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BFG: Ozil will be even better next season

Per Mertesacker has hailed his teammate Mesut Ozil for his contribution this season, but says that with a full campaign under his belt he’ll be even better in the next campaign.

Mertesacker himself is an example of how a player feeling more settled can perform more consistently, and he’s backing his German counterpart to become more influential in the future.

He says the transition from the more technical Spanish league to the more physical Premier League in England shouldn’t be underestimated.

“It’s very important to understand how the differences are between the leagues,” he told Arsenal Player.

“I think he came from La Liga and it’s quite different to play there. He has adapted well but there is more to come from him, and I think the second season will be much better from him, because he’s a fantastic player.

“He has shown some great skills but he needs to be more consistent, and that’s what makes the difference at the end.”

And he drew parallels between his own injury hit first season and his development into a crucial first team player for the Gunners.

“It’s similar to myself, when I got my injury in the second part of the season, and afterwards I came back even stronger: because then I realised what is at stake.

“And I think for him it’s good to get a little rest now, to be ready maybe for the last few games for us, the World Cup, and then another season.

“With a pre-season ahead of him, there’s more to come from him.”

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It’s apples and oranges…but in terms of flourishing in their second season I have a good feeling that Ozil will do a Bobby Pires and light up the league in his second season!

El Capitano

I absolutely love the BFG.
He makes me warm inside.

Turkis Gooner

he/she who thumbed down this comment should go hang herself/himself! I mean come on!!!


Bit harsh… Only a bit… But he/she should at the very least go hang his thumb.


I think playing in the EPL will make him a better player for sure. I’d look even more forward to what he is able to do with the German team in the World Cup.

They can pretend they are considering benching him all they want… They’ve got plenty talent no doubt, but Ozil’s got CLASS.


BFG for prime minister


Waiting for the fella to shine next season.

Does need to beef himself up a bit though. Get’s pushed off the ball too easily at the moment.

Turn down for what?

I know when he was at Real they beefed him up there. I think it is just a matter of adjusting to the physical play/difference in refereeing between the EPL and La Liga. He goes down sometimes for things that would be fouls in Spain and not in the EPL. The difference in refereeing is one of the reasons why technical players like Messi can remain relatively injury free in La Liga instead of in the EPL where there are Shawcrosses and Dan Smiths. However, EPL refereeing makes for games with more rhythm and intensity than La Liga. So he… Read more »


if only wenger brings in the players that can make those runs


Like Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Ramsey. I sure wish we had them on our team.

Rocky Rocastle

Wingers and midfielders, so we are usually very high up the pitch when they make those runs. A striker capable of the same could give oppurtunitys for through balls Even when we are lying Deep and coming on the break/counter. Our midfield of playmakers could put such a striker one on one with the keeper several times during a match. Especially against a team like Bayern Munich, such a striker would be gold since Bayer’n play with high risk pushing far up the pitch leaving vast amount of space behind their defense which a pacey striker could exploit on the… Read more »

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

Talking of next season, I recall Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was said to suffer a ‘second season syndrome’ in his second season here. What is it? I couldn’t find anything on Google.


Failing to hit the standards expected of a player in a second season at the club. A more suitable example would be Robin Van Persie this season… The fucking twat.

Van Morrison Wenger

I think Ozil’s development will be similar to David Silva’s. Silva’s first season was very poor if one doesn’t remember but with a full preseason and that experience in him I recall his first 10 games he 10 assists and a couple of goals or something absurd like that. Just takes some time for such a cerebral player like Ozil to avoid and absorb the challanges of PL and find the open spaces behind the ogre defender trying to take his head off. Those ogre’s tend to leave a lot of open spaces in their more homicidal moods.


Thats a bit unfair…
I find he has built on and exceeded his 2013 cuntiness levels.

His 3rd season if he stays will be played entirely on the island of Great Britain.

So Wenger’s plan worked a treat.
Now lets knock them off their fooking perch


hes going to be insane for arsenal, a very special player dont underestimate


Arsenal can not make the same mistake as we did with Cesc. The players around Özil must take responsibility as well and take after Ramsey’s lead. We cannot just pump the ball to Özil and expect magic. Özil praised Rosick earlier on in the season for his direct passing game, and that tells me he wants others to do the same. At times the likes of Cazorla and Arteta have slowed the ball down and have spent a lot of the time going sideways instead of forward. That also highlights the lack of options going forward, we need a top… Read more »

Just A Gentleman

Why 2015? He’s probably going to be great even in the latter 5 months of this year when the new season starts. 😉


His dribbling has been surprisingly poor at times this season, but it seems to be more from a slightly nonchalant attitude rather from any lack of ability. Perhaps he’ll take time to recognise that some of the more casual strolls around midfield that he got away with in La Liga won’t cut it in the Prem, with even relegation threatened sides closing down high up the pitch. The thing with a talent like Ozil is that you know at any given moment he can pop up with a moment of brilliance that can lead to a chance or a goal.… Read more »


I see what you mean about his dribbling. Just two things though. In Spain it’s more technical, so he had more space to operate. Also with the many great players at Madrid like Cristiano that can hurt you in an instant and making constant runs runs, the continuous man marking and doubling up that Ozil has faced was not as much. That said, he’s still had some really great dribbles and at times, he’s looked like a space creating machine. Can and will only get better with the Arsenal. And the passing! Still can’t forget how many times he so… Read more »


Like Vermaelen’s punt for Giroud….? See it’s spreading. 😀


Pretty much every foreign player we’ve brought in has had an underwhelming first season so it’s no massive surprise. The expectation whipped up by the transfer fee just meant he couldn’t slowly adapt as he was expected to be a game changer every game.

Just A Gentleman

I think he’ll be excellent after some time, but I have to disagree with you, we’ve had quite a lot of players that came in with a bang! Cazorla and to an extent even Podolski in their first season. Even Arshavin and Reyes (despite how they turned out) were great when they arrived.

Again, I think Ozil will be great but have to disagree with the foreign players having an underwhelming first season 🙂


I think Özil has been brilliant this season. His main problem has been the team after Ramsey went out injured. We just seem static without him in the team, everyone standing around waiting for a pass, instead of running into space and creating it. It’s hard to understate the difference in the way our team plays with Ramsey in it. He leads by example, it’s as if everyone sees him busting a gut to get into positions for a pass and are inspired to do the same. I’m not trying to make the ‘Welsh Jesus’ out to be out savior,… Read more »

Hoosier Gunner

For his first season, I’d say it has been good. As for the upcoming one, I can’t wait! Hopefully some good additions to the squad are made and players are all back from injury. Community shield is the first of many trophies to come next season! I can see it. COYG


No disputing. And my view has nothing to do with Bfg’s assertion which i would put my money on. But isnt it true that the phrase ‘next season’ is so much more prevalent with us than any other club? ‘next season’, ‘if’ ‘what we need is x’, ‘we will dash dash’. Bla bla bla. The truth is however good he will be ‘next season’, we will be the same Arsenal groping for 4th ‘if’ Arsenal does not sign quality cover for our thin squad. It will just turn out like ‘this season’ and the one before it…and the one before… Read more »


Have you ever met a scouser?


The team that wins the community shield rarely goes on to win the league.


Next season is going to be a kick ass season! COYG!


He’s quite a slight framed lad. So I’m not really surprised he’s found it tough to climatise to the BPL. After a season to beef up, and get used to the physicality and pace of this league. I would hope he can push on and justify his massive price-tag. At Real he had Ronaldo and Benzema et al… making runs in front of him to pick out. It’s no surprise that his dip came when Ramsey and Walcott got injured. Also, a rainy day at West Brom is a completely different thing to a sunny trip to Valencia. I’ll give… Read more »


Can’t decide what shirt I want next season. Mertesacker or Rosicky?







Little Mertzart

Mikel Artekkers

Ozils stats are not bad fot his first season. Hazard was similarly priced and performed similarly in his first season – gopd hut not world class. He’s moved on and this season is or is close to world class. I predict similar from Ozil, probably a little better as at 25 he is the full package not a work in prpgress player. The main problem has been lack of intelligent movement and pace, of course Ozil can’t play those delicious through balls if there’s nobody to play them to. A pacey, intelligent striker (a la Eduardo, but better) in the… Read more »

Mikel Artekkers

Sorry about the typos, for* good* but* progress*

Koscielny's pocket

His first season is not even that bad! And to think we expect to see a lot more from him, I think that tells you how good of a player he is.


Not much of a class at premier league side and I think he just can’t deal with it much but definitely a prospect to next season if I ain’t too early to say this. To himself, it’s a great challenge and first year experience which might help him later and most important thing is that he himself knows what he is and that’s why many good players like him won’t be happy after few bad performance. And the most of all, we as Arsenal Universe believed and expected him to deliver top quality football!…that’s real pressure and hope he’ll be… Read more »

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

If there is anyone whose insight I would trust when it comes to comparing la Liga to the PL, it’s the former Real Madrid man Per Mertesacker. Too bad he didn’t impress Robbie Savage during his stint with Los Blancos.

I don’t get it, I don’t live in England.

Has Savage claimed that Per has played for Real Madrid?


We need to keep our top, top Germans: The Prince, The Wizard and The Giant.
We need to keep our midfield healthy.
We need to sign Bac!
Let’s finish out strong boys!


Yes, I state the obvious 🙂


Too bad BFG came to Arsenal when he was already old, needed to be here 6yrs ago. Good to have him in our corner.
Prof give him the armband.


vip what the hell are you talking about?? I feel our BFG is only now reaching his potential and in the peak of his playing career. I would love to know what is old in your opinion!

m a gunner

Think ozils had a great first season in the prem , he should have been protected more , I feel he got pushed around in some games and needed his teammates to back him up !

Isha nla

Next season wil be great. Iwith our runners back in d squad.. We wil go to places


Next season it seems will be the bollocks,i almlost cant wait for the players to fuck it up midseason. Chao!

But Ozil is a nice chap.


Haha Heroldgoon! Massive shite talker, but at least you’re entertaining. Sometimes.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Why did you have a go THIS time?

There’s honestly no fucking reason to.

Fuck off, for real.


Spanish reporter On talk sport this morning says Barcelon.a. F.c Tv channel reporting Barcelona after ozil for 30 million or part exchange for fabagas! 30 million is too low a Price and I think personally would rather havecyou than fabagas especially if we can get more pace in the team Walcott, Redmond from Norwich


Plus sign more speedy strikers


Don’t believe anything you hear on Talk Sh*te. It’s low rent garbage.

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