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Wilshere out for six weeks with bone crack

Jack Wilshere has been ruled out for six weeks with a foot injury picked up in last night’s England game with Denmark.

The midfielder was sent crashing to the turf in the first half by Daniel Agger who appeared to crunch the top of his foot but despite being in tears and hobbling off, remarkably returned to the field of play and completed an hour.

Last night he had this to say, “It is a bit sore, but just a bruise. I have had a scan already and I will be alright.”

However, this afternoon a statement on reveals confirms “a crack to a small bone in Jack’s left foot – the navicular, an area of his foot which has not been previously injured.”

Quite why Jack insisted on carrying on despite being in pain is quite frankly ludicrous. It’s not the first time he’s decided to play on through the pain barrier, but he really needs to learn that for his long-term health he has to sacrifice the occasional short-term high.

He’ll now miss a huge chunk of fixtures including DEATHRUN2 and will be praying there are no complications given the World Cup is on the horizon.

Obviously we hope he gets well soon.

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Ain’t that some shit… we need Ramsey back ASAP


Oxlade Chamberlain for midfield (considering as how Wenger just won’t play direct players on the right wing for some reason—Gnabry has not been seen in a while either). On the basis of his performances in the two consecutive games he played, he must start. The team is stagnating and I think Wenger is being dogmatic in his selections. Playing a more direct style when possible has benefited us recently. Considering our severe lack of form recently, I would go so far as to play only one of Cazorla or Ozil and go for a more direct team to see if… Read more »


Jack Wilshire’s performances have been rank to say the least for some time now. I don’t dispute that he has heart and that if he was cut open he’d bleed red and white, but his passing has been woeful and he has actually broken good Arsenal moves up and put the opposition on the front foot in the last few games I’ve watched.


My God ! Not only are you right but you haven’t attracted 365 morons to tell you to ‘go and support…………………’ (fill in the gap). Maybe this site is changing ?

He hasn’t looked fit all season to me. And given his willingness/obsession with going to Brazil in the summer – where further aggravation beckons – he probably won’t be any different for the start of 2014/15 either.

Bould's Eyeliner

I don’t think anyone reasonably expects players to be ‘top top’ all season long, at least not on this website. Nor does anyone expect them to be shit all season long either. Considering Jack has been excellent in more than a few games this season, I’d say your memory is shit. Not to mention he started and finished probably the most beautiful team goal this season (I still prefer it over Rosicky’s, mainly because in Wilshere’s goal the keeper did not even have a chance). Not to say I think he’s playing well this season, and a good break could… Read more »

Black Hei


DB10 can stay. He is making some valid, non-trollish, criticisms.

But you ‘go and support…………………’ (fill in the gap). This website hasn’t changed.


Kim kallstrom is perfect for the cm role between dm and am.


Looking forward to seeing him against Everton


Not sure he’ll start so soon after recovering, but he might make an appearance later. Flamini will almost certainly start.


see, arsene is brilliant


I’m freaking tired of this one in, one out injury thing that’s been going on all season… Geez! Can’t we catch a break.

remember the invincibles

you just never know who Wenger will start. Personally I think we might see Kallstrom against Everton, and one of Spurs, Chelsea or City. Won’t play Bayern- I think our strategy there will be the same as last year.

Fucking Agger. Hate Liverpool right now. One half decent season and their players start acting like cunts

Turkis Gooner

Fuckin Agger. Fuckin hate them all.


All who? Aggers? Danes? Opponents? Liverpool players?


yes all of them, with the exception of beautiful danish women

Bicycles with gears are better

daycent comment sir

Bicycles with gears are better

i meant jo’s comment – it is funny

Denilson's back pass

We need Diaby back

Denilson's back pass

This is not the comment I tried to reply to -_-

As you were lads

Black Hei

No we need Denilson back.


I guarantee that if we had a fit Diaby .. we would win the league at a canter. Wilshere would not get near the team.

Diaby is a world class footballer who got broken by some orc who no one has heard of since.

Incidentally – Dan Smith has actually played less games that Diaby since then…
He now plays for Holland Park Hawks in the 5th tier of Australian football

Alannis Morrisette that you mother fucker
Karma is a bitch, but sometimes shes a sweet bitch

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Who would ever thumb that down. Fuck those Spuds, man.


Get well soon, Jack.

Virginia Goon

Second that, however this a blessing in disguise. Jacks been shit for a few weeks now, slag me off go ‘head. A majority of us goons throw the blinders on when it comes to our guys, but jack needed to sit his arse on the bench and do some soul-searching long before this news. I feel like the young man says one thing, and does the compete opposite. Was actually getting frustrated with him, and he’s quite possibly my favorite player on the squad.


You can’t “sit your arse on the bench” when you have a fractured foot. Even if he isn’t at the top of his game, what’s wrong in having options? If your favourite player’s fractured foot is a blessing in disguise, I don’t want to know what you wish for the other folks on the team..

Virginia Goon

Like I said slag me off. I don’t give a shit, what’s wrong with options? What’s wrong with opinions? You’re a donkey,. I love jacks passion for the crest. Yet he talks the biggest game in terms of fighting for one another, pick up and getting on with it, but somehow he’s the guy out there hands up laying on the pitch for 100 seconds bitching at the ref. if you’re down with that, good for you. Myself, and maybe some other supporters aren’t.


it’s a blessing in disguise because Wenger wouldn’t sit him on the bench. He would continue to play him even though he is terrible until he pulled out of it. Anyone with half a brain expected something like this. Every year around xmas or soon after Arsenal players start dropping like flies, because the manager refuses to sign enough good players to be able to rotate so players end up in the red zone. See Ozil’s loss of form, Wilshere injury, Ramsey injury, and re-injury being rushed back…etc etc etc. Pick a season it’s always the same story except last… Read more »


I think we should all be careful with the old hyperbole here. Jack has not been “shit” this season. Off the top of my head he made match wimnimg contributions against Norwich, Marseille and West Brom and that pass to Gnabry against Sunderland towards the end was magic. He clearly still has the talent but his decision making has been off but that is not final. Let’s all remember Ramsey and where he was last year.

This injury is not good news. But it won’t be as devastating as Rambo and Walcott. COYG!


Soul searching? Does he want to improve his form or find a new religion?


He has time to do both now if he wants.


Sad but true. Even the blogger recommended he not be selected for the Everton game, and usually blogger is quite tacit with such statements. Wilshere is off form and needs to refresh.

I think there is something still missing, a sense of maturity that comes with age, he seems too excited by his own persona. Twitter battle on English players with pietersen, photo smoking, a dramatic sense of injustice every time he is tackled. Plus I think he’s overdeveloped his thighs while injured, it has affected his darting ability.

dink arnold

It hurts me the amount of thumbs up you’ve managed with such a horrendous comment. An injury is a fucking blessing? C’mon. He could’ve been benched without having to suffer through a crack in his bone for a six week injury! 6 weeks? Blessing? Do you know what 6 weeks normally means?

This is the same type of mentality that wants the team to lose so that the board smartens up. Just absurd.

Fans don’t hope for an injury to one of our players, or cheer for the team to lose.


Well.. Its easier to type “An injury is a blessing” than to actually play, get injured, work through recovery and know how much that takes out of you..

Virginia Goon

You are 100% right man, no bull. My comment was worded extremely wrong, which I’ll be the first to admit. My point being as Im spewing at the annoyance of some of you, I apologize. Is that he most certainly needed to just sit down, keep his mouth shut and work hard. He’s a kid, seriously just a puppy in terms of a footballer. Jack however in my honest opinion acts as if he’s been an accomplished world-beater for 10+ years. He’s schooled on the media response nonsense but like I said he does the exact opposite and acts like… Read more »


My sentiments exactly. He’s truly stunk the place out in recent weeks.

grouchy oscar

Why of course he is. Why can’t we have nice things?

Jack's Right Foot

SHIT. The only silver lining is Ramsey returning soon. COYG.

Why is my name required

Its always been that rule, someone returns to fitness, and someone will get injured. Its a curse.

A Yank

Someone at the club shot an albatross. With a cross-bow. Circa 2006.

Santi cazorlas coming to town


Monkey Knees

Fucking Agger. The lumbering, useless shitebox.


useless shitbox… like a fox.. he has just weakened Arsenal’s title race with his own club.

Stop this friendly nonsense or maybe Arsenal players should just start hurting city chelsea and scouse players

Az Ahmed

Time to get Flamini on the case!


The club need to start treating our players like United treated Giggs for internationals…make up some bullshit injury, and withdraw them. How many players in the last few years have been hobbled in meaningless friendlies?


Yeah, ideally we would. Trouble is that Giggs mostly had a near-zero chance of playing in any World Cup or Euro finals, so he didn’t exactly have much incentive to play in the friendlies. Jack & co think they have to play in these pointless, piss-poor games in case they are overlooked for the finals. Probably why he played on in pain as well.





Really shit injury news this season. Hope Rambo can come back and do the business. Deathrun 2 looking that bit harder COYG

aussie gooner

Thank you Fifa for another fucking useless round of International Friendlies


“Friendly” nothing friendly about that tackle from agger

aussie gooner

Havn’t seen the tackle, But at the end of the day, if it wasn’t for the Match, jack would have been training with his Arsenal Team mates and there would have been no room for dangerous tackles.


Kallstrom to the rescue!!!

Kris Carpenter

This is, frankly ridiculous! As Blogs writes the fact Jack CHOSE to play on through the FRIENDLY when clearly in pain or at the very least uncomfortable is both irresponsible & potentially damaging to the club that pay his wages!!! Dont get wrong, not looking to slag off Jack here, but come on! Surely the boy knew it was best to come off!? & if not why on earth did the England manager or fitness staff not MAKE THE DECISION FOR HIM!!! Sick & tired of us sending players to these pointless mid-season Internationals only to have them come back… Read more »


You make a good point. He could, in fact, be reprimanded/disciplined by the club for this, it is kind of unprofessional and immature to play on. Unless he felt no real pain, it seems he just decided he did not want to come off. Plus the first statement from him, that he is ok and has already had a scan, seems questionable now.

Az Ahmed

I don’t care if he ‘bleeds red and white’. I am thinking what is best for the club, and Wilshere has been very poor, especially lately, and needs to grow up, stop moaning at the ref every time he gets tackled and get up and chase down loose balls, something he has not been doing, maybe because he has been carrying an injury? I TOTALLY see this as a blessing because Wenger would have carried on playing Wilshere if he had not gotten injured. Maybe he will look deep and come back better for it. No player or manager is… Read more »


Guys, it’s not that easy to know how badly you are injured. Thanks to the scanning we have in our times. Pain is not always equal to how long you will be out.

Bicycles with gears are better

he’s 22.


One out, one in.

Bring on Kallstrom.


Is Jack going to have a career of this? This uncanny ability to just nick the ball ahead of the opponent, seems to result in his feet and ankles taking an awful pummeling.

Get well soon JW.


He gets kicked off the park every game and after being criticised for lack of commitment in the challenges against stoke he’s now injured in one. He cant win 🙁

I bet he would be offered more protection in a foreign league.

North Bank Gooner

“I bet he would be offered more protection in a foreign league.”

SSSHHHHHH, them cuntalona lot might hear 😉


Yeah, I think a bit of the ‘maturing’ that might help Jack would be finding passes sooner in most cases to retain the ball, and his health. The end-of-the-toe control would have more variety and unpredictability in his play then, rather than most of the time carrying until he’s kicked. Save it for the key moments.

Fabregas, Arteta, now Ramsey (and Zelalem at times) see the man pressing coming and turn into space and find a pass before he even gets there. If the ball is gone he’ll get the calls more if they still insist on kicking him.


Good point about being proactive in face of the press (defenders, not media). Jack has what they call in basketball a “hero shot” mentality sometimes. In the last three games he played, at least once I noticed that there was a cluster of defenders in front of him, with an option to look for openings on one side if not both. Rather than seek this option, Jack would go straight into the crowd, hoping to dribble through or draw a foul. Did not work out that way except for once when he got a foul, but at that time it… Read more »

The Ox is a fox

Jacko has a foot injury? Not completely news


I’m just amazed they were able to find a bit of Jack Wilshere’s foot “which has not been previously injured”


Fuck you hodgson and fuck you agger


Daniel Agger the Fucking scouse Cunt.
Ramsey, Theo and now Wilshere.
The injury Gods hate us.


What the fuck is it with injuries? Good that Kim and Rambo are back soon.


When he isn’t injured he acts like he is. When he’s injured he acts like he isn’t.


haha…brilliant comment. Sums Jack up perfectly.

Francis Jeffers' Sous Chef

pass me the Källström, we’re going in dry.

Az Ahmed


Pakistan Arsenal!

Fuck man. Hodgson doesn’t have any brains? What kind of a fucked up maanager let’s a player play through an injury or if the players in pain? Thankyou for the fixtures fifa. Thanks a lot.

Rami Shaaban

Perhaps the player himself has something to do with that.

Jack is like a 14 kid who will play no matter what, but at what cost?


Agreed – Wenger has said so himself. Jack will play when he shouldn’t. Part of what led to his long sit.


Just when I had thought seen it all Jack Wilshere picks up an injury from that the dinosaur looking cunt.

The only Olivier is Giroud

Motherfucking cuntballs! Get well soon, Jack!


Its sad but I think he needs a break. He hasn’t been playing so well and considering the fact that Wenger will play him no matter how poor he is. Would’ve been a good option from the bench though. Get well soon Jack.


Sad one!!!Speedy recovery Jack.


Time for Kallstrom to step up…


As soon as Ramsey comes back, Jack is out. It’s one in one out with our injuries all the time.

We really have shit luck.


Um, wouldn’t “shit luck” be if all of our midfield were out at the same time? I actually think it’s pretty fortunate that Ramsey and Kallstrom will be back just as Wilshere picked up an injury.

It doesn’t always happen like that–remember a couple years back when all four of our fullbacks were injured at the same time and what a serious disruption it caused us?

not that handsome french bloke

Argh ffs! 🙁
Why did he continue playing!?
I was actually at this game last night and I spent the whole time thinking “What is the point of this?”
The only people who care about International Friendlies are the ones who paint their faces, and who can honestly respect any opinion of theirs.

Hoosier Gunner

As the Wenger knows best parody account would tweet, “Kallstrom in, Wilshere out. In out, shake it all about. You turn around and..” ah fuck it. I’m distraught at yet another injury.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

This was so obviously a bad one when he went down. I even texted friends at the time that he’d no doubt broken a bone. Fucking shitty pointless internationals.

What a joke.


injured by liverpool scum


Step up Kallstrom.


Oor Wullie

surely they’ll come a time when club football breaks away from UEFA and the players decide whether to stay in the old system whereby they can appear for their league and national side or go to the other league with all the big clubs but a big rule being that they’re unable to play international football. Internationals are so fucking dull.

Galway Gooner

Even if he’s been average to poor for most of the season it means we have one less option and one less chance to rest players. Someone at the club really needs to take a step forward and lead the club in the goal scoring department. We desperately need someone (like Pires or Freddie) to go on a run of scoring goals because at the moment we look pretty poor.
The season could fizzle out very quickly unless our luck changes.


no, the season could fizzle out very quickly unless our attitude changes. we’re too slow on the ball, too labored in posession, too ‘ticky-tacky’ to really threaten a parked bus, etc.
its not our luck at all, just our attitude and set-up.


If we can get Ramsey back, this may prove to be a blessing in disguise! Let’s be honest, Jack has been a liability in many games this season.


It’s ridiculous how bad our luck is. Hodgson should have brought him off but you can tell Wilshere being a proud englishmen, that there was absolutely no chance he was going off due to pain. Visions of a blood soaked Terry Butcher was probably filling his mind.

Agger is probably now high fiving Brenda. I’m certain if it was ‘Stevie G’ on the receiving end he would have pulled out.


Obviously wish Jack a quick and speedy recovery but… weren’t people calling for Jack to be dropped anyway as his performances as of late have been terrible? This may be a blessing in disguise, as it will actually force Wenger to play the likes of Ox, Gnabry etc and change things up a bit.


He sure likes to play injured doesn’t he?


I don’t think we can really complain that he wanted to play on. His place in the England team is under threat and he wants to show what he can do. I get that it’s only a friendly but if he was able to play on then he must have thought it was just a knock. Sure that if he thought his foot was broken he would have came straight off.

Gillespie Road

I see where you’re coming from but it’s scant consolation to those us (myself included) who feel that international football is utterly meaningless and has long since passed its sell-by date.
The World Cup is no longer the pinnacle of football – the Champions League is and the standard of club football is so much higher than internationals, it’s laughable.


Unfortunately if that’s what he was thinking (and it likely was) its classic Pound-Foolish as his place on the team is likely in more jeopardy now than it would have been.


I get what you’re saying but don’t forget that his foot was broken by Agger’s tackle (fnarr). Not by Jack trying to play on.

I appreciate it wouldn’t have helped but if playing on was making it considerably worse he wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Remember Cesc playing on with a broken leg? Sometimes it’s a lot worse than it feels. If Jack was in so much pain to have thought ‘this might be broken’ he’d have definitely came off.

Rami Shaaban

The usual 6 weeks that will turn into 6 months.

I doubt he will play again this season.

Rami Shaaban

even 6 weeks plus 2 weeks for regaining match fitness will bring him to end of April, which only gives him the WBA & Norwich, with possibly FA cup & champions league finals

The ghost of Peter Storey

Loving the optimism!


as much as i dislike this comment..i am afraid i feel the same way. injury gods hate us..


very upset

Thierry Bergkamp

Kim Kallstrom to win us the league. Wenger considered a genius


Incredible foresight from Le Prof


I have always thought that if Wenger bought him despite him being injured must mean that he has some specific ability which might just be the extra push we need in the final games. If that doesn’t happen, then too we haven’t lost any such money on him. But I would still say, “Wenger, you had whole month.. even if you were after Draxler you should have lined up better backup plans.”


Maybe a blessing in disguise.
Play flam and art in centre make us harder to break down go back to concentrating on defence. Play ox and gnarby right with ozil coming to the fore. Santi rosa ozil gnarby ox and Ramsey retiring we wil be fine.


wtf is rosa? cut the bullshit shortening of names.


I’d be more concerned with the repetition of ‘gnarby’


I’d be more concerned about “Santi rosa ozil gnarby ox and Ramsey retiring”


Pass the joint man..

The ghost of Peter Storey

Part of the problem is the way Jack plays – he invites the tackle and then offloads the ball just in time. This means that he draws more fouls than most, but also is more likely to get lower leg/foot injuries. If he wants a longer career he may have to change his playing style – or wear 1950s type boots.

Fatboy Gooney

Jack wheelchair is a confused tosser,
“It’s a bruise, had a scan, it’s okay”
Out for six weeks…. that means 6 months then.
Everythings a joke at Arsenal,
No one knows jack shit..

Rami Shaaban

Can’t believe someone actually gave you a thumbs up, must have been a bloke with large thumbs on an iPhone


jack gonna be next abou diaby? perhaps not.


And we haven’t even got Abou Diaby to rely on.

The ghost of Peter Storey

I’ve heard that Diaby is only 6 weeks away from being fit. It’ll be like signing a new player!


Blame Agger, absolutely. Blame Hodgson, of course because what kind of idiot manager allows his player to play on after being stretchered off in tears? Finally, blame Wilshere. Major injuries in the last few years, he’s bone headed enough to keep playing and risking his health in a fucking friendly. For what? What an idiot.

We should kick up a fuss with the FA, and fine Wilshere wages or something.

Anyway, with Rambo back, and Ox and Rosicky able to cover Wilshere and indeed improve on his tepid performances of late, we should be okay.


Wilshere’s decision has potentially affected his team’s fortunes in the FA cup and the League, and his own with England at the World Cup. Hopefully that is enough for him to stew on over the next few weeks.


Sums up our luck , just as one player (Ramsey) is coming back another gets injured. On paper our best squad in years in reality nearly men again.
So fucking frustrating …… Come on arsenal lets do this 10 games 10 wins …..


Atleast he’ll be back for the FA cup and Champions League finals.

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