in Wenger’s philosophy (when we actually won stuff), but with plenty of intelligence and ability… Read more »


We may well finish 3rd, and we may well win the FA cup. And that would be positive progress. Call me crazy, but I like positive progress. And I like trophies. And I appreciate the people that bring them here. I still never cease to be amazed that the manager has carried the team at a top 4 level through the lean years and created an environment of financial strength, and now people want him gone before he even gets a shot to show what we can do with it. And NO, one summer does not constitute the shot he… Read more »

Dial square

I can’t see the board ever sacking Wenger, top four finish or not, there is no one on the board with enough football knowledge to be able to take that step, they wouldn’t know if it was for the best or not, or how to go about finding the best man to replace him. I have no doubt Wenger will leave when he feels the time is right, I also think he will choose his successor (who else is going to do it) I’ve always backed him to the hilt but if we don’t win the FA cup surely then… Read more »


1. the same brief he was given in 2007….”arsene we owe money to the banks” 2. if they had a clue of what to do with arsenal they wouldnt need a manager would they? they would hire and sack whoever followed/didnt follow their plans. like roman does, like berlsuconi did, like morati did, like laporta did. 3. obviously not as much as you thought. at least you recognise that budgets are owners matters. thats progress 4. The economic plan arsenal adheres to since stadium move 5. suarez collapsed cause ivan didnt have the guts to tell henry to do one.… Read more »


In answer to your q’s 1. I suspect it was top 4 finish with a title challenge and possibly a cup – If it was then success. 2. While I agree, decisions at board level are rarely influenced by football people short of the manager. 3. Who goes out and provides everyone with a figure on what they have to spend? Then there’s the childish assumption that if you have some money you can buy any player simply by wanting them. As strong as we now are financially we still can’t blow any amount on any player. I think how… Read more »




My dear Danb (what a strange name!) Rather than answer your questions one-by-one I’ll give you a general reply. This entire “we can’t compete with City and Chelsea because of their money” argument is bullshit. I happen to notice that right now Liverpool, with vastly weaker resources than us, are second in the table and just a point away from the Chavs – how come? Last season, Manchester United – a massive club but also with much less to spend than City or Chelsea – didn’t just win the league but walked it by nearly a dozen points – again… Read more »


It is obvious you have made up your mind some while ago fatgooner. I do not know all of the particulars behind your dislike for Wenger, but I don’t particularly care, either. You will surely never agree, but Wenger IS a first class manager. Bayern tabled an offer. Rumors of Barca. Others. Obviously a number of people out there that I would guess have a pretty good idea about how the game works see him as a top manager. Assuming all we have to do is install Klopp and we’ll automatically is taking quite a bit of literary license. While… Read more »


Spot on arseblog. Stuart robson IS a cunt what is his problem ? With you on jack too , he’s just never been properly fit but when he does I’m sure scholes will fade into the background yet again.


Win the ManC game and Arsenal are in contention again, draw and we will be there about. But beating Everton is a must as it will help us be in the top four. Loose both these games and the fourth place is in jeopardy. Remember, we haven’t lost to any top team at home this season. So a good result is possible. COYG!


Duck schoolers. Wilshire is should play as one of the three behind the striker. Primarily because he will get the ball to dribble bear to the oppositions box and final third thus making counts think twice before hacking him down. Or they risk a yellow card and dangerous set piece. I thought he played well both on the left and right this season scoring when starting in each position. ‘re- v Norwich and the one where he curled it in top corner from the right. Play Wiltshire as attacker creator not defensive or box to box midfielder


Right so the small the thing with that is that we currently have one of the if not the best ‘attacker creators’ in the world in Mesut Ozil. But then again Arsene apparently doesn’t bring in or create world class talent, so I don’t know.

Matt Squeeler

Look, Scholes is just annoyed that WE screwed-up title challenge.

Now is it either hated Scouse rivals, hated Manc rivals or the team managed by the man who should have succeeded Fergie.

I see a lot of truth in his opinion but I also see the hyperbole in it.


It’s terrible when the Arsenal fanbase hangs on to words of an Ex-United player. If there was anyone he wanted to slag off right now, it should be his old team, which he didn’t if you read his quotes. He never liked Arsenal as a player, it was obvious. Admittedly, Neville’s done well as a pundit, and that’s because you don’t see a bias there. Whilst we may have been battered away at the top 3 clubs & lost to United, if you keep calm and think pragmatically (god forbid), we haven’t lost to any of these clubs at home.… Read more »


Not duck schooler. I typed fuck scholars.

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