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Wenger: I’ll definitely stay, unless …

Arsene Wenger says that his future will be at Arsenal unless he decides not to renew his contract when it expires in June.

We know that Ivan Gazidis has already gone on record to say he expects the Frenchman to sign a new deal, but Wenger has given his strongest hint yet that his tenure at the club is dependent on the outcome of the FA Cup this season.

While admitting that he’d told the club he’ll sign a new contract, the manager knows that failure to win the cup will make his position more or less untenable, and he said today, “I have given my word and I always respect my word. My word is my word.

“So will I definitely stay? Yes …unless I decide otherwise. I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry about that, but I want to have a feeling coming out of the season that I have done the maximum for the club.

“I have told you many times we have had no time to sit down and do it.”

With Wigan, Sheffield United and Hull City the remaining teams in the cup, it could hardly be considered doing the maximum if we failed to the lift the trophy from here, and there’s little doubt at this point that he’s waiting until the season ends before signing … or not.

And with the situation at Manchester United in the news on a daily basis, Arsene said he’d have no input into his successor, whenever that time comes.

Asked if he would be part of that process, he said, “No.. I always said, and you can check that, everybody has his job. My job is to do well for the team, not to do anything else.”


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is it matchday already?I am scared,very scared

Arsene Nose

I was more confident when bayern came to the grove


I have actually been forcing and reminding m self to stay in acceptance phase for at least the two last 2 seasons. Not to expect too much from Arsene in terms of signings, or the team performance. Hoping that by curbing my expectation will lessen the blow if things don’t turn Arsenal way. But the thing is, every season every milestone, Arsenal and Arsene opened that small crack of window, enough for the smell of victory the wind of progress or even the small chance that something is going to be done about previous wrongs. And that’s slightly raises my… Read more »


Not sure why on earth are you scared. Should be numb by now. Furthermore, what in the name of science are you expecting other a loss? The only thing that is worth wondering is whether the loss is with the slightest dignity or not that’s all

'desi'gner gooner

Well gentleman, since you already know the result – please don’t watch the game…and if you do – well then good for you but please don’t come around spreading your pessimism just in case we lose….And if we win – I hope you have enough balls come on the same forum tomorrow and write – ‘hey my bad – I was so wrong yesterday, the team won and did me proud…’ As for me and I am sure millions of other gooners around the world – I will be cheering the team as loud as ever and I am sure… Read more »


I’ll consider anything less than a three goal defeat a moral victory


Oh stop teasing us Arsene, we all know your’re leaving 😛


What ever he decides and whatever anyone thinks of him, he at least deserves the respect to allow him to make his own decision when he’s ready and not one made by the media.

An absolute Arsenal legend.

And maureen will always be a massive cunt!

Pellegrini will always be a fucking weird looking South American film director.

Rodgers will always be a massive cunt with his own portrait on his living room wall

And Sherwood will always be a gooner from Borehamwood.

I fucking love this club and Wenger is massive part of our history *doffs cap*


I quite like Rodgers. Pelligrini, at least with all the money he has been given, at least makes watching man city fun, unlike Mancini before him or mourinho who will spend million of pounds to buy an attacking player and then ask him to defend.


Pelligrini is a good manager and seems a decent enough sort but let’s be honest here, Rodgers is a massive bell end with about as much decency as the clap.

He gave Suarez grief for wanting to leave for a bigger club yet what was the first thing he did when Liverpool came sniffing around him while Swansea manager?


^ what a tool, keeping his best players and coaching his team to play exciting, fluid attacking football, I would hate to be a Liverpool supporter with Rogers in charge.


Fucking hell, I hate to see the boss like this. It seems like it’s been forever since he was happy and a happy Wenger is a joyful thing to see.


Yeah wont be seeing him in the “happy” spoofs i guess. But bendtner i reckon can get a role, singing happy as he rubs his genitals against the car.


“I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry about that,”

Has anyone considered the possibility that IF Wenger wins the FA cup he’s going to step down on a high note and move to another position in the club (Like Ferguson last year), but if he loses he will stay on as manager to chase that elusive trophy?

I know everyone else thinks the opposite is true… just something to consider…

Sebastian A.C.

“So will I definitely stay? Yes …unless I decide otherwise”.

Welcome to Trolled City. Population: us. All of us.

Arsene Nose

Change doesn’t always mean progress.. But we want progress, Today is a good day to starT.. COYG!!

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

I really want Arsene to stay and think he should. He passed up opportunities to go manage rich clubs so he could set Arsenal on a successful, sustainable path. When you look at our transfer business compared to the other big clubs, it’s preposterously impressive how we’ve managed such respectable finishes since we moved to the Emirates. That being said, I do think that he needs to accustom himself right quick to reality, particularly with respect to the transfer market. I think he got a bit of safe exposure to spending big from Ozil, but I hope he’s realized how… Read more »


My sentiments exactly… He has literally earned that right. And we’d be a bunch of cunts to chase him away before giving him that chance


How many more years are we to give him? It is the same old crap every year, scrimping into 4th on a shoe string budget that shouldn’t be! I’m all for giving someone a second chance, but 9 of them? No matter what you say or think it will be the same old same come transfer time, he will dither, buy 1 maybe and say the club has got mental strength, even you must agree on that, and don’t give me the “I’m not a real fan” bull, cause I have been for decades!

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Slow your roll, I wasn’t about to call you not a real fan. I respect that people have different opinions. I know this is the internet, but not everyone is a crazy asshole. To answer your question, I’d give him two years. One year to buy big and have a massive fucking go for it, and a year to tweak/improve on that if need be. We’ve been massively disadvantaged with respect to our competitors for years primarily (by a long shot) due to their ability to buy whoever they want. Up till now, Wenger has been fighting an uphill battle… Read more »


I would never call someone ‘not a real fan’ F4, because all of us are different. I would however, point out something that is usually (and conveniently) forgotten by those who shout loudest about the manager’s shortcomings – often pointing out ‘9 years of failure’ or something similar as support for their opinion. Wenger is on record admitting that the club would have to cope with reduced income and restricted available resources for perhaps the next decade – about 10 years ago. The arrival of grossly resourced clubs during that time has complicated things somewhat too. We’ve all been disappointed,… Read more »


I would hate to see us become like most other clubs who burn through a manager a year. It would be great to see us do better in the transfer market but part of the problem is that, we aren’t lacking money but everybody else seems to have more of it. We can target someone but along comes Monaco, Man City, Real Madrid etc. who will pay considerably more and we loose another prospect. At least we aren’t loosing existing players like we did. And with that considered, I have doubts that there are many if any managers out there… Read more »


G.Neville “Changing Wenger wont guarantee you success. Spending £100m wont guarantee you the league title either”

Nuff sed?

az ahmed

Wenger spending £100M pretty much guarantees us the league title! 😀

oh boy

Well Played, my son!


Think if Wenger is given £100m to spend. his head might explode.

“too much money…too much! *information overload* The only way to save him would be to show him less money and the players contacts.

az ahmed

£30-£50M for a world class striker, £20-£30M for world class defensive midfielder, the rest on a speedy winger and pacy central attacking mid, and maybe a wing back.


So in that order Falcao, Lars bender
Pedro and Whoever is a ‘wing back’ out there.

az ahmed

And speedy winger


What are you two smoking? It’s likely Vermaelen and Fabianski are leaving, and probably Sagna too. So we need at least one GK and two defenders. We don’t need wings and ACMs, and we definitely don’t need a ‘wingback’.


WengersNoseHair it is nice to dream so don’t knock them also Vermaelen and Fabianski are not first choice players so shouldn’t be to expensive to replace. Sagna on the other hand may be expensive to cover that’s why he is holding all the aces hopefully he will stay.


He had £100m to spend last summer, remember? He spent £40m on a world class CAM that we (truthfully) didn’t really need, signed two cheap mediocrities in Flamini and Sanogo and botched the signing of a class CF. Wenger has had plenty of money to spend for years now, but you lot continue to make excuses for him. He is old, rigid, and past it. He has overseen shameful losses this season to City, Liverpool and Chelsea, yet now he tells us that only Liverpool was a “real” loss. It’s as if he’s deliberately trying to be the most ridiculous… Read more »

Jack's Right Foot

That is a ridiculously ambiguous comment. “Will I be here? Of course I will! Unless of course, I’m not. However, I will be here! However that is dependent on whether I decide to remain here or not. Don’t worry though – I will be here. Unless I’m not”

Come on Arsene.

az ahmed

It’s called an oxymoron


It’s called, I’ll make my own decision when I’m good and fucking ready. He’s earned it. I’d love him to stay but respect his decision, who could begrudge him the choice to determine his own future? Let’s face it he’s put up with enough shit since he’s been in England, from Arsene who? to the sp*rs city boys who first spread the lies that lead to ‘that’ song, and to his credit he stood on the steps to The Marble Halls and told them to back up there claims or go fuck themselves, in so may words. Then the ‘Arsene… Read more »


It’s actually an equivocation, not an oxymoron. I don’t pretend to know what he plans to do — though I hope he walks — but his answer is really quintessential Wenger, that is, high-sounding sophistry.

The Ox is a fox

that’s the answer you will always get when you ask a ridiculous question at a inappropriate time and your only purpose is to wind up, create havoc and stir up the shit

HP Brown Sauce

It would be nice to see Wenger leave his position with Arsenal in the strongest position, and I believe we’re a year or two away from that still.

I hope he signs on for at least two more years, the squad still needs to be shined up.


And at that point, ppl won’t want him to leave…


Who is responsible for the squad not being “shiny” in the first place? You lot are insane. Wenger has built this squad top to bottom, and has had every resource to do so. The same man who has given you this shabby squad is the man you’d like to polish it to a shine? Plain ridiculous.


this, exactly


Meet Arsene Wenger, the king of the mindfuckers

Omo Wenger

You never know the value of what you have untill it’s what you had. Despite the fact that some people want him out, we’ll miss him dearly whenever those morons get their wish. Part of will be with you forever boss for those memories you’ve given me, thanks. I’ve a lot by been a fan of these club. Anything achieved with hard work, loyalty and class will last forever. Let’s kill chity and do the impossible. COYGs


I want to say all these positive things but it will be a lie. Wenger has been a great manager for this club and has got us to where we are. If we stuck with Rioch we would have still been at highbury and would have most likely been a mid table club….Yes i am taking it back to remind you young gooners! But their comes a time when a change is needed for the better and I believe that we need some fresh ideas, a younger hungrier manager. I am not part of the Wenger out brigade because you… Read more »

The Ox is a fox

“deep down every knows the truth”


we don’t have a fucking clue

The Ox is a fox

by the way, I don’t vote you down, since you seem you care


I really hope he stays.

It would be a sad day for football if Wenger steps down, due to external pressure after what he has achieved for Arsenal.

He is in a perfect position to push on and get even better results in the future, extend the squad and hopefully win a few titles.

Lets hope the team pull together and finish like we know they can.

Rocky Rocastle

9 years ago just when we started our financially challenging New era at a New stadium, Wenger told us it would be 10 years until we would be able to compete on equal terms with the other top teams again. They had Lots of money to burn, while we had a New shiny stadium to pay for. This year is the 9th year, and i would like to see Wenger get that 10th year aswell. He guided us through all these years consistently finishing top 4, and now that we finally have money to burn like our rivals, i think… Read more »


If he does sign, will he be LANM?




If Wenger were to leave I’d actually be praying he has input on his successor. Unlike Ferguson who imo has only ever been interested in preserving his own status, Wenger would be far more concerned with leaving the club in the best possible shape and as such I’m sure he’d pick the best person available to take the reins. Besides, can you imagine Sir Chips and the board coming up with a replacement, we’d be so fucked.


I really want Arsène to stay…. unless I decide otherwise.


It’s a late game, so Gunners will win 6 nil!
Ozil 1
Ramsey 2
Theo 1
Wilshere 1
Diaby 1


I will genuinely be distraught when he leaves. When he does go though,the person I’d want would either be Martinez or Guardiola. Then Klopp


Just love your comments rocky


Arsene: If we fall at the cup so will the pen.


Anthony Payne

As Gary Neville says,neither spending money nor changing managers would guarantee success. However not doing anything will definitely guarantee failure.
Regarding the jobs he has turned down, I doubt he would have been able to live with the expectations of the Real Madrids of this world. He certainly would have had to abandon his principles regarding player purchases in order not to be sacked.


I think he might have done just fine. He isn’t shy of spending money. He wasn’t when he came to Arsenal. The reason he wouldn’t join a club like Real Madrid is because the management interferes a lot in selecting the team. He either would have changed that or he wouldn’t go where he wasn’t sure of team selections at the least. He has high enough expectations for himself. I don’t think Real Madrid’s expectations would be a problem.

rod the rod

Christ on a crutch!

Do you lot want another 10 years of the same?

That’s what you’ll get if Wenger stays.

So what if he gets an FA Cup win over Hull, it might happen.

Do not forget 10 years of failure. Ten years equals serial failure.
The man does not deserve another shot.


Sound logic.. If we win something, we should not be happy with that and instead continue dwelling on the past seasons without a trophy. /s

Why do people like you even bother ‘supporting’ Arsenal? Negativity can’t possibly do anything positive for the club. Please give your head a shake.

149 just done it

Ohh Arsene Wenger’s magic he wears a magic hat, and when he saw the money… He said fuck spending that!!!!!!


Honestly i love Wenger I do, but if we can’t lift the FA cup this season there’s something seriously wrong. My hope is that a trophy this season will push the club back to winning ways and give these young lads the chance to taste success.

I don’t even want to imagine the consequences of not winning it.

The Ox is a fox

and actually you must have been thinking day and night about the “consequences”

Malaysian gunner

The match against MC will indicate whether he has digested the lessons of the heavy losses. That means he must play it tight and a more defensive shape.If he gallops on the attack exposing the gunners and MC run riot and score loads of goals he shd be off even if he were to win the cup. Tactically he is inferior to the top 3 bosses. His continual losses to MU and Chelsea in both epl and cl were really hard to stomach.If you lost once or twice playing the same style,then you shd change it. If no effort is… Read more »

Malaysian gunner

The problem with Wenger is he thinks he can do wrong. It’s the same menu week in week out.
After the heavy defeat by Pool,forget about the MC defeat,he shd have realise he shd be more vigilant and cannot carry on as usual. His style is so predictable defenders have it easy.
For the MC game,he shd try to make the gunners hard to beat.He shd go easy on the attack.
If not,MC could easily cruise to another big,easy win.


You make valid points but how difficult is it to dad ‘oul’ to shd?


You mean like we did against Chelsea, Bayern, Dortmund, this season. Bayern last season. The last 9 games last season. The whole of the champions league campaign he nearly won with masterful defending..

People forget things quickly.


Im going to stay unless I decide not to stay!
Wow. Im lost a big bit.

Dial square

Let’s face it, we all know it comes down to winning the FA cup – or not, win it, and it will buy him a bit more time, don’t win it, and……well, I can’t even think about not winning it…Pleeeease just fucking win it, and everything will be ok again.

Thierry Ian Bergkamp

“9 years ago just when we started our financially challenging New era at a New stadium, Wenger told us it would be 10 years until we would be able to compete on equal terms with the other top teams again.”
Rocky please can you post any link that supports or confirms this. Gonna need it to settle some arguments.

Jay Serrao

We might be out of the title race. But we are only 6 pts behind the fucking Chelskumbags.
My vote is I want the old man to stay. But if he stays, he will spend.
C’mon Gooners, stay behind the boys. This is what it’s all about.


Arsene deserves a golden waffle the size of Jupiter for all hes done at Arsenal, yes recent years havent been trophy laden but there were obvious reasons. I still believe that if Arsene had jumped ship and had the money Jose(Cunt) has had or the ridiculously talented squads Pep(Fucker) has had winning the champions league would have been as easy as having his morning croissant. Fuck yeah Arsene please stay.


“My word is my word” is
For The Wire afficionados?

“My name is my name!”


Ya, I’m an afficionado. Not the same thing. Sounds the same but very different. Marlo was making a point about reputation, Wenger is talking about his steadfastness and holding to his word.


He will defintely stay if he achieves the FA cup consolation prize and possibly a third or better finish. FA and fourth maybe. Merely fourth 50-50. anything less and I think he will reconsider whether he has it in him to take the club further. This will of course be tempered by who he feels is going to be available in the market that he thinks shares his ethos and should replace him. and I think that decision will be his to make not the board. The board will not want to make the decision and incur the ire of… Read more »


It doesn’t matter how much money Wenger gets at his disposal. People need to understand that players like Falcao or any starter for a Dortmund or an Atletico or whatever DONT WANT TO PLAY WITH US. We’ve lost all our momentum internationelly and why would these kind of players come to us when their current teams are better? Realistically we can either get a mid level-club wonderkid like Draxler, or a player from a big club who’s been treated bad, like Özil. All of this is of course unless one of the sugar daddy-clubs want’s in on the action.


People want to play for Wenger.

Eddy The Gooner

Lets get Moyes the football genius


Nah, Tim Sherwood should be available and he’s a Gooner!


Replacing wenger won’t guarantee success

Spending 100m won’t guarantee success

However, having wenger in charge guarantees we will be fighting for 4th, while losing the big matches in england and europe.

Spending 100m ala spurs does not guarantee success but not spending enough to improve the squad guarantees you will fall short inevitably


I am against Wenger out. I am not against change but in my eyes it is not the right decision to get him out. Yes, we haven’t won any silverware the last years. Yes, our club deserves to win trophies. A change can lead to success BUT many take for granted that we are going to get a very good manager that has almost the same style of play and that will lead us to success immediately. The Klopps and Martinezs are in clubs and have contracts. Let’s take a look which big managers are on the market: the general… Read more »

Ant Lester

Sign da ting for 2 more years. Spend some money. THEN
Get Martinez after what would be respectable 3 years at Everton. Intelligent football brain, multi-lingual, young, and all round decent chap.

9 years and counting

Wenger staying is not dependent on the cup. His future is dependent on what it always has been; champions league qualification. We could lose to Wigan or Hull it wouldn’t affect arsene. The way he spins things he might even be able to brush off a defeat to Sheffield utd. The problem with wenger is simple, all those years of the stadium debt he was told all he needed to do was stay in the champions league, but now he can’t get out of that mode so that will always be his only aim, that’s why we need rid


The actual definition of madness is to carry on doing the same thing over & over and expect a different outcome. I love Wenger the man for his ethics & integrity, but as a tactician, I’m afraid he’s yesterday’s man. In the last fifteen games against the “big clubs” one draw, one win, thirteen defeats! The decision not to buy in January when he knew Theo was out was negligent. To say Chelshit was an accident after it happened at Liverpool and Citu? No preparation for the opposition, ever, makes us so predictable to clever tacticians. As much as I… Read more »


Jeff?is that you Pedro?


Hey, watch out! You sound a lot like me!



We’ll have
Ilkay Gundogan
Lucas Moura
Radamel Falcao

Thank you!!!


And also a nice shiny copy of Fotball Manager!


Only two options for the post Wenger era as I see it – Bouldy or martinez. I’d prefer the later personally. Hope Wenger stays and fully expect him to. I don’t think we’d have signed ozil or any of our contract extensions if he was going g to go anywhere.

ulster gooner

No way we will spend big in the transfer market this year. Our attitude remains the same. Look how we seem to be prepared to consider letting Sagna go to Man City. Same old story and it will be the same old story this summer

palace gunner

I have a feeling gunners will win f.a cup, as arsene is obviously hinting team must win the f.a cup or he may not sign new contract todays game coyg


Arsene, best to say nothing on the subject, you sound a bit daft otherwise.


If he wouldn’t answer the questions thron by Neil would be daft as well. It was a press conference ffs


“…it was a press conference ffs” All the more reason to make a sensible statement. Such as :- “I’ll make a decision on the contract extension at the end of the season and I’ll take no more questions on this subject.”. Better still, if he said that in French it would sound even better. A la Mauriicio Pochettino, Wenger ought to give all of his press conferences in his native language. That would really piss the gutter-snipe football press off. But what you don’t say is, “when zee sea gulls follow zee Trawlers it is because I am the Walrus… Read more »

Henry's Shadow Team

Wenger wont leave just yet, he still has to play U.S!!

Rúni í Jansagerdi

So what do we want ?, Fa Cup and stock with him for a few more years, or no Fa Cup and he will leave.
Like for Fa Cup and Wenger for few more years, or a No Like for no Fa Cup and and Wenger to leave after the season ???


Like for Stock or no like for no stock @Runi

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